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The Daily Show puts Donald Trump’s achievements in perspective, from lying about his net worth to his announcement of a vague Space Force.
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Chase Newman
Chase Newman 日 前
I like Israel but Palestinians are the best, Gigi Hadid, FOuseytube, Anwar Jibawi, who does Israel have Jesus and I'm sure when Trump came, Jesus move to Palestine, if you ask me they're all the same people and they need to chill but Palestinians are really cool, so Israel needs to stop bully and racism and work towards peace, I mean Israeli's and Palestinians are some of the nicest people you can meet so chill and eat Falafel.
N0 Fcks 2 gv
N0 Fcks 2 gv 日 前
He was talking to his billionaire friends not voters
Fadil Shaljani
wow so many dumb trump supporters
Ryan Bertelsen
I seriously can't believe what I just saw. These people have to be actors there is no way anybody can be that stupid.
Ian Newton
Ian Newton 2 日 前
Republican Space Rangers, is a comedy parody in Gta V that came out in 2013, it might now be real in 2020
Syasya Ames
Syasya Ames 2 日 前
Oh, dear God....I've never seen so many dumb people in one place...
jonathan abraham
11:11 *Fucking Neil Amstrong*🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Believer in Christ
😁😂😂😂 Spaceforce!... Idiots!
Believer in Christ
😂😂😂😂 Spirit airlines!
Aamna Here
Aamna Here 3 日 前
'Supported to continue Donald Trump?' I guess you meant continue to support Donald Trump.
theresa webb
theresa webb 3 日 前
Whites are confused on space force.
theresa webb
theresa webb 3 日 前
Whiys doesnt know space force. And they suppoae to be the smartiest this proves it.
theresa webb
theresa webb 3 日 前
Trevor is having fun here.
theresa webb
theresa webb 3 日 前
Trebor is hilarious.
theresa webb
theresa webb 3 日 前
Trump acting jewish is very funny. Trump likes televisions & rat8ngs.
theresa webb
theresa webb 3 日 前
Trump is funny in yhe mideast. Touch a wall he doesnt understand.
Haweya Abdullahi Adan
Space force space force what is space force mmmm eeeee ssssss i don't know but is good
Yared refu
Yared refu 5 日 前
Mitch Ross
Mitch Ross 6 日 前
Fake bone spurs is the dumbest person I've ever heard of.
Rakhi Joshy
Rakhi Joshy 7 日 前
All I am doing is laughing my head because Trevor’s jokes are so funny 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
wallen1986 7 日 前
trevor will never talk about south africa and all the murdering and genocide of white people going on there
Lamerá Verga
Lamerá Verga 7 日 前
Omg, space force lol, Trump supporters are so fucken stupid lol
Yash Bajpai
Yash Bajpai 7 日 前
Man trump is most entertaining person ever🤣🤣🤣🤣
roger poppycock
roger poppycock 8 日 前
Where the f$!- do they find these people!
jack denial
jack denial 8 日 前
LOL,,, Trump just proved that in America, there are morons just like any other countries; 30 percent of Americans are morons. LOL how he loves the poorly educated people... LOL Wow those people are something else. LOL
Rachelle P
Rachelle P 8 日 前
Kathryn Harris
Kathryn Harris 10 日 前
I love how these comedians are there interviewing these people in order to have footage with which to make fun of them on TV, and they apparently don’t even realize it. You’d think they would wise up. Here’s your sign, LOL!🤣
Don't SSleep
Don't SSleep 10 日 前
12:28 - 12:40 pretty much sums up mentality of a Trump loyalist.
Trump supporters r fucking dumb.. space force !!
Dawn Waking
Dawn Waking 11 日 前
Are these people for real?
Laura Westbrook
Laura Westbrook 11 日 前
Did Pence start to crack a smile during Trump's comments about the Space Force?
John Lloyd
John Lloyd 11 日 前
Wouldn’t the space force be a Navy?
David Chen
David Chen 11 日 前
How the fuck do i end up in this page? your voice was so annoying that it woke me up you clown.
cindy hatch
cindy hatch 12 日 前
Sending us backwards to back alley abortions.
KISA xoxo
KISA xoxo 13 日 前
Space force! Space force! Space force! Space force!
Michelle Jacobson
Embarrassed that Israel is honoring Trump.
Emily Fisher
Emily Fisher 13 日 前
If Roe V Wade were to be overturned, it might have consequences they're not expecting. It could wake up and bring voters to the poles who they were not counting on voting.. You have to be careful when you try to vdictate over a woman's body, because she ain't gonna put up with it!!! Try to and You'll see...
Emily Fisher
Emily Fisher 13 日 前
Who would be our Space Force Leader??? Neal Armstrong We'd have to bring him back from the dead 1st!!! 😂😂😂
Emily Fisher
Emily Fisher 13 日 前
Space Force = iTunes 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Emily Fisher
Emily Fisher 13 日 前
Old man: Lets not forget 9/11, Okay.. I think Space Force could help prevent the next 9/11!! Interviewer: Which would be 9/12 ?!?! Old man: 9/12, 9/13... 😂😂
Kasey Rolow
Kasey Rolow 14 日 前
Ferenczy 14 日 前
I now know who his base is...I thought people were joking all this time!
G Hill
G Hill 14 日 前
Separation of church and state! Tax all relegion holdings except the main building.
Duncan Walker
Duncan Walker 14 日 前
You support abortion, you really are a bigger cunt than I realised. Is it you that hear the screams of those babies. Cunt
President Cyanatis
But, (like Poland) Trump can't into space. Sorry I had to.
Dorito Gaming
Dorito Gaming 15 日 前
I swear to God Trump supporters have the lowest IQ in the world. like there IQ is so low that even an atom can beat them in a math quiz.
l33roygunz 15 日 前
Rothschild banks bailed him out....now he's president.
Steven Miller
Steven Miller 16 日 前
In the mean time you #spacetardcadets...your proazc awaits and your trumpputin aid is ready to drink,,hell wtf drink and be merry for tomorrow you'll still #fucktardnerds.
Steven Miller
Steven Miller 16 日 前
what morons...what marshmallows..what maroons,..
Kristinna McDowell
Lmao (pwunn)
Fitri Syapri
Fitri Syapri 17 日 前
Those poor Palestinian, they tried to give some people shelter and safety but they end up losing their own land little by little...the sadest thing is their land was taken by the people they trying to help...dont want people to mistaken me as a Palestinian but it so sad to see them like that... Everytime i see those young children killed i cried.. Thinking how lucky iam compared to them but still complaining about going to school.. When they dont have a chance to get education... I just hope they find peace one day...no hate
rare tube 0330
rare tube 0330 17 日 前
robert munson
robert munson 17 日 前
im gonna be rich? where's my fkn money you cunt.
Abdullah Al Mamun
Saul Rivera
Saul Rivera 18 日 前
What a stupid group of people 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 yes space force!!!! Ugh anyway I can just be drunk til 2020
Ivy Zhu
Ivy Zhu 18 日 前
2:01 #HOPE
Rachel 'RTNightmare'
I hope Trump never gets the Nobel Peace Prize or any other prizes or awards or anything. Gross son of a bitch.
LinhBao Vo
LinhBao Vo 18 日 前
Socialism on the world fade out is best news for humanity, therefor we must push it right now.
Charlee P. A.
Charlee P. A. 19 日 前
These people are so stupid it's not even funny, this is just embarrassing for humans in general
Jay Filet
Jay Filet 20 日 前
Bing ,Bing ,Bing ,Bong guy is the truest face of America.
rare tube 0330
rare tube 0330 21 日 前
Maher Zain's Fan
Maher Zain's Fan 21 日 前
Why are drump's supporter so dumb?
Mystic pluto123
Mystic pluto123 21 日 前
Space force. May the force be with you
Emmanuel Baynes
Emmanuel Baynes 21 日 前
If there is a space force can they finally answer the age old question are there aliens with 3 titties
Al Somethin
Al Somethin 21 日 前
The whole abortion thing is kind of incongruant . The people against it get all riled up about unborn babies dying but, after it pops out of moms vag space its ok to throw it in a cage like an animal at the boarder. Then after its 18 its ok for the kid to die to make some asshole rich in some war over oil but, its ok no wories as long as its somebody elses kid dying or getting his arms and legs blown off right ? Shouldnt a right for life be about a right for all life?
joyusa 31
joyusa 31 22 日 前
Wasn't the "space force" called Star wars when they maid a rail gun thing that they didn't know how it worked?
Arianna Baptiste
Arianna Baptiste 22 日 前
space force=icloud
Mario Cavett
Mario Cavett 22 日 前
Jim Menard
Jim Menard 22 日 前
New York times the LEADER OF FAKE LYING NEWS and Fake News CNN is NEXTAnd without our great president Trump who is a WINNER none of u would be on TV u idiots.i guess brainwashed Dumbdowned people who believe the Garbage spewing out of this Idiots mouth would rather live under COMMUNISM AND SOCIALISM YAH U WOULD LIKE that America would become VENEZUELA OR EUROPE OR MEXICO taken over by millions and millions of VIOLENT ILLEGALS,that's what brainwashed Dumbdowned people want.LIKR Q SAID THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID YES THEY ARE REALLY STUPID.enjoy the show
The Foxfires
The Foxfires 22 日 前
Trump was right about one thing, we all would get sick of all this "winning". -sigh-
Emanuel P.
Emanuel P. 22 日 前
Trump supporters are drunks
Emanuel P.
Emanuel P. 22 日 前
Trump is a loon and any1 who believes this. Pervert
Starr RavenHawk
Starr RavenHawk 22 日 前
i can't ,... I just can't ... these people are so stupid... I just can't... everyone on here that is set to get high until 2020, I think I'm about to join you all, and I've never gotten high... contact high here I come... ODGoddess...
Virginia Holliday
Of course, puuung and bing bing bing are just a few of the best words that trump has.
Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis 23 日 前
space force are the empty-headed Trump supporters. lol
john doe
john doe 23 日 前
If i could ill punch trump in the face to shut him up for a lil......but then he'll tweet about it 😂😂💯
Kendal 23 日 前
Trump the Grand Wizard needs to be in jail for working with Russia and hacking our elections
FSM follower
FSM follower 23 日 前
Wow. I do not think Trumpers are capable of reason. Like my sister. "Space force". Hilarious, and sickening. Can we send the Trumpers into space? I wonder how Trumpers believe we can fund a "space force" if we cannot afford their stupid wall. Trump is attempting to bankrupt the USA. That's the one thing Trump knows well how to do that. I fear how much money will be thrown into "space force".
Talisa's World
Talisa's World 24 日 前
At least the big guy kept it real “You know what it’s just a cool name”
Ane G
Ane G 24 日 前
Marquise Strong
Marquise Strong 24 日 前
I almost kind of don't like the "show how dumb these supporters are" segments because they simply appease the intellectually responsible with the fact of what they already know. However, they undoubtedly further alienate those that genuinely need to be educated better and make them more steadfast in their (however ignorant) beliefs. Just my opinion though.
D W 24 日 前
It's a fascinating concept the kiddies have though... "get out of the way" so young people can "change" things.... They don't know their ass from the third world but they know this: they're here to change stuff even though they haven't the VAGUEST idea what it might be... I suppose to a modern progressive, that makes sense?... But, to me... it's like ordering a pizza from a chinese restaurant...
D W 24 日 前
And so, Noah... what do you think the best part of being African might be?... I'm interested in a local's opinion...
Are Gup
Are Gup 24 日 前
8 U.S. Code § 1324a. Unlawful employment of aliens... isn’t that punishable 🤔 orange 🍊?!?hiring Hispanic to clean his house and his daughter
John Ishmael
John Ishmael 24 日 前
After those Jews kept playing the *"holocaust"* card and you Americans help them take Jerusalem? Get your priorities straight assholes...
Kamala Williams
Kamala Williams 24 日 前
Don’t mean to sound like the tin foil hat people but what if trump is a robot being operated by a 6 yr old? 👀 it’s the most plausible explanation right now
Bona Fide
Bona Fide 24 日 前
Space force ha ha ha ha. What a fucking impressive display of collective intellect! LMAO!
Edna Couture
Edna Couture 24 日 前
Donald's real last name is Drumpf his father Frederick changed it too Trump....The immigration records list his name as Friedr. Trumpf.[17][18][19] The 1910 United States census lists his name as Fred Trump [Friedrich (Drumpf) Trump]. [20] According to the German Gesellschaft für Computergenealogie, Trump's earliest known male ancestor was Johann Paul Trump (1727-1792) in Bobenheim am Berg.[4] The story of an itinerant lawyer Hanns Drumpf presented by Gwenda Blair in her book The Trumps (2000) who settled in Kallstadt in 1608 and whose descendants changed their name from Drumpf to Trump during the Thirty Years' War of the 1600s[21][22] could not be substantiated and is not in accordance with the data provided by the German genealogists.[4] Journalist Kate Connolly, visiting Kallstadt, found several variations in spelling of the surname in the village archives (including Drumb, Tromb, Tromp, Trum, Trumpff, Dromb) but her article does not note "Drumpf".[23].
Jequan Baugh
Jequan Baugh 25 日 前
I think when he said winning he ment the rich.
greatboniwanker 25 日 前
*We need regulations in space because you can do whatever you want.* Isn't Trump against regulation? *Yeah...but...*
FuckCancer AllDay
Hey 👋
vex390 25 日 前
Who else caught Trevor's slip up?
garry brown
garry brown 25 日 前
I could make a fortune selling foil hats out there
Yve LA BELLA 25 日 前
It is January 2019 and real shit is coming down 😂😂DEMOCRATS will be picking judges to the Supreme Court, too. trump is a moron.
Eileen B
Eileen B 25 日 前
"I'm so good in business". I'm sure the Bankruptcy Court wouldn't agree. If you can't dazzle them with the truth, baffle em' with bullchit", eh?
Early Archuleta-Jackson
The biggest cheats and liars in the world are in love with a Fucking Criminal
History Channel
History Channel 26 日 前
thing about his daughter is disgusting it is not even funny. How can someone look at their child that way. A father daughter relationship is sacred and pure love! Trump should be thrown in jail for even saying such shit
History Channel
History Channel 26 日 前
omg space force lol
Will Gillispie
Will Gillispie 26 日 前
spce isis! LOLS
Max Wheel
Max Wheel 26 日 前
“NASA is only gonna tell is what they want to tell us.” We’ve got flat earthers. Also anyone notice how all the trump supporters looked like hillbillies. Even in the background theyre all white people.
will crosby
will crosby 26 日 前
I think instead of space force we just give NASA a part of the military budget instead of less then half then 1% of the budget
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