The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star

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Might be Connor but probably not
Wow I’m excited to spend my life savings on this collection!!! ❤️🤠
amelia h
amelia h 22 分 前
Mckenzie Guthrie
Mckenzie Guthrie 22 分 前
Literally everything is gonna be sold out within hours ✅
i love Brandon Roger i eat taco
Lauren Michaels
Lauren Michaels 22 分 前
So on point. I love how Jeffree is involved in every aspect of his business. The fact that he has given Shane this opportunity is amazing. From going to knowing nothing in the industry to having such huge presence is astounding. I always believe in paying it forward and I think that would be a great name for a new shade~wink xxoo
Nick Anthony
Nick Anthony 22 分 前
xoTrentonn 22 分 前
Omg, shane should make a different channel with him just testing out makeup and showing his brand.. and keep this channel for series.. also, everyone is waiting for that netflix collaboration..💀💀😂
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo 22 分 前
SunshineQueen Spenc
Im so inspired!!! U both have touched my heart this will be my FIRST PALETTE PURCHASE WITH MAKEUP!
Leena J
Leena J 22 分 前
I love the intro ,picked the perf song
Véronica Serto
Véronica Serto 22 分 前
Don't worry, your pallet will be sold in 15 minutes !! :)
Danny Daniel
Danny Daniel 22 分 前
I was crying when Shane go to see the old house hmmm so much memories
Madeline Dunlop
Madeline Dunlop 22 分 前
the swatching section of the video sounds like porn with all the moaning and “wowing”
Lia Sim
Lia Sim 23 分 前
please restock merch soon 😭😭
xxxly x
xxxly x 23 分 前
Jefree and shane around 35:40 remind me of my friend and me sending sublimital messages during class
maureen wood
maureen wood 23 分 前
why do i read SD "scooby doo" instead of "shane dawson"
Katherine N.
Katherine N. 23 分 前
Clock the house
Eilish Adams
Eilish Adams 23 分 前
50:48 that was so cute lol
Steph's Beauty05
Steph's Beauty05 23 分 前
Biggest launch to date 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Bryce Christensen
Fuck with Jeffree see where it gets you...
cuz vs cousin
cuz vs cousin 23 分 前
" the inshane pallet "
MeganS 23 分 前
Wait , beauty bay won’t be selling it ? Does JS cosmetics or morphs ship to Ireland ??
Sara Barbosa
Sara Barbosa 23 分 前
Beatuy Bay announced they are getting the palette so that means that something happened with morphe exclusivity! Happy either way! 🐷
Casey Leigh
Casey Leigh 23 分 前
Ugh I can’t wait for November 1st! So proud of you Shane! And so happy that Jeffree has taken you under his wing and has shown you the ropes! I can’t imagine a better pair! I’m truly loving the series and has me so wanting to ask so many more questions on the business side! Can’t wait for the launch and a pre-congratulations is definitely in order!! ❤️
Lily Andolsek
Lily Andolsek 23 分 前
I watched this last night before I went to bed and I ended up dreaming about you and that we were hanging out. Now I'm sad because it's all I can think about and I know u wont ever be friends with someone like me 😭🥺
Charlotte Dreemurr
I love that unnamed green shade
Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae 23 分 前
Does anyone else feel like it’s just a series long commercial for their collection? Not that I’m complaining...
I need that mini palette in my life, omgggg 🤤
Amber Redick
Amber Redick 23 分 前
#1 on trending my heart❤️😍 so proud of you shane I remember watching you when i was in the 7th grade! Lol Now im a mother in college So proud of you Proud of you both!
Natasha Cornu-Jbanez
So I’m this episode... March is coming to a close. You know what that means... COACHELLAAAAAA🐸☕️
light as a Feather
I don’t even wear eyeshadow but when Shane Dawson drops a palette You buy that shit.
Bianca Uriarte
Bianca Uriarte 23 分 前
I love Shane and Jeffree’s friendship ❤️❤️
abc def
abc def 24 分 前
So damn proud of him. Take my money!
Going Ghost
Going Ghost 24 分 前
Not gonna lie. I saw the logos at 1:48 and thought of Scooby doo
Puglife Forever
Puglife Forever 24 分 前
This is how many people are going to buy Shane’s palette 🎨 👇👇👇👇👇
Khin Caballero
Khin Caballero 24 分 前
Shane's exclusive should have a Shanecon. Woot woot
Immy Sleaman
Immy Sleaman 24 分 前
Omfg Johnny’s song 😍😍
Kelly Kennedy
Kelly Kennedy 24 分 前
What if Morgan took their old house? Or Garrett? Or even Andrew omg, they could all live together
Oliwia Kalinowska
Any other non American fans that wish shane sells outside of America? I doubt it's just me
Alynne Hayz
Alynne Hayz 24 分 前
elson de Saantana
turns home boy
Cosmetics & Comedy
Is anyone going to comment on the brilliant editing apart from me? You know how tedious those splits and joins are? Masterpiece. Bravo 👏👏👏
Carina Alyna
Carina Alyna 24 分 前
When you love Shane and Jeffree so you think you are watching the video shortly after it's released, only to realise you are a fake fan because it's already on 6.9 million views
Georgia P.
Georgia P. 24 分 前
Jeffree’s little spazz moment from 15:58-16:20 is giving me life 🤣🤣 “WHAT THE F*CK DO I DO, NATE?!”
Julia Otoole
Julia Otoole 24 分 前
November 1st is my birthday! Hi how are ya?
Emily French
Emily French 25 分 前
Drew and Garrett 😭
The Pug Channel
The Pug Channel 25 分 前
This is how many people are gonna buy Shane's new pallete? 👇
Amanda Melvin
Amanda Melvin 25 分 前
I think Shane honestly actually knows how much he's going to sell & this series just added to it... Smart guy!
Billy Karlsson
Billy Karlsson 25 分 前
Only me who kinda got dissapointed when they wanted to away the metallic green
Nancy Rivas
Nancy Rivas 25 分 前
November first is the "day of the dead" in Latin America. 🥰👨‍❤️‍👨💀⚰💄 i will be online or maybe at the store waiting for the backpack some hoodies and to place Andrew on my lips. 🙋‍♀️🤸‍♀️💋💯
Fiona Mulls
Fiona Mulls 25 分 前
no one: absolutely no one: jeffree: clock the house💁🏼‍♀️
Michael Rakowitz
Michael Rakowitz 25 分 前
That new green lookin shade should be called invasion or apocalyptic!
cuz vs cousin
cuz vs cousin 25 分 前
the name of his palet should be called inshane
Samantha James
Samantha James 25 分 前
“Where’d this shade go? Who stole it?!” That was the funniest part of this video
Paula Domene
Paula Domene 25 分 前
I swear since episode 1 I have x amount of money saved just for his palettes and lipsticks. I’m so excited I absolutely can’t wait!!!
Aash Vlogs
Aash Vlogs 25 分 前
madzthehuman 25 分 前
Excuse me I wasn’t able to get a piggy hoodie cause of you hoes please let me grab the pallet XD
alyssa geline
alyssa geline 25 分 前
shane : nobody’s gonna buy my palette omg *MAKEUP ARTISTS ARTISTS ARE QUAKING*
Bryce Christensen
The tiny amount of dislikes are the James Charles fans
Red Profile
Red Profile 25 分 前
19:04 i died... 😂 💀
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