String Theory and the End of Space and Time with Robbert Dijkgraaf

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In the framework of the largest string theory conference in the world, Strings 2019, Science and Cocktails organized a special event at Flagey in Brussels. We were sipping cocktails in the art-deco building with string theorist and science superstar Robbert Dijkgraaf as he told us all about the fundamental laws of Nature. Afterwards, cellist and composer Benjamin Glorieux performed a musical piece together with invited guests especially commissioned for the occasion, while live-video artist Klaas Verpoest accompanied them with his visual magic.

What is string theory? What happens to stuff that falls inside a black hole? What are the fundamental building blocks of space and time? Did Nature have any choice in picking the fundamental laws of physics? What is the role of mathematics in physics?

This talk by professor Robbert Dijkgraaf was recorded on 13 July 2019 at Flagey in Brussels. For more science lectures with dry ice cocktails and live music, visit:

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Final Limo Ride
Final Limo Ride 12 分 前
Theory: "String Theory" only exists in mathematics, not the physical world.
Mary M
Mary M 2 時間 前
Of course, I totally agree. However, one or 2 blocks of humans can’t fight it. It has to be done in numbers, than we have power. But too many would rather tolerate & do nothing. Which is only leading to worsening conditions.
Jeremy Marquart
Jeremy Marquart 5 時間 前
I wonder if Amy of the special people have ever heard of Aether.
Chad Tippie
Chad Tippie 6 時間 前
So in which direction do we go in order to reach the beginning of the big bang?
simply great ! half lecture i listened comfortably !
Skofflaw W
Skofflaw W 11 時間 前
A measure of intelligence is knowing what you don’t know.
Cade Bennett
Cade Bennett 14 時間 前
From a layperson's perspective, it all seems to be parallels for processes that occur in the brain.
Anoop Vasudev
Peace 2020
Peace 2020 日 前
Universe is only 14 billion years old?? Really?
madelief47 日 前
This was a great lecture! With a tribute to Hawking. I am not a a scientist but I do recognize some of the theory's mentioned here. As a child of 10, I was walking on the pavement of a street, to school. I did wonder then, if I cross the street now, and go walk on the other side of the street, will it have concequences later in my life? So, imagination is really a part of science. Without it, we go nowhere.
Ishtiaque Khan
Jimson James Bringas
the birth of nuclear weapon and its side effects.
kerry lindberg
That dark matter is Brerklin currents this are all plasma connections
Logan Creed
Logan Creed 日 前
Benjamin Koontz
Einstein only got it partially right
Benjamin Koontz
Time is an allusion but if you want to bring time into existence you have to understand one thing and that is that time is infinite
The Divine Council
As above so below. If we want to know the workings of the universe we can look deeper within ourselves and the same principles apply. Thanks for the presentation!
Cory Burns
Cory Burns 2 日 前
At the beginning he says that there are 500 string theories and anybody who is going to watch all this video has to take in account that everyone of them are theories
Robert Weir
Robert Weir 2 日 前
Lies lies and more lies. The math breaks down for the big bang. All the energy from the universe would have had to fit inside a singularity - a single particle containing infinite energy - absurd and impossible. No detection of dark matter or dark energy. This guy is like a preacher pushing religion on the ignorant masses.
Truthful5 3 日 前
BIG BANG IN QURAN the whole heavenly universe and the earth were (all) joined together as one unit, and then We split them apart? And We originated (the life of) all the living organism (on earth) from water (Surah al-Anbiya Verse-30) SPACE EXPANSION INFO IN QURAN And We built the heavenly universe with great might. And surely, We are expanding (this universe) more and more.( Surah Dhaariyat Verse-47) ا SUN IS NOT ONLY ROTATING ABOUT ITS AXIS BUT IS ALSO MOVING TOWARDS ITS DESTINY- QURAN And the sun is constantly moving forward towards its appointed destination. It is a measure fixed by the Almighty, All-Knowing (Lord). )(Surah Yaseen Verse-38)
N B 3 日 前
He touched on the basic vital point, black hole, and then jumped off the subject. Totally convinced time has speeded up, hence we are running out of time, dark matter is expanding and we are in a bubble that is squeezed tighter and tighter until finally it will burst with force of dark matter. The frequency has changed.
Nico Bottema
Nico Bottema 3 日 前
So I have a little question... If intelligence can be a subject development within our 'discovered reality'; reasoning human beings have been developed within this observed universe.. then, why couldn't there be intelligence behind our observable 'veil'? On a higher plane? What if it's intelligence(s) that have been developed or come to exist on the extreme macro level, beyond our observability.. that is influencing or defining the quantum movements within our observable reality? What if there are infinite layers of intelligence and influence? Imagine intellect at at least the same or likely a higher (possibly infinite) complexity of our brain to be defining or at least influencing our reality.. And we are prodding with our measuring equipment trying to fathom every movement every moment.. Isn't it a little funny? I hope that was a nutcracker..
Michell van den Boom
Do we know what we don't know? No, because we would have known if we did.
Frank Fiddler
Frank Fiddler 4 日 前
Robbert, jy moet liewer DUIK in meer kennis, jy het in die eerste 30 minute twee dinge gese wat nie die waarheid is nie. Jy faal dieper as die diepste 'Black Hole'. Baie onprofessioneel!!!
Wendy Weger
Wendy Weger 4 日 前
Oh I just loved this..I just approached it with an open and relaxed mind and allowed the information to flow into my brain. The presentation is fantastic along with the visuals for extra understanding. I am in the early stages of discovery and I absolutely 'second' the comment below by Stuart Greene, one month ago. I will watch and listen many times to this and allow my mind to expand to understand more with each re-view..Thank you so much for this presentation, Science and Cocktails and a very Happy Thanksgiving 2021 (in 2 days) to all whom celebrate.
Andrew Eldred
Andrew Eldred 4 日 前
If you sent something with more mass in front of you at a higher rate of speed, could you travel through its warp at a faster rate of time?
Andrew Eldred
Andrew Eldred 4 日 前
The white stacked cards would have a slight depression at each dot point?
AJ G 5 日 前
Maybe space never respond to gravity. Maybe we float (4% of visible matter) in space between universes. Since 4% is not enough matter to become universe , dark matter is helping to bring visible matter into galaxies and through trylions of years black holes will get rid of the matter into pure energy. Maybe something went wrong during Bing Bang and antimatter didn’t destroy matter 100 %, left over 1 particle per million become visible matter and temperature in space went up from perfect O kelvin to 2.73 Kelvin ( like virus) that don’t belong in the perfect empty space.
Nicole Turner Music
And when you see all this great information with the lense of God creating it, is more awesome than believing it spontaneously and randomly happened. Everything has a purpose.
Maxwell made e=mc2, not Einstein the idiot
Idiotic. The first words out of this guys mouth is reifying the absence of matter. The absence of light is darkness, the absence of light behind an object is called a shadow. It is nothing, it does nothing, and it cannot be acted upon. We act upon matter, matter has properties and can bent, broken, beaten, etc. You cannot bend, break, or beat a shadow. This is the joke in the famous movie “Peter Pan”. If children can understand that you cant “do” things to “things” that do not exist, then why cant this supposed intelligent guy? Space is the absence of matter, it cannot be bent, it does not and by its lack of existence cannot have the attributes of matter put upon it. Matter exist, space does not. Space is the area in between. The limits of our language make it to where we have to explain these things. But again its not out of children’s comprehension. Space was never solid or rigid, steel buildings can be solid and rigid, space is not matter therefore it cannot be solid nor rigid. Hopefully someone who reads this still remembers common sense and understands these basic basic things.
Lloyd Savage
Lloyd Savage 6 日 前
My thoughts on string theory is that those playing stringed instruments are more creative than other instrument players.
Ray L
Ray L 6 日 前
LOL string theory was already disproven... pseudoscientists abound!
Sir David
Sir David 6 日 前
How I understand... the universe exploded many times before and will after us. The tears in space time are the scars on the universe they made. Black holes are the key. The big bang happens because of a "trop plein" Boum !!! As mater is thrown everywhere, some chuncks don't have a chance to expand and their mass creates the first black holes holding and shaping our new universe, grabbing all matter in its nearest vicinity and voilà a galaxy. Doing so of course time also expands. Black holes are the bringers back of this explosion to its original point. Mater, energy etc. If you notice, massive black holes are at the center of most galaxies. Some smaller, roaming, or attracting will encounter one an other, and grow bigger. Throwing all matter it encounters back to the original point, going back as well in time. The universe will not and cannot expand eternaly. Because of this dark matter and dark energy holding it together. Roads for the black holes to take to lead to one an other. In time black holes will have consumed everything, until they all unite into one, once again. The matter too hard to hold because its mass is higher and compressed wants to escape. And BOOM here we go again
Trenton Bright
Trenton Bright 7 日 前
Hear me out.. how long of a rope would you need to throw one end into a black hole and have the other end pull a space ship😂
Simon J Morley
Simon J Morley 7 日 前
The words Time and Space both have multiple meanings. Time is both the dimension of change (hence ‘rate’) and the collective ‘flow’ of change (the only empirical evidence of ‘time passing’ is change). And Space has several (related) meanings. A space could be a gap e.g. in a car park, for example. Space also refers to the dimension of position, i.e. the three vectors of xys axis. Or Space might mean ‘everything not on earth’ as in ‘outer space’. And sometimes Space refers to the entire known universe….which we know to be expanding But science is so often not specific when it uses the words. It liberally, lazily conflates these different meaning of these words. In the context of spacetime, space is the dimension of position, time is the dimension of change, so spacetime is the dimension of changing position aka motion. Dimensions are abstract. Dimensions are calibration abstracts that we overlay an aspect of reality in order to measure and index that piece of reality. Time measures change, hence rate (time is abstract, change is real), space measures relative position (position is real, space is abstract, and spacetime measures/indexes relative motion. Motion is real, spacetime is abstract.
I loved this, it was great. I wish though, that you would have said a bit more about that Flemish tapestry that had something in the corner that suggested how timespace looks or can be visualized. Does this specific tapestry have a name? Is it famous? Can you say something more about it, or how I can find out more about it? Thank you..
Maria 8 日 前
Show me a doctor performing heart surgery or a firefighter rescuing people. I avoid JPvid mostly but this video popped up after I was done viewing something. This type of information just doesn’t impress me.
Rakesh Rakesh chohan
Kisi bhi dimension Mein maujud jiv kee Samay viprit Hogi .....arth🌍rat..eLephant.? Dime.....? Sr
Tony Fernandes
Tony Fernandes 9 日 前
Nathaniel Tam
Nathaniel Tam 9 日 前
gjn bouwmeester
gjn bouwmeester 9 日 前
Robbert Dijkgraaf is een new world order-huichelaar en een verrader van de wetenschap en de mensheid!
Super Ficial
Super Ficial 9 日 前
ºIf we are exploding half a million miles an hour through space or even one mile an hour, in an ever expanding universe than the stars should have changed their relative positions in the six thousand years that we've navigated using Fixed Star Location. But they haven’t. Stellar drift is a misnomer. Polaris is still the North Star. All the zodiacs still look like what they were named after some six thousand years ago. The great pyramids of Giza are still perfectly aligned with Orion and Orion having twelve independent stars should not still be looking like an archer. And Haley's comet knows where to find Earth every seventy-five years in an ever expanding, chaotic universe ? There are over two hundred stars in the constellations alone and if they haven’t moved in over six thousand years then they never will. It’s practically written in the stars that, “The Earth is stable and cannot be moved.” 1 Chronicles 16:30.
TeaBagger08 10 日 前
space fabric is not needed for mass to be attracted to other mass.
Thorny Turtle Ranch
I havent watched this....but at 4 am the other day i was jolted awake and wide awake yet disoriented until i realized it was sunday and i didnt have to work. I call my mother all day. Her failure to answer let me know she went back home. Then when i travelled out of town to my house she lived in there was a message on the landline machine. I returned the call to Jen. Jen said, it was 4am when she left and she is pointing to her heart. Jen said her transition was very fast she is already doing things. I asked who met her and typical of my mother she said she doesnt want to say.....and then thats all i got she was off to do something else. Her "second son" just a super good younger friend handy man who found her passed for me told me he also was woken up at 4am but more gently and couldnt sleep and then had a spiritual conversation with his wife. Jen said my mom passed through my body and woke me up as a good bye, i totally felt it intensly and didnt have a clue what it was.
Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan 11 日 前
String theory very much based on Quran. That's why I was never a fan of big bang theory. Al Quran 21:30 Do not these unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were an integrated mass, then We split them and made every living thing from water? Will they not believe even then? Al Quran 41:11 Then He directed Himself1 to the heaven while it was smoke and said to it and to the earth, "Come [into being],2 willingly or by compulsion." They said, "We have come willingly." GO FIGURE!!!
Mehdi 11 日 前
Very interesting, thank so much professor
Hendry tan
Hendry tan 11 日 前
Amazing... So we are multidimensional being ya.... Cool... Ya... With different personality and connected with collective stream consiouness...
Na na
Na na 11 日 前
March 14 is also pi day
Jerry Crow
Jerry Crow 11 日 前
He is a prophet of a new religion, full of dogma and unscientific unknowledge yet full of imagination where up is in and out is wet.
N/ A
N/ A 12 日 前
I just need to know how to aport objects from the past to the present.
Time and space can't come to an end. It's beyond imagination. Time and space is universal for everyone. Everyone feels it differently. It ends with the death of a creature. When a creature is born, clock starts to count time commencing from his birth. Time stopped? No! Time stopped for him! You've a clock on the wall of your home. It has seen many deaths and many births. Time can end when space of infinity becomes zero. This is not possible. The East are made after meeting God physically. The West are made after such absurd imagination.
Hugh mc donald
Hugh mc donald 12 日 前
Wouldn't you think that everyone is as important as everyone else in the scheme of things we are ALL a collection of these particles which interact with every other particle around it forming a eternal web across eons of space time started out in the beginning as ONE particle...figure it out!
Scott Bethell
Scott Bethell 12 日 前
Very thought provoking video.
Scott Bethell
Scott Bethell 12 日 前
Black hole are not singularities at their center with massive gravity pulling inward. They are areas in space that are void of space. Created by large explosions that push space outward and then it gets pulled back into the void. Black holes should be called voids. The event horizon is the area at which the centrifugal force throwing everything out of a collapsing spinning black hole is balanced with it inward collapse. It’s just a low energy/pressure area. Kind of like matter is a low energy/pressure area in space.
Scott Bethell
Scott Bethell 12 日 前
I think we only live in an expanding universe because of the creation of matter within space. Matter that comes from space takes up more real estate because it has less energy then space. Kinda like shaking a soda can…. The drink is space, and the bubbles are matter, and if not in a can it would expand. The universe will always appear to be expanding outward from the observers point of view wherever you are. Stars are the matter making machines.
Jaja Catolico
Jaja Catolico 13 日 前
this has blown my mind literally it broke my brain but fascinated me at the same time. my knowledge about physics isnt that advance and had to hit pause a few times to try to understand but this is one of the best presentations ive seen about physics.
David Cooper
David Cooper 13 日 前
Still approximation dang
Troy Cassidy
Troy Cassidy 14 日 前
Hi I'm not a physicist but have a question about these UAP sightings. Could it be possible to use residual energy from the expansion of the universe as a kind of Fuel or gravitational Maglift drive to move with such high speeds and directional charges without resistance between air water and space.
Cycle of Fourths
Cycle of Fourths 14 日 前
Paul 14 日 前
High priests of scientism really love equations because they can convince you of anything through equations. Nikolai Tesla in his day spoke out about these wild equations that were not based in reality. Even Albert Einstein admitted that Nikolai Tesla was a more brilliant man than he. The people who turned science into scientism are not scientists they are the billionaires, the filthy rich, the cabal who supply the research money and who supply money to the science programs in our universities they are the ones Who control the narrative from behind the scenes. If a scientist or researcher goes off script they pull his funding or they pull the schools funding. That’s how it’s done and that’s how it’s been done for a very long time.
ibntaymyyah ali
ibntaymyyah ali 14 日 前
this is all fantasy masquerading as work of science . images purporting to be black hole are CGI . absolutely fake science .
lili pagura
lili pagura 14 日 前
Amazing Professor!! Thanks!!!
wood barron
wood barron 15 日 前
Our earth is an atom so to speak and planets are atoms. And we are millions that make the master.
DonaldJ 15 日 前
"String Theory" is absolute bs, the universes are bubbles... I sometimes use its physics to destroy the spirits of attacking remote viewer attacking brain-sucking crotch-sucking alien vampire maggots... I do so very much enjoy slaughtering attacking vampires, especially the black skinned ones with red eyes, fangs, and claws... At least they put up a tiny bit of a struggle just before I feed them to hell's lizard in convenient chunks, like how I disposed of the three nastiest vampires on this planet-moon after asian black magic practitioners sent them at me a week apart to harm us... Kali, Jezebel, and GrimReaper no longer exist... NEXT!..
Hermie 16 日 前
'Dark Matter' Is not exactly Dark, it appears this way only because we 'measure' it thus. If you look into a night sky from a location such as Rome, because of surface light saturation we don't detect the other heavenly bodies that are there. The only type of real "Dark Matter' would be evident in Black Holes. The light that is given off by certain galaxies, blinds us from 'objects' we determine as Black Matter. It would be humanly impossible to detect the objects in this sea of Dark Matter because we would need an observation time of 16 light-years (at the least)
frutt56 16 日 前
Astronomers forget one thing: 'time' only exists on earth (3rd rock from the sun). It is a human invention showing other humans that you got older. No time, no big bang, no strings. Get a life, forget about time.
Amarnath Parasar
Amarnath Parasar 17 日 前
Best ever video on gravity....... thank you
Earl Vaa
Earl Vaa 17 日 前
its impossible for us to understand.
Akma Jasman
Akma Jasman 19 日 前
my lecturer ask the whole class watch this video. just realized, im to dumb to understand 🥲
BecomeTheOne 20 日 前
I worry that some of the black holes we can see where created by alien scientists searching for answers. The last thing to go through there minds ? OOP's
BecomeTheOne 20 日 前
Could it simply be that Dark matter and energy are just frequencies we cannot see (or hear or smell or taste and feel) currently. Space is not empty at all. That everything does indeed affect everything else. Push one electron and it bumps space, creating waves instantaneously. The path of least resistance is where the energy finds a place to come to rest (The spot on the screen in the double slit experiment).
kyks 20 日 前
Energy/mass/space proportionality & universal constants --- energy+mass conservation =>space conservation => FINITE space ( cyclics + transformations : transcendence) ... Wot we know we know: don't need to consider time as a dimension - different ageing & recording change under different conditions(mediums-fields).. the energy gates of human(cosmic effects?mirror?)---the thin line between vibration[cyclic space & generated fields' interaction] & life [lively vibration-matter manifestation💟]... Wot we know we don't know: mental universe=multiverse! The paradox & fuzzy logic of human thinking: a-more particles(field bldg blocks) more dimensions b-more particles less dimensions c-less particles(down to unity) less dimensions d-less particles more dimensions 🥳🤯😤👩‍🚀🆔♾️
Fonzie Bulldog
Fonzie Bulldog 20 日 前
There is no end of the universe only a repetitive pattern in endless different ways.Try to just comprehend that thought who itself is hard enough.
kyks 20 日 前
Funny im here for a drink too..wot a synchronous coincidence
Ivan Sean
Ivan Sean 21 日 前
If the universe is governed by these quantum particles, then the bigbang is just a big hadron collider and thus the movement of the universe is similar to the particles when an atom (and/or its particles) is bombarded. But it leaves a question: where the bombarding cane from....
Ivan Sean
Ivan Sean 21 日 前
If the universe is expanding, then what is outside of it where it expands? What thing is in there that enables the universe to expand? Is a black hole has something to do with the space where the universe expand? If it was, then the space we are in is really a sponge.
Fran 21 日 前
LOL. WHERE is the scientific method in this? IT'S NOT IN AN EQUATION. LOL!
Ivan Sean
Ivan Sean 21 日 前
I just imagined that black holes are magnetic fields and the universe has its poles in which the objects that passes through it go on a cycle like travelling through the magnetic field/path. I just wonder how the positioning of these black holes affect the gravitation of the nearby objects in proximate space and the farther objects in more distant space. The problem is that everything is a form of invisible form of energy.
Granny Grammar
Granny Grammar 21 日 前
"One second per second" seems an awfully odd sort of thing to say we experience: you cancel out "second" on top and bottom and all you're left with is one. Or maybe "one per," even odder.
Thaddeus Cole
Thaddeus Cole 21 日 前
Lmao! Newton was wrong, Einstein's Theory is plain as day stupidity and now this crap! Where are the real scientists?
Michael Fox
Michael Fox 21 日 前
In a sence he is right. But there is more to it. I Figured out the answer when i was 12 years old over 30 years ago and i can say this much. The answers are way much simpler than you think. And that is the real problem. If scientists really where so smart would they need particle accelerators. Worth thinking about.
Viktor Ilic
Viktor Ilic 22 日 前
What if the non observable universe is actually a massive black hole to which we are being pulled to faster and faster
Brian Flanagan
Brian Flanagan 22 日 前
So few and far between are the occasions for forming notions whose specializations make up a continuous manifold, that the only simple notions whose specializations form a multiply extended manifold are the positions of perceived objects and colors. ~Riemann The characteristic of an n-dimensional manifold is that each of the elements composing it (in our examples, single points [...] colors, tones) may be specified by the giving of n quantities, the "co-ordinates," which are continuous functions within the manifold. ~Weyl A speck in the visual field, though it need not be red, must have some color; it is, so to speak, surrounded by color-space. Notes must have some pitch, objects of the sense of touch some degree of hardness, and so on. ~Wittgenstein
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson 22 日 前
This man gives an even deeper meaning and understanding to the term, “he’s a know it all.” But ironically, in reality he’s even more correct than he understands or knows, about knowing what he doesn’t know. And this life is short so he’s not far from discovering as his protégé Stephen Hawking’s has already discovered, that he was wrong and missed the bigger about what’s the most important thing in life to know.
Big D.
Big D. 22 日 前
This is why I love physics and the universe. Amazing, mind blowing pres.
aaron camss
aaron camss 22 日 前
wait who voted down ? ur scaring me lmfao
aaron camss
aaron camss 22 日 前
is hunter biden here though, hunter where the fuck r u
aaron camss
aaron camss 22 日 前
god damnit i can never keep up with the real trends
senor quak
senor quak 22 日 前
E=mc^2 is di pretto's equation, he published the equation in 1903 in a scientific magazine with a description "inside material things is stored so much energy that equals to millions of kilograms of coal", einstein just " borrowed" this equation from di pretto, there is no wonder why einstein actually never derivated the equation, because he coppy pasted it mass is never curving space, according to general relativity any energy density (along with any kind of pressure and acceleration) is curving the space time continuum listening to this guy is very painful
Makayla Hollywood
I feel smarter than this morning.
Alessandro Latella
Ah that's where new Facebook Meta's logo come from
M 23 日 前
Universe should not expand . 💯
Peter Turner
Peter Turner 24 日 前
Less than 2 minutes into this and already the "theorist" has gone off into the realm of the totally insanely impossible. Nothing to see here so move on. A waste of 46 minutes of my life to watch any more of this slush. I really wish these fantasy believing slush heads would go away - soak their heads in some vinegar and grow a brain.
Tony Mullins
Tony Mullins 24 日 前
I've read books on string theory and complexity, and by far I learned more from this video than any book; masterful explanation!
brain booster
brain booster 25 日 前
SP 26 日 前
Mentioned in the Sikh scriptures over 500 years ago 🙏 we are nothing but vibrations
David Schiermeyer
Here let me help u jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-BdHAPXznBD0.html
Kerry White
Kerry White 26 日 前
Excellent presentation, but Penzias and Wilson were working for Bell Labs in Holmdel, New Jersey. Not AT&T.
Stevie B
Stevie B 26 日 前
All gibberish and fantasy, yet comments are showing, unlike the following link which only show to the one making the comment. This is just underhanded and cowardly censorship on behalf of JPvid. Don't trust it. jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-8s4BdGyQqDo.html
Hidden Dimensions: Exploring Hyperspace
Cassiopeia Project Quantum Electrodynamics
The Ending is So Satisfying...
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