Sofia Carson Poured Her Heart and Soul into Purple Hearts | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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Sofia Carson talks about starring in the film Purple Hearts, shares how she landed her role in the movie and sings the hit song she wrote for the soundtrack.

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Sofia Carson Poured Her Heart and Soul into Purple Hearts | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon










コメント数 813
Estée ヶ月 前
I have been following Sofia’s journey for over 6 years now and seeing how much she’s grown as an artist is so beautiful. She’s finally getting the recognition she deserves and I couldn’t be more proud of her.
Estée ヶ月 前
@Jessica Yes! She did the Disney Descendants movies and that’s how I found out about her
Jessica ヶ月 前
6 years?? I don't remember ever hearing about her until I watched this movie a few weeks ago. And she's such an amazing singer and actress!
Altair Gama
Altair Gama ヶ月 前
Te amo muito
Vishala Kedari
Vishala Kedari ヶ月 前
7 years i have been watching you
everything Sofia did in this movie proves how good an actor and a singer she is!
whospaulette ヶ月 前
this ^^
Mary Caceres
Mary Caceres ヶ月 前
4real she’s so natural and so incredibly talented
Brrriibriii ヶ月 前
Yes love her so much !!
Lily Woods
Lily Woods ヶ月 前
And all around wonderful person
Rizz ヶ月 前
You don't understand. I've been a fan of Sofia for years now and seeing her finally get the recognition she deserves is such a joy. She's incredibly talented. She's so beautiful and she's truly humble. I love her. The world should know more about her, and I hope she gets more projects after this film. Thank you, Jimmy, for having her on the show!
Steve Sand
Steve Sand 29 日 前
I don’t understand
waawee21 ヶ月 前
Fr, she's grown from her Disney days
Chiara Vallini
Chiara Vallini ヶ月 前
Exactly!!! It was about time
Issabella Santiago
@أحمد حسن bruh she has nothing to do with this lol
ale ヶ月 前
i knoww, she's just amazing
Andrea Hernández
This movie was 10/10 in photography, direction, and acting. It is not the most complex love story, which is good because everything happens at the right time and it is not like "We are gonna put the whole story in the last 10 minutes and do your best to understand." You get to see not only their amazing chemistry, but the reason why they fell in love. I watched it with zero expectations and I loved it. This was a good one.
That Nerdy girl Tarini
The second half was much better and I feel like they could have done better in some parts because it is problematic and I would have liked to see more development between the characters because it’s ENEMIES TO LOVERS!!!! Someone has to change. I think it’s a beautiful concept but really poorly done in some parts.
vase ヶ月 前
same it was great 👍
Tech Tips
Tech Tips ヶ月 前
I agree with your views but iam pissed off by the reviews I see giving it 3/5 points ....
✨idk✨ ヶ月 前
She literally sounds the exact same as the actual song, no autotune needed, just pure talent So glad she's getting the recognition she deserves
joseph moreno
joseph moreno ヶ月 前
Sofia is a sweet and talented soul, I’ve known her since she was on Disney channel on descendants as Evie, she has a voice that makes me calm and feel like I’m in heaven, her music is amazing as well even I love the songs she did for Purple Hearts as well. She’s an amazing actress and singer, I adore her so much 🤍
Henry nick C. A
Henry nick C. A ヶ月 前
Desde que sacó su versión de love is the name
I thought the same thing. I had no clue who she was before this interview, but as soon as she starred talking I was like🥰
Nur Aliyah Safra
Nur Aliyah Safra ヶ月 前
I love herr since descendants too,, she's so incredible, i love her sooo much!! 🥺💜
autumn ヶ月 前
Her voice and singing is so beautiful. I’m glad she’s getting way more recognition, she truly deserves it !🤍
marsh mart
marsh mart ヶ月 前
I love her voice, her acting is soo good! And her chemistry with Nicholas Galitzine is off the charts wow...Netflix, cast them again :D Congrats Sofia and Nicholas!!
D.Lingx2 ヶ月 前
the red and blue heart descprition 👌 exactly what this world needs! this movie was good! definitely a fave 😍
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper ヶ月 前
She’s always been so talented, i’m so proud of how far she’s come!
anne ヶ月 前
I love how Sofia is so passionate when it comes to her craft, she's just so talented. Go watch Purple Hearts now guys, trust me it's so worth it.
pablo leal
pablo leal ヶ月 前
Omg. She's finally getting the recognition she deserves! I've been following her for a long time and know she is gonna be big! 💜💜💜
Ale Belen
Ale Belen ヶ月 前
@dizzle grizzle yes why ?
dizzle grizzle
dizzle grizzle ヶ月 前
she deserves recognition?
alizabethshailee ヶ月 前
@Ram Corre Look them up
pablo leal
pablo leal ヶ月 前
@Ram Corre Yeah, it's breathy but I think it's her style.
Ram Corre
Ram Corre ヶ月 前
I dont understand the lyrics because of her way of singing
L Y D I A ヶ月 前
I love her ! She’s honestly like a real life princess, full of grace & speaks so well 💗 Really hoping there would be a sequel of Purple Hearts, Her & Nicholas’s chemistry together is amazing and I wanted to see more of them
Sofia Ortega
Sofia Ortega ヶ月 前
Sofía made a masterpiece with Purple Hearts! Literally the best movie ever! You can see her professionalism, hear her beautiful voice! I’m so grateful I’ve the chance to see her journey since 2015, and I’m speechless for everything she has achieved through all these years! She deserves the entire world! I Adore you mi Sofi! Me llena de alegría verte ahí, cumpliendo más sueños!
Hi ヶ月 前
Yup loved to skate past all the racism and misogyny and focus on the two hawt leads!!!!
Life Of Liana
Life Of Liana ヶ月 前
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-uh6oKqjT8go.html vlog !!
Lix Dance
Lix Dance ヶ月 前
Samuel Leandro
Samuel Leandro ヶ月 前
Comeron Boyce sofre demais por causa dele
Pepi Kyum
Pepi Kyum ヶ月 前
First time seeing her in an interview. She's quite soft spoken as opposed to her very raspy voice when singing. I like the film. Good actors
Bl Ri
Bl Ri ヶ月 前
Her voice is underrated, the song is beautiful
Bintou Wague
Bintou Wague ヶ月 前
Her voice is incredible ✨❤️
Michael Zee
Michael Zee ヶ月 前
For her to just grab the mic, step up and sing it shows how really talented she is....Superstar for sure!
Godza ヶ月 前
This is so crazy, I'm so proud of Sofia and how far she's come, I'm here still remembering the descendants and babysitting days. Now she's doing more mature stuff, it's great. Alot of Disney stars are getting recognition they deserve lately, good job 👏👏 love ya Sofia
正木ゆみ ヶ月 前
I just recently stumbled upon Descendants and fell in love with her voice…Every one of her songs is a masterpiece! I hope she’s proud of herself as we all are of her. This clip, her whole interaction with Jimmy and her singing gave me goosebumps throughout.
Carmen Antoche
Carmen Antoche ヶ月 前
She’s such a gentle soul and her voice is so angelic every time I hear her sing I get goosebumps. Love her! 🤍
Mary Miranda
Mary Miranda ヶ月 前
I've been an OG fan of hers and to finally see her on a late night show, promoting a #1 movie and singing her ass off on national TV is so rewarding. Sending you all my love Sofia from the Philippines ❤️❤️❤️
Bastián Illanes Casas
It was about damn time of her taking over the world! Her debut album was released on march and IT’s POP PERFECTION!!!!! Go and support her and her music! She’s a super hardworking artist!!!
Go ahead-RK
Go ahead-RK ヶ月 前
Omg yes. It’s on repeat.
Crizelle Delgado
Crizelle Delgado ヶ月 前
I’m just so proud of Sofia and how far she has come! Just to see her finally get the recognition she deserves brings me so much joy and brings me to tears! 🥺 I’m praying for more success and quality films/music! Sofia is such a talented girl. She really is the complete package. I’m proud to be her fan! Couldn’t ask for a better role model! 💜
Joyce Mauricio
Joyce Mauricio ヶ月 前
Sofia got a very unique voice and she nailed it singing live! Finally gets the recognition she deserves
christiana sk
christiana sk ヶ月 前
I'm following Sofia 3 years now and seeing her getting the recognition she deserves it gives me so much joy!!!
Amalia Cordero Sousa
I really hope she gets as far as she deserve, she’s so talented
Betzaida Sosa
Betzaida Sosa ヶ月 前
Artista integral, actriz, cantante, compositora y una naturalidad fuera de serie. Que chévere ver que la industria le reconoció su talento, seguiremos apoyando la
Anastasia ヶ月 前
i’ve been fan of her for while and now seeing her getting more appreciated is the best feeling i’ve ever experienced. i’m so proud of you sofia
Natalia Fabian
Natalia Fabian ヶ月 前
Her voice is literally so angelic, I'm falling in love just listening to her lol 😂
maryam tanveer
maryam tanveer ヶ月 前
For years I’ve been following her after decsendents, she’s really underrated classy artist and actress and I’m glad she’s getting the recognition sue deserves, it’s nice to c a decent celebrity unlike others.
Jamie Ganzagan
Jamie Ganzagan ヶ月 前
Every song on this soundtrack brings me to tears… I’m so happy she’s finally getting the recognition she’s deserved all these years.
S C ヶ月 前
I never knew the beautiful meaning behind Purple Hearts. That was truly beautiful! Come back home is a song that I want to cover on my social media. I know it’s such an inspiring, emotional, deep loving song. 🖤 There are truly no words to describe the meaning of the song being about military. Well written, well acted, beautiful song! Stream PURPLE HEARTS! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL movie!! 💜💜💜
Karan Ghuman
Karan Ghuman ヶ月 前
My heart melts seeing Sofia get the recognition she truly deserves 💜
Setnakt Spears
Setnakt Spears ヶ月 前
She is definitely someone to watch, very talented.
Paolita 27
Paolita 27 ヶ月 前
OMG I've been following Sofia since 2015, when everything started and I feel really proud of her, she deserves to be there, she deserves all the recognition she's getting and she deserves the world, my girl, love her so much, thank you Jimmy for having her in your show💜💜💜
Fay GF
Fay GF ヶ月 前
Her energy is so positive and comforting. I cant not love her.
Anny Silva
Anny Silva ヶ月 前
eu amo como a sofia conversa, ela simplesmente faz a conversa fluir de uma forma elegante e humilde. Espero q ela ainda cresça muito, com todo esse talento e carisma q ela tem merece demais💜
Luisa Gonzalez
Luisa Gonzalez ヶ月 前
I'm glad to see how Sofia has grown both in her musical and acting career, I'm too proud to see how they are finally giving her the recognition she has deserved so much! 💜😭
Gabriel Pérez
Gabriel Pérez ヶ月 前
FINALLY she was invited to this show, so so proud of her
Desi ASMR ヶ月 前
The way she described the movie was so poetic and beautiful....hadnt seen it that way and now I love it more :")
taliah ヶ月 前
she's finally getting the recognition she deserves !!!🥰
Samantha Collado
Samantha Collado ヶ月 前
I don't know a lot about Sofia. But I am starting to learn about her. One of my favorite songs from the movie is ( come back home ) hands down. I would love to see if we could get a part 2 of the movie. But overall the cast and crew did an amazing job. 💜 ❤ 💙.
Denny Jones
Denny Jones ヶ月 前
I hope she finally starts getting the recognition she deserves
LAV!SH ヶ月 前
Congratulations! I’ll have to see it on Netflix this week or weekend! Sounds great! My friends The Roots always kill it with backing singers for songs! Great job by everyone at The Tonight Show!
ashley renaud
ashley renaud ヶ月 前
been a fan of her for so long. she’s so inspiring i love her so much & im so proud of her!!
Sara ヶ月 前
Proud of her! Been following her journey on and off but still love it when she does each project with passion
Haley Potesak
Haley Potesak ヶ月 前
I love her so much! She’s so talented and the visions she has when it comes to her projects she’s amazing
Jess ヶ月 前
Her voice is so soothing and Sofia is so beautiful and extremely talented! Well done. I loved the movie ❤️
Josefine Nicole Palarca
I love how passionate she is about everything she does. ❤️❤️
Candace ヶ月 前
I’ve been a fan of Sofia since Disney she’s incredible 💜💜💜
AA D ヶ月 前
She radiates light☀Incredible movie, looking forward to seeing more of her in future
Ariel ヶ月 前
It's amazing that Sofia obviously took her roles in making the film so seriously, a multi-talented and awesome person overall
Alexis Delhaugd
Alexis Delhaugd ヶ月 前
I found her on Spotify for her song loud and I immediately started to follow her she’s my favorite since then and it’s so amazing to see how she’s getting more recognition she deserves it
Rafaela Oliveira
Rafaela Oliveira ヶ月 前
Maravilhosa, tendo o reconhecimento q merece 😍👏👏👏
theBooCrew!! ヶ月 前
Sofia Carson is hands down amazing and so talented 💜💜
Fabiana Droppa
Fabiana Droppa ヶ月 前
Aqueles 5 minutos que o artista entrega tudooooo. Perfeita 😍
Jadehearts ヶ月 前
I’m so happy that she’s finally getting recognized!! she’s such an amazing person and I can’t wait too see her grow as an artist!🖤🖤
Soumya Surajita
Soumya Surajita ヶ月 前
I watched purple Hearts yesterday night and even still I can't get over that movie. The movie, the chemistry between them, there acting, each and every little thing is soo damn amazing and i must say sofia is an incredible actor and singer. I didn't watch love stories more often but this movie is incredible. And if you haven't watched it, I wanna say must must watch you won't get disappointed. Good to luck to sofia for her journey. ❤
baisha miracle
baisha miracle ヶ月 前
sofia is such a sweetheart and its so amazing to see her grow! i love her personality and her voice is just so magical☺️
Tagam Komut
Tagam Komut ヶ月 前
I love her songs...her discography is so mesmerizing
Laura Malaver
Laura Malaver ヶ月 前
Estoy muy feliz por lo que ha logrado Sofia, se merece todo lo mejor de este mundo, la amo y espero siga creciendo como la artista que es.
Alejandra Bolanos
I love me some descendants girls succeeding this year
Gabriela Paiva
Gabriela Paiva ヶ月 前
She is amazing and deserves everything that is happening right now!!
laura Ol-saez
laura Ol-saez ヶ月 前
Tan orgullosa de ver todo lo que está logrando Sofia, ella es una artista increíblemente talentosa y estoy feliz porque se le esté dando el reconocimiento que realmente merece. Love you Sofia ❤❤❤
Patricia Custodio
Such a feel good movie we need at this time!!! She is awesome! 💜
Mimi’s Corner
Mimi’s Corner ヶ月 前
Sofia is an amazing actress and person. Her voice is fantastic and her emotional expression is great
Ockton McOzgarfleunts
She's a triple threat for Hollywood, she's an actor, a singer, a new vibe comedian , what more ? her talents are soon gonna feel like a groundbreaking thing. I love Purple Hearts, it's such a great masterpiece. I love them 3000 ! 😭😍🏆
Petra E
Petra E ヶ月 前
She is so talented, I can't wait to see what she does next ❤️
tania gonzalez
tania gonzalez ヶ月 前
Orgullo colombiano 🇨🇴❤️
Hannah-Mae Holmes
I’ve never watched a movie and as soon as I finished it, wanted to watch it again but Purple Hearts. It’s beautiful. She deserves the recognition
Jennifer Gibson
Jennifer Gibson ヶ月 前
She has a great voice, and the movie was great! The hubs and I loved it!
shelly ♡
shelly ♡ ヶ月 前
she is so well-spoken. hearing her speak is so calming
Ana Clara (Ana)
Ana Clara (Ana) ヶ月 前
Muito talentosa!♥
Kanchan Singh
Kanchan Singh ヶ月 前
She's an incredible artist and I'm so just happy for her the songs she've created are beyond beautiful and the way she sang it , it's just so beautiful
friskyguy00 ヶ月 前
NGL she has good vibes and she actually seems like a hardworknig decent human being and her talking about love and positivity that this world needs more of that the fucking media is doing a shit job at is just amazing.
Faith over Fear
Faith over Fear ヶ月 前
I love how modest and classy she carries herself
Squeaky ヶ月 前
Sofia is so incredibly talented and hardworking she deserves every success 💜
JL ヶ月 前
1. Nice interview! 2. Amazing soundtrack and movie! She's very talented!! So cool she wrote the songs and was involved in the process. 3. Her own album 'Sofia Carson' is awesome as well. 4. An incredible human being and artist! I wish her the best. Greetings from Colombia :) 🔴🔵 💜
Dhriti A
Dhriti A ヶ月 前
Absolutely love Sofia so much! ❤️ She’s such a beautiful and talented person! She’s such an inspiration to me xx loved Purple Hearts so much 💜💜💜
Jennifer Torres
Jennifer Torres ヶ月 前
I knew of Sofia Carson but I've never watched anything with her in it until "Purple Hearts" I watched there movie with zero expectations, it's truly a good movie I was amazed by Sofia talent she has an amazing voice but she is also an amazing actress. All the recognition she is reciveing is well deserved can't wait to see more of her in the future she has a lot to offer.
Purple Hearts is awesome and her voice is stunning!
Henry nick C. A
Henry nick C. A ヶ月 前
He seguido a sofi desde tiempos inmemorables y me llena de orgullo que por fin tenga el reconocimiento que se merece.!
Georgexashley B
Georgexashley B ヶ月 前
She is so talented! I watched this movie more than once. Such a great movie, highly recommended.
Jacob Ewing
Jacob Ewing ヶ月 前
i watched it. it’s an amazing movie! the performance of them both was amazing!
Bangtannies ヶ月 前
I got to know her from decendants 1... Looking at her now I feel so proud of her!! My Evie 🥺💗
Wani Khaira
Wani Khaira ヶ月 前
She looks so lovable, graceful, charming, she deserves so much! I love her personality 💜
Sabrina ヶ月 前
I just adore her lovely soul, she’s such an amazing actor! 💜
Jonilson Souza
Jonilson Souza ヶ月 前
Maravilhosa 😍💝
Karina Ceron
Karina Ceron ヶ月 前
I'm so happy for her, she deserve everything 💘💘
Red Fox
Red Fox ヶ月 前
Amazing film, amazing performance , amazing personality!
Bryan Fulton
Bryan Fulton ヶ月 前
I’ve commented on a couple other videos about what an angelic voice Sofia Carson has and how much this soundtrack has moved me, but to see her being interviewed by the best talk show host ever to live, she exudes a humility in such a way that’s lacking in this world, but should be craved by all. What a beautiful person she is.
pittaa Takahashi
pittaa Takahashi ヶ月 前
It's killing me her voice .. I really love it♥️
Sarah Nesheiwat
Sarah Nesheiwat ヶ月 前
I want to hear more from her! She’s sooo great!!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Luisa Gonzalez
Luisa Gonzalez ヶ月 前
Please Jimmy, keep inviting Sofia to your show, we all need to see more of Sofia on this show!
Thalia Diaz
Thalia Diaz ヶ月 前
Sofia is so well articulated, so graceful, so classy and beautiful! ✨💜
Tropical Future
Tropical Future ヶ月 前
I started watching her since descendants and I’m soo happy that she finally gets the attention she needs
Candela Casco
Candela Casco ヶ月 前
Amo a Sofía. Es tan pura y dulce, es una gran persona apasionada por lo que hace y su crecimiento es muy notable. Deseo que jamás se apague ese brillo 🤍
maria ヶ月 前
shes so lovely, beautiful human being
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