The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

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コメント数 80
Klarissa Ann
Klarissa Ann 6 日 前
Lol.... Now tons of suppliers dropped the Conspiracy collection... 😂😂
Tim Drake
Tim Drake 6 日 前
Did no one realize that this video was like copyrighted for like 3 days
Klarissa Ann
Klarissa Ann 6 日 前
If he gets sued, maybe he'll *really* understand what it's like to be *poor* *PoOr Me!* Ugh 🙄
Windows93p p
Windows93p p 6 日 前
OMG stop YOU ARE NOT POOR you are filthy rich shut up
Just A Normal Person
I have never watched series like this,but damn, I’m hooked
poom fluff squady
This is for anyone who body shames Shane 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
Tulop 7 日 前
He just uses pewds clip of him laughing at her fake laugh ahhhhhhhh
TG Squad for life
The racist world of shane and jeffree
Tulop 7 日 前
And Shane signed his death warrant aha...aha....
Moon River
Moon River 7 日 前
what song plays at 48:26? i looked in the description box but couldn't find it :/
man asmr
man asmr 6 日 前
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-PEA0O_tVaLk.html -andrew applepie catch it
Quxxn Alyssa
Quxxn Alyssa 7 日 前
Sia Vevo
Sia Vevo 7 日 前
Welllll, who’s here after, Shane is CANCELLED 🤪 #KarmaIsABitch😌
Eleanor Shellstrop
I’m here to rewatch this masterpiece during quarantine
Clint Parsons
Clint Parsons 7 日 前
The body guards seem unnecessary. I sort of assumed JS would have done his own makeup.
Alice Bunny
Alice Bunny 7 日 前
Shane, your ride or dies are still here. We still love you. Hang in there sweetheart. It’s all going to be ok in the end. Love to you.
xandxe 6 日 前
i cant say im completely supporting shane still but i just wanna let you guys know that i think its really important and sweet that some of his fans still love him and his work 👊😔
Eleanor Shellstrop
He will get though this! ❤️
PePpEr HoLgAtE
PePpEr HoLgAtE 7 日 前
Shane listen to me when i say this you can watch those videos of people pointing out your insecurities and all that but they are just mad because your not the perception of what a perfect human is and that you aren’t going to change that and you can choose to watch those Video and take notice them or you can watch them and say F**k them they are just mad i wont change and one more thing us as fans love you and accept you no matter what pig or not 😂 we love you
Mackenzie Parker
42:44 "there is so much silent support and I feel like me and you forget that sometimes" this is still true Shane. Hang in there.
olivia 7 日 前
Is “silent support” what Jeffree is giving him rn 💀
The Wild Berry Poptart
the amount of emotion at 46:30 is unreal. until you find out about everything going on and now you don’t know how to feel about anything
Konig 7 日 前
Nicole Tilly
Nicole Tilly 7 日 前
Well this did not age well.
slowedmelon 7 日 前
Back again just to dislike all the videos.
Carol Clayton
Carol Clayton 7 日 前
Starting at two minutes, listen to what Shane and Andrew are saying about what Jeffree told Shane about the beauty community. At that time, I don't think that they realized that Jeffree wasn't exaggerating at all. It perfectly describes what is going on at this very moment in time. So many green-eyed monsters trying to do everything they can to try to destroy Shane and Jeffree. When it all started to pop off and people started posting their videos in an attempt to expose them, I immediately remembered this part of Shane's series.
olivia 7 日 前
GIRL. 💀 they are getting canceled for GOOD REASON.
Kacie Knits And Crochets
i’m surprised there’s no comments about how this was copyrighted
The Mystic Angel
This is all a lie you never wanted him to be your friend but he made you money so sad.. that's not what friends do
Mariah Nichols
Mariah Nichols 8 日 前
When he says "Jeffree has drama following him" and "I'm ready for it" as im sitting here through dramageddon 3 like hmmm... You sure? At 9:03
Canine lover
Canine lover 8 日 前
I can't believe this is all happening. I liked Shane's docu series and I just liked him and ryland in general and now I don't know what to think at all. I used to spend hours watching their content. I wish I knew about the old stuff and now I feel like I just got my heart broke. I liked them all so much damn it😔😔
Canine lover
Canine lover 7 日 前
@Tulop thank you so much for your kind words 😊😊
Tulop 7 日 前
If it makes you feel better, his bad characteristics don’t mean his good characteristics aren’t there. You’ve seen good parts of him and things you adore and those are true, just as equally as the dark things are true. You experienced those good parts. It’s like an ex boyfriend, just bc you weren’t meant for each other and are hurt, doesn’t mean you didn’t have good experiences together or that those good characteristics you saw in them weren’t there. Or that bc your not together that you never loved each other, bc you did. They don’t all have to be entertwined. That is human complexity. You weren’t wrong for liking him for what you saw, and your not wrong for being disturbed for what you see now.
Canine lover
Canine lover 8 日 前
@give it up 000 I too think he deserves a second chance considering human nature and all but I think I am confused as hell at this point. I have mixed feelings about everything right now.
give it up 000
give it up 000 8 日 前
But I do think people had a way of thinking in the past that it is just wrong I'm not going to go really far about it but take friends for example normalising sexual assault, mocking feminism, objectification of women, microagression toward lgbtq community, normalising tixic masculinity, etc, everyone think it was funny at that time but now we all see it is just wrong I think people evolve and change and we shouldn't cancel him for something that happen like 10 years ago.( I'm sorry for bad English is late and I'm tired)
Connie Contoravdis
Shane is so dramatic
Ehhh h?
Ehhh h? 8 日 前
I know why y’all are here...
gabrielle sanchez
Monika Hossain
Monika Hossain 8 日 前
Living The Dream
I still don’t understand why these people are fucking famous.
Deborah Shea
Deborah Shea 8 日 前
Keep your head up, Shane! You are human like all of us. We make mistakes, sometimes BIG ones; however, we evolve daily, hopefully into better, more insightful humans. You have a good soul. Hang in there! We are still here ❤️
coolcat Ali
coolcat Ali 8 日 前
how can anyone support these people after what has happened its disgusting.
Møūrnîng Døvês
All his stans are mad😂
Never Mbilinyi
Never Mbilinyi 7 日 前
what are you doing here. Girl byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Camren Shook
Camren Shook 8 日 前
coolcat Ali then what are you doing here...
Joslyn Johnson
Joslyn Johnson 8 日 前
we need to save shane’s bodyguard
Bianca Walker
Bianca Walker 8 日 前
Anyone else watching these again now with all the Shane/Tati/Jeffree craziness going on?
Sunny Squishy
Sunny Squishy 7 日 前
Still here!
Amy Renee
Amy Renee 8 日 前
Love you Shane!!🐷🐷
man asmr
man asmr 8 日 前
Send complaints to Morphe for backstabbing Jeffree, pathetic
man asmr
man asmr 8 日 前
34:54 some good nail tapping Asmr. Miss You So Much sweetie! please come back to us, love you Forever.
Elli Houle
Elli Houle 8 日 前
Aw yes, before everything went to shit
Shocked Kitten
Shocked Kitten 8 日 前
Well here we are.... Shane’s statement “I don’t want to be a guru” aged weirdly
Skylar Eiffert
Skylar Eiffert 8 日 前
Who else is shocked that the video is unblocked??
Nico di Angelo
Nico di Angelo 6 日 前
I am shocked. I thought I was never going to be able to watch it again, and I was sad 😞 So, I gotta watch it all now
Never Mbilinyi
Never Mbilinyi 7 日 前
Am not shocked its an icon video. I have watched 20 times
Karolina Moraes
Karolina Moraes 8 日 前
"We like them?" "Yes" "Today" DAMN he was right AHSUAHAUS
Lourdes Bernal
Lourdes Bernal 8 日 前
Shane acting poor while laying in his bed in a 2,5 million mansion
Never Mbilinyi
Never Mbilinyi 7 日 前
To jeffree star he z poor for sure
Lucy Bremridge
Lucy Bremridge 8 日 前
Jeffree : “I’ve never dipped a beer never had a glass of wine” Also jeffree: drinks rose which is alcohol
Myra 8 日 前
watching this for the first time and it seems like you're all in a cult lead by Jeffree when you say he MADE you wear the track suits
Chrs Acosta
Chrs Acosta 7 日 前
It’s all about branding, they need to look great as a brand and as a company (my business owner perspective)
r vb1991
r vb1991 8 日 前
Saaaammeee i thought the same.
ThaKiller OfDeath
ThaKiller OfDeath
What is the music at 18:45
White Alliance
White Alliance 8 日 前
Heres the music jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-n7rjEEk7q9M.html
Mohammad reza Daghagheleh
Bitch look at ur house
Lisa 098
Lisa 098 11 日 前
36:37 well that statement aged like fine wine
Dawnkeu 11 日 前
Julian Navo
Julian Navo 11 日 前
“We already taken over America” “Let’s conquer Poland”
Viktoria Mihaljevic
This series is not ageing well...
Adele Fairfield
Adele Fairfield 11 日 前
Anyone here after the shane tati jeffree james drama
Noah Clayton
Noah Clayton 11 日 前
I love you Shane ❤
Michelle 11 日 前
After everything that has come out about Shane and that nasty IG live- I just do not view him the same AT ALL. 🤢🤮
Michelle 11 日 前
Tom Bielby
Tom Bielby 11 日 前
Is it bad that I find roman the bodyguard the best person on this series?
man asmr
man asmr 8 日 前
He's a stanworthy specimen.I appreciate he would take a bullet for Jeffree.Hero.
Kledjan Qosja
Kledjan Qosja 11 日 前
Who is watching at quarantine? 🖐
matthew ramsey-frentsos
Put him in a cage
Brad C
Brad C 11 日 前
Meme god567
Meme god567 12 日 前
The way shane says who are all these people when he enters his hotel room just kills me
Alexiah Lingley
Alexiah Lingley 12 日 前
watching this during quarantine gives me anxiety😂
Roland Cirlos
Roland Cirlos 12 日 前
The girl who fell watching this like 👁👄👁
Robert Hoover
Robert Hoover 12 日 前
Bro j stfu you are the most dramatic person ever 😂
Brenda Morales
Brenda Morales 12 日 前
demonetized 😍
Angela G
Angela G 12 日 前
Here after he got exposed... idk why.
Faith Nisbet
Faith Nisbet 12 日 前
Hi Andrew 👋
Brooke A. Seider
Brooke A. Seider 12 日 前
Jeffree and shane stole the "creating a makeup pallette," idea from James charles.. look up Peter Monn
Kaliyah Gaines
Kaliyah Gaines 12 日 前
this is so disappointing now tha i learn shane’s past 😕 i loveeeddd him like my favorite youtuber...
Lucy Bremridge
Lucy Bremridge 8 日 前
Caitlin Butterfield that’s what I think to I can see through the bullshit in his past
Kaliyah Gaines
Kaliyah Gaines 10 日 前
Caitlin Butterfield you’re right. forgiveness is something we need to do as said in scripture. we all do wrong things, so why should we only hold him and celebrities accountable ? thanks
Caitlin Butterfield
A persons past shouldn't taint your view of a person now. We all know Shane has changed and made mistakes in the past just like everyone has. His past mistakes have changed him as a person and hes a better person for those. He is not the same person he was back then so we shouldn't hold his past mistakes against him today. Everyone has skeletons in the closet.
Shay La
Shay La 12 日 前
I know right it's really upsetting 😭🥺
Jeepman89 12 日 前
Beautiful world my ass. He is an asshole.
Drama Lamaclips55
Jeffrey *A beauty icon* Also Jeffrey *Has a makeup artist*
Borenya Boruah
Borenya Boruah 12 日 前
I didn't realise makeup was such a big deal
danis k
danis k 12 日 前
Man, you really overdramatise. Like, damn dude.
Nouf s
Nouf s 12 日 前
crazy how its all pulled out from Morphe now. people are vicious
Debbie Bailey
Debbie Bailey 12 日 前
This series will always be iconic!!!
Debbie Bailey
Debbie Bailey 11 日 前
Walter Dis why are you on here watching it? Last I checked you didnt pay my bills or put a roof over my head so I will like and follow who I choose
Walter Dis
Walter Dis 12 日 前
You’re fucked up if you support this
Ominous Narwal39
Ominous Narwal39 12 日 前
Okay but, that intro...
S S 12 日 前
The only rich people I will ever respect
Greatgamerboy18 12 日 前
Wait so Shane is gay?
Greatgamerboy18 12 日 前
Oh sowwy
spaghettiibros 12 日 前
he’s bisexual!
Greatgamerboy18 12 日 前
Plus I’ve never seen his content
Greatgamerboy18 12 日 前
No I saw a animators video and went to see for myself
Borenya Boruah
Borenya Boruah 12 日 前
Wait you didn't know?
spacetypo 13 日 前
"what if jeffree and me have a fight" aged really badly yikes.
olivia 7 日 前
💀 Jeffree dipped out
Thomas Ferguson
Thomas Ferguson 13 日 前
They're on the roof huney
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