Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Official Reveal Trailer

EA Star Wars
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Cal Kestis-one of the last surviving members of the Jedi Order after the purge of Order 66-is now a Padawan on the run. Experience this all-new single-player Star Wars™ story from Respawn Entertainment and EA Star Wars on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this holiday season, 15 November 2019.
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an action-adventure game set after Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith™. Develop your Force abilities, hone your lightsaber techniques, and explore the ancient mysteries of a long-lost civilization-all while staying one step ahead of the Empire and its deadly Inquisitors.
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EA Star Wars
EA Star Wars 11 日 前
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.
Nick Noodle
Nick Noodle 5 日 前
This a release date
Titan Smash Games
For the love of everything holy I hope you all learned from the BF2 launch fiasco and know the only ok micro transactions is cosmetic items you know are what you are getting. Not P2W not loot boxes not battle passes and ESPECIALLY not P2P even after we already payed you for the game
Shamrock Shanks
Shamrock Shanks 8 日 前
Single player no money grabber schemes right?
Reed Carless
Reed Carless 8 日 前
Shit game
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards 8 日 前
Are you going to ship an ENTIRE game this time? Or are we going to be $60 dollar beta testers and microtransaction guinea pigs AGAIN? Sorry EA... I can't trust you anymore.
sadcum 29 分 前
EasternBloke 33 分 前
Daniel Filberg
Daniel Filberg 時間 前
I can't believe it! The guy, who recently played two brothers-analogues of The Joker in Gotham is now a jedi in Star Wars.
Claresta Octavia
Claresta Octavia 2 時間 前
I knew the voice sounds familiar...
Pathfinder V2
Pathfinder V2 2 時間 前
You know is good if is made by respawn
Kerim Gürsu
Kerim Gürsu 12 分 前
EA: Its treason then...
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog 3 時間 前
Hey ea how much it gonna be
Lewis 3 時間 前
Good luck lol
Mortum Rex
Mortum Rex 3 時間 前
What is this shit? *spit*
ImPicka _
ImPicka _ 3 時間 前
I dont think so
vo0do01989 4 時間 前
damn which month is 15 ?
French Gamer
French Gamer 14 分 前
Are You Ok?
viloedits. 4 時間 前
Ian gallagher
Adi Coric 8B TE
Adi Coric 8B TE 4 時間 前
panggop jio
panggop jio 4 時間 前
Looks a little like 1313
Basilo 5 時間 前
If Respawn does this right they will solidify their spot as my favorite delovoper
deli 5 時間 前
why are so many ppl liking this. there's no dev time for a quality game..
MattadorkGaming 5 時間 前
i swear if ea somehow finds out how to put microtransactions in a single player game i am forever done with them. that being said even then since i don't trust games in EA's hands at all im gonna wait for several reviewers i trust to make reviews of this game before actually playing it myself
iscmpn 5 時間 前
Become a white boy on November 15, 2019.
RubberDuck Danish Douchebag
"Oh yeah companies can have ups and downs & give it a chance" Im tired of those pacifist fucks that thinks its not okay to hate on EA Shut up they are one of the worst companies on fuckin earth EA NO MERCY U TWATS
Colton Cantrell
Colton Cantrell 5 時間 前
I’m so tried of Star Wars games where you either play as a lame Jedi or a traitorous imperial scum. Can we get like a Grievous main story or something?
RubberDuck Danish Douchebag
To all that pre orders this well not feeling sry if u feel like u wasted money Current user spendings and microtransactions... Payers not Players EA is usually full of shit & you people let them get away with it every time!!!
Mr. Douchebag
Mr. Douchebag 6 時間 前
Zektrix 7 時間 前
ea should be making the movies
Eirikr430428 7 時間 前
Not crazy about the Marvel music. Star Wars is better than that.
Rouge Campos
Rouge Campos 8 時間 前
Man I was hoping it be a movie
Blake Gaddis
Blake Gaddis 8 時間 前
Looks like the brother from the tv show shameless is coming up
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia 8 時間 前
I want to be the empire godamnit >:(
Fizzy 8 時間 前
They should’ve used already existing stormtrooper types besides purge troopers
Silkk2413 8 時間 前
...looks promising...I'll definitely purchase it. Still wish they would not have canceled "Star Wars 1313" years ago.
John Kyuri
John Kyuri 8 時間 前
I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots And Your Jedi Demoversion.
hcj 1234
hcj 1234 9 時間 前
**I see evil within**
Maurice Titus
Maurice Titus 9 時間 前
EA - Entitled Assholes
Sherlock Combs
Sherlock Combs 9 時間 前
Looks a little like 1313
Skullripper12 10 時間 前
How does this have 200k + likes?
R0hanni the M0ni -
R0hanni the M0ni - 10 時間 前
Execute order buying this game
Mark Shane
Mark Shane 11 時間 前
Looks dope
[SK] Brooler.
[SK] Brooler. 11 時間 前
No gameplay footage... *IT'S A TRAP*
Zebith 11 時間 前
Everyone panicking about EA, just remember they're just the publisher. They got nothing/very little to do with actual development. It was the same situation for Apex Legends and it turned out to be a great game.
Shaken Basher
Shaken Basher 11 時間 前
If they mess up this game, I’m gonna boycott every other EA game until they get a new CEO
Firus Shadowtouch
Firus Shadowtouch 11 時間 前
Lightsaber DLC how much?
HotPocketsBoy 12 時間 前
I'm never going to get an open-world Star Wars RPG where I create my own character, am I?
Jacob Lopes
Jacob Lopes 12 時間 前
At least for this game we got respawn making sure EA dosent fuck it all up.
young parcedo 609
young parcedo 609 13 時間 前
Drackkor 13 時間 前
It's not some stupid MMO is it?
Cameron Radomski
Cameron Radomski 13 時間 前
We all know this will have micro transactions
Michael Gutierrez
Michael Gutierrez 14 時間 前
I got surprised when it said respawn entertainment
Frost Poiint
Frost Poiint 14 時間 前
Did anyone else think that when he pulled out the lightsaber, Avengers music was gonna play
O.D.S.T The Rookie
O.D.S.T The Rookie 14 時間 前
If we get to fight darth vader 🤤 or sideous
Rosa Shettler
Rosa Shettler 14 時間 前
Good game
SkyFury 14 時間 前
Damn what has the joker been up to
Jan Tenner
Jan Tenner 14 時間 前
Never trust EA they will find a way to f this game up..
RasenShur1ken92 14 時間 前
*sees EA logo* I sense a disturbance in the force.
Alex Popa
Alex Popa 14 時間 前
Do you can add some New story update to The star Wars battlefront 2?please...iden versio's is very short and kind of boring
Lukyboy712 14 時間 前
I still believe in EA, even after SWBF2 story mode, I’ve high hopes for this game, don’t screw it up!
Kerim Gürsu
Kerim Gürsu 12 時間 前
EA: Its treason then...
Zer0kbps 14 時間 前
With EA involved it will probably be $1 to respawn...
changeqe 14 時間 前
EA SPORTS: It's in the DLC
Brandon Curl
Brandon Curl 14 時間 前
Say what you will, but that ending is rich
Sem gorissen
Sem gorissen 15 時間 前
Myron Thompson
Myron Thompson 15 時間 前
The only thing I am disappointed about in this trailer, is they went with Blue, the most common Lightsaber color out there, why not Orange, Black or White?
David Bartok
David Bartok 15 時間 前
What was the last REAL Star Wars game? Let me know...
Melle Windig
Melle Windig 15 時間 前
3 rules No multiplayer. No microtransactions No dlc that is the true ending
Fancy Ninja
Fancy Ninja 15 時間 前
Don't fuck it up Don't fuck it up Don't fuck it up Don't fuck it up Don't fuck it up
Susery 16 時間 前
Great another Jedi game. Nice 😐
Roman Potapchik
Roman Potapchik 16 時間 前
Fuck this game up, EA will... Player 1 Insert $5.99 to receive ❤️x3 Insert $2.99 to save the game in slot one, each additional save slot insert $1.99
Uriel Achilleus
Uriel Achilleus 16 時間 前
No reviews come out because everyone is waiting for a review to come out...
Evangelos Killer mike
Evangelos Killer mike 16 時間 前
It better not have dark souls like combat cuz it would be as lame as every dark souls & dark souls clones(nioh,bloodborne,etc)it should have devil may cry like combat(fast & badass is always obviously better than slow & boring)these are facts.
lil'mongoloid 16 時間 前
I dont know any EA game that actually works.
metallavery 16 時間 前
Trust no one, especially EA.
High spy Droid
High spy Droid 16 時間 前
0:42 my fav part
Remon Jaov
Remon Jaov 16 時間 前
Trust no-one, unless they're a a black lady, because that appeals to the widest social demographic we can reach in a two minute trailer.
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper 16 時間 前
Yeah, kinda pushing leftist propaganda again!
jester0646 17 時間 前
That enemy looks like starkiller from the dark side ending of Force unleashed.
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper 14 時間 前
+jester0646 Yeah, everybody was when they took him out of canon!
jester0646 14 時間 前
+Czech Paratrooper disappointed.....
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper 16 時間 前
It isn't!
x Flame x
x Flame x 17 時間 前
In bf2 u should make when ever a lightsaber hero does a jump attack it deflects the laser bolts
Mr Dekon
Mr Dekon 18 時間 前
I don't know why people still hates EA because off battlefront 2 loot crate system when EA listened to the fans and changed it a long time ago
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper 15 時間 前
+Mr Dekon But they were there in the first place! The fact that they took it out doesn't justify it being there from the beggining
Mr Dekon
Mr Dekon 15 時間 前
Yes it was removed from battlefront 2 over a year ago, so you can't buy crates anymore
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper 16 時間 前
Are you trolling or meaning that seriously? They obviously did not listen!
Jolt 51100
Jolt 51100 18 時間 前
You better to don't do a paytowin EA. Be careful at your ass
Harman K
Harman K 18 時間 前
Booooh bring back starkiller
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper 17 時間 前
Non Canon sadly!
andrew cullen
andrew cullen 18 時間 前
EA has lost all customer confidence. At this point it would be best if Disney just bought EA so they could gut the company
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper 17 時間 前
Disney is shitting on fans and customers aswell
Paul Cornejo
Paul Cornejo 18 時間 前
Also, I know its EA but its respawn. I trust them and i heard they're part of the development. Most of the DLC on titanfall 2 was free Except for the skins and shit but the big DLCs, free. So please trust Respawn. If we EA gets their greedy little hands on their minds then fuck 'em.
Paul Cornejo
Paul Cornejo 18 時間 前
some how this looks better than the movie. Plus i heard you can't kill kids. damn. i'm still on board tho.
a highwayman enforcer
a highwayman enforcer 18 時間 前
the scariest thing about this is jerome valeska is playing the main guy
100Miles Gh0st
100Miles Gh0st 18 時間 前
7 months why release the trailer so early
Taylor Schon
Taylor Schon 18 時間 前
I want it to be good… Can Lucasfilm and ea salvage what is left after the last Jedi awful?
Benny The Bunny
Benny The Bunny 18 時間 前
Cameron Monaghen - First the Joker now the Jedi :D
Theresa Dalmare
Theresa Dalmare 19 時間 前
What concern me most is the fact that in ps store you can pre order this game already, how am i supposed to buy a full price game based just on a trailer? Whatever, EA, you wish!!!
Jerry The Mouse
Jerry The Mouse 19 時間 前
I’ll wait 1 week till I trust EA
Andrew Velonis
Andrew Velonis 19 時間 前
I was wondering what the hell I was watching, I should have read the comments first
James Valentine
James Valentine 19 時間 前
So where do I pay my £10 pay to watch?
zadegets faded
zadegets faded 20 時間 前
oh great I get to play as a white guy again... when will video games learn we want to play as ourselves... you guys have the technology for face scanning it should legit be an option for every game now
weed 20 時間 前
The protagonist looks so generic
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper 17 時間 前
Because he is white? Huh, libtard?
Sir Paperbag
Sir Paperbag 21 時間 前
EA: *N O B O D Y W A N T S S I N G L E P L A Y E R G A M E S A N Y M O R E* Everyone: Uh, okay. You're wrong. EA: ... EA: ... EA: Yeh you right.
Mattius08 21 時間 前
With EA on the label my expectations are low. I hope they don't screw this game up because I love star wars.
Satanic Kev
Satanic Kev 21 時間 前
Get through first mission EA - Pay 120 dollars for the rest of the game
FluttershyIncroyable 21 時間 前
How much do you want to bet this fucker will be littered with micro-transactions, dlc and the option to go to the store from any menu in the game to the most expensive stuff first?
Tobias Engel
Tobias Engel 21 時間 前
Whatever happened to Kreias teachings of don’t trust the force, think for yourself?
Django Pt
Django Pt 22 時間 前
Can't wait but I expected multiplayer as well, since Jedi Outcast and Academy included and was ton of fun! Servers are still running..
Paolo Santamarianova
Paolo Santamarianova 22 時間 前
Please be free roaming.
Sir Slappywag
Sir Slappywag 22 時間 前
This is shit, seems more like a movie trailer than any real game trailer... oh how the mighty have fallen...
John Smith
John Smith 22 時間 前
Get the fuck over it, retards, all EA is going to do is publish this game - they didn't fucking make it themselves. Just like Disney publishes STAR WARS movies, even though they're still made by fucking Lucasfilm. *It's NOT THAT HARD to get that through your fucking skull.*
Usul Muhadiv
Usul Muhadiv 22 時間 前
don't fucked up... again...
szczery jerry
szczery jerry 23 時間 前
I love EA™ games
niss nis
niss nis 23 時間 前
15$ to shoot. 10$to unlock jumping.
Beginning of The Great Jedi Purge
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