Strange Video Games I Played as a Kid

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These games almost gave me a nostalgic aneurysm
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Hope you have as great a day as those conga line barbies





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Victor Amador
Victor Amador 9 分 前
I have a 2ds xl
Lisa Ross
Lisa Ross 25 分 前
1:18 *Are you sure you want to restart this file?* *You started a new one literally yesterday and haven’t done shi-*
the barbies, *THEY GROOVIN*
Francis Hilke
Francis Hilke 56 分 前
I replayed some of my app games
Theater Hybrid
Theater Hybrid 時間 前
How dare you say "f u" to me?!
Uganda Gt
Uganda Gt 3 時間 前
Look,if you guys don’t wanna like me and like these other dudes,go ahead.I am a youtuber with barely subscribers,no likes from my comments and miserable,I’m not weird and just want friends,i thought it be good to tell u guys.
Areej Hassan
Areej Hassan 3 時間 前
I have free doritos
Ryan King
Ryan King 3 時間 前
username1nmillion 4 時間 前
It doesn't matter IF you were Super-Girly as a kid { or even now} as *YOU ARE A GIRL* . Although if you were a guy it wouldn't matter to me anyway. 👨‍⚖🙋‍♂️👩‍💻🕹️💄
Heather Day
Heather Day 5 時間 前
you know what my favorite childhood game was? EPIC MICKEY. if you remember epic mickey,, like this ://
Isabelle De laender
Isabelle De laender 7 時間 前
Isabelle De laender
Isabelle De laender 7 時間 前
Riad Jaber
Riad Jaber 10 時間 前
2:25 I think you mean. Hogwash
Katkake Wander
Katkake Wander 10 時間 前
Jaiden there is a better battle for bikini bottom on consuls and there is going to be a remake
Corrupted_C00K13 》
Corrupted_C00K13 》 10 時間 前
1:17 Are you sure you want to reset this file? You started a new one literally yesterday and haven't done sh--
XSimplyCleanProX 10 時間 前
oh man, this is just reminding me of the games i used to play as a kid...i mean I haven’t played any of THOSE but...yeah
Potato 12 時間 前
5:55 damn, he's got a 3 way victory. Even if she had 2 counters, unless she put them on the section to the far left, she'd lose.
dor gefen
dor gefen 14 時間 前
Thats a really plankton..
XXWarriorcatsXX XXRiverclanXX
Zelda is my childhood. Okamiden was the bomb. I love those games!!! Childhood senses are in the air!!!!
shark collection69
shark collection69 14 時間 前
The power switch for the gameboy sp is one the right not the left 0:55
DiamondKraft 15 時間 前
7:58 im not even lying this looks exactly like me in racing games where you can crash into people and break their cars
DiamondKraft 15 時間 前
Siklas Gaming
Siklas Gaming 16 時間 前
I got one of those
Flying_chibi_ YT
Flying_chibi_ YT 16 時間 前
I actually saw a game boy advance and the game battle him
Lynxx 16 時間 前
I love the clean slate feeling, but then I dropped Pokémon for two years and came back to find my Level 53 'Pyro Kitten' (Inceroar) chilling out while I'm in the room for the Final Four. The debate is real. (then, I remembered how long it took to get the Mimikyu-)
Lana Bear
Lana Bear 17 時間 前
the conga line situation can (to an extent) happen, i have witnessed it and it really is something
Annie Todoroki
Annie Todoroki 17 時間 前
Everybody now plays F***ing fortnite
WarmGaming YT
WarmGaming YT 17 時間 前
2:42 like if you see it
Karen Galarza
Karen Galarza 17 時間 前
Im young and have a gameboy colour and can i have powerpuff girls battle him
legend420 1980
legend420 1980 17 時間 前
Dude those were the days playing battlefield,cod 2,3,Tony hawk GTA 3 on the PS2 and listening to slim shady on a CD player.
Lizzy Orozco
Lizzy Orozco 18 時間 前
I have Minecraft on my 3ds I like it 😂
2FRESH 19 時間 前
im just wondering how she got to screen record it
happy blade
happy blade 19 時間 前
You think spongebob is hard. Ha try cuphead don,t deal with the devil
the oblivious gamer
the oblivious gamer 20 時間 前
when i was younger i had a psp and we just found it and like you, played some of my old games
freja ærøbo
freja ærøbo 20 時間 前
Was... Was that a buttplug???? 3:58
Bre B
Bre B 22 時間 前
Jaiden shoud create a 2 challel
ella rich
ella rich 23 時間 前
am i the only person extremely confused on how she filmed the game itself..?
martin doyle
martin doyle 日 前
0:34 how the frick did that boy get his hand stuck in the microwave wall..........
Life's Strange
The way you animated Spongebob characters tho! Greaaaat
Freddy087 日 前
This is funny
loredana Azzimonti
JPvid: we want more family friendly videos Jaiden: :let's put Spongebob in a coffin and talk about how i like to run over kids.
100pushups 100situps
2:42 Look at the cloud
Rey-J Horsefall
How have I not seen this before
Luis Duarte Alves
I have a weird game for ps2 called soccer slam and i still love it And it's better than Fortnite of course
Chelsey Mellor
0:00 to 00:6 maybe she locked it when she was inside
Christian Gaming
Almost a gamer jaiden 2 or more consoles
Hoshi Rice Caroharmy-L
I wanted a game boy (I don't know if I spelled it right, is it boy or boi??) but nowadays kids have phones, and the games are unlimited but mostly its all about social media for others and all I do is JPvid. I have a tamagotchi it was expensive and now I don't really use it and I almost lose it but now I want a game boy because I think its more fun and also because if your in the airport and you don't want your phone to lose battery, use a game boy to entertain you until the flight. But the thing is game boys are limited nowadays, I saw one online but the thing is where can I buy games.
Heisted 日 前
I like when you turned on the SP you used the volume bar which is on the left
Artzy Eclipza 117
I also played a bunch of games from my childhood and i was like: how does everything work again?
mk1 proto boi
Ian 日 前
Draughts is pronounced drafts.
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 日 前
Shes good at drawing sponge bob charictors
Morty vids
Morty vids 日 前
Face revival. Yes I meant to say revival, not reveal
TreeckoJedi9 日 前
I love how it switches between gameplay and animation. It's really cool!
Lanieta Dreu
Lanieta Dreu 日 前
A gun that shoots red stuff 2:14
Sladerwhite 72
R.i.p Steve hillinburg
It's Just_ azzI
pattatacrash psx
Thanks to Danielle's fandubs I was able to know your channel, luckily I know some English, I already subscribed, the good thing is that I can see both the Spanish channel and the original channel, the best of both worlds 😁
402Blazer 日 前
When you said battle for bikini bottom I was like I love that game but I like the GameCube version
The Official Lemon Show
Jaiden : Let me in right now OR I SWEAR TO-- Me : OR I SWEAR TO GOD----- Yea i imitate her.
Erin The Demonhog
I had a Game Boy color & a Disney plug n' play growing up.
Katy Kat
Katy Kat 日 前
The first power puff girl game I had on my game boy when I was 4 and I'm 11
micro disrespect
Hey jaiden if you gain all the coppies 10000000000000000000$ 1:31 Ok
micro disrespect
Uh jaiden the gba port was a (IT) not a game imo try the game cube port there's even a remake coming
Ken Wisdom
Ken Wisdom 日 前
Frickin T e r e s a
Nathan 2947
Nathan 2947 日 前
I have an crush on you
Gamer hog
Gamer hog 日 前
I HAD A NICKTOONS PLUG'N'PLAY BEFORE. For some reason, my favorite game was the Timmy one...I don't know why...
CamCam Ozuna
CamCam Ozuna 日 前
I recently found my Nintendo dsi and it was surprisingly working so I played a few games and it brought so many memories
Dat Lil’ Sarah Bear
* dope retro music * Ohohoo, noo, that door is not locked, i just saw the woman waltz right through, LET ME IN OR Î ŠWËÃR TÖ -
I lîkė _gãçhä łįfę
0:13 Jaiden: *playing with toys* Doll: *getting run over by a car*
will kenny
will kenny 日 前
battle for bikini bottom is getting a sequel y'know
Gurggle Flobber
Luv the vids
Nicole Dye
Nicole Dye 日 前
i have the barbie game
Bluejack 22
Bluejack 22 日 前
Did you play the gamecube version of battle of bikini bottom, and also it's time to get rehydrated
Avery Birkner
Jaiden should have more subscribers. She actually animates! (No hate to James) James does frame by frame and then suddenly gets 10 million subs! (Once again no hate to James he is awesome) Jaiden is so good at animating like has anyone ever noticed that? And yeah, I know James doesn’t have that much time cuz he makes comics and stuff which is probably a reason why he does frame by frame. *twice again, no hate to James. He is awesome too but just a while ago I realized that Jaiden actually ANIMATES and James just does frame by frame*
0:00-0:13 3:01-3:02 *These*
I just realized how the plankton you drew looks exactly like him
shiraz jaleel
Yesterday i found my dads old gameboy advanced and it came with mario and SpOnGEbOb
SarahGio 日 前
Oh my god, the conga line game just unlocked memories of me owning this game that I forgot I even had
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