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The Daily Show puts Donald Trump’s achievements in perspective, from lying about his net worth to his announcement of a vague Space Force.
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Meredith 時間 前
Let's be honest. These Trump supporters are so stupid, they would support him no matter what he said. They get stuck trying to explain his policies... Because they don't understand them... Yet they still swear they're right.
Daniel St. Juste
Daniel St. Juste 16 時間 前
Bra sounds like a kid talking.. Trump kills me every time 😂 😂 so much entertainment when he opens his mouth
Sidsie Stensgaard
Compared to Obongo, Trump is a godsend for working and middle class Americans. And the left know it, which is why they despise working Americans, especially working and middle class white America. Compare the left's hatred of Trump with their support of investment banker Macron, the president of France.
MsJWheels 日 前
Punge i.e. PNG--persona non grata
Rizky Pratama
Look his followers also as dumb as his president, could not love america more lol
Rizky Pratama
Racist and now zionist what's next Donald??
ReyCL 日 前
Trump should resign and become a comedian. He'd have more fans that way. lol
Passta Bone
Passta Bone 2 日 前
Passta Bone
Passta Bone 2 日 前
Were going to be great at negotiaings
mr ama
mr ama 2 日 前
Who is the better comedian Donald Trump vs Trevor Noah
These are the people who gave us the idiot!
Fnu Lnu
Fnu Lnu 2 日 前
He's aged 20 years in 2
Debating Jay
Debating Jay 2 日 前
"You dunno how rich you gonna be" yeah, I agree...
Zakaria Ali
Zakaria Ali 3 日 前
amod roshode
amod roshode 3 日 前
power rangers..SPACE FORCE!!! HHEEEYAAAAH! (Donald Trump voice) My power rangers will be awesome, they will have the best Zords, big beautiful Zords that can beat anything, they will protect our galaxy boarders, and build a wall around our galaxy, your gonna feel so protected, no president has ever done that.
Hanifa Uwitonze
Hanifa Uwitonze 3 日 前
How can someone hate on Trump. He is so funny.😂
David Brandenburg
hes a space cadet space cadet space cadet!.
David Brandenburg
thats why he don't want us to see his income tax statements, because it will show hes not as rich as he has said he is!.
Jackie Dollhouse
Democrats had perpetuated lynchings of the blacks in America. Lynchings were used by Democrats to enforce white supremacy, intimidate blacks and enact segregation.
SNAB1987 3 日 前
Dr.Doctor M.D
Dr.Doctor M.D 3 日 前
Oh my God, the bull-shit meter is off the charts!!
Sunny Sunshine
Sunny Sunshine 4 日 前
These people the difference between NSA and NASA right?
0 000
0 000 4 日 前
I don't know how you can still listen to Trumpee Americans, you deserve the Nobel prize for Patience, Seriously in Paris one mistake from Macron, we don't wait until I don't know what, we stand up and...made him be more careful, not over for what I understood, let's see Saturday, I'm gonna have fun by watching you thinking it's war in France.... Nope, but you really deserve that Nobel Prize for Patience. Cheers from Brussels
Kalleponken 4 日 前
yay we are ot only gonna have military all over the planet, we are also militarizing space! wooho thanks mr donald
Nabeel Ahmad
Nabeel Ahmad 4 日 前
Could you please talk a little about the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi cause no Indian actually can take on like you do. For reasons that cannot be stated. Also, it would be great to know what an intellectual and reasonable person thinks of him, giving us an insight of his international image.
Derrick Uy
Derrick Uy 5 日 前
trump supporters dumb and stupid
Buddy 5 日 前
7:20 Same idea when Ronald Reagan won in 1980. Have you ever seen him host Death Valley Days on behalf of Borax soap? It's truly historical.
Rion Ramkumar
Rion Ramkumar 5 日 前
If you just listen to Trump and not watch him; he doesn't sound that much different from those evangelical preachers that are always asking for money.
pep 5 日 前
trumpido's mouth is just as nasty the panties that slut koby rammed up back in colorado she had a yeasty panties & ur commander in chief has the worst oral infection in history recommended by liar around the world use "vagasil oral" p.s. trumpido needs cases of that vagasil oral he never stop lying
Kenith Bolston
Kenith Bolston 5 日 前
What's sad is So many white Americans Don't even give a fuck about what an embarrassment he is to white people. Donald is the perfect example of white privilege, He's stupid, white, has a whole bunch of money AND got elected to the presidency.
Kenith Bolston
Kenith Bolston 5 日 前
In the clip where Orange Butt Nugget is talking about building the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem LOOK AT HOW MANY INBRED LOOKING WHITE PEOPLE ARE IN THE FUCKING AUDIENCE!! That is the republican party's base.
Nerd Baby
Nerd Baby 5 日 前
I know this is JPvid, and it's nice that people are giving their opinions.....but can there also be a factual discussion on what Trump is doing? Considering that he is hazardous to not only America but also to overseas countries as well, I think that we the populous should keep a close eye on him and know what he is up too.
까치이 5 日 前
Liberals are idiots.... Sorry im sure you all are nice people abut you guys make some crazy policies... But republicans are brainless.... When stupid comes this low its not stupidity... Its a mental disorder....
Agent 47
Agent 47 5 日 前
Trump is talking about grabbing pussies and you're talking about a f****** list and 82 you dumb f*** this is why I can't stand your dumbass you really shouldn't be on TV and all the people who watch were just as stupid as you I wish JPvid would stop making your ship pop up on my feed
Nikola Babadzhanov
SPACE ISIS - them morons. I still do not get this level of stupidity.
GamerLuna 6 日 前
Damn people were so lost in that Space Force part. Honestly, pretty much what happens when you're a Trump supporter. Your own thoughts are thrown into a void and you start thinking the Trump way.
Brick Tamland
Brick Tamland 6 日 前
Watching trump voters talk is the equivalent to watching an episode of South Park, these people are so stupid.
Gaming4 Life
Gaming4 Life 6 日 前
And steve jobs stole from ibm same shit
Marshall Ash
Marshall Ash 6 日 前
we already have a space force from the things ive heard
latoya woods
latoya woods 6 日 前
These people have got to be actors they’re tooo stupid to not be
Nana kesewaa
Nana kesewaa 6 日 前
woooww....and these are the people who claim to be better than everybody!!
Jalan Grady
Jalan Grady 6 日 前
You idiots give a man nuclear power for entertainment.........what a disgrace!!!
Random Viewer
Random Viewer 7 日 前
How dare they revoke womens' rights to kill babies.
Random Viewer
Random Viewer 7 日 前
The spaceforce is just the airforce for the airforce.
Ali mag die Sterne
Ha! XD
Natalie B
Natalie B 7 日 前
11:48 "Let's not forget 11/9" Hahahahaha seriously?!?!?!!!
Natalie B
Natalie B 7 日 前
News channels are the worst. Thank god for leaders like Trevor.
Jone Johnson
Jone Johnson 7 日 前
LMAO smfh boy tell me white isn't crazy is hell n they call us dumb hell no LMAO
Onome Nikoro
Onome Nikoro 7 日 前
Space Isis
TooFly Simmons
TooFly Simmons 7 日 前
These are the people that elected him.😂😂😂😂
Iron Platypus
Iron Platypus 8 日 前
12:04 this guy so relatable. I love him so much
Hannibal asdfgh
Hannibal asdfgh 8 日 前
Thank you America for all the entertainment 😀
Looney Lana
Looney Lana 8 日 前
Well the people in my town that voted for you to be so rich so fast are probably pretty disappointed. Considering companies are shutting down so fast. People are losing jobs they've had for over 20 years and having to find somewhere to start all over.
Juan Ng
Juan Ng 9 日 前
Cant really tell if his supporters was laughing With or at him.
Jasminder Singh Jesse
What a sad bunch of idiots , these clowns are talking like there was a space force a long time ago . Really shocking to see just how dumb a whole lot of Americans actually are.
M1gh7y8u77 10 日 前
This ppl are so fucking retarded!
Live2Shred 10 日 前
I can't wait until they stand up Space Force. This will be the greatest opportunity for young Americans to join the Military and get all the educational benefits the Military offers while receiving training and experience in a scientific field. This opens the doors to so many people who want to pursue careers in Science and Astronomy, as well as Cosmology, Astrophysics, Celestial Mechanics... The list goes on. This is a big deal. Trever is a little girly bitch who probably can't even tie his own shoes. What the fuck would that fucking idiot know about anything scientific?
Maureen Goodwin
Maureen Goodwin 10 日 前
Perfect 👏👏👏😂😂😂👍😄😄😄😄
Nerdy Snailie
Nerdy Snailie 10 日 前
Oh dear ... 😂😂😂😂😂
Tom Turbo
Tom Turbo 10 日 前
This is, what I thought all the time, someone should x-ray his finances deeply, including not paid taxes.. I think, he is making business on uncovered credits...
Desiree  Cowling
Desiree Cowling 11 日 前
Bing, Bing, Bong 😂😂😂
wow the level of stupidity - Trump brought out the dumb in this country.
Yvonne Clemente
Yvonne Clemente 11 日 前
The stupidity of these TRUMPTARDS never ceases to amaze me #spaceforce 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Night Hawk
Night Hawk 11 日 前
XD bro why does trump look like that when his face is turns one side
Alex 11 日 前
Seeing those rednecks talking about "Space Force" was the saddest thing ever, that's what United States have become, an inbred hillbillie shit hole
geoff dearth
geoff dearth 11 日 前
He and his idiot followers are so unbelievably stupid.
Endless Void Studios
is their a magazine for con man of the century cuz he deserves to be on that shit XD
DontBmad 11 日 前
2008 to 2017 republicans trash Obama... 2017 to present democrats trash trump... gotta love this country... just full of idiots
Matthew David Sieling
I figured out how trump won the elections... the people voting are just as retarded as trump
Tom Tim
Tom Tim 11 日 前
That reporter (space force) is making fun of all those dumb ass hillbillies and they don't even get it!!! That's the people who elected that baboon!!!! Nice one, AMerica!!!!
Tom Tim
Tom Tim 11 日 前
4:53, observe in the background your average Trump supporters! Say no more......right!?
Lyle Meckem
Lyle Meckem 11 日 前
Where do they come up with these people?
keshav singhal
keshav singhal 11 日 前
Tom Tim
Tom Tim 11 日 前
ALL CAPS moron!!!!
Timothy Satyr
Timothy Satyr 12 日 前
I dunno. Not a trump supporter but this space force could have some positives. We complain about the excessive military budget. If a portion of that budget could be used for space expansion, exploration and research. Could be a good thing?
The classic 790
The classic 790 12 日 前
12:00, space isis
life adunya
life adunya 12 日 前
Gosh y cant I get enough😄
Chelsea Durand
Chelsea Durand 12 日 前
912 913 jesus we really have to slow down for these people.
Gee  Wiz
Gee Wiz 12 日 前
Your president jus said nothing at all in about 40 words and im just like wow how does someone like that become the leader of a country. Maby the majority of the country is more thick than this cunt.
Gee  Wiz
Gee Wiz 12 日 前
Yup you guys shld be declared legally retarded what is space force... yea space force. Wha is space force its a fucking military branch to protect Americas assets that are and will be in orbit i googled that it took me 30 sec you ignorant fucks.
smol bean
smol bean 12 日 前
I pity the next president, having to clean up this fucking mess trump has created
Ava WQ
Ava WQ 13 日 前
Les gilets jaunes of the U.S.A.
Nakki S
Nakki S 13 日 前
Trump supporter explaining space force... I can't 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Parker Cayce
Parker Cayce 13 日 前
The segment where they are interviewing people about space force i feel like im watching an episode of parks and rec
15 seconds of truth
Geez you really need some writers! You're about as funny as shit on my shoe
Patrick Drake
Patrick Drake 13 日 前
Let us pass a law to have at least an average IQ to vote, please!
Whisperingpine1 13 日 前
Only dumbed down liberal dumbocrats would agree with this idiotic Trump basher.
Klaus Pallesen
Klaus Pallesen 13 日 前
Mwahaha the morons.... 10:15 “ Making space great again”...I mean. Sorry but I tought the space was already and always has been great....like......FOREVER. Actually, as far as we know there’s nothing greater than space, but.....whatever. It’s Trump supporters.
Live2Shred 13 日 前
Hey Trever, You really should cut down on your Soy intake. You already sound like a girl, Now you're starting to look like one too.
Bucky Brown
Bucky Brown 13 日 前
I worked with Trevor a couple of years ago. Great talent, nice guy. Never the star or big shot. We got along well. Wanna see me? Here I am - www.imdb.com/name/nm2827073
MeanGeneSanDiego 13 日 前
These "Space Force" Idiots are so goddamn dumb, they don't know what NASA does.
DarthVader DaGreat
and what's more disturbing, he has conditioned her to hearing that, it's insane. that was not the first time she has heard that. if she wasnt his daughter he be banging her. spoken like a true crazy person with an unbalanced relationship with Sex. to even say something like that, raised the hairs of many Doctors around the world who have heard that.
DarthVader DaGreat
Space Force is StarShip Troopers. but if there is no Alien Threat, because there are no Alien's!!!!
Knosty 13 日 前
look at the trump voters.....fat, stupid and ugly...well done america
AlexanderDenHaag 13 日 前
Making space great again..?? OMG...
Bianca Toivola
Bianca Toivola 13 日 前
Então eu pensei você eram igual,mais não,ela foi escolhida e vai subir você não, Meghan ela é decepcionada com Deus por isso acredita no diabo,você batizado no Espírito santo????debochado, irreverente ,você ama as mulheres, pois é você morrerá pela mão de uma mulher com 3 tiros por traicao!!Nao se brinca com uma pessoa que poderia te convencer da justiça do pecado e do juízo!O seu filho será um grande homem de Deus,abençoado!!
Mountaga Tall
Mountaga Tall 14 日 前
"Our mascot for SpaceForce...Jim the Crow everybody!" XDDD fuck my sides hurt
monmixer 14 日 前
I think the only thing Trump accomplished was probably saying can please knock of the public humiliation for me because you keep conducting these tests with press? Go ahead..play with your bombs just quit telling everyone because you are making me look bad dude and then i might have to make a plane bomb you. I think this way because they have not given up nukes but you hear no more about this in late November of 2018. sweeping it under a rug is not deal making if it only helps two people. Him and Kim
Hamilton Jet Sport Association
Trump winning in Immigration, Economy, Draining the Swamp putting Mainstream Media in their place.
Oscar Robinson
Oscar Robinson 14 日 前
Trump is what happens when sane people don't get out and vote, and of course voter suppression. sane: of sound mind; not mad or mentally ill.
Oscar Robinson
Oscar Robinson 14 日 前
Your NOT really rich, but you ARE like Senator Mitch...a real bitch. GOP=Genocide Of Poor
Oscar Robinson
Oscar Robinson 14 日 前
Jon Stewart was right...Trevor Noah was the right man to replace him. Trevor is fantastic!
George Taylor
George Taylor 14 日 前
I hope everyone realizes this is from COMEDY CENTRAL, it's all a fucking joke.