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From Gordon Ramsay, to Shaq, to Billie Eilish, Da Bomb Beyond Insanity had its way with Hot Ones guests all year long-not to mention Sean Evans, from time to time. Take a look back at some of 2019's best reactions to the infamous #8 sauce in the Hot Ones lineup-including Stone Cold Steve Austin's heart-rate check and Scarlett Johansson's lap of the table.

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First We Feast
First We Feast 9 ヶ月 前
Do you think Da Bomb should ever be replaced? What sauces do you want to see on the table next year? Hit us with that sauce talk!
Dio Da
Dio Da 3 ヶ月 前
Ah, it is I, the final Reply!
AZXTH 4 ヶ月 前
Lol any indian chilli spice would do it these people will be dead and assburnt 😂😂
Cullen Garrett
Cullen Garrett 8 ヶ月 前
She's So Blessed
She's So Blessed 8 ヶ月 前
We want Blove!!
Sidney Eubanks
Sidney Eubanks 8 ヶ月 前
Hell no
Deepak PC
Deepak PC 3 時間 前
This hot wing has given us two memes The idris Elba one The Shaq one
msevada 16 時間 前
We bought Da Bomb and tried it...that shit is no joke. not very good, but hot!!!!
aka M
aka M 17 時間 前
Cigarette Snail
Cigarette Snail 19 時間 前
Just bring an Indian on the show and they'll show you that it's child's play
ethio tech tube
ethio tech tube 20 時間 前
i7player1 23 時間 前
Please get Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar on the hot one he is a living breathing comedy legend
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 日 前
Add a "Satans Blood"
Fakhri Muhamad
01:05 wow his hand is big
forthe LAKERSfam
Y’all remember the DJ Khaled one??? Lmaaaooooooo🤣🤣🤣
DJ Drapes
DJ Drapes 日 前
Seeing your guests tear up makes me tear up and gives me a craving for hot wings
Official Vliegen
Is This The Meme Was From?
holt gamer
holt gamer 2 日 前
0:43 the born of the meme
I like Sive 1.
I like Sive 1. 2 日 前
"Your gonna have a bad time." -some skeleton from some dumbass game lol
3:27 oooooh now I know the trick into getting people naked
Vitalii Turovets
Da bomb isn’t actually a really hot one, it just tastes like shit, which, apparently, it is. If you guys are interested in really hot stuff, go and try the Mad Dog Inferno. It feels like a hundred times hotter one, then the dabomb shit.
david almazan
david almazan 2 日 前
i work at a restaurant and a customer came in with da bomb hot sauce and they told me to try it i said why not little did i know... that shit makes u feel like ur insides are dying
0ut7awthr0wn 2 日 前
Tried 3 drops last night drinking sobered my ass up that’s for sure but I didn’t react that bad
Орех Орехович
Happy A.D
Happy A.D 3 日 前
Bro I want to be on ur show and bit ur show Challenge 😤 I am from India 🇮🇳 and I love spice food from 3 years old And I know I can bit ur show.
JustBeingMe 3 日 前
I have to see ken’s... WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN KEN’S?!
JustBeingMe 3 日 前
Omg Gordon Ramsay
soulassassin0g 3 日 前
Dude, Shaq looks like he's holding a humming bird wind even tho they're normal sized wings.
JØŁŁÝ ØP 3 日 前
I love bellie eillish
Reaper0527 3 日 前
I think I personally handled it better than everybody on this lmao. For me, it’s more like a temperature heat in my mouth rather than a spice pain. It’s not too bad honestly👌🏻
Papillon 3 日 前
Netflix : Are you still watching ? Someone's daughter : 3:57
Lucifer Morningstar
Too easy for Indians i guess
HOOH Henstock50
HOOH Henstock50 4 日 前
Does anyone think, someone from hollywood undead should totally do this because it's awesome. Other bands are available obviously too but imagine, funny man or danny doing this lol
D Prince17
D Prince17 4 日 前
where is the maisie williams ep ?
FROST fn 4 日 前
3:12 thank me later
Byrdnest 4 日 前
I made a mistake with this sauce thinking it wasn't much after having ghost pepper wings days before. Me and my dad took a literal teaspoon of Da Bomb(each btw), put it on a tortilla and tried it. Never had I regretted something this much in my life.
TheRandomStuffGuy 099
Am I the only one who thinks Markiplier should be on here?
Sergio Aragón Iturri
Satan's Blood, it's the hottest spicy sauce I've ever tried and is just pain in a bottle, Ilove spicy food, but damn, this is just way too much, I tried it on a small piece of bread.
Kong Hammer
Kong Hammer 4 日 前
Mr. Chow is the best. "Fuck you John." Lmao😂😂
BabsW 4 日 前
Get Roy Keane on this show!
BabsW 4 日 前
I'm literally sweating while watching these reactions.
mutimateco 4 日 前
How about you guys invite a fan or several fans and ask about their lives? Id definetly be up for it.
Enrique Goitia
Enrique Goitia 4 日 前
Shaq "Kansas don't know nothing on hot sauce"
BigMeatyClaws 92
I got this sauce in my eye once. No lie I'd rather drag my balls through broken glass than feel that pain again.
The Foxter
The Foxter 4 日 前
1:00 *When my KFC wing falls on the ground and a pigeon steals it.*
SirPrize Mudafaka
Everyone : Dying Me : laughing like a maniac at them dying
AripRips 4 日 前
Indonesian people : wait hold my abc sauce. abang adek.
Coolio Pops
Coolio Pops 5 日 前
dude juice world didn't even get to phased ny the hottest one
༼ oل͟o ༼ oل͟o ༼ oل͟o ༽ oل͟o ༽ oل͟o ༽
The comment section for this video is amazing
OcH1 5 日 前
0:44 eating gorilla poop meme
Sandlog 5 日 前
0:07 u know what jingle this is
Đạt Nguyễn
Đạt Nguyễn 5 日 前
Let's me see how Gordon bring all this sauce to MasterChef =)))
DesVas Warrior
DesVas Warrior 5 日 前
As someone from Kansas I can't stop laughing after hearing him say Kansas doesn't know how to do hot sauce
Edward Jimenez
Edward Jimenez 5 日 前
I just wanted to see Scarlett Cowgirl skills. 😔
Rebel kat
Rebel kat 5 日 前
Billie Eilish Gotta go fast
Alex Navarro
Alex Navarro 5 日 前
I don't know why, but I want to taste that sauce
David Freeman
David Freeman 5 日 前
Can we just appreciate the fact that this sauce almost made Shaq and Gordon Ramsey die
Thomas Sandvik
Thomas Sandvik 6 日 前
3:51 the best reaction XD
Bob Terik
Bob Terik 6 日 前
I like when they cough it echo
Jykrew 6 日 前
can we just embrace the fact that guy fieri did not drink any water or milk
Mason Zollner
Mason Zollner 6 日 前
aethertech 6 日 前
Kevin Bacon, and Ethan Hawk on Hot Ones. Get it done.
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis 6 日 前
Get jocko willink or david goggins on this...
Maxi. the.1st
Maxi. the.1st 6 日 前
They have a extra toilette for this. God bless the cleaners after the session. They need more money for this.
Jayder Gator
Jayder Gator 6 日 前
Some people see people eating chicken I see the memes
Funny Chronicles
Yea I think we can all agree you should definitely make da bomb the last one I mean it’s the hottest one
kryphx 6 日 前
i would love to see oliver tree try those wings
Your local french meme dealer
"Kansas doesn't know how to make hot wings..." Famous last words
Rextic 6 日 前
2:55 what is this video effect can anybody tell me?
sNap 6 日 前
the shaq puke needs to appear on the NBA more often. he can do a worst of and just have that graphic after the play
Zac Catling
Zac Catling 6 日 前
JPvid is getting ridiculous I watch JPvid so I don’t have to watch ads now you can’t even skip the fuckers on JPvid
Black goku
Black goku 7 日 前
the meme source have come from this lmao
bc123vv 7 日 前
3:44 is that stone cold steve austin?
jonathan joseph
jonathan joseph 7 日 前
Who else was waiting for Shaquille O'Neal's iconic meme to pop up
Rimuru Tempest
Rimuru Tempest 7 日 前
1:00 E-girls asking for donations
v vandalz
v vandalz 7 日 前
Me getting the ViRuS 0:42
S Solanke
S Solanke 7 日 前
Salty Potato
Salty Potato 7 日 前
"Shit! I'm now fucking crying over fucking wings!
zushiii 7 日 前
"Hey Vsauce! Michael here! Did you know that eating too spicy food can make you cry?"
ODiN [s]
ODiN [s] 7 日 前
U guys dnt know a real hot sauce and dust essential ingredient composed from India and Africa.
Alex Kenyon
Alex Kenyon 8 日 前
3:00 where can i watch this episode with schoolboy q ? I search and it doesnt come up
Master Control Program
The host has got to be suffering from multiple ulcers by now.
GBHGY 8 日 前
Hope Dies Young
Hope Dies Young 8 日 前
I had your constrictor sauce and it is rough. Not as bad as Blair’s 6 a.m. Reserve ( that shit put my friend in the hostpital lol) but it kicks ass. Reminds me of Asskicker Spontaneous combustion. Except does have the horrid capsacian burn.
Stumped 8 日 前
Girls after they let me nut in their mouth
Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal 8 日 前
I want Donald Trump on this Show 🙄😌
Aneliya Ilieva
Aneliya Ilieva 8 日 前
3:57 HE'S MILK
youtube channel
youtube channel 8 日 前
Random Youtuber
Random Youtuber 9 日 前
Girls after blowjob : 3:57
Shinzo3586 9 日 前
Idris maintaining eye contact while biting “I’m aware of my effect on women”
Derek Robin
Derek Robin 9 日 前
Abdullah Zeki Genç
1:00 bruuh
Lorenzo Di Gennaro
Ashish m nair
Ashish m nair 9 日 前
Chris Jericho looks weird
Ayoub O04
Ayoub O04 9 日 前
Fuck you
Benjamin Ashor
Benjamin Ashor 9 日 前
Dababy Is immue
Rachit Dev
Rachit Dev 10 日 前
0:44 when you accidentally swallow a mosquito
Creeping Death
Creeping Death 10 日 前
Please have some heavy metal people
justify 10 日 前
0:59 Belle Delphine vs Billie Eilish 3:35
Gabriel Lyon
Gabriel Lyon 10 日 前
Damn Billie got a long ass tongue
ZezØk 10 日 前
Stop right there 0:59
Alfredo Roy
Alfredo Roy 10 日 前
First mexican comment: casi no pica
Shadic MR
Shadic MR 10 日 前
DarkHumor 10 日 前
As you can see asians Can survive this everyday - Says The guy who ate his mom's homemade chili and its fokin delicious
BedriddenRiddims 11 日 前
That shit doesn’t even taste nice