Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich

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Song used: Eneide - In The Chains Of Sorrow (Epidemic sounds)









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TheOdd1sOut 年 前
Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch: theodd1sout.com/collections/sooubway-merch
A. Gis
A. Gis ヶ月 前
Aaron Walters
Aaron Walters ヶ月 前
rip sooubway 😔
Dougee the gamer 🎮
Lord_Alpha ヶ月 前
NOOOOO subway!
Mr. Zombie
Mr. Zombie ヶ月 前
Evan Elwin
Evan Elwin 40 秒 前
The end was kinda sad until he smashed that sandwich
Evan Elwin
Evan Elwin 2 分 前
My two questions are why burry a perfectly good sandwich and why did u use a kid shovel do dig
Gabriel Pellenz
Gabriel Pellenz 時間 前
Asche Leja-Piano
Asche Leja-Piano 2 時間 前
someone: lets go to the park and see what we can find! other guy: I found a 6 inch everything on-it sub! someone: my family is poor lets eat it!
Asche Leja-Piano
Asche Leja-Piano 2 時間 前
plot twist: he burried it because he didnt like the sandwich.
Asche Leja-Piano
Asche Leja-Piano 2 時間 前
his phone number is (acording to video): 416293
•Roblox player Animations•
Hey There’s a su- I mean sooubway at Texas
DingTheKing 4 時間 前
2:31 “Mother, I would be most grateful if you let me consume a pastry with high levels of sugar and simple carbohydrates”
GAROU 6 時間 前
Think what would people thinking that a old guy having child shovel and digging
FutureCraft 8 時間 前
Rest in peace sooubway. ???? - 2019 You will be missed. Especially by TheOdd1sOut *1 Hour Later* Me : **Tries To find the same garden/place where he buried the sanwich** Me : **fails**
Mercedes Paclibar
Mercedes Paclibar 16 時間 前
thats sad ;.(
ISAIAH Barrie 19 時間 前
Best vid ever
María Sarabia
María Sarabia 20 時間 前
James you look handsome
Yune Yang
Yune Yang 22 時間 前
I am actually crying
MutantFishy6000 22 時間 前
Jimmy johns is better than sooubway
Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia 18 時間 前
Jared Arbuckle
I love Subway
the steam engine lover
sooubway subway sububway
odd1srule 日 前
Branson park
Branson park 日 前
One of my sisters like your videos and me
Muhammad Ahmed
Jhonatan an Ancelmo
Suby still exists
Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia 18 時間 前
We all KNOW!!!!
Jhonatan an Ancelmo
Sub way still exests
Yeetforever 日 前
R.I.P sooubway
jjmac49 日 前
I almost cried at the end 😭😭😭😭
JoshepXOtaku2021 ShimatoGumballFan
Toasted italian bread Drawing Style Looks better
Diego Boss Gamer
I cryed at end :(
⚬Mellow Michelle⚬
I’m gonna miss this series 😩
Natoya Walker
I love that kid
Skerdi Dushaj
Congrats on 17subs
Rocky Mountain Sportsman
When he buried the subway sandwich that was sad
I saw a piegon shape in the spider web you said sooubway was closed
#fishyarmy 日 前
Awwww so sad😭😍
Saafi sadi
Saafi sadi 日 前
Ath Adam
Ath Adam 2 日 前
Scorpiog 946
Scorpiog 946 2 日 前
Hi god bless
Mariam Osama
Mariam Osama 2 日 前
GG download the make me so sad part words so so 😥😔😟🙁😞😿😥😔😟🙁😞😿😥😔😟🙁😞😿😥😔😟🙁and you 💔😢😔😪😞❤💔😢😔😪😞❤💔😢😔😪😞❤💔😢😔😪😞❤💔😢😔😪😞❤💔😢😔😪😞❤💔😢😔😪😞❤💔😢😔😪😞❤💔😢😔😪😞❤💔😢😔😪😞❤💔😢😔😪😞❤💔😢😔😪😞❤💔😢😔😪😞❤💔😢😔😪😞❤💔😢😔😪😞❤💔😢😔😪😞
Jonathan G
Jonathan G 2 日 前
2:31 Mother I would be most grateful if you let me consume a pastry with high levels of sugar and simple carbohydrates
Darrk_77 2 日 前
Imagine the guy who worked there(the one who "asked if floof was a service animal") saw this video.
Noah JK
Noah JK 2 日 前
jay 2 日 前
James i never heard of subway before i watched your first vid and i actually thought it was called sooubway.
Karen Bartels
Karen Bartels 2 日 前
in the ending he actually forgot to remove the camera
Karen Bartels
Karen Bartels 2 日 前
surprising enough I ate subway a day before this got published
jacob alexander
jacob alexander 2 日 前
this is so sad🥲 good bye sooubway
Did Anybody Notice That Bird on the spider web which was totally EPIC 1:18
Mary Lucero
Mary Lucero 2 日 前
My dad used to work at a subway, now whenever I'm like: dad I wanna subway he's like: I used to work at one and I don't like it that much anymore.
Amaru Delgado Paco
the artist of sandwich
Ivan‘s channel of fun
Mother I need sugar2:32
Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia 18 時間 前
so sad
•Berri Gacha •
Pt 4 of bread bowl or bf *eats the other bread* It’s gonna be hard to find these comments now
Shrimp Chips
Shrimp Chips 2 日 前
bruh the ramen place workers have "eat" in chinese on their aprons 🤦
radical games
radical games 2 日 前
not only can he animate but his video editing amazing too
Among Us King of the toys
Me sad 😢😭
Ciro Franzese
Ciro Franzese 3 日 前
rest in peace soobway😘😭😢
OK Fishing
OK Fishing 3 日 前
me actually crying at the end
Jake Tantingco
Jake Tantingco 3 日 前
Porunarefu 3 日 前
2:25 mother
WENDEZX _ 3 日 前
His acting skills tho.. 😂😂
Moaz Alshoky
Moaz Alshoky 3 日 前
So I decided to kill two birds with one stone and eat floof. That killed me😂😂 and this too 2:32
Gengar play Lopez
Gengar play Lopez
mr kabs
mr kabs 3 日 前
when the world is in ruins and aliens come to the destroyed earth they will find the sandwich in the ground and use it like a weapon
VORTEX 3 日 前
9:27 so EMO TIONAL
Tyson Hutnan
Tyson Hutnan 3 日 前
VRgamingBros 3 日 前
Please do a subway 5
BananaHack 3 日 前
"Mom,why is that man burying a sandwich?" "Look away son"
carlton scott
carlton scott 3 日 前
easter eggs in the phone number list: Morty S. Bill and Jill 666-66 as a phone number
Ruth Patton
Ruth Patton 3 日 前
That burial though!😂😂😂😂
Knighty Scruff
Knighty Scruff 3 日 前
Nancy Howk
Nancy Howk 4 日 前
Dear diary: it is 12, 4, 2087 and its my first day of being an archeologists. I was told to dig at a park from 2019, it took an hour to find something. It was some sort of old paper covering what I thought was a moldy sandwich. But what did it mean? hopefully I find out tomorrow.
Mnimmajeff 4 日 前
Where men cried
Raevin Jibril Cano
odds1out face reaveal XD
William Johann August Schmonsees IV
I’m eating a subway foot long while watching this video.
B345T gaming
B345T gaming 4 日 前
Rip sooubway
Jaron Tan
Jaron Tan 4 日 前
*mother. I would be most grateful if you let me consume a pastry with high levels of sugar and simple carbohydrates.*
Northseeya 4 日 前
Computer Playz
Computer Playz 4 日 前
julian alvarez
julian alvarez 4 日 前
2:32 the devil
julian alvarez
julian alvarez 4 日 前
1:39 rip floof
John Hickle
John Hickle 4 日 前
Plz come back
Roblox gamer / plush
Dude i have a idea maybe you. Should open up your own subway sandwich shop
Chloe Aguilera
Chloe Aguilera 5 日 前
Talk about more things plz
Sandra Gallegos
Sandra Gallegos 5 日 前
Sandra Gallegos
Sandra Gallegos 5 日 前
I got so exited when the guy lay episode said it’s in Arizona that’s were I live🤗
[•AJ_That weeb Bisexual•]
6:43 Me; wait why Does that person behind the counter look famili- OMG IT LOOKS LIKE INOSUKE!!!!!! ME: AND THERE SHIRT EVEN SAYS MALL NINJA, NINJA=DEMON SLAYER ✨✨✨✨
Dino Kostmetic
Dino Kostmetic 5 日 前
If you pause at 2:31 the face of the boy is cute
Porunarefu 5 日 前
Literally eating sooubway while watching
Sam Collins
Sam Collins 5 日 前
RIP sooubway
EZgaming 5 日 前
when you saidit was sooubwayi thought there was 2 subways so i asked my mum lol
Andres Vazquez
Andres Vazquez 5 日 前
SORRY BUT THE PART THAT SAID “so I decided to tell him..” ad: MMM this sparkling water is good
Ryan Neris
Ryan Neris 5 日 前
R.I.P. sooub way
Aiden Makes Memes
Jugular SmAAaAAaaaaaAsh! - Floof
TheObb1sout DEMANDED
MrEverEmrick MacRocksley ap Peters
it is called sub way you say sooub way and you say it wrong you are dumb
ZYAN The Gamer Pickett1234
R.I.P sooubway :(😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😵😵😵😵😓😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🐕🍳🍳🍱🍱💧
C animationzz
C animationzz 5 日 前
Thee Embarrassment
You have to wonder how you would get sued for naming A restaurant.
Emily Freeman
Emily Freeman 5 日 前
You went back and ate it right?
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