The Best Upcoming SCIENCE-FICTION Movies 2019 (Trailer)

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Included in this compilation are Men in Black: International, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Alita: Battle Angel, Avengers 4: Endgame, Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters, Shazam and Captain Marvel.
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w0mbles 48 分 前
Marvel films are not sci-fi. They're action films for teenagers and children.
Demigod Spacebender Starfluxx Gamer
Man in Black looks shitty
Daryll Born
Daryll Born 2 時間 前
This is the fantasy genre, not science fiction!
Audi e-tron
Audi e-tron 5 時間 前
yeah, "science-fiction".
Duel Dab
Duel Dab 7 時間 前
Lol besides Alita all the movies previewed are trash.
Darth Xial
Darth Xial 13 時間 前
Year of the sci-fi
vagesh mandloi
vagesh mandloi 15 時間 前
What happened to the directors. The sci-fi movies are dying
ValhallasAshes 16 時間 前
If this is the best this year has to offer, this is going to be a really boring and repetitive year. MIB (without the good humor), Pokémon Detective (WTF?), Comics, Nazi's in space (some people liked the original, I guess?), More Comics, Avatar 2.0 (but at least it's the most original of the bunch), Comics again, Another Godzilla reboot? Seriously?, Guess! (you got it, another Comic), You can tell KoniCheck clearly gave up trying to alternate at this point... Yet another Comic. I'm sick to the back teeth of comic book hero movies. There's just no point in watching any of them anymore because they all play out exactly the same way every time. Except for maybe the Avengers sequel (assholes left us on a cliffhangar, so I guess I'll have to watch that one), but that's it. Hollywood clearly don't have an original brain cell among any of them. Nor do they understand the concept of oversaturation nor how making the same movie with a different skin over and over and over again does nothing but fatigue your audience to the point they don't watch any of your movies anymore. No wonder Hollywood is losing money hand over fist. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish the 90's was back. Say what will, but at least there were a lot more original ideas/movies interspersed between the disaster movies.
Tímea Szarka
Tímea Szarka 22 時間 前
Sci-fi is dead now in Hollywood. 2020??? Hope dies last.
MrMastertekken 23 時間 前
MIB Ruined
J west
J west 23 時間 前
Why does this look like a tv series
Renato André da Silva Viola
Alita was really good.
lasse petersen
We had: ALIENS, Star Wars, Star Trek... No we have: Men´ish in black 7, Avengers 800 and pikachu Conclusion: Scifi culture has become cheezy as fuck.
id104335409 日 前
Harrison Ashby
Harrison Ashby 23 時間 前
sooooooo since when was Comic superheroes not sci-fi?
FoulPet 日 前
Other than Alita, this line-up sux
Queen B
Queen B 日 前
Evil BanKai
Evil BanKai 日 前
moon nazis? are you fucking kidding me?and a black woman in MEN IN BLACK? *SIGH*
Mad Dude
Mad Dude 日 前
spider man acttor is fucking ho m o .
More Live
More Live 日 前
SO....where the sci-fi movies??
Xavier Glyder
pls godzilla don't die
_ underscoreboogiedown
so we're all going to casually not mention that space nazis are back *with* *dinosaurs*
chypres89 日 前
Super hero movies for days.. jesus fucking christ...
vandal nonesuch
Really hope the new Denis Villenueve version of Dune will be good: the book is a great read, a classic of Sci Fi literature! So many great stories written by masters out there, and seldom are they made into films, probably because the writers or their estates want to actually be paid royalties! Ringworld, Mote in God's Eye, The High Crusade, Forever War, The Dragon masters, etc., too many to actually list here.
speedsac 2 日 前
If you are bored and find a free stream on internet why not take a look. Small wonder I like 1960's Samurai moves better than any of these. Rather watch Crawling Eye and Green Slime, two fun old Scifi movies, or Five Million Years to Earth, ether the old movie or older TV show made into a long movie. Both fantastic fun with a thinking mans plot, all with real actors. Most interesting thing here is not one positive comment below. Fascinating.
Kyah Dags
Kyah Dags 2 日 前
Please back the "Back to the Future".
Dungl e
Dungl e 2 日 前
MoOn NaZiS
brooklyn bnutterflyarts
Sci-Fi is dead :(...Probably ill only watch Godzilla. Amazing that in the 80s and 90s with so much less tech they made so many better movies. This last decade ,directors had everything plus hundreds of millions at their disposal yet didnt come close to making a good movie. Only exception all of the Lord of the Rings films & some Harry Potter. Those where great.
D Ellz
D Ellz 2 日 前
I don't know about you guys but I'm ready for another Transformers movie
joe sousa
joe sousa 2 日 前
Thank god for the new civil war..Thats going to be a awesome history film my children will love...
joe sousa
joe sousa 2 日 前
ITS called men in Black..I hate society..
Carsten Nielsen
Carsten Nielsen 2 日 前
At least we know Nick Fury survives end game...
Izaya Orihara
Izaya Orihara 2 日 前
That moment you realise you already watched everything.
Reticuli 2 日 前
mostly comic book movies
No Thanks!
Paul Macpherson
Paul Macpherson 3 日 前
looks a load of crap, all of it
One and a Half men A K
bul sheet man in black copy wtf no more fantasy
Lets Go
Lets Go 3 日 前
pokemon can't wait
Lets Go
Lets Go 3 日 前
x men trailer was the best one
DarconizerRC 3 日 前
NONE of these is Science Fiction ! It´s all just Superhero-Fantasy-Action-CGI Shit ! I want more movies that are about spaceships and cosmic exploration ! Movies like Alien, Sunshine, Cargo, Event Horizon, etc. And please no Starwars-Muppets-in-Space stuff. Something dark please ! Because this is what space is: Cold, Dark and Lonely !
jeffreyfuhz 3 日 前
moon nazis?
Jacky Wong
Jacky Wong 3 日 前
wandering earth?
Robert J. Holtz
Robert J. Holtz 3 日 前
False advertising clickbait FAIL. Superhero movies, Action/Adventure movies, Fantasy movies. Not one single Science-Fiction movie here. Not one.
Angelo Houben
Angelo Houben 3 日 前
So, nothing interesting to watch in 2019. Don't waste your time. If you want to see great movies (and underrated movies on IMDB), check this list: - Terminator (all versions + the Sarah Conner Chronicles series) - and of course: ghostbusters, back to the future etc, but also: - 2010 The year we make contact - Gattaca (1997) - eXistenZ (1999) - Sunshine (2007) - 23 (1998) - Primer - Idiocracy (2008) - The last starfighter (1984) - Passengers (2016)
Majadi 3 日 前
men in black with Liam Neeson is retarded and having a token black chick in it is lame as shit, boycotting that movie.
valentin solorio
Ryan Reynolds doesn’t cuss in the Pokémon movie?! PASS
Cupson Plush Productions
did I just witness Hitler on a T.rex
valentin solorio
I was waiting for a will Smith cut scene on the MIB trailer
Curtis Newton
Curtis Newton 3 日 前
MIB4 ? -> me gone idiot
ChavScot 4 日 前
Why does every movie trailers have to be minutes long, where the trailer completely exposes the plot line of the film. Trailers are now just a movie that's been summed up.
kcgerkid 2 日 前
What you are looking for are teasers, but i know what you mean. Back in the days trailers used to be less revealing.
ChavScot 4 日 前
Men In Black has now officially been infected with Political Correctness Insert: *black woman that is unrealistically masculine*
Austen Keith
Austen Keith 10 時間 前
Serena Williams is in it?????
They ALL have
Maurice Vandenheede
I have seen alita, it is a super nice film
Muumi xd
Muumi xd 4 日 前
Pikachu sounds like Ryan Reynolds haha
Peter Luxus
Peter Luxus 4 日 前
so you chose Pokemon as a "science fiction" movie ... ? THUMBS DOWN
Italian pride18
Italian pride18 4 日 前
what happen to old man in black
Fizznuckels SR
Fizznuckels SR 4 日 前
Godzilla wIns , King of the monsters is the best. Then Shazam! who is the real Captian Marvel. Thing about Godzilla is it has never tried to be something more than what it is. A monster fighting movie! Plus Godzilla just always WINS. Shazam is dope cuz I read that shit as a kid. and thought that the premise was way more fun than any other comics.
Martin Anastacio
Hmmm... Two Captain Marvels: DC's Captain Marvel aka Shazam Marvel's Captain Marvel DC's version has a goofy trailer therefore a goofy movie... definitely NOT watching this
P MT 4 日 前
Except for MIB, those are not Science-Fiction films.
Rupi Gamer
Rupi Gamer 4 日 前
mireazma 4 日 前
Tired of movies, music, games and technology in general for 'Unruly-Retarded-Teens' (yeah, I'm trying to TM it). The fact that there are so many ppl out there who put *Doctor Strange* in the same basket with *Inception* says everything. Disliked the video. When I see Marvel I skip and dismiss.
Bossman Business
Did that bitch just say moon nazis. Hahahahahaha wtf is wrong with people
flounder2760 4 日 前
wtf feb 14th for dark phoenix...?
adam gal
adam gal 4 日 前
thorovy to v obleku sekne :D
Tesla Kuhn
Tesla Kuhn 4 日 前
Why is Remus attacking Earth? We don't even have warp capabilities, yet. Is this another alternate timeline?
CHINO stacks
CHINO stacks 4 日 前
Gehtea. 4 日 前
These mothuh fuq'en villians on this mothuh fuq'en plane
drunization 4 日 前
Doubt I will go to the movies to waste money on these jokes. If any one of them it would be is X-men, but nahh. Not happening! I think the only real movie watching that will probably be worth going to see with real movies that may not make it to the big screen is at Sundance. Hope to make my first one next January. Such good movies that people never get to see because not enough influence for money hungry Hollywood.
kittymom2 4 日 前
Hollywood needs to be exploded. Shit movies as usual with no personality whatsoever.
Pterotactical 4 日 前
That's too bad.
Nethercide 4 日 前
7:59 Cardi B? Is that you?
bluedrache 4 日 前
... Moon Nazis? The fuck? More of "muh Holocaust" bullshit from the Hollyjews.
Edin 4 日 前
THESE are the best?...oh man its gonna be a rough year...I didn't see even ONE move that was even worth a watch!
Andrei Fasola
Alita is ok.
Kelly Mcneal
Kelly Mcneal 5 日 前
Wow...Look at all white entitlement people getting mad...America is still bunch racist people..SMH!!!
Eldon Smith
Eldon Smith 5 日 前
alot of angry white men in these comments
that guy
that guy 5 日 前
I wanted to see SciFi trailers not a collection of Marvel and DC movies...
J. Knight
J. Knight 5 日 前
MIB gone FULL feminist... fuck it all moviees are SJW or Feminist crap latelly.... no money from my pocket
runner Bgirl
runner Bgirl 5 日 前
i know these are not really considered sci-fi but im looking forward to watching MIB
Michallis 5 日 前
you know, comic-super hero movies are not really scifi-movies :)
MrYilank 2 日 前
Ninja Crackpot
Ninja Crackpot 5 日 前
it seem like im going to die old just to wacthing shit tons of rebooting movie
pyrointeam 5 日 前
Hey Kids Hollywood was once the capital of Cinemania know it's like Atlantis...lost.
Benedict Dela Cruz
go 4 cute art
Russell Schiwal
Russell Schiwal 5 日 前
SJWs in black
Snacky McGoo
Snacky McGoo 5 日 前
I didn't watch it because main actress is a hateful perma-snarl racist and sexist person. But it seems to me she talked a lot about being a role model for only girls, yet the only reason she was successful is because superhuman unnatural powers were imbued into her by superior alien super-civilization. Am I wrong about the cpt. marvel movie?
Snacky McGoo
Snacky McGoo 5 日 前
90% female leads in "action" roles. 90% SJW scripts. 90% non-white. Seems about right.
speedsac 2 日 前
Could not agree more.
The Conscientious Objector
I see shit films
Pannkakaize 5 日 前
So not a single one of them are gonna be good, guess sci fi is truly dead then
Roman Kravchenko
science-fiction? really?
Angel Trejo
Angel Trejo 6 日 前
The same thing again and again, up to the abhorrence, where the creativity of the human being is, or we are kidnapped by a group of people who do not want to lose power. ALREADY enough, do not see the same thing again, do not waste your intelligence
gregor szurnicki
Regurgitating from the old movies or already done themes.
inkwell flood
inkwell flood 4 日 前
Writers are dead in hollywood - scripts written in crayon these days.
Iconman100 6 日 前
Iron sky is too much science fiction
Super Portistas
Super Portistas 6 日 前
A black Girl in MIB lol wtf
Trav Plays
Trav Plays 6 日 前
iron sky looks awful.. wtf
Arian Hart
Arian Hart 6 日 前
This. 20:53-20:58 min as if my dark desires came to life. Thanks you, great satisfaction.
johnathan goldsworthy
Bernhard Bish
Bernhard Bish 6 日 前
Crap. SJWing won’t get people to go to the movies. These aren’t even piracy material.
Cunning Linguist
Whew, thank god there are hyper-intelligent female minorities around to make sure those big dumb white men can be sidelined for political propaganda in all these 5-star, critically acclaimed movies.
spooks77 6 日 前
CHECK OUT the DUST channel on YT, and other chanels like OatsStudious and TheCGBros, THEY know how to make REAL QUALITY movies! Short movies tho, but they leave u breathless and hoping for a full lengh movie. Most have truly great actors etc, there are even some famous actors among them working on projects outside of the fake and payed hollywood. Check out Oats' Zygote and all the rest they have, truly awsome movies! Check out my short movies playlists what i have on so far. TheCGBros' Breaker, Last day of war and Caronte are perfection and deserves full lengh funding! Some short movies are almost 30 minutes as well and full of quality, like The Leap, Rakka (Sigourney Weaver!), Firebase and Zygote. So much entertaining on those alternative channels and productions that let their creativity blossom outside of the pavement! Happy Watching :D
Souzuke Sagara
Souzuke Sagara 6 日 前
Ian Gorboun
Ian Gorboun 6 日 前
Сколько же толерантного говна сегодня снимают...
just boring....boring....and boring again!What Happened to the old Hollywood Magic We All Love?
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