Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007

John Schroter
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This is the iPhone introduction excerpt from the Macworld San Francisco 2007 Keynote Address January 9th, 2007. Steve Jobs made the claim that it was 5 years ahead of any other phone. AppleTV was also introduced that day.










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Josh Adams
Josh Adams 4 ヶ月 前
This press conference literally changed the world forever
TheActual5000 43 分 前
hucker75 14 時間 前
@SystemDemon Any particular reason you hate this time?
hucker75 14 時間 前
@Alex Becerra That's like saying a Ford is awesome. There are other makes you know.
SystemDemon 16 時間 前
I hate this time...
Alex Becerra
Alex Becerra 日 前
I heard about the iPhone in 2010 maybe, met it in 2012, and had an iPhone 6 in 2017. I am behind technology, anyway this is awesome!
Rashmi Manohar
Rashmi Manohar 15 分 前
The truth : you did not search this it came in your recommendations ;-;
X -
X - 時間 前
and 10 years later, the iphones dont even have buttons XD
William Bender
William Bender 時間 前
ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this
Mikhail Mania
Mikhail Mania 時間 前
Steve job was the greatest salesman of all time. He has been the inspiration for me to become the greatest too.
Stamatios Frezados
Stamatios Frezados 2 時間 前
When NOKIA created their phones, you didn't know what phone was 😂😂😂 most companies worked and stood on Motorola and Nokia phones. Specifically, Nokia menu.
KelvinOfTheShen 3 時間 前
1:42 Steve jobs: They ain't know nothing yet >:)
Kaan M
Kaan M 3 時間 前
13 years later now we cannot think a phone without these features like multi touch. Its like we have been born with it.
Master 3 時間 前
Back when apple cared about releasing new products
Mohamed Aldow
Mohamed Aldow 3 時間 前
26 million views but 39k subs??????????????????????????????
Anderson gift
Anderson gift 4 時間 前
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Silky 4 時間 前
Can't wait for this to come out! Hyped!
Eddie S
Eddie S 4 時間 前
I remember this day vividly. I still get chills rewatching this keynote. RIP Steve.
Udbeknc Jsnshkdb
Udbeknc Jsnshkdb 6 時間 前
Iya ya Allah
Shahrul Zahri
Shahrul Zahri 7 時間 前
Iphone noob....
Sneakyblitz 7 時間 前
He used PowerPoint to make his presentation
Woqhsbab Sbqnsbakq
Woqhsbab Sbqnsbakq 7 時間 前
I need boy friend
Atfok gaming
Atfok gaming 7 時間 前
watching it in 2020 corona lol
Shaun 8 時間 前
Jobs and his colleagues reinvented cellphone. Later some rotten entrepreneurs reinvented the word "reinvent".
Olympus TO
Olympus TO 8 時間 前
"Nobody wants a stylus" Apple years later "Introducing, the Apple pen!"
Tristan Michael Benedetto
this man really be drinking smart water 4:43 during this conference. what a goat
GravityLee 10 時間 前
What a bald beta
Literally The Moon
Literally The Moon 10 時間 前
I can’t wait until it comes out.
lethargic moonshifter
lethargic moonshifter 10 時間 前
The time apple was innovative.
ooga booga
ooga booga 10 時間 前
“Apple reinvents the iPhone” They weren’t wrong, god damn they weren’t wrong
Jedipanda 10 時間 前
Just remember this moment. This is where it all started.
Ale-Crg 10 時間 前
VerSacEonMyfeEt _
VerSacEonMyfeEt _ 11 時間 前
MrTheTech 11 時間 前
"wide screen", im laughing
BOOM TIMEZ News 12 時間 前
Sam Hughes
Sam Hughes 12 時間 前
RIP man you changed the world and so many influencers. It’s so sad ur gone. You were revolutionary. Cancer is horrible. RIP Steve Jobs
BOOM TIMEZ News 12 時間 前
He pulsado en "dislike", porque JPvid no para desde hace semanas de recomendarme este vídeo, y no sé porqué. No me gusta Apple, nunca me gustó, y como no soy millonario, veo difícil que me guste. Es más, cuando Steve Jobs presentó ese teléfono, hacía años que había usado tablets, teléfonos táctiles (SÍ, EXISTÍAN), PDAs, etc... Ese día, que todo el mundo ve como grandioso, para mi, no fue nada del otro mundo, simplemente presentó uin porducto más bonito a la gente adecuada, nada más. Por cierto, siempre he pensado que la gran mayoría del público de las presentaciones de Apple, cobra por aplaudir. . PD: A ver si con este comentario, youtube me deja de una vez en paz con Apple y sus productos, que actualemente, son un sinsentido sólo para gente que busca reivindicar un estatus social que no tienen.
Aakash Thakur
Aakash Thakur 12 時間 前
No future for this company. Totally fraud
alejandro gabriel salazar
No me odien, pero para mi fue el mejor vendedor de la historia de las comunicaciones...el por si mismo no invento nada, fue un tipo con enormes ideas que de no haber sido por gente realmente ingeniosa, no podria haberlas llevado a cabo
Bocieg 12 時間 前
I am a Samsung man, I hate apple But this is fucking satisfying
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El Chavo Loco
El Chavo Loco 13 時間 前
Then samsung came along and left apple many years behind being even more advanced and many more features than iphone copies later on leaving iPhone users to believe its something new
Zzygyy 4 時間 前
HTC first. Than Samsung
R4hys 13 時間 前
delete this video now it was uploaded on the wrest day in history
Shaikh Iqbal
Shaikh Iqbal 13 時間 前
8 yr old vid👍🏻👍🏻
Kwabena Darko
Kwabena Darko 13 時間 前
"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world actually do"
Jakub Żurawski
Jakub Żurawski 13 時間 前
John Schroter in 2011: Ehh, ill post in on youtube maybe someone will watch it 2020: 26milion views and almost 500k likes
Raman Daryabandari
Raman Daryabandari 14 時間 前
people on 2007: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I REALY WHANT THIS WOW WOW WOW. people on 2020 : bro this is trash....
TK 421
TK 421 14 時間 前
you hear people from the future laughing in the back round
Neemnfngngf Mdmdflfmvm
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya
Daryl Morris
Daryl Morris 14 時間 前
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m
Howard Tse
Howard Tse 15 時間 前
iPhone in 2007: *5 years ahead of any other phone* iPhone in 2020: *5 years behind any other phone*
塵封 15 時間 前
"Giant" screen
Polifeet 15 時間 前
idk my mum's blackberry was pretty cool
Hass Moomeej
Hass Moomeej 15 時間 前
Only snobs and stupid people would buy an iPhone.
Zippo404 15 時間 前
The sheeps who first started this nonsense. Apple sucks
Jue Viole Grace
Jue Viole Grace 16 時間 前
"Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything..... "....was the moment audience realised shit's gonna get real. There's no one who can replace Steve Jobs... He's the G. O. A. T
Steven Vonfal
Steven Vonfal 16 時間 前
I remember; what a day!!
SystemDemon 16 時間 前
If I had one wish it was that Steve jobs never invented this crap. People are the opposite of social these days and it's cause of this retarded devices
IIBlackArmyII 14 時間 前
You're such a boomer
Omid Fatemi
Omid Fatemi 18 時間 前
I love 💓 it.
Shaun FN
Shaun FN 17 時間 前
Srivatsav Chatti
Srivatsav Chatti 18 時間 前
I liked very much when he said: "These three are not separate things."
Alex araya
Alex araya 18 時間 前
talk about worshiping a golden ox!!
Mostafa Ahmed
Mostafa Ahmed 19 時間 前
I wish Steve jobs could have been alive now, I wouldn't have thought about what 0hone i will get, i will just get the latest i I phone, because i would have known that it's worth it.
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Kent Low
Kent Low 19 時間 前
I am crazy but no stupy,I buy I. Phone stocks why I grow Xiaomi model.yes or
Kent Low
Kent Low 19 時間 前
I am role model IPhone but I don't know who sell me to Xiaomi model
Kent Low
Kent Low 19 時間 前
I buy back 10% and I have 30%
Kent Low
Kent Low 19 時間 前
I am sorry I sell your stocks 22%
Mahbooty Beshakin’
Mahbooty Beshakin’ 19 時間 前
I thought i was born before the iphone...huh
Kent Low
Kent Low 19 時間 前
Uncle Steve Jobs i want buy 10%
Benton Johnson
Benton Johnson 19 時間 前
1:40 dog: help my please
XI - B - 02 - Evan Surya
Dude the more I watch Steve Jobs, the more I see how Todd Howard gets his speach inspirations. Convincing products, high tec products, ground breaking software breakthroughs, a lot of feature reveals. The only difference is Todd Howard is the Godd of lying LMAO.
Blackout_Duke 20 時間 前
Steve: hi Audience: WOOOOOOOOOO
Ahmed Majeed
Ahmed Majeed 20 時間 前
This is probably the only time where the word ‘revolutionary’ is truly earned.
DizzyGhost 20 時間 前
"Today Apple is going to destroy blackberry"
MXS YT 20 時間 前
Watching this in 2007 iPhone
Anže Slo
Anže Slo 21 時間 前
Iphone is the Best on the word
Kenton Ellis
Kenton Ellis 22 時間 前
Iya ya Allah
Fernando Dean
Fernando Dean 22 時間 前
ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this
Dustin Krizan
Dustin Krizan 22 時間 前
Wow, I remember playing Runescape and chopping yews when this was a hit
Unknown Brother
Unknown Brother 22 時間 前
Who’s getting recommended this 9 years later ?
MrReee1000 22 時間 前
I was 6 years old when this video was filmed
Willson Jo
Willson Jo 22 時間 前
this video will haunt Nokia executive forever
Aileen Carter
Aileen Carter 22 時間 前
Is my is my mother goose club out
BennyOars 23 時間 前
It Should be 4, ipod, phone, internet and GAMiNG DEViCE
milo isgood
milo isgood 23 時間 前
"a giant screen"
Casual Gaming & more by Kigama
What a great marketing.
If steve jobs was still alive, he probably wouldnt have made such a horrifying piece of shit called airpods. thus resulting in ear phone jacks still existing. 6:50 proves it
Akash Uppalanchi
At 3:00 it all started
Mario Rosales
Fueooskzgs Dyiwosgx
Dylan Cagalj
Dylan Cagalj 日 前
If only steve jobs were still alive to this day to see how much the iPhone has evolved since release.
Suomi Katsoo
Suomi Katsoo 日 前
Coolguy2703 Ningy
The clap for everything lmfao
Nathan Chang
Nathan Chang 日 前
I actually miss the days where phones are complicated and hard to use and each phone was completely different, those were simpler days where TV was good and people were more connected
Azuri Respicio
I’d get an iPod with a rotary dial on it.
FRNC 日 前
Apple could just play this video whenever they release a new phone RIP steve jobs
devine zo
devine zo 日 前
I have never seen anyone like Steve Jobs . I just wish he was alive
lapp land
lapp land 日 前
Me: laughs with iphone 11 pro max
hello swodms
hello swodms 5 時間 前
Kicks4Real 日 前
there was a samsung ad on this 😡
Earl Saunders
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya
Ester Leng
Ester Leng 日 前
Kinda feels weird watching this on an iPhone
Ester Leng
Ester Leng 日 前
*Ironic that I got a Samsung ad*
I just realised what it is called iPhone LMAO
Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane
Good thing this didn’t come out now. People would say he was mocking people with less/more than 10 fingers
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