Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Gordon Ramsay

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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James and Gordon Ramsay take turns asking each other very difficult questions to answer, leaving the other with a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever disgusting food is before them, including salmon ice cream and bull penis.
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Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."










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Karina Sirbu
Karina Sirbu 49 分 前
People: he's one of the greatest chefs in the world Me watching his video "cooking the "carbonara" pasta" (or something like that): seriously? My italian heart: --------- dead
Alex Li
Alex Li 時間 前
to be honest the only scary thing is the pig feet juice
Sofia R
Sofia R 4 時間 前
nobody: gordon: MARINATED
kukuh ugie
kukuh ugie 4 時間 前
I normally ate (almost) all of them :")
Jay-Dee Wessels
Jay-Dee Wessels 5 時間 前
Damn I feel like even a simple glass of water that isn't the right temperature, hasn't been rated 5 stars and run through a factory that manufactures gold would make Gordon Ramsay gag😂😂 I love him though His literally my fav chef
Rachel Blah
Rachel Blah 6 時間 前
We actually eat cow's tongue and chicken feet and pigs feet
Platzpropeller 9 時間 前
"we have x" audience - wuhuu ahahhahahha "we have y" audience - wuhuu ahahhahahha "we have z" audience - wuhuu ahahhahahha so goddamn annoying
inglourious Basterd
inglourious Basterd 9 時間 前
The entire video all that I was thinking is "WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE!!"
Aabhash Aryal
Aabhash Aryal 10 時間 前
James should invite Bear Grylls someday. he'll finish everything alone !!!
Mei Misaki
Mei Misaki 10 時間 前
I mean. I woudn't mind to say when I last shat my pants. xD
Omar Amer
Omar Amer 12 時間 前
James your mean to Gordon Ramsay
Nicole 13 時間 前
Honestly cow tongue is great when properly cooked and seasoned. Even better in tacos 👌🏼
TurtleNinja999 14 時間 前
8:02 Gordan cosplays as Nezuko
Joey Couzins
Joey Couzins 17 時間 前
These are two very different types of people 😂
Tiki Mantooth
Tiki Mantooth 17 時間 前
Remember how you used to make those disgusting cocktails in elementary and then stopped? Yeah me neither
Brick Master
Brick Master 17 時間 前
6:07 you did the right thing James you did the right thing
The Chosen One
I want bear Grylls there in his show
I love how he announces their names at the end as they're usually coughing or gagging.
MoonMan 日 前
Wait so they don’t actually eat it? Wow that’s disappointing
roma Otaku
roma Otaku 日 前
James..iww chicken feet Chinese ppl ..look so yummy LOL
Brendo n
Brendo n 日 前
Chew it 2-3 times and then spit it out I mean you’re not really ‘filling’ any ‘guts’.
Richard 1908
Richard 1908 日 前
When gordon ate the bulls pen1s tilly be like: "what an idiot sandwich".
Anirudh V
Anirudh V 日 前
Gordon is the only guy who did this like it’s a 4 course meal for James
Ysha Navarro
Ysha Navarro 日 前
you know they're really bestfriends when james almost died of laughter when gordon was puking from the bull's penis w/ hot sauce instead of asking him if he's okay first 😂
Renee Sacilotto
I’ve tried grasshopper and there actually not that bad. It’s actually really good! 😋
JuanPa17 日 前
Actually I love grasshopper, someone else?
Su_1480 日 前
James Corden is such a coward, he prefers to eat disgusting things before being honest
It’s your boi ahh cai
Just doesn’t eat it at all
Life Of Chester
Life Of Chester 2 日 前
Tbh, I’ve eaten chicken foot And it tasted kinda nice ngl
Princess Fiona
Princess Fiona 2 日 前
Gordon *laughs* you’ve eaten A lot of bad food, When was the last time you’ve shat you pants?
Tretan Gaming-yay:[
Welp my childhood is ruined
Ian YIP 2 日 前
Tbh im from Asia chicken feet is actually pretty good sometimes
Thank,u next
Thank,u next 2 日 前
Me on my period: 8:16
Franco Cordini
Franco Cordini 2 日 前
I come back here once in a while to relieve a little bit my depression
TotallyProBro 2 日 前
Jokes on them, I often get sliced cow tongue from the supermarket, it's quite nice.
Heba Abu-Obaid
Heba Abu-Obaid 2 日 前
Gordon around literally Disgusting and non eatable food Gordon: iS tHaT cAnNeD oR fReSh? 👁👄👁
Heba Abu-Obaid
Heba Abu-Obaid 7 時間 前
Ali Mweemba congratulations A+ for you man and thank you for letting me know that since English isn’t my first language but as long as you learn from your mistakes that’s what matters 🙏🏻
Ali Mweemba
Ali Mweemba 17 時間 前
And even though non - eatable is not a word, you forgot the hyphen.
Ali Mweemba
Ali Mweemba 17 時間 前
You mean inedible?
Dayuummm Jalapeño
7:20 Every American man whos eaten at Gordons restaurant is trembling rn 😂😂
Summer and Alex For life
They should do this in jail so they could tell the truth
Kenzy The Unicorn
He was in trolls?!?!
haticenaz dolek
haticenaz dolek 3 日 前
Still waiting for the Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson version
Hopeful stone
Hopeful stone 3 日 前
Gordon must be like "Hmmmm this NOT cook right Mr. James"
Jamshead Aziz
Jamshead Aziz 3 日 前
What does james corden actually do ? He is so feckin annoying. Reminds me of that other vastly "talented " personality kim Kardashian
Aliaksandr B
Aliaksandr B 3 日 前
Bull shit
Reagan Maher
Reagan Maher 3 日 前
not a big deal with the clam juice that James had to eat, its the bull that is the prob for me
Reagan Maher
Reagan Maher 3 日 前
I know each character he played in those movies, trolls ; biggie, Peter rabbit; peter rabbit, emoji movie; hi-5
Zahrah Ahmed
Zahrah Ahmed 3 日 前
Does anyone else notice that they never actually eat anything, they just put it in their mouths for two seconds 🙄
kamion53 3 日 前
cow tongue is not that bad. it's actualy quite nice.
Venicia Dsilva
Venicia Dsilva 3 日 前
I don't understand how they eat that!
The Vlogineer
The Vlogineer 3 日 前
The British aura is so amazing in this video
Trevor Moyer
Trevor Moyer 3 日 前
By far thee best lol. I laughed so hard several times!
Giorgi Markozashvili
Why did u guys not put up a Lamb Sauce there?
GachaLife Rhianna
Gordon Ramsey be a savage😎
Olicity 123
Olicity 123 4 日 前
Is It CaNnEd Or FrEsH ?
Maruli 4 日 前
Padahal ceker ayam enak..
Mansi Shanglu
Mansi Shanglu 4 日 前
James:*showing the fOoD* No one: Literally no one: Gordon Ramsay:*thinking* WHAT ARE YOU!? A STUPID SANDWICH!?!?!?!
Zach Konot
Zach Konot 4 日 前
This is crazy
styles harry
styles harry 4 日 前
"it's clam juice" "Is it canned or fresh?" Lmao
its Aniya
its Aniya 4 日 前
The roast starts at 10:49
Anjanee Kumar
Anjanee Kumar 5 日 前
Anjanee Kumar
Anjanee Kumar 5 日 前
Shane Flores
Shane Flores 5 日 前
Chicken feet are actually edible
Thanchanok (Earn) Wongviwatchai
What .... your pant
p4r4n0iD 5 日 前
Lmao chicken feet is actually eaten in the Philippines, we roast it and put sauce in it.
Mimi Marumo
Mimi Marumo 5 日 前
The amount of times James has eaten these foods is aStRiNoMiCaL
boomboom9291 5 日 前
This has the same let down as carpool karaoke. You think, he’s doing one thing then you find out the car is being pulled. You think he is gonna have to eat some crazy shit yet he spits it out within 2 chews
TragiiiKz 5 日 前
Grasshopper isn’t that bad tbh
OkieTeacher 5 日 前
“I don’t know what just happened in my mouth...” THATS WHAT SHE SAID
fattipotato 79
fattipotato 79 9 時間 前
What happened in her mouth🤔
Golden Badger
Golden Badger 5 日 前
We served chicken feet in indonesia lmao
Andrea Trahana
Andrea Trahana 5 日 前
It’s funny how the clam juice looks just like the bird saliva
Skilleto Jones
Skilleto Jones 5 日 前
I ate ice cream while watching this, and that was probably the worst decision I have ever made I swear
willoughby ray
willoughby ray 5 日 前
Fun fact: I eat chicken feet without being forced to
Ice SM
Ice SM 5 日 前
"I don't know what just happened in my mouth" That's what she said
Robyn Macy
Robyn Macy 5 日 前
i just came here to see the comments
Severus Tang
Severus Tang 5 日 前
That s really a lucky bull
Owen Zhang
Owen Zhang 6 日 前
Chicken feet is actually quite good ngl. Its mostly eaten in china.
Nicole Rocher
Nicole Rocher 6 日 前
everytime Sven gets damage: pewdiepie: 10:09
Carlson Carter
Carlson Carter 6 日 前
Gordon doesn't like it because it's BLAND.
Esher Fire
Esher Fire 6 日 前
How about pineapple pizza???
Walrus 6 日 前
yooooooooooo... give me chicken feet and cow tongue any day!!!!!!! just add Asian bbq sauce on the tongue and black sauce on the chicken feet..
Farida Omar AbdelAziz Abbas Taalab
gordon: just ate bull’s penis and hot sauce his biggest concern: where’s the hot sauce from?
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