SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME - Official Teaser Trailer (HD)

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What just happened? Watch the official teaser trailer for , exclusively in movie theaters December 17.

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For the first time in the cinematic history of Spider-Man, our friendly neighborhood hero is unmasked and no longer able to separate his normal life from the high-stakes of being a Super Hero. When he asks for help from Doctor Strange the stakes become even more dangerous, forcing him to discover what it truly means to be Spider-Man.

Directed by:
Jon Watts

Written by:
Chris McKenna & Erik Sommers

Based on the MARVEL Comic Book by:
Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Produced by:
Kevin Feige
Amy Pascal

​​Executive Producers:
Louis D'Esposito
Victoria Alonso
JoAnn Perritano
Rachel O’Connor
Avi Arad
Matt Tolmach

Tom Holland
Benedict Cumberbatch
Jacob Batalon
Jon Favreau
with Marisa Tomei









コメント数 169 716
DannY G
DannY G 時間 前
Green Goblin, Doc Oc, Venom... Man thats gonna be epic
Rudy Clarke Johnson
Rudy Clarke Johnson 2 時間 前
I’m so excited for this movie!
reaper 2 時間 前
They should def do a miles morales movie that would be epic I hope they do it
Romano HM
Romano HM 2 時間 前
3 Tom holland
Aayush Bhardwwaj
Aayush Bhardwwaj 2 時間 前
Where is Venom????????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨
ツMrfr4shasian 3 時間 前
Who's here after watching venom let there be carnage? 🙋
TJ Robertson
TJ Robertson 3 時間 前
I love the continuity with strange here. He doesn't know that 2014 thanos was gonna just destroy the universe instead of redo the 50% schtick, so saying to Peter that they saved half the universe together insteade of the universe as a whole is an incredibly small detail. And i think that because he did see through the snap, i think he just returned to the same point he 'died', rather than going through everything before the portal scene in endgame, so he wouldn't know about thanos recreating the universe.
Minecraft Boy Op
Minecraft Boy Op 3 時間 前
Op video pp
Cadn Boi
Cadn Boi 3 時間 前
2:26 is the Lizard
LEGEND YT 4 時間 前
1st time seeing dr Octavius after many years
from 0.05 in 1.75X speed we can hear spiderman 1 song
from 0.05 in 1.75X speed we can hear spiderman 1 song🕸
Angelo B
Angelo B 4 時間 前
2:36 2:42
CIA We got em
CIA We got em 4 時間 前
Next: Spider-Man: Homeless
Mr Jax
Mr Jax 5 時間 前
படம் வெற்றி பெற j j boyzz✝️ சார்பாக வாழ்த்துகள்
Sameh Sallam
Sameh Sallam 5 時間 前
1:58 wth is this ? (is spider-verse confirmed) ?
jude 5 時間 前
i really want for the movie to come out already, i'm even more excited after seeing venom 2's post credit scene
Technical zeus
Technical zeus 5 時間 前
I like the comment section more than the video
Samuello clifford
Samuello clifford 6 時間 前
it was actually really cool that peter was in iron spider suit, i just thought it would be a cool fight because hes gonna fight doc ock, iron spider have the spidey legs
Ryan Conde
Ryan Conde 6 時間 前
Already been two months since this trailer came out and I'm still watching it. If that doesn't prove how fantastic of a trailer this is then I don't know what will.
F. mr Fox
F. mr Fox 6 時間 前
Only sad thing about it that Andrew and Tobey is not returning
William Engelbrecht
William Engelbrecht 6 時間 前
Doctor Strange: The problem is you trying to live two different lives. Me: So you're saying Spider-Man shouldn't keep his identity a secret!? Because that's what it sounds like, Doc!
sudharshan R
sudharshan R 7 時間 前
one of the best trailer ever seen in my life
Punit Prajapati
Punit Prajapati 7 時間 前
Watcing 1000 times
NABSK ⁶⁶⁴ 7 時間 前
Está era la película más esperada del año ahora que se sabe que serán 3 Tom Holland será un completo FRACASO.
Deva rocks  2 M🥳
Deva rocks 2 M🥳 7 時間 前
Avengers spiderman fan🥰
Rajrani Singh
Rajrani Singh 7 時間 前
I think that the second trailer will arrive tomorrow or 25 because sony releases its trailer on monday and 24 august is the release date of this so yeah lets hope
Celebs Highlight
Celebs Highlight 7 時間 前
Bruhh this will be amazing 🤩
Prahara Zaforsia
Prahara Zaforsia 8 時間 前
When the 2nd trailer 😭
Josiah Sneed
Josiah Sneed 8 時間 前
comes out the day after my birthday too😆😆😆😆😆😆
Lakshmi Senthil kumar
O O F K I N G 9 時間 前
whoever watched the sam raimi trilogy knows that goblin's pumpkin bombs play a important part in the each movie you just know who it is first glance
Meng Elliott
Meng Elliott 9 時間 前
I hate the fact that Sony owns spiderman, it should belong to marvel.
Kartik Singh
Kartik Singh 3 時間 前
Oh really, Sony is the one who gave Spider-Man 1, 2,Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse. If Spider-Man was with marvel, then we won't be able to get Spider-Man ps4 and miles morales ps5. The truth is Spider-Man is better with the hands of Sony than Marvel.
Senpai 8 時間 前
if only Stan Lee is still alive
Marcelcjr 8 時間 前
I know it sucks but at least Sony let’s Marvel use him.
Quentin Powell
Quentin Powell 9 時間 前
SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME =84M views - Official Trailer has more views than SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME=72M views - Official Teaser Trailer
Senpai 8 時間 前
what would've been the views if Sony released the official trailer rn..
Diego calderon calderon
Soy el único que a pesar de que a visto el tráiler mil veses sigue mojando sus pantalones
Zombie_Kingx6 10 時間 前
I mean they literally brought back doc oc and green goblin its not rocket sciend . They def have tobe Maguire
J. C.
J. C. 10 時間 前
Last vestige of MCU gold, not sure what Thor and Natalie Portman (woof) will be able to deliver in love and thunder.
ROUDER 10 時間 前
Ojalá el segundo trailer salga el 25 de octubre
jose suejiro
jose suejiro 10 時間 前
Aún recuerdo a mi yo de 5 años saliendo del cine después de ver a Tobey Maguire , ahora de 22 lo volveré a ver ;)
André Souza
André Souza 10 時間 前
Give us the Second trailer please
Captain_ Shredder
Captain_ Shredder 10 時間 前
Tom wearing tobey SM3 cloths reminds when Planton and Mr.krabs switch places. This could be that situation with Tom's spiderman.
finqi malo
finqi malo 12 時間 前
“Doctor Strange casts the spell” Also Doctor Strange: tHe PRoBleM iS YoU
Shaikh Aftab
Shaikh Aftab 6 時間 前
mark adrian espiritu
mark adrian espiritu 12 時間 前
be careful what you wish for parker- mysterio?
Pancho Soto
Pancho Soto 12 時間 前
Can you plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz have tobey and andrew
Z. B. G.
Z. B. G. 13 時間 前
Honestly the coolest part about this is that we'll see Green Goblin action made in modern day CGI
Daniel Houston
Daniel Houston 13 時間 前
Idiots: It's cool to type in script Me: No it's actually incredibly stupid Idiots: But this is another great way of talking to people without actually talking to them which is the whole point of our modern generation Me: That's why the actor for Spiderman doesn't even have to be cool Idiots: What does cool mean?
matthew Bellen
matthew Bellen 13 時間 前
Spiderman the Greatest Creation of Stan Lee☺️❤️❤️❤️
malcolm bringuez
malcolm bringuez 13 時間 前
blackn999 YT
blackn999 YT 13 時間 前
Enthusiasm is a billion waiting for the second trier 😏
Kartik Singh
Kartik Singh 3 時間 前
Billion? nope
Blitzfix 14 時間 前
It's pissing me off not being able to tell if that is Venom or Lizard
Criss Andy Music
Criss Andy Music 14 時間 前
Saquen yaaaaaa!!!! el segundo trailer
Diagonals 15 時間 前
It feels weird and uncharacteristically flippant that Strange would cast that spell instead of helping Peter deal with the reality of people knowing his identity and fighting the claim that he killed Mysterio.
The Dodo
The Dodo 15 時間 前
Plot Twist: Mr. Aziz is actually the main villain of this movie, and he will conquer the Multiverse.
Harsh Kulkarni
Harsh Kulkarni 57 分 前
Who is Mr. Aziz?
ZenFusion 15 時間 前
The cast according to trailer Tom Holland Zendaya J K Simmons Charlie Cox Jacob Batalon Tony Revolori Marisa Tomei Benedict Cumberbatch Jake Gyllenhaal Benedict Wong Jamie Foxx Jon Favreau Tom Hardy/Rhys Ifans/Michael Mando Thomas Haden Church Willem Dafoe Alfred Molina
Rivercloth 15 時間 前
Anybody here after seeing *Venom Let There Be Carnage* ?
CallMeWatches 11 時間 前
Dre Kemxtch
Dre Kemxtch 16 時間 前
i have a feeling that peter pakers going to say "i am spider man" and tell the world like tony stark did.
Nee. 16 時間 前
Eddie brock (venom) will be in this movie Look after the credits of the new venow
Chris A
Chris A 16 時間 前
Patiently waiting for the second trailer to drop 🧐
PKMN Trainer Mark
PKMN Trainer Mark 16 時間 前
72 million views in under two months.
PKMN Trainer Mark
PKMN Trainer Mark 16 時間 前
Just under two months, apparently. Tomorrow's two months. It honestly feels like longer.
Brandon Davidson
Brandon Davidson 16 時間 前
YES! Doc Ock! 👏
Semi Avci
Semi Avci 16 時間 前
Karthi Keyan
Karthi Keyan 16 時間 前
The Same Day the trailer is released "My Son Was Born"...😊😊 His Name is Thaanvik ;)
Aryan Vijaykumar
Aryan Vijaykumar 17 時間 前
Doc Ock's "Hello Peter" gives me goosebumps every single time I replay it🔥
Alejandro Ley
Alejandro Ley 17 時間 前
I watch this trailer daily waiting for the actual one
shaik ashu ashu
shaik ashu ashu 17 時間 前
Spider man : Home coming Spider man : far from Home Spider man : no way Home Spider man : MJ : who r u get out from my Home 🏠😜
McGraw 17 時間 前
I love how y'all say Andrew, Tobey, and Tom as if they won't be Peter, Peter, and Peter
arnold Gonzalez
arnold Gonzalez 17 時間 前
It's going to be a blast
Saeed Khan
Saeed Khan 17 時間 前
As "SPYDRMN" i have lived many lives with 11 DelicioUS wives from Brazil-South Africa- America-Pakistan-India-Middle East-Far East - Italy - Germany- Holland - Europe just following our beloved Prophet Muhammad (MPBUH) Promoting ISLAM & CULTURAL DIVERSITY :o) SAeeD
Mike Flem
Mike Flem 17 時間 前
What if Doctor octopuses arms fight Tom holland's spider-mans arms from iron spider suit.
United Falls
United Falls 9 時間 前
@Kincsid Gilmore thats the first thing that comes to your mind??
Kincsid Gilmore
Kincsid Gilmore 16 時間 前
What if there’s a sex scene with the lizard and MJ 🤭🤭🤭
NikaNix3696 17 時間 前
Can someone who watched Venom 2, tell me if the mid-"after-movie-subtitles" scene has anything to do with this movie? Spoilers in the comments ig?
Kincsid Gilmore
Kincsid Gilmore 16 時間 前
Gonzalo Orlainetaaa
Gonzalo Orlainetaaa 17 時間 前
Tomorrow it’s the 2nd trailer
Kincsid Gilmore
Kincsid Gilmore 16 時間 前
ur mom
ur mom 17 時間 前
true fans recognize my boy charlie at 0:49 ayy
Sage Jaystar
Sage Jaystar 17 時間 前
Peter just tell them you are spiderman again
Sadiq Shaik
Sadiq Shaik 18 時間 前
Wong: strange, don't cast the spell. It's too dangerous Dr. Strange :fine, I won't.. There will be no movie of spiderman no way home 🏡🏡🏡
Noobmaster69 18 時間 前
2016 then "hello every one" 2021 now "hello peter"
vinay achar
vinay achar 18 時間 前
When this movie release because my favourite hero spider man
Lance BG
Lance BG 18 時間 前
Some People Says Miles Morales Will Gonna Appear In This Movie. Because They Hear His Voice On One Of The Trailer In Spider Man No Way Home.
Maciek Cobkalowski
Maciek Cobkalowski 18 時間 前
Mason Blankenship
Mason Blankenship 18 時間 前
😤😡strange what was the one thing I told you not to do
RaMa262 18 時間 前
Jhoan 19 時間 前
Falta poco
motivation🔥 19 時間 前
Eymojee 19 時間 前
Doctor Octavius (doctor octopus) is back
Kauã Mendes
Kauã Mendes 19 時間 前
tamos hypados
xx Chris xx
xx Chris xx 19 時間 前
Guys if you check on the (cast) you can see that (tom hardy aka Eddie from venom) is goin to be in the movie
United Falls
United Falls 9 時間 前
thats not actually the cast the google cast just makes the cast based on what people are talking about
ItzzAmmaar 20 時間 前
Anybody else notice ditkovichs name (half of it) at the start on the rooftop
NØVA・GarvYT 20 時間 前
Hello peter
delhi boy
delhi boy 20 時間 前
Hello,'' Peter🤪
Powell Lee
Powell Lee 20 時間 前
Just release the official trailer already there's only so many times a man can ponder the question WHAT IF.....
Boredom’s Incorporation
I’m expecting to see this fight in the “Ultimate Anime Battles”
Lil Biggie
Lil Biggie 20 時間 前
Haven’t been so hyped for a movie since endgame
Daniel Murillo
Daniel Murillo 20 時間 前
I just realized something- if we’re getting a multiverse movie here, then we might have Miles Morales in the MCU someday
Our childhood combined with maturity. IT WILL BE INCREDIBLE NO LONGER I CAN WAIT.
abeera shafiq
abeera shafiq 21 時間 前
Imagine seeing every single spider man in this movie
Mr impressions
Mr impressions 21 時間 前
I watched this at 3AM
Harshith sphinx
Harshith sphinx 21 時間 前
Venom is ready to meet u 😁😁
Anusha Athukoralage
Anusha Athukoralage 21 時間 前
Number of 👍 this comment gets means the number of people who come back to watch this MASTERPIECE
Sky Gaming
Sky Gaming 21 時間 前
My god you have to be kidding me Tom , Andrew and Daniel Radcliff vs Doc Oc , Green goblin , sandman and electro this is gonna be epic can’t wait for it Marvel 🔥
JH 501
JH 501 13 時間 前
Daniel Radcliffe? You sure?
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