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from CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale, out 3/31: tylerthecreator.lnk.to/TheEst...

a collection of songs that didnt make the original album

directed by TYLER OKONMA
production: TARA RAZAVI for Happy Place










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MrDalekJD 日 前
Undisputedly the magnum opus of Tyler music videos. Absolutely incredible.
Bear Berserk
Bear Berserk 11 時間 前
bruh I was just watching ur gorod krovi tutorial lmao
Jaidus Jones
Jaidus Jones 11 時間 前
Bro I was just watching you yesterday 😭
hah bohamdi
hah bohamdi 11 時間 前
napoo 11 時間 前
Nah magnum opus means it can’t get any better
choco bean
choco bean 11 時間 前
Bro where you been at
Little Heck
Little Heck 14 時間 前
Se imaginan que tyler haga un álbum con todos sus personajes juntos y con sus respectivos sonidos? ME MUERO
А Сhristmas Ерiphany
This is the clip u all looking for : jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-TlBi_ZwmSWA.html
Necky 13 時間 前
dios eso seria sacado de un sueño ademas que este videoclip me dejo con la intriga si con esto quiso decir que ya mato o dejo ir a sus personajes anteriores, espero y tengan un final como lo decis vos. con un album que hagas que los recuerdes una vez mas para que nosotros podamos dejarlos ir
Dr.Runty .
Dr.Runty . 13 時間 前
no creo que pase, como se muestra en el video el mismo tyler mato a todos sus personajes así que pues están definitivamente muertos jaja, pero lo bueno es d q se viene nueva eraaaaa.
senaka patel
senaka patel 14 時間 前
I understand why he cut this from the album, but he obviously knew it needed to be seen and heard. This is genuinely a masterpiece imo.
ƧΛƬΛП 🍓 11 時間 前
@Beckett Bolger You fell into clickbait. He is a kid who plays in mobile and search easy visits with that pic.
Dilan Wickramaratne
Dilan Wickramaratne 11 時間 前
Its included in the new 3LP record, worth it to have a physical copy
centuryy 12 時間 前
@XOrtega i may be wrong, but you might be saying that because this is something new assuming you listened to CMIYGL alot within its 2 years something new from tyler might sound better because its new correct me if not though 👍
 My Cancer Journey
My Cancer Journey 12 時間 前
Thank you soo much for your videos! I had a misfortune, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I also created a channel and am trying to move in that direction, but so far not very successful((ut
Glenda Mariee
Glenda Mariee 13 時間 前
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Tyler showing off all his alter egos in one video and then killing them off is so sick. Genuinely so happy to see him still acknowledging even his first works. What a amazing scene can’t wait to make it into a wallpaper. I swear this man never misses
А Сhristmas Ерiphany
*Here is the full clip explaining why dad left you: (Making fun of bots)* jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-TlBi_ZwmSWA.html
Creepz Cipher
Creepz Cipher 13 時間 前
@Rage CounterFit moment
Rage CounterFit
Rage CounterFit 14 時間 前
@Creepz Cipher it’s a bot
Sit down, son
Sit down, son 15 時間 前
OhhJavz 17 時間 前
One of his best songs of his career, somehow it feels more personal than many others
А Сhristmas Ерiphany
This is the clip u all looking for : jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-TlBi_ZwmSWA.html
Kingtownley12 13 時間 前
This or answer for sure
Diary of A Pancake God
@LOLANIMAL CREW Igor is the backdrop... This is about metamorphosis, and Igor is closest to this version of Tyler... The need to kill that off isn't what it is for the less evolved versions of himself. Hell, this beat could've easily been on Igor... I'd like to think that that universe's Tyler is the producer, and this new retconned version is the orator. The ones that came before are merely here to give a closing argument for why they should remain. 🥞❤️
@OhhJavz right? They never show him too like how they show the others and he doesn’t even have a verse maybe he was the the ablibs
OhhJavz 17 時間 前
By the way, why is igor all the way in the back tf????
Gawx Art
Gawx Art 日 前
holy i had never seen anything like this before, kudos to tyler. what an artist
adrian.moon. 11 時間 前
beyoncé did this, taylor swift, jay z, kendrick lamar etc.
Axeloy 11 時間 前
strfxFILM 12 時間 前
@halo halo also instead of stating an opinion like it's a fact PLEASE preface it as an opinion i hate when people don't bother doing that it makes you seem so up yourself
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
The way he expressed his childhood and his past because of the fact people thought he came from wealth really broke through for me. To think yeah you don't know the things I've been through to get here and live. The fact that he even had to write this shows how society is as a whole, always trying to cancel. But this is an amazing song made by an amazing artist will great visuals. Man I hope I get to see the more to come.
Judath Cabrales Reyes
Judath Cabrales Reyes 13 時間 前
DIO 15 時間 前
bot done got some free time
Dark Humor
Dark Humor 15 時間 前
Will this come out on spotify?
Jordan 15 時間 前
This is a bot that copies comments to get likes, and the pfp evidently helps with that 🙄
Cube 17 時間 前
You know it’s good when Tyler has all his albums in one music video.
mya michele
mya michele 17 時間 前
the different versions of himself & ultimately the older ones (as he is evolving) all fighting to stay alive when he just wants to *be* & without people dissecting everything he’s ever done. I love how he affirms that he’s changed because he has, and that’s never something to be upset about. every album is better than the last and as long as he’s proud of his work & prospering- i’ll be rooting for him.
Fin 𓅰
Fin 𓅰 19 時間 前
The amount of sheer emotion put into the lyrics and music, the way he combined all of his past in one clip and the way he talks honestly is so so interesting. This is the kind of artist I live for
Eribz 10
Eribz 10 16 時間 前
Not all his music is for me, but everytime I listen, I always appreciate it for what it is, this guy puts so much effort into everything, and he's a genuinely good person, he woke up and chose to speak fax fr fr, much love bro 🔥🔥🔥
Chiem Xerxobi
Chiem Xerxobi 12 時間 前
I’m literally the same way, as long as I can see that effort and determination in any genre of music I can appreciate it for what it is.
BlackPanthaa 日 前
Nothing like that new Tyler music hype
strfxFILM 12 時間 前
and april mb
strfxFILM 12 時間 前
@Woozy Dougy he usually releases his albums like may-july though right?
Woozy Dougy
Woozy Dougy 19 時間 前
@Jacob Denise what if it’s new cuts from CMIYGL AND new album 👀
Joel Kanny
Joel Kanny 日 前
Timothy Bohacik
Timothy Bohacik 19 時間 前
Wow, this is might be Tylers best song. Absolutely amazing, completely flawless.
ok 11 時間 前
Best throwaway fr
Jessa Smith
Jessa Smith 11 時間 前
@Alfredo Cortes 3:23 😅😅 3:23 3:23 😅😮lo
Rated M for Manatee
Rated M for Manatee 12 時間 前
@Dark Humor Entire album 31/3, tomorrow
Senn 15 時間 前
@Dark Humor yea tomorrow
Dark Humor
Dark Humor 15 時間 前
Will this release on spotify?
Tom 18 時間 前
This song feels like a visceral expression of every thought feeling and emotion in Ty's head and it's fucking beautiful. In 50 years when people look back on Tyler's contribution to the industry, he will be heralded as one of the real artists who allowed their music to naturally grow and evolve while retaining his authenticity by always being unapologetically him.
Wilkine Brutus
Wilkine Brutus 13 時間 前
Deep subject matter, authentic, unique delivery, intricate lyricism, eye-opening visuals, historical context, personal storytelling, film aesthetic, dope presentation…everything about this video screams intent and pure artistry. One of the best music videos I’ve ever seen. Tyler…wow💪🏿
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams 11 時間 前
Yea that switch up go too hard bruh
Wilkine Brutus
Wilkine Brutus 12 時間 前
@rj davis 🔥🔥🔥🔥
rj davis
rj davis 13 時間 前
the change up at 2:30 left me speechless “work payed off so we dont celebrate but niggas claim we arrogant when they cant relate to moments of feelin great”🔥🔥
Brandon Kavanagh
Brandon Kavanagh 16 時間 前
This is only going to age better and better; this is simply beautifully perfect in every sense of the word. Tyler is ascending to new heights and we the fans are here for it!!
Bria Rogers
Bria Rogers 18 時間 前
This needs to be on Spotify asap!!
rik 11 時間 前
it will be tonight!
Tyler dressed up as each of his albums has gotta be one of his best music video shots
jason.udo.556 11 時間 前
@Mr. Dillard guess
Bob 12 時間 前
@Viljam_i i think it’s his new self, so the estate sale i assume, i’m not sure tho it’s jus a guess.
Zombie 12 時間 前
@Viljam_i none he isn’t any of them im pretty sure
neelarn 12 時間 前
@Mr. Dillard he’s showing all of his eras, and then kills them all to show he’s starting a new era. pretty sure at least
Manuel Orrego
Manuel Orrego 15 時間 前
[Intro: Tyler, The Creator & DJ Drama] Pardon me, excusez-moi (I'm sorry) Yeah, I coulda made a better choice, I mean, what the fuck? I'm sorry, I'm fucking sorry Yeah [Verse: Tyler, The Creator] I'm sorry, I'm sorry I don't see you more I'm sorry that the four minutes where you see your son could feel like a chore Sis', I'm sorry I'm your kin Sorry we ain't close as we should've been Sorry to my old friends The stories we coulda wrote if our egos didn't take the pen Sorry to the freaks I led on (Nah, for real, I'm sorry) Who thought their life was gonna change 'cause I gave 'em head on But instead, I sped off, yeah, I know I'm dead wrong Sorry to the guys I had to hide (Ooh) Sorry to the girls I had to lie to Who ain't need to know if I was by the lake switchin' tides, too (Tides) Anyway, I don't wanna talk (Ooh) Sorry if you gotta dig for info I don't wanna give So you stalk, make up fibs, just to talk about my private life 'cause you're weird (Uh) Met that girl this year (But), that's none ya biz Give enough with my art, know your place My personal space, y'all don't need to to be a part I'm sorry I don't wanna link and small talk over dinner I don't even drink, can't guilt trip me, I'm ice cold, roller rink Nigga-nigga-nigga, read the room Don't assume niggas is cool Stay in your pocket, this is pool Blah, blah, blah, blah 'bout trauma You ain't special, everybody got problems, uh Sorry I'm not empathetic (Nah, I'm fuckin') Sorry you think I'm pathetic Sorry I don't wanna bro down Sorry I don't know your pronouns I don't mean no disrespect But, damn, we just met, calm the fuck down Oh, I'm out of touch and I'm a jerk? A bank account could never match my worth (That nigga gettin' money, he a dick now) Sorry, Mother Earth Polluted air with chemicals and dirt These cars ain't gonna buy and drive themselves What the hell you think I work for? Not to not explore and stay the same (I'm) Sorry to the fans who say I changed, 'cause I did Sorry you don't know me on a personal level to pinpoint what it is I'm sorry to my ancestors (I'm so sorry), I know I'm supposed to fight (I know) But this ice shinin' brighter than a black man's plight, I'ma make it right In the meantime, I'll give some advice while these blood diamonds gettin' cleaned off Nigga, fuck the price, spend it then, then again, I can't save niggas I'm not Superman, but I could try I'm sorry I'm pretentious Sorry that the talent, knowledge, passion isn't missin' Sorry when I talk my shit and I could back it up with confidence, it get you niggas trippin', man Fuck the numbers, fuck a hook You put me on a stage and I'll show you the difference Let me see y'all hit a stage (No, y'all can't do it) Let me see y'all write a page (Y'all not gon' do it) Let me see you make a decision I made And claim that I don't know about minimum wage or Section 8, water in the ketchup bottle to stretch when niggas ate Gettin' pressed by niggas hoppin' gates Thinkin' it's normal 'cause you ain't supposed to make it past 18 or escape the Figure 8 cycle And I promise this is like a diet, I'ma make a way and I did, did Shit feel good, work paid off, now we gon' celebrate But niggas claim you arrogant when they can't relate to moments of feelin' great So they aim, duck-duck-duck 'em Shot right back, buck-buck-buck 'em Sorry, not sorry (Buck 'em, buck 'em) I got two words, fuck 'em
rimas pt br
rimas pt br 12 時間 前
s p i t
s p i t 14 時間 前
I always gotta really prepare myself to ingest his films bc they’re always too short & insanely magical all at once. He needs a movie already.
Fans of the Correct
Fans of the Correct 14 時間 前
This is a new level of artistry. T really sets the bar for artists in how they should view their catalog and enterprise and this can be used as a calling card for the famous artists who are tired of being compared. He is showing his growth while displaying he could’ve stayed in any era, but even with his latest release, he kills off that character for something else. Can’t wait for the next chapter and hope he continues to bring out the same energy and ridiculously amazing records. Every album has been more well thought out and pure bliss for a long time. Call it giving it flowers to the flower boy, but Tyler Okonma has been a man doing everything we see right.
shogunTHOT 14 時間 前
Maturity to it’s purest form. This will be an incredible album of all time.
Malik Manning
Malik Manning 14 時間 前
Watched this at least 25 times… pure art. This one has me lost for words
Moxii exe
Moxii exe 13 時間 前
the amount of times I've played this song is way too much. it all feels so relatable, the emotion, the words, all his alter egos all feel so freaking meaningful. honestly cant wait for the album on the 31st, amazing shit as always tyler!!
Mateusz Czapek
Mateusz Czapek 13 時間 前
I'm glad i'm living on this planet while Tyler's here. He's my inspiration AF
Artel's Contact
Artel's Contact 15 時間 前
Absolutely incredible … The way his lyrics and delivery for each of his alter egos differs but relates to each character is so creative. Beautiful arrangement , beautiful song. ❤
DreycohV2 14 時間 前
Everything about this is a masterpiece. The visuals, the lyrics, the message.
Troy Mathew
Troy Mathew 日 前
He’s so artistic, just in about 3 minutes he tells a whole story talking about his past seeing all of his past selfs and being sorry for the things he has done but he is also not sorry because look where he is now. Than at the end you see his “naked self” or his true self, killing the facade that everyone know as Tyler. This guy is just amazing.
Deathakid 日 前
weed is tight weed is tight
Gandalf the G
@TheWutangclan1995 L
Shadooks 日 前
@FLOWR that’s exactly where i think he will go and listening to this the firt time it sounded sum shit like kendrick lamar
B4shXp 日 前
Is my music ok?!
Olivey 13 時間 前
It’s crazy that this is what didn’t make the album. Literal gold
Jackson Burnworth
Jackson Burnworth 19 時間 前
This is beautiful no matter how much I try I still cannot find a style close enough to Tyler’s yet I cannot put my finger on what one thing makes it unique. The references add so much yet taken away it still stands on 2 feet
Little Heck
Little Heck 14 時間 前
It's crazy to me that Tyler can still flow like he used to, he hasn't lost the ability to be that Tyler. He's just grown from that version of himself and chooses not to. This is so poetic and well done. Fair play. I'm impressed by this guy yet again. Edit Just looked up the lyrics, I'm even more impressed. A couple lines in "I'm sorry to my old friends, the stories we could've wrote if our egos didn't take the pen"
St. Valentine
I just love how every lyric sung by one alter ego fits their character. From Baudelaire both singing and acting egotistical flexing his chains and winking at the crowd that one time in the beginning and how every goblin verse was aggressive and the camera shaking when they came on and even flower boy’s verse was him talking about hiding his love interests and lying. I can’t stop watching the video.
Artel's Contact
Artel's Contact 15 時間 前
Couldn’t agree more
St. Valentine
@Eddie W. I think Igor was the background vocals and cher bum was the instrumental
​@Eddie W. He was humming like he does in some of the Igor tracks
Eddie W.
Eddie W. 日 前
Was IGOR staying silent in the background part of something?
Makimo-to 19 時間 前
Mjay Hyp3
Mjay Hyp3 16 時間 前
Thank you for keeping the art of music videos alive Ty!
BaelaLuv 15 時間 前
Easily one of the greatest artists of our generation. No question. The growth of you as an artist, watching and listening to your music for the past 13 years is amazing. TC THE GOAT
VicDuu 14 時間 前
How’s it taste 💀
Little Heck
Little Heck 14 時間 前
I need this on spotify rn omg i love how the music video represnts him as all his albums and how his thoughts through out the video its overall amazing 10/10 fr
asia 日 前
the storytelling... the film direction..... the mannerisms of each era..... as a tyler fan since goblin, this is just, wow. he has truly exceeded any expectations i had for him with this one
been wit tyler since wolf. makes me cry frfr
Naturebig Fan
People really thought Igor was his peak.
wick 日 前
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-K-oNwwPr9Vo.html Finally It’s Here🤠
jaida d .
jaida d . 日 前
no fr
Alonso Trujillo
he’s fr on another level
JeRon Jackson
JeRon Jackson 19 時間 前
This is unbelievable! Is this and dogtooth an extension of his last album? He's so creative it's crazy!
777Boss 777
777Boss 777 12 時間 前
Tyler has come such a long way . I remember when OF first came out , I was a sophomore in HS. .. well over a decade ago. I can really say I’m proud to see how far they’ve all come on their own . Tyler has evolved in the craziest way I’ve never expected .
Furry Trash
Furry Trash 15 時間 前
Tyler y la forma de expresarse de todo... absolutamente TODO, mis respetos Me da mucho gusto escuchar las barras con los estilos que tuvo en albumnes anteriores.
Crash 14 時間 前
The Tyler behind all the "alter egos" was always my favorite Tyler. I'm so happy to be a stan man, because this really did something for me. Both in lyrics and visuals. Shit tugged on my heart strings the same way nightmare did for me all those years ago. Splendid work as always. I hope i get to meet you one day man
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Folks saying Tyler changed. There's one thing about Tyler that never changes: his ability to create some of the greatest music of our generation. He always delivers.
Deathakid 日 前
10 years later and I still get chills
B4shXp 日 前
Is my music ok?”
Lifeless web user
​@CLXXXVII You're arguing against someone who isn't there. No one here said he hasn't changed at all. Chill tf out.
VvVLuffy 日 前
I dont think he's changed. He's still tyler. He's just grown up, and the content of his music matured with him.
William Stanziano
very cool, Come Fast To Get Into My Body
IDKaName 13 時間 前
need it on Spotify ASAP 🎵🎶
melo 18 時間 前
this is truly an artist masterpiece
Clam 18 時間 前
This is insanely good, so excited for the full thing
Dre 17 時間 前
Tyler, you are the embodiment of art. Thank you for existing ❤🔥💫
Glenda Mariee
Glenda Mariee 13 時間 前
Oh my gosh ! Dressed as his albums was bee of the biggest music video vibes ever ! Perfection. Always creating so much art !
KingKennyTv 日 前
Incredible 😍
Deathakid 日 前
Appreciate it. I tried my best yo
Orga Borga
Orga Borga 日 前
@val hush
GV 日 前
@Protoclick (1 year ago)
nick n
nick n 日 前
Protoclick 日 前
Yo Kenny? I was a fan back in like 5th grade man, haven't watched your videos in a while! Glad to know you're a tyler fan as well
Oceanna🤟🏻 11 時間 前
The message in this song is so raw and beautiful.
Cameron Bailey
Cameron Bailey 18 時間 前
I think it's pretty clear that the shirtless Tyler is his current self, though I don't think he's understood yet, even to himself. Going through and dealing with each of these chapters in life, also with the most brutal methods, combined with the lyrics and it seems like a metamorphosis, like a completely new person is starting to learn how to walk. Very well done
Little Heck
Little Heck 14 時間 前
Undisputedly the magnum opus of Tyler music videos. Absolutely incredible
pantumaka 16 時間 前
this one is AMAZING!! i can't believe the level of composition in this one, it is just fantastic. great track!
Dimytry Pierre
Dimytry Pierre 13 時間 前
The level of Artistry displayed is unmatched from concepts to the visuals just amazing
zea 日 前
Legit he dressed up as all of his albums and showed his backstory and apologized. killed his old selves, and showed the true him, this is one of the best music videos ever.
Enzo 日 前
holy shit
DUG 日 前
Seeing Ace and Wolf Haley back made me happy again 😭 I love how ace was just dancing the whole time
marton 日 前
imo if his next album is thematically like this, he could lift himself up to the level of kendrick and such, this feels like something he wrote after listening to mr morale and the bigsteppers. we already know his musicality and quality of songs is there, but getting to know him for who he is with personal songs, is something that adds a lot of depth to everything he's done. he’s criticizing both collective and individual general criticisms and judgements. this song caught me in changing times and i’m obsessed with it
awsumpops 日 前
@SnakeCriticasEncabronadas even the way he drags wolf away is reminiscent of that
this also happened on the Sam is Dead video where he kills Ace, Tron Cat and Sam i think or it was Dr. TC ion remember
Janae😾 14 時間 前
the fact that he has been making music for years and has yet to lose his flow and ability to make a banger is outstanding. Most artists are known to have a couple songs that suck, but I can't name one song that i would refuse to listen to by him not even tron cat.
RGBY2003 13 時間 前
This is one of those songs that you just know is gonna be a classic, this is like the bound 2 of kanye, its gonna be everyones favourite tyler song in a decade
ItsjustHades 14 時間 前
Love this! I’ll always respect Tyler he’s so unapologetic for being him and being an actual human with flaws and how he pieced it all together in this absolute masterpiece is just amazing hope to see him live some day.
Kiddoforpresident 14 時間 前
I’m so obsessed with this song already 😂
Lawrence DiBiase
The shirtless him is his true self. He’s artistically explaining/representing each album and saying he’s sorry for that stage of his life but his true self is coming through killing his regrets. This is a masterpiece
VikMonke bruh
VikMonke bruh 19 時間 前
@thelingeringartist thats kinda basically what I'm thinking, and I agree wit u
Diego 日 前
Holy shit seeing igor again was so fucking cool😮😮😮
@VikMonke bruh I like to think that Igor not being killed or implied to have died is him being genuinely satisfied/glad that it happened. I think he spared Igor because Igor seems to be the closest thing to the real him,maybe. But who knows.
hunter jaehn
hunter jaehn 日 前
@BP Collectibles niceeee welcome haha. I’ve listened to bro since like 2010-2011. Been my goat forever
B4shXp 日 前
Is my music ok?!
Mahir Dučić
Mahir Dučić 17 時間 前
Immediately one of the best tracks of the year. Can't wait for the new chapter.
THANK YOU!!! this is absolutely beautiful, much love ❤
MadeByChikar 18 時間 前
If Tyler goes this hard and creative on this album , it’s gone be one hell of a repeat for me
Hemph Bleh
Hemph Bleh 16 時間 前
Damn, this song and Dogtooth might be on repeat for me.
Nunun 16 時間 前
To think this wasn’t album worthy is crazy. It’s amazing.
Nate Spanish
Nate Spanish 日 前
The shirtless Tyler kinda acting as his raw self or him on the inside killing every era of his old self is such a dope concept and uses nostalgia in such an interesting way. Tyler just executes on a whole other level. His whole career he’s truly done anything he sets his mind to and makes it a reality. It’s beautiful
obvsjack 16 時間 前
Wait so is the album over?? bc at the end??
Some Guy On YT
Some Guy On YT 17 時間 前
@JUSTNICK47 that could be, it’s hard to keep track of all the egos in the WOLF trilogy
Mr V I B E
Mr V I B E 日 前
@Deonta Cooper What? no wolf hayley is the first person we see get dragged, green ski is Goblin.
Bas E.
Bas E. 日 前
@Paulblart fan 6969 It kind of feels like he is sick of not being himself and kills off all his alter ego's?
Bas E.
Bas E. 日 前
@gaibeth Hernandez maybe just himself. Maybe he is sick of not being himself and kills of all his alter ego's?
ani is gae
ani is gae 13 時間 前
the fact that his eras are in the background. flower boy, Igor, cmiygl. he is the definition of amazing.
Jasmine Bradford
Jasmine Bradford 15 時間 前
He chills you get from his music is no joke
aWoken _ghoZt
aWoken _ghoZt 17 時間 前
He delivers every time and gives a lil bit of that old Tyler we fell in love with ❤
Kry Kry Infinitive
Kry Kry Infinitive 16 時間 前
Tyler never ceases to amaze me
Michael Delaney
As a Tyler fan since bastard, words can’t explain the way this video makes me feel. I think it’s safe to say it’s his best video yet. He hasn’t stopped progressing as an artist and I’m so proud of this man
roseofsithis 日 前
same bro its been so incredible to watch him grow
tsumushake 日 前
Dylan Q
Dylan Q 日 前
I couldn’t agree more it’s a song that embraces his change and how his character grew
flame 19 時間 前
Every new song/video/album/character I’m genuinely caught off guard and very impressed
Bar Elmakiyes
Bar Elmakiyes 19 時間 前
why is it not on spotify 😢 this is incredible, im speechless.
Anthony Greatness Cotton
MAAAAAAN This is ART! Deep story line in the video and the lyrics! GOODNESS this was so good! I am curious to know where he's going from here, he killed all the old versions and we were left with the stripped-down almost naked version of Tyler. Can't wait to see how that plays out over the next year!
Diggydog233 17 時間 前
Tyler thank you for inspiring me to grow more on my own and make my own dope art.
BluFlacko 日 前
I literally shed a tear watching this all come full circle; Tyler’s been a generational artist gone timeless
enduro franek
enduro franek 22 時間 前
alexgotnoswegg 15 時間 前
To be able to tell a story of his past till now in 3 minutes and to show that all of his hard work has paid off is amazing. I feel like him having his past alter egos there shows how much he’s changed and what he makes can change but he can still be amazing at it then just kill them off to show a new era is coming is just so beautiful.
AZRY 93 17 時間 前
this is masterpiece . i would like to see he perform this live !
Albert Wesker
Albert Wesker 16 時間 前
What an era. Art like this makes me thankful to be alive at times like this.
Flaco Suede
Flaco Suede 14 時間 前
To have all the Tyler's in one video. This takes me back to when I found Yonkers and instantly became a fan. Legend.
At Las Music
At Las Music 16 時間 前
Sonia’s Way
Well I’m convinced a Tyler/Kendrick song is needed. The way they express their inner voices is such incredible storytelling
danthekiid. 18 時間 前
fr fr we need it
Mentalexwar 18 時間 前
My two favorite rappers rn 🥂
dat boi
dat boi 18 時間 前
@Alex_Mac_ Tyler made him and YB work out I think they’ll be alr 💀
RyeLDN 18 時間 前
I feel like this song is massively Kendrick inspired. T has expressed himself in previous works but the level of energy in this, & self awareness, & social commentary it’s right from the Kendrick playbook & T has made it no secret has to how much he loved the Mr Morale album.
Capin91 16 時間 前
Man I was impressed with the performance even before he got emotional; just making the video and track sync that smooth is nice
David Triboi
David Triboi 12 時間 前
Get this on Spotify already 🤯
Boneless bananna
Boneless bananna 12 時間 前
it’ll probably never be on spotify
Palesa Nene
Palesa Nene 12 時間 前
I'm so grateful to experience such artistry in my lifetime
R3DZ3SonicMusicFan 12 時間 前
I can really feel the connection to this song as going from being a kid hanging out with your friends to next thing you know your world famous
Amadi Kane
Amadi Kane 日 前
I love how he gives the most authentic straightforward apology for those who only see him on surface level as weird or outlandish and then he talks his shit unapologetically about who he is and what he’s done and how he feels good about his development and maturity. And for those who still don’t understand him or disagree with his vision and image “I’m Sorry..” 🤷🏽‍♂️. It’s beautiful
Lifted Soul
Lifted Soul 日 前
wick 日 前
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-K-oNwwPr9Vo.html Finally It’s Here🤠
Cheww 18 時間 前
Amazing track about past (and present) reflections and personal growth. This feels like the most “tyler” song, tyler has made😭. It’s literally him being the most him he’s ever been.
XxoJustmeoxX 18 時間 前
brought tears to my eyes. it’s so powerful seeing someone chnage so much. … he made the lyrics so humans
Junior Veiga
Junior Veiga 12 時間 前
Você é simplesmente um gênio Tyler.
Milhouse 17 時間 前
call me if you get lost dava pra virar um filme/série, esse álbum tá completamente perfeito.
Lacey Hijack
Lacey Hijack 13 時間 前
This!! 💯💯💯
raviv greenberg
raviv greenberg 11 時間 前
We need this in Spotify
Brandon Burton
Well I'm convinced a Tyler/Kendrick song is needed. The way they express their inner voices is such incredible storytelling
DaBlaccSea Productions
@thruheart must not have heard Freddie Gibbs
Tyler Payne
Tyler Payne 17 時間 前
Listen to Cartoons and Cereal by Kendrick if you haven’t. Someone needs to make a remix of these two songs.
Sasquatch 88
Sasquatch 88 日 前
TBK 日 前
He really got inspiration from MMTBS!!
Salsanqueso 日 前
Also two LA artists on the same record would be insane. The storytelling would be masterful, the progression of lyrics would be insane. Bruh I need that
$hogun 19 時間 前
This is amazing story telling and I just don’t have words to describe it honestly. It’s just amazing.
Goat Man
Goat Man 16 時間 前
Tyler dropping one of his best new songs on a random ass Wednesday🔥🔥🔥
Chocolatey 12 時間 前
This is true poetry right here and what rap really should be
JJ cox
JJ cox 19 時間 前
This got me in my feels I don't lost all my friends because they didn't wanna change how they were so most of my friends I had to drop because they always wanted to do something that could've ruined my life. I'm sorry not sorry
iDellz 15 時間 前
Josiah 日 前
This song is incredible. Apologizing for all the things he did in the past but reminding everyone he's not sorry for overcoming his struggles. This is great😭😭
Josiah 日 前
@bob boberson No, he's not sorry about the stuff he talks about when he switches his flow: overcoming section 8, minimum wage jobs, ect. He's admitting he was wrong about everything else. It's supposed to be a contrast of the good and bad thus far in his career.
bob boberson
bob boberson 日 前
he literally said sorry not sorry as in he's not actually sorry.
Voltrical 日 前
JA’ZON ODEN 14 時間 前
This is by far one my favorite music videos of all time ‼️
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