Testing out Mystery Chinese CPUs

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We found some super cheap laptop CPUs that have been adapted to work in a desktop... with varying degrees of success.
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Eclipse The Producer
Every time he says Jiggahertz i imagine Jay Z poppin out sayin Jigga Wha, Jigga Who?
Boden Ständig
Boden Ständig 20 時間 前
The 'beyer' in 'beyerdynamic' is pronounced like 'buyer,' not 'bear.'
N4Alex 01
N4Alex 01 2 日 前
This content is actually good u guys should try i9 9880hk overclocking on Desktop when u guys did on fastest laptop that had it and overclocked it to 5ghz lol it will be really interesting to see it being overclocked on desktop and make it fastest laptop cpu!
Orangeme 2 日 前
I just had a LinusTechTips Honey ad on a LinusTechTips video haha
Carlos Akut
Carlos Akut 2 日 前
Ha! JiggaHertz
Junn Kit Wong
Junn Kit Wong 3 日 前
CPU = Chinese processing unit or cheap processing unit ?
DangerousDan 3 日 前
Spyware cpu
douro20 3 日 前
To be fair this isn't the first time he's tested a repackaged mobile chip.
Александр Мельников
In your BIOS, find and release microcode for any low-end CPU you would never use. Then add one with profile that matches this laptop CPU. With all instructions and registers patched, your system will boot correctly. Note: Microcode must come from laptop using same chipset as your desktop motherboard. If anything goes wrong, don't panic. Drop back in your old CPU, reset BIOS, and try again. Also, your motherboard will not support power saving speed-step features only for laptops. Why should it? There's no battery.
Александр Мельников
And if you really screw up, follow instructions for How to "blind flash" your computer with original BIOS.
Amir Abedian
Amir Abedian 4 日 前
Dump fuck after this many years can't still understand the stock cooler is better than Cooler Master Hyper 212 and runs cooler. Test the damn thing
TeD van Loon
TeD van Loon 4 日 前
seems like a smart marketing scheme since if they pattented the parts anyone who wants the parts needs to get to buy or licence their motherboard or cpu's
יובל הרמן
What's with the ה-1820?!
Otaku Edwin
Otaku Edwin 5 日 前
If this from China, it call China cpu, dont say chinese cpu, because taiwan is better than China
Benjamin Hausmann
i was thinking at first this are wish cpus xd lol
SojournTV 5 日 前
Dangit! I just sold my old Z170 motherboard :'(
ben russ
ben russ 5 日 前
BCLK overclocking is king with a 6700hq
ben russ
ben russ 5 日 前
at 22 secs in. It looks just like a mildly funky mobile CPU
Wei Hu
Wei Hu 5 日 前
Andre Walther
Andre Walther 6 日 前
Every time I have the sight translated by Google it kicks me off lmao
The President of The Internet
That's the HappyLucky slavery model, it's not fast but it works 24/7 for the cost of a few bowls of rice and the hope of a better life
madcat105 6 日 前
lol, pulled apart and older acer laptop last week to replace thermal compound and cpu looked exactly like that
Bob Sharpie
Bob Sharpie 6 日 前
the suspense is killin me!!!!
Akkineni Rakesh
Akkineni Rakesh 6 日 前
They should rename the channel to "Linus Chinese Tech Tips"
아이유 6 日 前
Judah and Isabella Teng
3:37 *heatsink
SoftCheeks 6 日 前
Did linus not drop a cpu this episode?
maddog392 7 日 前
Linus you should have a torque screwdriver (like a torque wrench but a screwdriver) for stuff like this. I use one to install EPYC CPUs in servers as is recommended by AMD. It will allow you to accurately and consistently set your hold down pressure with this type of CPU retention.
Prranjal Shrivaastav
Which of the Chinese processors is better for a 2019 build, Chintel Core Eye 7 or RMD Frypan 7? Please help.
Ranun 7 日 前
But if we went with such cooling with no ihs what temps would we get on amd ?
Jason Seiler
Jason Seiler 7 日 前
He doesn't recognize an old school copper shim on top of a CPU die.
Џон Мастерман
Linus whats with the earrings :D
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix 7 日 前
@7:23 Since when does warranty covers damage caused by overclocking? Let alone that it isn't the manufacturer's business what you do with your CPU. :)
Johnmen Zhang
Johnmen Zhang 7 日 前
12:22 “Insist OR UlTrA DuRaBlE”
G00ober 8 日 前
Americans:" I hate Communism" Also Americans "I love shopping from Communists"
T Lee
T Lee 日 前
when we are young, poor, and ignorant, yes. but not after we have worked hard to establish economic power, become conscious, and want quality in life. the same goes true for those communists. the ones with economic power want american and japanese made products.
Mike Gaskin
Mike Gaskin 2 日 前
@G00ober It's all state capitalism over there. The Chinese Communist Party encouraged students to study the works of Karl Marx, then blacklisted them when they started actually doing Marxist shit like trying to organize factory workers
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 2 日 前
How true
G00ober 6 日 前
@q1w2e3r4ge5t6y7u8i9o in name and action.
China is communist only in name.
Marty Lynchian
Marty Lynchian 8 日 前
Do you have the new LGBT+_CPU in your gaymer computer setup?
Mountain Hermit
Mountain Hermit 8 日 前
Hahaha good one
IraQ Nid
IraQ Nid 8 日 前
A+ for effort guys
Danny Johnson
Danny Johnson 8 日 前
Trickster Rickster
Dont trust china
Vijayakrishnan K K
How come Intel processors are Chinese :/
The AmericanPewDiePie
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The AmericanPewDiePie
Sign of true Respect: "i'm trying to speed through this to get my cameraman home!" Linus is the mo'fo' BOSS! Name ONE tech GOD that is shows more Integrity, Honor, and Overall Excellence! #illWait #LinusSebastian @ltt
dilip L
dilip L 9 日 前
Dust 2 :p
Stefan Helmert
Stefan Helmert 9 日 前
Just build an AMD to Intel adapter.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 9 日 前
That sounds like that would be extremely fucking complicated for no reason really
Javier ramos
Javier ramos 9 日 前
love how linus does not care about static damage to any of the items
Tiogár 8 日 前
You shouldn't really worry that much about static electricity when handling modern pc equipment. Most have anti-static measures
Luke Hawkinson
Luke Hawkinson 9 日 前
the struggle is real with this one
sebastian 10 日 前
I love Chinese hardware manufacturers. They give us consumer goods that many of us can only dream of owning since the original manufacturer, or so called "patent holder", sets the price at an exorbitant level. In a way they're the Socialist warrior we've all dreamed of. I can guarantee AMD will, over the next few years, jack up its prices to where they are no longer affordable or offer any real value for money. And don't give me this crap about competition. If "competition" reduced prices we would all be carrying around $500 iphones & galaxy notes. That's just the rubbish Trumptards & wall street like to feed us via the mainstream media so that we don't question the extortion corporate America gets away with
Joe Franklin
Joe Franklin 9 日 前
Moronic comment, shows you are parroting things you don't understand
Jam Z
Jam Z 10 日 前
Mystery Chinese CPU? Yeah we got one of those 😏
YankeeSpirit 10 日 前
I have seen CPUs like that, in laptops.
Freeman 11 日 前
This would have been so much better, if it was scripted and thus condensed.
kelverin K
kelverin K 11 日 前
Why went i install ssd in my laptop...my laptop went to blue screen?...
DoctorX17 11 日 前
Now do liquid metal
Hafnium Half-life
saving one hundred dollars during starving student days, isn't that every middle class student's dream days?
William Poetra Yoga
You can actually check whether the die is flush, lower, or higher than the surrounding shim plate. Just take a razor blade or a thin metal ruler, stand the long edge across the shim plate and cpu die, and shine some light through it. If there is even a slight separation between the razor blade / ruler and the object it stands on, light will pass through. If you don't have a thin metal ruler, you can even use art knife refills or metal plates with known straight edges. For the light source, it can be a mobile phone flashlight, or even ceiling lighting.
Marc Hervais
Marc Hervais 11 日 前
frankly you put links in chinese, that are not fully translated, and in currencies that i don't know. This is not usable in my point of view
Doobie's Den
Doobie's Den 11 日 前
10.44 meme of the year award goes to (drum roll) modem and Linus
Stephen Patterson
Never saw a CPU with the die exposed?? C'mon Linus I know you ain't that young lol
Graeme Frith
Graeme Frith 11 日 前
I like the music that is in the background.
Sorin Nicu
Sorin Nicu 11 日 前
Technically those ES CPU's are still Intel property. This is nothing else than advertising for selling/buying stolen property. www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000005719/processors.html "Engineering sample (ES) processors are also known as qualification sample processors. They are pre-production processors Intel loans to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original device manufacturers (ODMs), and independent software vendors (ISVs) to be used in the product design cycle before product launch. These processors often include more features than production processors for customer pre-production evaluation and test purposes. ES processors: Produced by Intel are the sole property of Intel. Produced by Intel are Intel Confidential. Are provided by Intel under nondisclosure and/or special loan agreement terms with restrictions on the recipient's handling and use. Are not for sale or resale."
Satoru Kuroshiro
Satoru Kuroshiro 12 日 前
I find myself wheezing with anxiety when Linus holds electronics, I feel like one day he'll do a stream and end up flinging a high-end CPU across the room and into a wall whilst talking about how expensive it was.
AMD fx8150
AMD fx8150 12 日 前
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