The Discovery That Transformed Pi

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For thousands of years, mathematicians were calculating Pi the obvious but numerically inefficient way. Then Newton came along and changed the game. This video is sponsored by Brilliant. The first 314 people to sign up via brilliant.org/veritasium get 20% off a yearly subscription.

Happy Pi Day! (for a few days ago...)

Arndt, J., & Haenel, C. (2001). Pi-unleashed. Springer Science & Business Media - ve42.co/Arndt2001

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Special thanks to Alex Kontorovich, Professor of Mathematics at Rutgers University, and Distinguished Visiting Professor for the Public Dissemination of Mathematics National Museum of Mathematics MoMath for being part of this Pi Day video.

Special thanks to Patreon supporters: Jim Osmun, Tyson McDowell, Ludovic Robillard, jim buckmaster, fanime96, Juan Benet, Ruslan Khroma, Robert Blum, Richard Sundvall, Lee Redden, Vincent, Lyvann Ferrusca, Alfred Wallace, Arjun Chakroborty, Joar Wandborg, Clayton Greenwell, Pindex, Michael Krugman, Cy 'kkm' K'Nelson, Sam Lutfi, Ron Neal

Written by Derek Muller and Alex Kontorovich
Animation by Ivan Tello
Filmed by Derek Muller and Raquel Nuno
Edited by Derek Muller
Music by Jonny Hyman and Petr Lebedev

Additional Music from epidemicsound.com "Particle Emission", "Into the Forest", "Stavselet", "Face of the Earth", "Firefly in a Fairytale"

Thumbnail by Gianmarco Malandra and Karri Denise









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ash 時間 前
But I wonder how they know that they correct in this much digits even before Newton found the correct
22/7 ✨
ixStar 5 時間 前
Guess nobody will talk about the 2 pineapple pizzas he ordered
Habs Lyngdoh tron
Habs Lyngdoh tron 6 時間 前
I like the animation really easy to understand
Anshul Sangani
Anshul Sangani 18 時間 前
Pi: anshulsangani Bee: anshulsangani Ant: anshulsangani Eagle: anshulsangani FireFly: anshulsangani Alpha: anshul Sperax: anshul Timestope: anshul12 Continuous mining~🚀
Anshul Sangani
Anshul Sangani 18 時間 前
Pi: anshulsangani Bee: anshulsangani Ant: anshulsangani Eagle: anshulsangani FireFly: anshulsangani Alpha: anshul Sperax: anshul Timestope: anshul12 Continuous mining~🚀
Luke Koenig
Luke Koenig 日 前
Magical things happen when someone finds a new way to represent the same equation? Gee I wish I could remember the one I found on my own back in school but my teacher told me she's still counting it wrong if I don't do it her way. So much for encouraging talent
Roberto Vieira Filho
my man just destroying pizzas nowadays 😭😭
Albert Mubatsa art
Newton during the pandemic was descovering crazy stuff, and here is me during the pandemic discovering crazy ways to fall asleep🤦🏿‍♂️
Naman Bajpai
Naman Bajpai 日 前
Dude this stuff is amazing why don’t they teach this in school
billyum braskey
Newton was also a clergyman. Yep, that's right! One of the smartest people in the history of the world BELIEVED IN "STUPID MAGICAL FAIRY TALES" Should make you think.
「 xZike _RAP 」
That pizza is just amazing
SoLo GMR 2 日 前
Newton was father of quantum computing......just saying i don't know what it means 😂
SoLo GMR 2 日 前
For those who didn't studied maths after high school 😇 it went above their head 😂
rashmi rekha naik
I my brain exploded by watching this video. But it is a nice video
KingCK 2 日 前
I'm sorry but I need a written apology from you for cutting that pizza with scissors at 0:50
Simon Mathiasen
Simon Mathiasen 2 日 前
I sure hope someone ate those pizzas... except the pineapple one
Merlin Zuni
Merlin Zuni 2 日 前
This was a great video
KyRu 3 日 前
Thermitty QXR
Thermitty QXR 3 日 前
I just believed the number Pi is just a number 3 with a very Very super small number
51HankySpanky 3 日 前
Q. So what did we learn from all this? A. It's a good thing Play Station wasn't around back then.
Varija Vishwanath
Hey please 🥺🥺🥺🥺 make a video on srinivas Ramanujan
zaeartho 4 日 前
now i appreciate numerical patterns even more
Spartan Snowy
Spartan Snowy 4 日 前
I love this video
Szabu 4 日 前
That negative Pascal's triangle blew my mind.
Pig Benis
Pig Benis 4 日 前
I didn't understand a damn bit of that.
Rock n RollaStation
"Next he tries fractional powers" and I was just like "yaaaaay". If I had a teacher fire me up like this in math when I was younger I would probably be working with it right now.
thanhgaming5550 4 日 前
Thanks Newton very much
Rodsa Ghosh
Rodsa Ghosh 4 日 前
Everyone gangsta until Newton sits somewhere with too much time on his hand
BradiKal61 4 日 前
when your brain hurts from trying to remember high school and college math from over 40 years ago
Scienco Mania
Scienco Mania 5 日 前
Arryabhat gave the pi value EXACT to 4 decimal places.
Kingdom of Jace
Kingdom of Jace 5 日 前
Beautiful !
automateTec 5 日 前
Wow from pizza to pi
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 5 日 前
I wanted to turn off the video when he showed up with pineapple on pizza...grrr!!!
Estrella Escobar
Hello Veritasium!! My name is Estrella from of Chile. I´m teacher of the mathematics and physics. I´m interested in animations to be able to show content to my students (between 13 and 17 years of age). I have read your thesis (doctor) and found that you worked with Flash MX. My question is: Do you still use that program in your videos? Do you recommend others?. Thank in advance, and thanks for all your material on youtube. Pd 1: I don´t have macOS, only windows. Pd2: As an example, I think of simple animations like this video from minute 11:17 to 11:24. Bye bye
Crazymster 5 日 前
Bro your making me hungry and I just ate
Jonas Waliczek
Jonas Waliczek 5 日 前
Wolfey 6 日 前
I can’t even imagine the time to edit this video
Lohit Patil
Lohit Patil 6 日 前
Some Dutchmen: Calculated pi over 25 years Me: Opens calculator and does it in 100 years
Görkem Can Ateş
There are mistakes with the integration at 14:20, you guys should check that
Look at his thumbnail 🤣 Veritasium is really very bas at doing click-bait🤣
Cosmo Rito
Cosmo Rito 6 日 前
Him: destroys pizza Me: broken deep inside
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 6 日 前
Exactly what a virgin would do lol
佐藤一郎 6 日 前
So, now that we have powerful computers in our hands, we(even a child) don't have to calculate the value of Pi using difficult calculus. So really it's all about who has the technology. We all are on giant's shoulders. I don't have to blame myself just beacuse I can't understand complex mathematical concepts easily, for there are a lot of hardship before the complex mathematical concept was discovered. Thinking like this way, I feel a bit better and relaxed when I can't understand Math.
Buff Ectomorph
Buff Ectomorph 6 日 前
I don't have the mathematical knowledge to put this into figures, but the finite boundary and the infinite boundary sounds very much to me like it could be used to describe fractals and black holes further.
ghabster lol
ghabster lol 6 日 前
the fact that this shows what you re capable of if you look deep enough is amazing...!
Monica Zhou
Monica Zhou 7 日 前
Rewatching this reminds me of one of the workshops in the International Science School (it's a 7 day program at Sydney Univerity, Derek probably knows about this) where we had to prove that pi wasn't equal to 4/root(golden ratio). We could only use the Archimedes Method and calculating 768 sides was painful enough. I can't imagine 2^62 sides. That's mental.
Rude Buddha
Rude Buddha 7 日 前
Newton was way ahead of his time,
Kahda1999 7 日 前
Ok but can we eat the pizza now
DarthEditous 7 日 前
Subtitle error at 3:48
GetMoGaming 7 日 前
Derek... The only man who can show you 5 pizzas and say "This is Pi" With absolutely no humour involved.
CSVG 7 日 前
As an Engineer Pi = e = 3
Pulkit Sharma Premium Videos
This video is making me hungry!😂😂
Hemubunny Kasireddy
This is how PIZZA get it's name: Unknown circular disk shaped food item of thickness " a " and of radius "z" The volume of the item will be Volume= π × (radius)^2 × thickness = π × z^2 × a = pi × zz × a = pizza 🍕
1harperaj 8 日 前
One could say “Pukka” pie then
मोहित थौमटा
Seriously didn't understand anything.. still it was interesting
Fudge Bar
Fudge Bar 8 日 前
are we gonna ignore the pineapple on pizzas?
BeastgameR 9 日 前
This just shows one thing and I'm going to be really honest we're learning nothing from schools
FL4CK 9 日 前
Ok so basically dream illumina all speedran mc Newton speedran pi
SeaPopcorn 9 日 前
But why did you do this
Repent!. 9 日 前
Repent to Jesus Christ!!! “If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and they in God.” ‭‭1 John‬ ‭4:15‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Mystic Point Water Sports
you can follow the diminishing ratio of low polygon to high polygon to get a factor for diminishing, or you can calculate c=1 and then the circumference of a cube using the pi form that and you get a halfway between the cube and the s[here as your more true pi
Sachin G
Sachin G 9 日 前
Amoeba 9 日 前
OMG And here is me who just solve simple questions of maths and myself as genius He was insane He was just playing with numbers +_+ I wish I would just see and watch him doing all these stuffs
Джейтюк 10 日 前
So, what's the point?
Amoeba 9 日 前
Are you serious ?
Джейтюк 10 日 前
Do this about 25 years if you're bored 🤣
Simon Wedege Petersen
Just eat the damn pizza pi(e)
Léopold Durieux
Léopold Durieux 10 日 前
Did you know that before Newton created gravity, people were floating all around the place and then suddenly fell at the same time..
Amoeba 9 日 前
That's why people say Newton discovered gravity or explained some physical phenomenon not Created gravity lol Btw I know It was a joke lol
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson 10 日 前
The plucky bread successfully measure because anteater coherently arrange via a voracious message. merciful, diligent spruce
Tobie Roesner
Tobie Roesner 10 日 前
The rapid expert occasionally level because bear luckily cross amidst a spectacular hedge. many, milky factory
Guo Alain
Guo Alain 10 日 前
Hey Veritasium! I was just curious what you studied, i would like to know :) If your reading this and dont mind telling me, thanks!
Arushi Borundia
Arushi Borundia 10 日 前
This is amazing!
John Angelo Perez
letting us be interested to the topic by purposely showing multiple boxes of pizza at the start of the video. man, I'm hungry hahahaha
Anthony Kassis
Anthony Kassis 11 日 前
If we do 1/(1+9) and we expand it in the binomial theorem the infinite sum would give us a diverging sequence. How can we explain that it is true if it is giving us a wrong answer
Anthony Kassis
Anthony Kassis 11 日 前
It doesn't make sense if you multiply by (n+1) u should get 1+x^(y+1) where y goes to infinity
afshk 11 日 前
May I have a slice...?
An Tran
An Tran 11 日 前
And then Ramanujan found another fomular...
It's crazy just how clever Newton was.
Jackson Gilman
Jackson Gilman 11 日 前
this channel actually makes me interesting in math, thats an acomplishment
Alex Two
Alex Two 11 日 前
Welcome to another episode of "How long until you get confused?"
Ashwini N
Ashwini N 11 日 前
can you please make more interesting videos of math like these ?
2 minutes silence for the people who don't know what is pi including me
Drew Panyko
Drew Panyko 11 日 前
It's the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. Is this what you meant?
sir what if we think like newton further,there's a proof god exist.
The One
The One 12 日 前
The most repeated idea in the whole video is "Newton goes even further".
Sanpai 12 日 前
where did 22/7 come
Thuy Duong
Thuy Duong 12 日 前
1 minute into the video and i'm amazed by his way of explaining area formula
Ted Ngeene
Ted Ngeene 12 日 前
The smile on the professor tells you just how passionate he is about math.
Lộc 12 日 前
I have math anxiety and I still find this video ashtonishing
Awesome Events
Awesome Events 12 日 前
Yesterday around 2:00 PM I ate a Pumpkin pie then at night I had a dream about pie r square and the area of the the circle and the relationship to the pie. And today JPvid suggested me this video. Is this a coincidence or what🥸
The Big Sad Solo
The Big Sad Solo 12 日 前
This video has me buying pizza rn.
Bret Netherton
Bret Netherton 12 日 前
Awareness is known by awareness alone.
Chish 12 日 前
Biggest 163
Biggest 163 12 日 前
Why wasnt you my Maths teacher.... :D
Michael Burger
Michael Burger 13 日 前
My brain hurts.
Storm Singh
Storm Singh 13 日 前
So what we learn today . *Work smart not hard*
Avehs Anime
Avehs Anime 13 日 前
Phyzxx 13 日 前
Him: Cuts pizza and uses it to explain pi Me: GIVE PIZZA (eats it all)
Raz Schiffman
Raz Schiffman 13 日 前
one of the best videos i ever saw
breadisred 13 日 前
Puckles 13 日 前
Guy actually did the math problem from the book
This lecture is the best way to start calculus in class.
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