Stray Kids - "S-Class" | 2023 VMAs 

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Stray Kids perform "S-Class" at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. Check out more from the 2023 VMAs here: www.mtv.com/vma
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Sonia Igwe
Sonia Igwe 11 日 前
The fact that they were on tour and still gave such a performance 🤌🏽🤌🏽. Congratulations Stray Kids!
Jojo Cookie
Jojo Cookie 11 日 前
They literally created the remix WHILE TOURING 🥹
Vintage Vixen
Vintage Vixen 11 日 前
@Jojo Cookie Our kings never rest!! World domination!
taeechaee 11 日 前
They’re so talented
kiara 11 日 前
i hope they can get some good rest now they have been working so hard 😣
Sunny girl ☀️💕
Their vocals are so stable I'm so surprised bc they sound exactly the same, also their outfits and choreo are top tier it's their first VMA performance and they SLAYED 😭
Srushti Shinde
Srushti Shinde 4 日 前
I am was not into kpop but this performance of stray kids changed my opinion , there are just different from other groups This performance has definately made their fan
Ewaoluwa Ayodeji
Welcome to the fandom 😊😊😊
Monica Sugumar
Monica Sugumar 2 日 前
Oh, Warm Welcome to Stayville ❤🎉
coughsyuep 13 時間 前
we welcome you with warm hugs :)
Cyberpunk 9 時間 前
Welcommeee ❤❤❤
kiana 3 時間 前
welcome! :D
Rafael Nguyen Alvarez
I love seeing K-pop groups perform at American music award shows.
Tatsumi Yin
Tatsumi Yin 日 前
pu pu
pu pu 時間 前
it’s always super fun
Niko St.
Niko St. 5 日 前
I am not even a fan of them, but gosh I can't stop watching this performance
Subodh Kumar
Subodh Kumar 5 日 前
I hope you become one haha, they have a lot of fantastic performances and songs
aya 5 日 前
He charmed them
Ewaoluwa Ayodeji
Join us 😈😈😈
Niko St.
Niko St. 4 日 前
@Ewaoluwa Ayodeji What's the name of the guy on the thumbnail? He is really handsome
Ewaoluwa Ayodeji
@Niko St. his name is hwang hyunjin 😁😁😁 He is a rapper and part of the main dancers of the group A lot of people have been asking us about him 😅😅😅
Neha 7 日 前
The dance break is just FIREE
Tatsumi Yin
Tatsumi Yin 日 前
Mahastuti Renaningsih
I think they just open the door for me to the kpop industry
Chan's feet
Chan's feet 6 日 前
Ewaoluwa Ayodeji
Welcome to the fandom 😊😊😊
Yellow 2 日 前
Me too, honestly, they are amazing.
Dante F
Dante F 日 前
Yeah I had no interest in it but I randomly saw a music video as an ad on JPvid a few months ago at the beginning of summer and I’ve been digging their music so much! I’ve liked pretty much all of the songs I’ve heard so far. I barely know anything about Kpop and didn’t really understand it. But I think I’m starting to. I thought BTS were really cool and talented guys and liked a song or two but never sought it out on my own same goes for Black Pink. Which both were my only reference of Kpop. So for whatever reason I think that Stray Kids have a something about them that is appealing to us western audiences. Perhaps it’s their beats and how the songs are composed sounds closer to what we lister to over here? Not exactly sure what it is. But I highly recommend checking out the songs: “God’s Menu”, “Case 143” (which I just learned the other day 143 is an online or texting abbreviation for I love you), and Maniac. Those are the songs I first heard of theirs and I have actively gone back to listen multiple times.
Someone 11 日 前
This didn't just make me go 'WOAH STRAY KIDS', it made me go 'WOAH K-POP' and that's exactly what we want showcased at an american award show like this
Someone 11 日 前
And I say that not only as someone who grew up obsessed and in awe of american pop culture, but also as a k-pop stan of 6 years.
KRIS~NR 11 日 前
Exactly! I had the same thought
Valeria delPilar
Valeria delPilar 11 日 前
Exactly, as someone who also grew up admiring amrican pop culture, they been lacking so much this years in terms of performance. So proud of tray kids representing the bst of Kpop, hardwork on stage!
Komal Awan
Komal Awan 11 日 前
exactly! stray kids have many members fluent in english and couldve easily chosen an english song to performance, but seeing them not do that just goes to show that they have their priorities straight, choosing a korean song to showcase what exactly is KPOP that we love so much!
Ewaoluwa Ayodeji
Ewaoluwa Ayodeji 10 日 前
​@Komal AwanI almost cried at the way u explained it U r one of the best stays everrrrr
blue jonghyun
blue jonghyun 6 日 前
I love when they bring actual kpop to western award!
스카루 4 日 前
I can't help but coming back to this performance and watch ALL of it so intensely !!
LeeFY 6 日 前
Феликс как всегда прекрасен. Его партии шикарные.
Ірина Мельник
They truly deserve their award, "Best Kpop"
irishka darishka
Mixieᰔ 日 前
Tatsumi Yin
Tatsumi Yin 日 前
Yara A
Yara A 6 日 前
I don't know if artists are only allowed one song, but if they sang 2 songs, SKz would turn in into their own concert lol. I wonder how Hall of Fame or TOPLINE or Superbowl would sound on VMA. Or if they can sing at least a snippet of one of their ballads. Anyhow, SKz is worth every penny, every tear every blood and every second I spent on them.
J 6 日 前
Currently continuing concerts in Japan. They had two days of concerts in Japan, and couldn't even rest, so they attended the VMAs the next day. Just preparing for “S-Class” performance is amazing
Maggie Rappa
Maggie Rappa 日 前
Typically artists only perform 1 full song or shorten their songs in order to perform multiple. But I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an artist perform more than 1 full song unless they are being specially recognized
Tatsumi Yin
Tatsumi Yin 日 前
Alex_Kills 11 日 前
Well done to Stray Kids for bringing home the win for “Best Kpop.” So well deserved! Great job on the amazing performance too. They killed it!
himari riku
himari riku 9 日 前
oikawa 9 日 前
presenting korean and proud ! 🥰
lepotica zver
lepotica zver 9 日 前
Song is about what?
phillip ceu
phillip ceu 8 日 前
They needed to be noticed its wayy past time
Enya Chandra
Enya Chandra 7 日 前
Ok, this performance just turned me into a fan… been meaning to get to know about stray kids more recently… now it seems I’m obsessed
Mistourat 7 日 前
You are welcome in the stay world ❤❤
Ewaoluwa Ayodeji
Welcome to stayville 😊😊😊
Monica Sugumar
Monica Sugumar 6 日 前
Warm Welcome STAY to stay world❤
chegyul 채귤🍊
Welcome to the fandom! ❤
K-hoatic Bastard
sunshine lix
sunshine lix 7 日 前
They amaze me. No matter how much I see this performance, it is not enough for me
kuju 6 日 前
Just comeback to watch this masterpiece again. This is very addictive and catchy song.
Stay Hottests for life
Stray Kids were the only performers, that stunned and impressed me the most they are amazing . Also can I say Felix is literally one of the most beautiful person I ever seen. He’s so gorgeous!❤️‍🔥
Rebeca Monteiro
Rebeca Monteiro 3 日 前
he really is!
Ayyulinnus 9 時間 前
Yess , 🐥☀️
바레리 5 日 前
They owned the stage during this performance. They were in their element. Super proud of the boys and how far they've come. They deserved the win and award. GO STRAYKIDS 👏🏾👏🏾
Gray.Karen333 11 日 前
This is the most EPICALLY DIRTY remix ever!!! This is what happens when you stan self-produced kings!!!! Congrats on the win, Stray Kids!!!! Stays are SO PROUD!!!!
Машка 11 日 前
I'm very happy for them!
Alex…Phipps… 11 日 前
Same. The fact is that they none stop with concerts and traveling over the world and still won the best k-pop is incredible. Like idk how they are not tired. Also I LOVE STAY KIDS they are amazing and they need a break.
L0ST_L1FE 11 日 前
WE ARE VERY PROUD OF THEM!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ they deserved it
Alex…Phipps… 11 日 前
@L0ST_L1FE they really do.
Rhea Amaryllis_447
My heart swells with pride. Stanning Stray Kids is an honour & a privilege!
Kxa 4 日 前
These guys are killing it, i wish one day i could go to theirs concert cause every performance they do just get better and better
Hector Martinez
Hector Martinez 6 日 前
I don't even know these cats or enjoy K-pop but this really stood out, well done.
Everyone that needs to see a good example of what kinda stage they need cause they are just so unique. Look up mama awards 2022 stray kıds
Cassie53 5 日 前
Los arreglos que hicieron para esta versión de S-Class son magníficos! Bien merecido tienen el premio los chicos, siendo fieles a su estilo conquistarán a nuevos oyentes por todo el mundo
Binnie 6 日 前
Congratulations Stray Kids for winning Best Kpop in Vmas 2023!
lord voldemort
lord voldemort 11 日 前
Obsessed with this performance, such a fresh change in K pop. Truly nobody’s doing it like Stray Kids!
ni-ki725 11 日 前
Enhypen is better than skz💩
felxxqes 11 日 前
​@ni-ki725skz and who?
stay♡ 11 日 前
​@ni-ki725ok, that's your opinion
purple 11 日 前
​@ni-ki725WHO ASKED BRO?
Kpopmultifan 11 日 前
@ni-ki725is that why you’re here? Go support your faves instead smh
Alex 6 日 前
Never watched the vmas before but Stray Kids are absolutely worth it to stay up all night…
Dorii 7 日 前
They perfectly showed why they deserve the award👏👏
Maria Piccioni
Maria Piccioni 5 日 前
I’m in love with this arrangement, Stray Kids always exceeds expectations!
Shweta S
Shweta S 5 日 前
They DELIVERED 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I mean it's Stray Kids after all 🤩
Anita Lopes
Anita Lopes 4 日 前
They have worked so damn hard and to finally be here performing at the vmas it´s.. truly amazing, they deserve their flowers immediately
h h
h h 11 日 前
I am not Korean, but I would have been really proud if a singers who sings in their native language won the award best in this prestigious ceremony. Congratulations indeed, Stray Kids!
fgdggd 11 日 前
Yes this days kpop idols r just singing in full English which kinda sad tho l understand they release full English song to gain more international fans
Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea 11 日 前
two of the singers from stray kids are from australia so they include a lot of english in their songs for that reason!
J P 11 日 前
Are they singing in English? I can't understand the song. Last tjme I followed Stray Kids was in Gods Menu and Easy era. Since then, I have not checked their new or recent releases
Alkaya H
Alkaya H 11 日 前
@J P They are singing in korean, but nowadays kpop idols tend to release full english songs/albums. There's also a lot of english words or full sentences in kpop songs 🙂 In that song there's the whole pre-chorus part from 0:30 to 0:50 in english tho and english words here and there throughout the song ! Hope I answered your question well 😅
winter 11 日 前
@J P This song is SCLASS, from their recent album 5 STAR (released 2nd June). SCLASS is a korean song with few english lines here and there.
scijustikag7 6 日 前
Amazing performance Straykids at VMAs 2023
Connect123 7 日 前
Their energies are out of this world ❤️‍🔥
xcvimari 日 前
Stray Kids songs have so many versions because they always make sure to perform it differently every time they perform it, that is the reason why you'll never get tired listening to their music and watching their performances. Its always fresh and their energy is always beyond 100%, always outdo themselves. omg.
Michelle Rivera
Michelle Rivera 4 日 前
I love you so much Stray Kids!! Congratulations! 🎊
Aquarius74 4 日 前
Always loved Stray Kids; they never disappoint
Soob1nsgf 11 日 前
Stray kids never disappoint
ジジ 11 日 前
Omg yes
Briana 11 日 前
yoursocialmoth 11 日 前
Literally, they never miss
𝓁𝑒𝑒 11 日 前
stan twice
stan twice 11 日 前
Lisa Eng선생님
I love Stray Kids' VMA performance so much! I've watched it so many times that when I hear the original version, I hear THIS version in my head. They TORE that VMA stage UP!!!
Caroline Nguyen
Caroline Nguyen 4 日 前
Stray Kids totally deserves all the recognition!
Adriana Cabrera
Adriana Cabrera 6 日 前
Estos chicos están muy orgullosos de su país, que en su canción mencionan la ciudad de Seúl, de alguna manera es muy conmovedor 🥺💕
M 6 日 前
Este fin de año y el año q viene SkZ va a ser aún más grande. Ya son unos de los exponentes más grandes del kpop pero van a seguir creciendo
Nana 6 日 前
i can't forget this performance it's so amazing!!!!
alina mihoc
alina mihoc 11 日 前
Stray Kids S-Class is now the second most viewed performance!! Keep hyping it Stay!!
Somxstay 11 日 前
fgdggd 11 日 前
Reina M
Reina M 11 日 前
What's first?
Anabel Routledge
Anabel Routledge 11 日 前
​@Reina MShakira is at 2.6M so it will take a lot to pass her but no one likes numbers and streaming more then kpop fans lol
minchanseung 11 日 前
Mixu ac
Mixu ac 6 日 前
Me alegra mucho que hayan decidido dar una presentación que los represente a ellos y a su país tan bien! Muy bien hecho chicos y a todo su equipo! La presentación estuvo fenomenal!!
evgmtv 6 日 前
We are so used to Korean operators. great respect to them. The filming at the VMA was not very good; there were many unnecessary angles. but even without this you can see how Stray Kids blew up the stage! Kings of live performances!!! Simply the best!
Cristina Fe
Cristina Fe 4 日 前
Congratulations on the win Stray Kids !!!!
MinSung 7 日 前
StrayKids are always perfect and cool and this subject never change
skzmylövez 5 日 前
Fue una presentación que dejó asombrado a muchos del público! La esencia de Stray Kids es irresistible!
lesgles 10 日 前
The performance is amazing and the award is truly deserved. Stray Kids never disappoint!
heyy Sarah🍓
heyy Sarah🍓 10 日 前
Blinkengene 10 日 前
enhypen did better
CB97 10 日 前
​@Blinkengene wdym? They didn't even perform at VMAs
fkhvc 10 日 前
​@BlinkengeneEnhypen didn't even performed😅😂 Stop talking nonsense
Blinkengene 10 日 前
@CB97 If they did, they would have ended Skz wbk
Manu 7 日 前
Stray kids always have the Best presentations, they never disappoint
Ewaoluwa Ayodeji
Straykids are the best dancers and performers ever expecially hyunjin oh gosh i really love how he danced the dance break towards the ending and noone will change my mind In short all of skz are the best It is just my opinion please don't come at me
lizy c:
lizy c: 3 日 前
Stay, después del desafortunado accidente que tuvieron los kids, por favor enviemos muchos mensajes deseando una pronta recuperación, demostremos el increíble fandom que somos, lo orgullosos qué estamos de ellos y no paremos con el stream, vamos stay seamos fuertes
Adriana Mauricio
Stray kids es fenomenal Stray kids are phenomenal, I'm proud of them
wavemoonk 11 日 前
Truly one of the best groups of the 4th generation of kpop, they are always so hardworking and is nice to see that they are getting recognized worldwide!! STAN STRAY KIDS STAN TALENT
María TQ
María TQ 7 日 前
Vamos STAY a seguir este es el inicio de mejores cosas para nuestros bebés stray Kids líderes absolutos de la 4ta gen
VicVK 6 日 前
Im so proud of them ❤ StrayKids ❤
sheetal ahirwar
sheetal ahirwar 6 日 前
Stray kids really amaze us every time with great performance when ever they perform it's feels like there own concert so proud to be a stay
Sharon Attard
Sharon Attard 6 日 前
Stray kids are the epitome of beauty 🙏🏻😊
Danny  stay
Danny stay 6 日 前
Vamos stray kids, sin duda una de la mejores presentaciones ,todo estuvo espectacular .
Jsoba 11 日 前
Congrats for winning Best K-Pop Award Stray Kids! The performance was incredible!
Michelle G
Michelle G 11 日 前
The cow4rd hater deleted his comment 😂
NingWinx 11 日 前
@Michelle G what happened?
Jessica Jallasi G.
​@Michelle Gde que me perdí?
LeeMiC👀 11 日 前
@NingWinxanother group’s fan was hating on Stray Kids like they do generally 😂
Yasmin da Silva Machado Machado
stray kids I'm so happy that you are getting the fame you expected, and I hope you achieve much more and get the recognition you deserve. and thank you very much for making me a happier person and a better person, thank you very much.
Michelle Atherton
Absolutely fantastic 👏🏻 they never disappoint ❤🎉 love you Straykids
Kay Stewart
Kay Stewart 6 日 前
Beyond proud of Stray Kids! Again they showed how they make their own way and how proud they are of THEIR music.
Another One
Another One 4 日 前
Best performance of the night!!!! They slay so hard, im so proud!
hgdth huiop
hgdth huiop 6 日 前
I can’t stop watching this performance
Congratulations Our StrayKids for winning your 1st VMAs "Best K-Pop" Award.!! Well Deserved.!!
Your name is sooooo true 😂👍
almondjuice 11 日 前
@♡HarmonyTheKF♡I thought you guys were the same person and was like “Is this person complimenting their own name” 😭
@almondjuice Lol 😆
Rebeccah Milbain
Wow...!😮✨️ Stray Kids always go above and beyond~❤ So proud of all of them, they 100% fully deserved that award ❤️‍🔥
binniefan ★⁵
Tienen más que merecido el premio. Mis chicos se han esforzado tanto, estoy seguro que sus yo del debut ni siquiera podrían creer hasta donde han llegado. Se merecen esto y mucho más. 💗
Precious Godson
Precious Godson 6 日 前
I’m loving stray kids more and more ❤
Tasin 6 日 前
Stray Kids is such a PERFORMER
clchhfsi 💙
clchhfsi 💙 13 時間 前
Феликс выглядит фантастически шикарно. Такой красавчик.
lili devon
lili devon 10 日 前
how do they manage to always have a different arrangement & choreo for every single performance in an award show 😭​😭​ They're such good performers, AWESOME JOB STRAY KIDS 🔥​🔥​🔥​
CB97 10 日 前
​@Blinkengenelmao they didn't even get ANY nominations for that award show, which you are watching rn with the slay kings performing.
@Blinkengene also skz surely is 4th gen leader....you can't deny it.... enhypen is great in other categories too...stop hating skz....both groups work hard and deserve love ...get outta here 😭
Hannah the Cheetah
⁠dont bring enha here, its skz’ performance and not enhypen’s, plus you cant just say that enha ended them. i’m myself an engene, they are even my ults but you cant cant bring them in this way! im really disappointed at this fandom. and you, christal, please dont reply like that! i know that it did make you mad but its just not a good way how to respond, you could just say this is skz’ performance. enhypen may not have any nominations on vma but we should not laugh at it. thank you
@Blinkengene bro can't you just accept the truth??!!... enhypen is great i love them but they are not 4th gen leader.....they have their own status please don't be a child..... you really are acting immature... you're gonna regret it later
Lee.Mk🥀 10 日 前
​@BlinkengeneAs a stayengene i am disappointed at this comment😐
Sashane Jayawardene
Congratulations on the win Stray Kids ❤🎉. Much deserved ❤
mey mk
mey mk 3 日 前
I just come here every hour to remind me how awesome Stray Kids is
My Pace
My Pace 2 日 前
The stage was Fire 🔥 "Stray Kids all around the world, we must make Stray Kids stay"
chum 4 日 前
I became their fan after watching this performance...🤯😍 Stray kids nailed it
Chacha 4 日 前
Mia O
Mia O 4 日 前
Welcome to being a Stay!
chum 4 日 前
@Mia O seriously i am watching their videos non stop..😭🤩
Mia O
Mia O 4 日 前
@chum haha I love that 😂 If you want any help getting to know them or have any questions about the group/songs etc then feel free to ask :)
Selena Moon
Selena Moon 2 日 前
Stray Kids everywhere all around the world! Best performance!
oatm1lkvibes 11 日 前
The fact they could have just done the regular recording of S-Class but instead created this brand new version and slayed the entire performance just goes to show why Stray Kids are the absolute best!
Unicorn nene
Unicorn nene 10 日 前
this shows exactly why they won that award 100% they killed it out there!
himari riku
himari riku 9 日 前
Tatsumi Yin
Tatsumi Yin 日 前
Liliana Campos
Liliana Campos 4 日 前
Stray Kids nunca decepciona
kuju 6 日 前
Wow best way to show k-pop. Best energetic and powerful performance. ❤
fabss 4 日 前
Shout out to these boys, they did amazing!
FLUFFYminnie 11 日 前
Literal tears in my eyes. Thank you so much VMAs for inviting Stray Kids this year🥹
Trishika Ghosh
Trishika Ghosh 11 日 前
Yeahhh I saw them on tv rn.. I'm not crying!!!!!😭
Kristy Case
Kristy Case 11 日 前
i was nothing but hyped while watching it live but i literally just cried rewatching it, wth is wrong with me 😭😭
last night i was watching this and only made it to the song last night..
Bby_boy 11 日 前
Rinnebow 7
Rinnebow 7 7 日 前
Still can't get over this performance! Congratulations again SKZ!
Gracella Feybe
Gracella Feybe 5 日 前
They are Amazing. What a performance! Stray Kids
CYRUSS 10 時間 前
aneLens 5 日 前
Stray kids are the future of kpop!!!
Katerine Maltez
Katerine Maltez 6 日 前
Que belleza de presentación !!! STRAY KIDS EVERYWHERE ALL AROUND THE WORLD!
Nicole 11 日 前
idxh 11 日 前
Jose Pereira
Jose Pereira 11 日 前
Con tremendo playback :V, pero igual lo hicieron bien
mᥲrі 11 日 前
​@Jose Pereiray claro con tremenda coreografía cualquiera hace playback
Yareli Espinoza
Yareli Espinoza 11 日 前
​@Jose Pereiraclaro que no ,tienen la canción de apoyo pero si cantaron Escúchalo bien
Music Is Life APL
Not a fan of stray kids (yet) but a kpop fan so glad they got to performance in the MTV and incredible performance the best for this guys
Hyunjin's Flour
Stray Kids, its been 10 days but I am still so f**king proud of you all
lord voldemort
lord voldemort 22 時間 前
Stray kids are always going to do what they feel like doing and that’s why we love them
xiomara 3 日 前
stray kids is the definition of perfection
SOOKIE 6 日 前
merry mondegreen
merry mondegreen 11 日 前
And wrote the song and this epic remix themselves! This is only 1 tiny portion of Stray Kids, their huge self produced discography is EVERYTHING. Like Channie said. For a lot of us their music came to us when we really needed it and helped us a lot or even for some of us saved our life. Their honesty is a huge, huge part of it. Not just how much they shine and win. Some of their darkest songs are their best.
Trang Nguyen
Trang Nguyen 11 日 前
Well said ❤❤❤
Paulina Celeste
Los mejores Stray Kids, Los amo siempre *lloré ❤ simplemente hermoso se merecen lo mejor, éxitos a mis ángeles 💕
Alexia 6 日 前
fue gratamente hermoso único estilo distinto al resto fue genial
5Star 5 日 前
Stay comeback em novembro vamos nos preparar.... comecem a coletar nos app e criem contas para o MAMA let's go
madina 2 日 前
Феликс шикарный. Он так выделяется со своим визуалом, голосом, харизмой.
lord voldemort
lord voldemort 6 日 前
Don't think i'll ever get over this performance, legendary
미너미노링 9 日 前
Hits so hard to see Stray Kids growing up so so much, being able to be on the VMAS and even winning an award. It is just mind blowing seeing how far they got. Album presales went from 30k to 6m? This is no joke yall. 9/12 is such a special day for both Stray Kids and Stays. Stray Kids deserve every single milestone they achieved. They are so so loved.
So true😭
Shane Troye
Shane Troye 9 日 前
Definition of organic success
再生回数 4.8M