The Disturbing Side Of WikiHow

Danny Gonzalez
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WikiHow? More like WikiWhy. Because why do these articles exist. This video on WikiHow is guaranteed to FREAK PEOPLE OUT!
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on JPvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.
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Vyper 4 時間 前
15:38 lmfao that shit got me😂😂 Like wtf are u doing on the article
Phillip Brown
Phillip Brown 9 時間 前
Ok so I watch youtube with CC on. I'm not deaf, but when vloggers or whatever speak at lightning speed it's easier for me to understand. I swear to god watching this video was like doing homework because the CC is an entirely different script at the build-a-bear bit, and I didn't see a single person mention it in the comments.
Black Warrior
Black Warrior 11 時間 前
What happened to just... Jumping out when they come out of the toilet.
Shorty Amber
Shorty Amber 12 時間 前
Am I supposed to be getting into the shower right now? Answer:Yes Am I watching this instead? Answer:Yes
Not used Account
Not used Account 13 時間 前
Great info, thanks Danny
Stargazing Seahorse
Stargazing Seahorse 14 時間 前
The how to smile one could be for sociopaths trying to fit in. Just a thought.
Ember Reed
Ember Reed 14 時間 前
"how to smile" is useful for those on the autism spectrum
Fluffypuff 15 時間 前
Danny: “Who do you think I am?!” Me: ......baldi.......
Aishwarya Chopra
Aishwarya Chopra 18 時間 前
Yesssss I want another video on these weird wikihow articles!
Taylor Borton
You look like a cross between Ellen and Gabe from The Office (Zach Woods)
Yvesvee 日 前
If I wanna be a bad teacher I will! Don’t tell me not to hit my bears!
Circus Sans Gacha
Circus Sans Gacha 6 時間 前
*achievement unlocked* you have become bear-baldi
Lauren Liu
Lauren Liu 日 前
¡How to smile / people with autism
Milly Harris
Milly Harris 日 前
How do I get my birth certificate from him?
Stupid Libra ._.
5:34 ha! My names Jane
Kaymations Draws
Actually I don't know how to smile. My heart was surgically removed with my fait in humanity years ago. XD
Namiki Paws
Namiki Paws 日 前
“I don’t know how to smile” - said nobody ever
max morrison
max morrison 日 前
bruuuhhhh old outro music backkkkk on this one
Джамиля Эркенова
if you look up "the fastest growing army on youtube" it will actually show greg
Jimmy See.
Jimmy See. 日 前
Honestly though, most of the people on wikihow probably have autism.
I think I've been smiling wrong. i always look like this: ;o
Mr. Cat Paws
Mr. Cat Paws 日 前
that's how Mark Zuckerberg learned to be a human
Keira McDonald
“That’s not pretending to be asleep, that’s pretending to be dead.”
Joe Wolf
Joe Wolf 日 前
don't slap them with a ruler=don't be Baldi am i right?
HopieNinja 日 前
No, Danny wouldn’t hit the bears with the ruler... He would bring out the *belt*
Filler Fist
Filler Fist 2 日 前
"Well first of all, be wholesome and sexy, that should get u pretty far" ~Danny Gonzalez Sometime in his life
Rina Krueger
Rina Krueger 2 日 前
great info, thanks Danny!
Pola Voices
Pola Voices 2 日 前
My dad doesn’t know how to smile
Sophia Ibarra
Sophia Ibarra 2 日 前
How to Freak People Out: Write an article on WikiHow about how to freak people out
bethany bircumshaw
I just saw that picture in the background and thought it said ‘peach for the stars’ at a glance and i was incredibly confused 😬
Cleofas Serrano
Cleofas Serrano 2 日 前
Great 👍 info, thanks Danny!
Savage_ Wolf_Gaming
I am now officially a Greg!!!!! love your videos!
FluffyML 2 日 前
I’ve searched how to smile. My friends and family say I’m a robot.
mowie fox
mowie fox 2 日 前
Does anyone else notice that at 6:44 it says, ‘don’t just write for them’??? How???
Katie Sams
Katie Sams 3 日 前
When grading your build a bear’s homework just don’t do it to grade just say they didn’t do it. Then PUNISH them.
Security Possum
Security Possum 3 日 前
What the duck is midevil Latin?
Grace Koone
Grace Koone 3 日 前
The smiling thing is probably for people with autism or other social cue problems.
Adalynn Logan
Adalynn Logan 3 日 前
great info, thanks Danny
random loser345
random loser345 3 日 前
My bares need me😂
I'm Shook
I'm Shook 3 日 前
*_I_* *am* *GREG*
Random ops Gaming
I yell at all of the movies
FastLikeUNO 3 日 前
I can't believe we are even talking about HOW TO SMILE LIKE A BASIC HUMAN. 😂😂😂 You broke down something that was already simple and broken down.
Hooman Being
Hooman Being 3 日 前
I no joke, found an article about how to chew gum. And yes, I did read the whole thing
Lemon-Chan 3 日 前
Let’s together smile
Gen z Bitch
Gen z Bitch 3 日 前
That pretending to be _Dead_
Mr. Hiroshima Blood
13:43 answer : Just ask them wth they’re being so loud for and say that they woke you up by closing the door
Khushi Ullal
Khushi Ullal 3 日 前
HA i’m in greg now bye non-greg losers
DoodleTech 3 日 前
i think batman should take smiling classes
Guardian 3 日 前
skycrafter 204
skycrafter 204 4 日 前
the help with smiling can be helpful be people with autism that cant display emotions like normal some for sociopaths.
Spacey's Brigade
I feel like the How to Smile one is for people with depression tbh
aed thekidd
aed thekidd 4 日 前
You look like an upperclass version of Ian from shameless I mean this in the best way 😂❤️
wigg ringo
wigg ringo 4 日 前
_how to become a fossil_ *step one* d i e
almondmilk 4 日 前
*troom troom has left the chat*
Robert Cooke
Robert Cooke 4 日 前
7:10 Welcome to Baldi's Basics Education and Learning That's MEEEEE
Resident of Doggo world
I was looking thru wikihow and found an article on how to be emo...
Blue Horse
Blue Horse 4 日 前
I'm learning how to act like a human so that we robots can easily infiltrate the government and destroy the world
Amy Koski
Amy Koski 4 日 前
Have PE If you don’t... They’re going to get fat. and ugly.
Ken Redmond
Ken Redmond 4 日 前
The subtitles are messed up. He starts talking about the Build-A-Bear school and the subtitles say he's reading the “How to Freak People Out” article.
one slitheriny boi
anyone: who would read the how to smile article on wikihow? me: *SEVERUS SNAPE*
Olivia Peck
Olivia Peck 4 日 前
Great info thanks Danny
Channel Foot Lettuce
Dog in movie: dies Robot: smiles
Kelsey Pippin
Kelsey Pippin 5 日 前
You think Hard Rock Nick used that wikihow for how to get that killer smile of his?
Bette Jane Devine
"How to Smile" is the type of thing I would google after hours of my anxiety convincing me that I smile wrong and because of it, no one likes me.
2xUnknown 5 日 前
turn on captions on 5:36
2xUnknown 5 日 前
and 11"00
What the Fu##?
What the Fu##? 5 日 前
So when it says “don’t write for them” do you look at there papers and your not writing go to the corner soon your going to run out of corners
Noslo 5 日 前
I HATE how you went on and on about the how to smile one, because thats actually helpful, some of us are depressed dumbass
YaGurl Jailah
YaGurl Jailah 5 日 前
I died at 6:23- 6:40 😂😂😂😂
RMWolf1 5 日 前
I think the smile one was meant for either robots or sociopaths lol
lvideon 5 日 前
My Build a Bear took the easy way out. I built him with a graduation robe and cap. Unless he wants to get into postgraduate study there’s no way he’s going to school.
Awkward Animation
I told my friend that a lower case “e” looks like it had been tortured and tormented into having a permanent smile. They’re afraid of me now.
2.3K people doesn’t know how to smile.
sydney libby
sydney libby 5 日 前
i saw one about how to be a christian goth
Vikisworld 5 日 前
4 mins of watching and i am like: its sad that this man doesnt know what psycho is or doesnt even realises it doesnt need to be robots reading it
MBKawaii Chan
MBKawaii Chan 5 日 前
7:12 a nun, teaching at a private Catholic school. in Texas!
NikkiJ336 5 日 前
How to smile for psychopaths
Ugo's Room
Ugo's Room 5 日 前
"Don't just write it for them" *T H E Y A R E B E A R S*
John Lynch
John Lynch 5 日 前
You said it In the video, sometimes people dont understand basic human functions. With the "how to smile" one it's for people who dont understand social queues/how to smile non-awkwardly. And theres no where else really to get that kind of information
Grognak The 3rd
Grognak The 3rd 5 日 前
Im sure that AI:s are gonna use this info to evolve
Anaya Siraj
Anaya Siraj 5 日 前
Why are the subtitles so weird
Mizan Selas
Mizan Selas 5 日 前
The first article was definetly for sociopaths
Mizan Selas
Mizan Selas 5 日 前
Are we really not gonna y’all about the fact that the lesson sections says teach them hand writing “don’t just write it for them”?? Okay
StickyBoi 45
StickyBoi 45 6 日 前
Cough up blood on the side of the road
StickyBoi 45
StickyBoi 45 5 日 前
Actual Trash I tied to run but I just keep coughing up blood
Actual Trash
Actual Trash 6 日 前
+StickyBoi 45 oh ok..
StickyBoi 45
StickyBoi 45 6 日 前
Actual Trash a guy started fallowing me in his car after
Actual Trash
Actual Trash 6 日 前
Tony G
Tony G 6 日 前
I think Danny and John Mulaney are twin flames.
hello taco
hello taco 6 日 前
I need the how to smile one b/c I is robot 🤖 😂
Kota Mae
Kota Mae 6 日 前
Everybody: The first article is probably useful for sociopaths Me:....aspd is a mental disorder just like any other. Sure, it doesn't excuse shitty behavior..but they make up 4% of the population. They're brains aren't nuerotypical, and a large portion of it isn't chemically active... including areas associated with empathy, guilt, and fear. They didn't choose to be born lacking empathy and emotion. They do, however, make the choice to do things that are morally wrong or whether or not to get help. Although they may not be able to feel guilt or remorse, they can logically see how they're behavior was wrong and try to correct it... or maybe even try to use cognetive empathy. My friend is a diagnosed sociopath and I've spent a lot of time researching. Sorry, rant over. Again, they didn't choose to have a sick brain, but they can choose what to do with their life. Be grateful that you have emotions and can form connections/bonds.. Be greatful for your empathy. Some people pathologically and physically struggle to have that.
Panda_ Dragon
Panda_ Dragon 6 日 前
Please make another video about this
UziWuzi 6 日 前
Sometimes I pretend to be possessed at school to freak out my religious friends. I need serious mental help.
Actual Trash
Actual Trash 6 日 前
Omg wtf 😂😂
Rabbit Chivdogz
Rabbit Chivdogz 6 日 前
Soshopaths’ll probs look at da smile 1 cuz dey don’t rerly hav imoshuns
Rabbit Chivdogz
Rabbit Chivdogz 6 日 前
Actual Trash I kno it’s shit innit I’ve got lerning dificulties at leest I tried LoL
Actual Trash
Actual Trash 6 日 前
Francis Friesen
Francis Friesen 6 日 前
What is with the subtitles ?
Francis Friesen
Francis Friesen 6 日 前
It has how to start a communist revolution
I already know how to click the subscribe button and the bell, and i just did! :) good video danny
TheDude4077 6 日 前
For what it's worth, the "How to Smile" article is almost certainly for, and being read by people with Autism. Not being able to recognize facial expressions, and not knowing correct facial expressions for certain situations is a fairly common symptom of Autism.
Anton Everts
Anton Everts 6 日 前
As I was watching this video, my braces bar bent. Would anyone like to guess where I looked up how to fix it?
Izzy Pearce
Izzy Pearce 6 日 前
My personal favourite I’ve read was “how to die peacefully”🤠
Zoë Sutherland
Zoë Sutherland 6 日 前
Max Dubrowski
Max Dubrowski 6 日 前
They have a wiki how in how to do black magic (not the trick but literal black magic)
Cheerio Master
Cheerio Master 7 日 前
0:44 wow Danny u don’t believe in curses I’m unsubbing 😂
Charles Boyer
Charles Boyer 7 日 前
I didnt really know how to smile till highschool, i would give this half smile shit eater grin
BlackJack 7 日 前
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