Stephen A.'s biggest concern with Cade Cunningham's game | First Take

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Stephen A.'s biggest concern with Cade Cunningham's game | First Take
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Kendrick Perkins recap the biggest winners from the 2021 NBA Draft, including whether Detroit Pistons draft pick Cade Cunningham can prove he has a high motor in the NBA.

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Unspeakable Josh
Unspeakable Josh ヶ月 前
then if stephen a talking about energy and athleticism then Why luka doncic is one of the best player right now... Cade doesnt need that energy if he has that kind of game like luka feel me
Ricky Allen
Ricky Allen ヶ月 前
Players play at different paste, skill makes up for speed or athleticism.
Tin0 Official
Tin0 Official ヶ月 前
Cade was the best prospect all year....UNTIL the pistons got the 1st pic THEN everyone started talking about jalen green...if the rockets got cade then this wouldn't be the case
Jon R
Jon R ヶ月 前
Prince Izzy
Prince Izzy ヶ月 前
Pistons drafted my Boy Isaiah Livers, Kalamazoo Michigan we made it.
Emanuel ヶ月 前
Literally nobody has ever said that about cade lol
Online Identity
Online Identity ヶ月 前
Finally a non Lebron topic.
vincedacarter ヶ月 前
Hes pretty much another version of paul george
Tyler Jack Rose
Tyler Jack Rose ヶ月 前
We can’t have anything in Detroit, they always want us to lose, we were one of the winners in this draft, they just jealous
Benjamin Asamoah
Benjamin Asamoah ヶ月 前
Am I tripping or was that Gelo on the thumbnail
Patrica Eichler
Patrica Eichler ヶ月 前
The dreary cylinder simplistically crash because plant actually offend amongst a electric tennis. stale, striped spaghetti
shinglesshingles ヶ月 前
Cade has an apathetic look to him but so did Tim Duncan most the time. So I'll wait before I believe a guy who was selected #1 doesn't really wanna hoop. I will say this about Cade, I don't think he'll be able to play actual PG. I think he'll be a facilitating wing of anything.
Thomas Frederick
Thomas Frederick ヶ月 前
He jus mad that the Knicks couldn't get the no 1 pick again and the pistons are ready to roll wit this kid let's go pistons
DavidTheGeneral ヶ月 前
So we’re not gonna mention how Houston also picked up Josh Christopher??
DuJuan Hitchcock
DuJuan Hitchcock ヶ月 前
If Cade went to Knicks, it would be a entire different take. He can only do so much wit the talent he had at OSU. NOPE 👎🏽Stephen A. Your wrong ... (DETROIT)×MOTOR CITY CADE we on our way BACK ..
r2richburg ヶ月 前
stephen a lying and perk throwing unecessary shade at luka lmfaooo
F3rdi ヶ月 前
The best hair dudes go to #1 and #2.
JayCee Jackson
JayCee Jackson ヶ月 前
If Cade Cunningham was the most complete player taken since Lebron then why do we need convincing? Kendrick Perkins can sound moronic at times.
Wubooh ヶ月 前
It’s wild how no one but Stephen A. Says he has a motor problem. Everyone’s saying he’s better then the other and Stephen A likes the other two and is just a huge hater
SoHJayknox ヶ月 前
Perk wrong on this one, I can’t wait for jalen green and josh Christopher part 2, rockets really got a steal
Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams ヶ月 前
Perk came strong
Jonathan Spencer
Jonathan Spencer ヶ月 前
Jalen Green was the number 1 player in the Nation since his freshman year in High School when Cade wasn’t on the map. Y’all robbed him of millions. He went and played tougher competition and did better than Cade, y’all suck.
Jonathan Spencer
Jonathan Spencer ヶ月 前
Look at his highlight reel it looks like ymca layup drills. Dude is 6’8 and can barely dunk.
Jonathan Spencer
Jonathan Spencer ヶ月 前
“Point guard”? I don’t think he has the speed to get past small forwards in the Nba. I’m tired of tall dudes taking the point guard position because they aren’t as athletic as their peers. No deep range, slow af, unathletic, y’all worship light colored eyes.
Kenneth Brown
Kenneth Brown ヶ月 前
He hasn’t even started summer league yet or his rookie season!
Kingtre_1 ヶ月 前
This was a bad take and you can tell. They knew nothing about Cade. Max Kellerman trynna save the take by just speaking on other rookies on comparisons he heard through the grapevine. He hasn’t seen these rookies either. That’s why he keeps using words like apparently. And talking until perk could come in and read a little cade Cunningham description on a screen to save the day.. LOL NO FIRST TAKE
Isaiah Allen
Isaiah Allen ヶ月 前
RushAnthem69 ヶ月 前
Stephen A Smith is the richest clown on the planet. I feel bad for the people who take his circus act seriously.
Thomas Laquiere
Thomas Laquiere ヶ月 前
Saying that at times he could’ve been more aggressive….is not questioning his motor. This guy Steven A clearly did not pay any attention to Cade Cunningham cuz there’s absolutely zero question about his energy and motor
mike vic
mike vic ヶ月 前
How many layers of makeup is Rachel wearing. Lol
mcgradikidd01 ヶ月 前
hes about to be a black luka calling it from now
Pelumi Daniel
Pelumi Daniel ヶ月 前
Ngl thought that was Liangelo Ball
Tadiwa Dzvimbo
Tadiwa Dzvimbo ヶ月 前
Perkins sucks!
Primeminister66 ヶ月 前
Motor-CADE… Deeeetroooiiitttt Basketbaaaallllll!!!!
Nils Jonsson
Nils Jonsson ヶ月 前
Perk just dropped like 5 hot takes in one minute lmao
Humble Haitian Tv
KP is horrible and don’t know what he talking about
1MMMitch ヶ月 前
Bruh, no one has every questioned Cade’s motor. If he watched even 1 game he’d know by “more aggressive” they meant every game Cade would spend almost the whole first half trying to get his teammates going and barely shoot and then takeover in the second half. If anything, saying he needs to play more selfish would’ve been more accurate to begin with.
maleik moore
maleik moore ヶ月 前
Worst draft class in 60 years they gone say in a year Lml and somebody tell perk to go home
Wis Dom
Wis Dom ヶ月 前
Kendrick just be saying anything to create controversy. This draft flat out sucked. In time you will see.
Justso ヶ月 前
This guy smith always got something negative to say about these young black kids. Sad
BTS Dance Studio
BTS Dance Studio ヶ月 前
Stop Asian Hate Now! Ohtani is the face of baseball and Cade is great!
Edward Price MBA
Edward Price MBA ヶ月 前
Whooooooo questioned his motor? Liar!
Mike B
Mike B ヶ月 前
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Curt Skeete Jr
Curt Skeete Jr ヶ月 前
Stephen A is the worst
èyemaJ  Kahn
èyemaJ Kahn ヶ月 前
Like stephen a was flippin wrong about 2018s draft class in luka doncic still don't forgive him he hasn't publicly apologized yet too but this years draft class is like they are going to be role players
èyemaJ  Kahn
èyemaJ Kahn ヶ月 前
I think Stephen is right about this draft class none of them show or bring that superstar vibe to the league only the guy that went to the rockets and okc
CL Supreme
CL Supreme ヶ月 前
As soon as Perk said “this is the most athletic draft in NBA history I stopped the video and will not continue. Such hyperbole is grotesque and asinine
The Realest Bball Fan
If we're being real SAS: My biggest concern about Cade is he plays for the Pistons. It's a small market team and ESPN doesn't like that unless it's LeBron playing in Cleveland
Justin Schram
Justin Schram ヶ月 前
Horace Johnson
Horace Johnson ヶ月 前
Here we go again.... A player getting his stinker kissed. I gotta see it in the NBA first. Why? Because you are playing against the best of the best in the NBA and most guys who play college ball don't make it to the NBA, so you're not playing the best of the best. So don't go putting whipped cream on the man's nutts just yet. Lets see how he holds up against Patrick Beverley. LMAO!!!! You know I was just "phukin wid ya" right there. Lol.
Kyle Adanza
Kyle Adanza ヶ月 前
The next michael beasley.
Sha B
Sha B ヶ月 前
Why Big Perk never get players names right? 😂 Thank god he's not calling the names at the graduations 😂
Virgil Conner
Virgil Conner ヶ月 前
Nobody: Perk: Cade Cuttingham 😂😂😂
Nick D
Nick D ヶ月 前
Stephan A. ... Is that the best you got? seriously? . . . .but you would still take him?.... refresh this conversation this time next year....... Thank you for the honesty Kendrick!!!!
Marcus Croson
Marcus Croson ヶ月 前
Perk said it all basketball not about measurements. Its bot game. Lets ball
Marcus Croson
Marcus Croson ヶ月 前
Y didnt juzang come out
will smith
will smith ヶ月 前
For a second I thought the thumbnail was gelo ball
Daniel D
Daniel D ヶ月 前
Lazy takes like this is exactly why I don’t watch espn
Elias ヶ月 前
Perk's got me hyped. Almost makes me want to watch regular season basketball.
bossaliniem$B tv
bossaliniem$B tv ヶ月 前
John Jay Dioleste
SAS being a 🤡 again.
Our Way TV
Our Way TV ヶ月 前
Here we go!
L.B. ヶ月 前
Already? Man aint even sniff the court yet😂😂😂
Moonroof ヶ月 前
Great player
C Su
C Su ヶ月 前
Cade is Weak!
jon Johnson
jon Johnson ヶ月 前
Stephen a is clueless and has no credibility when it comes to the draft..it's been proven through his own words he dont watch college hoops
Joseph Winn
Joseph Winn ヶ月 前
You can tell they just watched highlights before the show lol
They call me Bam Bam
SAS been smoking crack
Kan Antony
Kan Antony ヶ月 前
Scottie barnes will be the best player
thegiftedmedia ヶ月 前
From what little I have seen, Cade's game looks flawless.
Ima Baddie
Ima Baddie ヶ月 前
SAS making up things no one has ever said, he hates black people.
Joshua Carey
Joshua Carey ヶ月 前
Stephen A is a hater tbh😂
Gordon Meeks
Gordon Meeks ヶ月 前
Stephen A. is one of the worst analysts on T.V.
Will Mooney
Will Mooney ヶ月 前
Will Mooney
Will Mooney ヶ月 前
Will Mooney
Will Mooney ヶ月 前
Lolly chridan
Will Mooney
Will Mooney ヶ月 前
Will Mooney
Will Mooney ヶ月 前
Will Mooney
Will Mooney ヶ月 前
Will Mooney
Will Mooney ヶ月 前
Will Mooney
Will Mooney ヶ月 前
King Sco
King Sco ヶ月 前
Stephen a Smith is a hater..... Good looking Perkins.... Stephen a Smith was about to put a negative narrative on a piston pick... Perk ....stop them.....
thereal-jlin ヶ月 前
He criticized his motor because he was tired during a 30 game season? What about the fact that they were FULL TIME COLLEGIATE STUDENTS. SAS is such an idiot.
THABOMB98126 ヶ月 前
The Hawks
Pilsberryy Doe
Pilsberryy Doe ヶ月 前
SAS so dumb his nickname in Detroit was “Motor Cade” once he got drafted just another black Analysis paid to down play a great Kid
LennyFelly ヶ月 前
I think if Cade developed/had a killer explosive first step, he would probably be a young version of post Miami bron
Rebel ClashofClans
People actually listen to what stephen a smith has to say ? Lol Dude literally just says whatever he is feeling without any knowledge . Dudes the biggest idiot with the most name ive ever seen in sports
Kelvin Boyd
Kelvin Boyd ヶ月 前
Jalen suggs the better players he gets the better he is cause he can get his anytime 4real
PrimeBrisc ヶ月 前
What is he talking about Cade motor is great
Crossover ヶ月 前
Does anyone else notice how much Stephen a double talks himself so he can say he is right in the future at least
Crossover ヶ月 前
Here he goes again has to hate on another first round draft pick because his sorry as never made it
DJ Ez Doebama
DJ Ez Doebama ヶ月 前
Hater smh
Julian J. Xhori
Julian J. Xhori ヶ月 前
how does this not have more dislikes bruh? There’s been no question on Cade’s motor at all
Seshadhri Subramanian
Yeah ever since your Luka Doncic takes I am not going to trust any draft analysis from these dudes
Mike Howza
Mike Howza ヶ月 前
Cade is the man. Seen him and it’s true. Isiah Livers will be in the rotation this year. He’s a grown man whose the best shooter on the Pistons roster right now. It’s crazy that Garza was available. For my folks in the D think Bill Laimbeer!!! Quietly this draft may be better than last years. They need one more playmaker. If they get that in free agency and Killian Hayes can stay healthy The Pistons are going to start becoming a problem. Long, athletic, deep and defensive. A real problem.
Bud Moses
Bud Moses ヶ月 前
Stephen a doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he’s just assuming
Big Rod 10
Big Rod 10 ヶ月 前
Kings won this draft
cali flea dog
cali flea dog ヶ月 前
Has SAS ever questioned a White person's motor?
irv intelligent
irv intelligent ヶ月 前
Oh Kendrick… smh
Kevo Deniro
Kevo Deniro ヶ月 前
Sooooooo is that liangelo ball
Hassan Gulaid
Hassan Gulaid ヶ月 前
Negative Energy
Evin Reese
Evin Reese ヶ月 前
This is the reason people are starting to watch other networks instead of ESPN.....
James heffernan
James heffernan ヶ月 前
They gonna regret not talking bout Scottie barnes Enough😈
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