J. Cole
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J. Cole & Puma - The DREAMER
Agency: Dreamville
Directors: Amber Grace Johnson, J. Cole, Scott Lazer
Executive Producer: Justin Benoliel
Producer: Whitney Jackson
Production company: Object & Animal
Director of Photography: Danny Hiele
Editor: Roberta Spitz
Colorist: Joseph Bicknell
Labi Siffre - My Song
Composer: Labi Siffre
Licensed courtesy of Demon Music Group Ltd.
Billy Joel - Vienna
Composer: Billy Joel
Connect with J. Cole:
Connect with Dreamville:
Connect with Puma:

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Ben Gbaja
Ben Gbaja 日 前
enkadu007 2 日 前
Shoutout to Kanye
H2O Wav3
H2O Wav3 3 日 前
He's correcting the previous error
H2O Wav3
H2O Wav3 3 日 前
Billy joe_uptown girl
Leave me be
Leave me be 3 日 前
The basket ball court part reminded me how I don’t fit in around and I just keep it inside me until somebody notices it
Atorius 3 日 前
Everybody Has A Dream And I’m Just A Young Artist Trynna Beat The Odds Too. Hear Me Out. jpvid.net/show-UCmq6yL4if2K-D63XTztBNiQ
Russell Stewart
Russell Stewart 4 日 前
The pistions need to sign him to the team 😄
2-15-19 720
2-15-19 720 4 日 前
J Cole is such an amazing person
Jxshua Princeton
Am I the only who realizes J Cole owns Hip Hop
Daniel Dominguez
Billy Joel-Vienna.
Gspadez tooreal
Gspadez tooreal 4 日 前
Cole the next nipsey.... I don’t say that loosely just pay attention
Gspadez tooreal
Gspadez tooreal 4 日 前
Little dude was everyone from 7-14
Gspadez tooreal
Gspadez tooreal 4 日 前
Dead thought this was a video... it said j and I clicked
banana slamma
banana slamma 5 日 前
Little did we know, this was his NBA debut
Ky Smith
Ky Smith 5 日 前
I see what you did there J... Yesss love. Do it
cupcake kisses
cupcake kisses 5 日 前
Love ❤️ puma got the king 👑 out hear give us life in a damn ad y'all 😍
lil Kevin
lil Kevin 5 日 前
1:14 young Bronny😳
Arish Ali
Arish Ali 6 日 前
Is Cole singin there??? 😳
burberry mosey
burberry mosey 6 日 前
Little did he kno he was finna become a platinum star😂🤩
Chistoph 7 日 前
Me and homeboy at the beginning would have gotten into in if was one of the players. You not going to pick on a kid like that
omarkhalid 7 日 前
Cole has always been a realist. "I think we're sorry"
Harry Baulsach
Harry Baulsach 7 日 前
People will buy the shoes you didn't have to fake being a basketball player
Drake Murphy
Drake Murphy 7 日 前
and now he's makin an NBA run fuck yeah
Kick The Sma
Kick The Sma 7 日 前
Cash app $Moneyday7 need help please anything would help not trying to scam just tired of doing bad things
Michael Chin
Michael Chin 7 日 前
EricGoesOff Gaming
look at all yall mfs now... "OHHHHH THIS MAKES SENSE NOW!" (in case you dont know, cole is trying to join the NBA)
Rich Porter
Rich Porter 7 日 前
Soooo...why did he make this shit again???
Officer Damien Damien
Keeping the up and coming to strive for more...#coleworld
Austine O
Austine O 7 日 前
The value in this piece is the reminder for you to get our act together and pursue those dreams today. Even if you don’t get the kicks, get your dreams.
Mantequilla 7 日 前
Man much success to this man in his next dream/goal
AJ Johnson
AJ Johnson 8 日 前
Um sorry you don't get to quantify or qualify his music his art is just that ART every time. Love him respect him
Lauren Gober
Lauren Gober 8 日 前
aye jermaine!!! hey so, there's this cool bball court where i'm at, but they only let dudes use it...can you help me set up a protest bc i wanna fight this unjustly discrimination, bew, real shit tho
Lauren Gober
Lauren Gober 8 日 前
i love trying to spot which of these comments are like jermaine jermaine
J Dognocap
J Dognocap 8 日 前
Oh.. shit nigga m.. bro wanna be a nba player but the music fuckin with his head that him right there
J Dognocap
J Dognocap 8 日 前
Kno what this shit means cuz... Means that you listening to someone you really like. When this compassion gonna start showing itself and make dreams come true?? For a boxer.. man I mean this boy Quick and Raw Miami shit. Not Jorge masvidal brotha
J Dognocap
J Dognocap 8 日 前
Kno what this shit means cuz... Means that you listening to someone you really like. When this compassion gonna start showing itself and make dreams come true?? For a boxer.. man I mean this boy Quick and Raw Miami shit. Not Jorge masvidal brotha
J Dognocap
J Dognocap 8 日 前
Kno what this shit means cuz... Means that you listening to someone you really like. When this compassion gonna start showing itself and make dreams come true?? For a boxer.. man I mean this boy Quick and Raw Miami shit. Not Jorge masvidal brotha
Chris TheVibe
Chris TheVibe 8 日 前
This video fire it kinda motivated me actually idk how lmao JERMAINE....... COLE !?!?
Evan Nguyen
Evan Nguyen 8 日 前
What were the songs?
sangone diene
sangone diene 8 日 前
Like before the vid reaches its starting
MrLoonie Loon
MrLoonie Loon 8 日 前
MrLoonie Loon
MrLoonie Loon 8 日 前
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
J Cole actually going through with it .
PhaQ You
PhaQ You 8 日 前
Was expecting someone to start pitching life insurance after the intro
ShmoneyCuhh 8 日 前
This was him saying hoopin was lowkey his dream all along and who here after he got a tryout for the pistons
Hayden Paterson
Hayden Paterson 8 日 前
Love j cole and love Billy Joel nice one
+Big ant+
+Big ant+ 8 日 前
This got me wanting to listen to kanye's I wonder. Issa classic, yessir.
Craig Chapman
Craig Chapman 8 日 前
J.Cole!!??! JERMAINE!?!?! COLE!?!?!?!?
Craig Chapman
Craig Chapman 8 日 前
@Lauren Gober ummmm ok 👍🏾
Lauren Gober
Lauren Gober 8 日 前
@Craig Chapman didnt even read past the words jermaine cole sooooooouh
Craig Chapman
Craig Chapman 8 日 前
@Lauren Gober you obviously dont get the reference 🤣🤣🤣
Lauren Gober
Lauren Gober 8 日 前
you forgot the *lamarr part
Shillian Rex
Shillian Rex 8 日 前
My Hero
Dustin Smith
Dustin Smith 8 日 前
This shit need a Grammy Tony and whatever else is possible.
david freeeman
david freeeman 8 日 前
Looks like his dream is coming true with the Pistons!
h0l96lim worldwide
Kennedy Cooper
Kennedy Cooper 8 日 前
Name of this song please...
2020 is juz too much… Kanye trying to run for U.S president & J.Cole trying to get into the league 🤦🏾
Eli love
Eli love 8 日 前
I just love j Cole so much 💚
Leonard Fillings
Cole fucking follow your dreams If you wana play ball I know you can and will be great You got me feeling like I can do anything brother
Official Killua
Official Killua 8 日 前
He rlly wanna make his dreams to come true if he dose he gonna be a rapper and a basketball player
sippycupman 8 日 前
He was leaving bred crumbs that he was gonna try out for the league
spook tyrone
spook tyrone 8 日 前
Bruh fr best ad of all time
A L 8 日 前
This is beautiful. Thank you Cole.
OverthereLook 8 日 前
I really just wasted 5 minutes on a Puma ad. This is a new low.
Nelo Ball
Nelo Ball 8 日 前
This video is so tough. I hope he make it.
Baby 8 日 前
make it cole!
Negril Girl
Negril Girl 9 日 前
I always respected PUMA as a brand. I also recognize that they sponsor a lot of Jamaican athletes 🇯🇲👍🏽
GetRichBuyGuns 9 日 前
3k dislikes??? that was dope!! Had me hoop day dreamin man
Up Tribe Media
Up Tribe Media 9 日 前
the kid was acting stupid on the court though..just staring at the hoop
michael montalvo
Just came back to this ad... Oh yeah its all coming together now
Eat your cereal
Eat your cereal 9 日 前
When you make a whole ad to prove you can dunk
Alan Mendieta
Alan Mendieta 9 日 前
Watching this is like watching young Simba slowly transform into the adult lion
Keitha Johnson
Keitha Johnson 9 日 前
It all makes sense now. LETS GOOOOO!!! #cole2theNBA
Riizen The Overcomer
Let's go COLE!
Alvin Mugo
Alvin Mugo 9 日 前
Whose here after he got a tryout offer from Detroit pistons
Ta'zaria Robinson
All that for a shoe announcement?
LeVelle Coley
LeVelle Coley 9 日 前
New clothing line with puma? Pre orders gone before it started 😂
Marcus Spiva
Marcus Spiva 9 日 前
And i wonder
Nathan Jena
Nathan Jena 9 日 前
Wait, this is an ad?
Papi Ab
Papi Ab 9 日 前
I don't care if this is an ad or a true story or whatever...but I saw me in this and now I know that I'm not the only one who wishes to be everything I see...particularly being an NBA player and a rapper just like Cole. J. Cole is one of my favorite, he raps cool too
OhThomas 109
OhThomas 109 9 日 前
Never listened too J Cole till last night, and I gotta say his lyrics are something else, like I ain't never ever clicked on an Ad before
Nes Marley
Nes Marley 9 日 前
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Ganetu Amha
Ganetu Amha 9 日 前
Please you need Jesus
LitMAX paper
LitMAX paper 9 日 前
elijahhh 9 日 前
Who came back to this after Cole is supposedly joining the NBA...
King Jai
King Jai 9 日 前
This man was trying to tell us all along
journey redpill
journey redpill 9 日 前
J.Cole the song middle childe can and its used for good. Yet you know more than that my brother. The music business and what and how they get away with. Many will be heart-broken when they find out. Be a leader and expose it. For what doea a man profit should he gain the world but loose his own soul. They cant have that. Fear is an illusion of what can happen, it really does not exist. Danger is real. Don't be part of the danger the people face for it is easier to lie to someone than con in ed them they been lied to
Dio Marius
Dio Marius 9 日 前
Awesome video thanks for this
Geo Reminder
Geo Reminder 9 日 前
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-9cfe44dOAWE.html Watch
FeedThe David
FeedThe David 9 日 前
It’s crazy that this might be his way of pursuing his dream of becoming an NBA player.
baron samedi
baron samedi 9 日 前
me sitting here thinking j cole about to come in with some bars
lol 9 日 前
thank you kanye
Post Script
Post Script 9 日 前
Oh shoot this wasn’t a game
Yess Ponce
Yess Ponce 9 日 前
When as a child, your imagination and desires and dreams flow so high, yet they limit us to live to their expectations and repress us from fully evolving into our higher selves. They instill fear, doubt and run by mockery and manipulation. Keep on dreaming, visualize your future and fulfill your outmost desires and dreams. It’s our time! Take control!
sooperb 9 日 前
This was us as children at the court. We had to wait until it was dark and everyone left. We even played at one end when the game was on the other side and got in the way when they came back. They didn't throw our ball though, they kicked the sh*t to McDonald's. I can never forget. I FELT this video to the point I had to comment.
Michael Saunders
Type in I Wonder in the JPvid search bar, you’re welcome
Paul Botello
Paul Botello 9 日 前
Praying for J.Cole, may the desires of his heart come to be 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-mEztD6HAmwo.html If you’re into Christian HipHop, or just curious about God and what he is capable of..take a few minutes and watch my new video “AK-Psalms47” Join me as I go back to my childhood home, to speak the words that God has placed in my heart. Join me as I go back to the place I first encountered the enemy..”The shed with the Green Trim” God bless you all 🙏🏽
Sean Kani
Sean Kani 9 日 前
yo this shit make me wanna cry. i hope yall gonna all be something some day. i will.
Davesyn 9 日 前
Check out the lyrical video for My Girl jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-8JGWPiWQpYM.html. God bless you as you click the subscribe button
Majin J
Majin J 10 日 前
based of a true story.
Roxanne Correia
Roxanne Correia 10 日 前
Diego andrade
Diego andrade 10 日 前
He just got offered to try out to the pistons dreams come true!!
FairlyFatty 10 日 前
he been dropping hints about his basketball endeavors and aint a single one of us even fckin notice
Brody Nola
Brody Nola 10 日 前
Ouchea movin like Beyonce n sh*t
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