So, I made a decision...

Brie Larson
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Brie Larson
Brie Larson ヶ月 前
Give me all the ideas! What do you want to see and who should I collab with? 💕
BOT the bot
BOT the bot 26 日 前
I think you can learn how to actually act and not always start in roles of bland mary sues
Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson ヶ月 前
You should do a collab with captain marvel Jk but that would be pretty epic! Also welcome to JPvid!
Christine C
Christine C ヶ月 前
Please do a crafting video where you recreate some teen Brie Larson red carpet looks
Justap Erson
Justap Erson ヶ月 前
Collab with Mia Malkova, that'd be a nice duo Oh, my bad. I thought you were someone else. I stand by my suggestion though.
adel shaikh
adel shaikh ヶ月 前
You should vlog I guess that'd be great 😀
Kibi 56 分 前
MR H brought me here and he's right, this is the worst channel on youtube.
Kibi 58 分 前
I know her as the worst actor in the MCU
XrossFixtion 時間 前
A few words of advice: Stay away from the makeup community and commentary community Take criticism, have thick skin JPvid is always changing its policies, so you understand and adapt to term of service
Jaynie Santo
Jaynie Santo 2 時間 前
this was pretty bad
Rosa San Martin
Rosa San Martin 3 時間 前
Brie Larson has already destroyed the reactionaries. These stupid snowflakes really believed that their comments would cause her to disable the comment section or close her channel. They are true failures who only get out of bed to worry about things they don't like, instead of spending their time on things they like. Just remember, you are already defeated. Hahahaha!
Hi Banned Troll from Jessi Milestone's Matriarchy Live Stream!!! So, this is where your bridge that you live under is! Yes, I'm sure you're not living in your mum's basement, and that had nothing to do with why you were trolling. Jeez, could you be anymore pathetic?
Steven Santos
Steven Santos 3 時間 前
Have you seen Jojo Rabbit starring your best bud, Scarlett Johansson? Maybe you can do a reaction or review video on it from an actor's point of view.
Christopher gresky
Christopher gresky 4 時間 前
This is so awesome! I saw guitar bits on twitter, and had to check this out. It's just so heartwarming to see our heroes be regular, scared, flawed, beautiful human beings. Thank you!
Kibi 57 分 前
This is all completely scripted and fake. she's not a youtuber, she's a mediocre actress thats following the instructions of her PR team.
Christopher Reeves
Heroes? I'm not sure hero is the right word.
Ethan Brogan
Ethan Brogan 4 時間 前
Why is everything about race stfu
We The Kingdom
We The Kingdom 4 時間 前
Loads of bots and bot companies already doing their fair best to pretend like the Plank is relevant
Danni Ashford
Danni Ashford 5 時間 前
I hate that Brie is seen as this controversial figure. I love her vibe and she is so wholesome. This video doesn’t deserve so many dislikes. If you don’t like her as a person you don’t HAVE to watch, but I definitely will be. Can’t wait for more!
The Masteŕ Ğamer Špiro
the Funky chicken
the Funky chicken 6 時間 前
Oh my gosh it's the girl from Scott Pilgrim vs the World!!!
WonderFool 8 時間 前
Alison Parks
Alison Parks 9 時間 前
Your first video was awesome I love it and you are so cute 🥰 I look forward to see the next, big kiss xoxoxo
Ars Lana
Ars Lana 10 時間 前
Даже Бузова так не бесит,как Бри....
Oleg Simpson
Oleg Simpson 10 時間 前
Фемка е...банутая!
RiOT76AD 14 時間 前
Holy jeez, the dislikes... people really are jerkfaces, aren't they? Anyway, glad you decided to make a presence on JPvid! Hope your stay is long and pleasant. There are many of us that are incredibly happy! :3
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 10 時間 前
Perhaps there are so many dislikes, because people feel that same way about the content creator?
Christina Hsu
Christina Hsu 15 時間 前
Think it would be cool to see you have weekly (or monthly) challenges where you dive into something that you've always wanted to learn or do. For instance week 1: learn how to surf | week 2 challenge: learn how to bake the most delicious cookie | week 3 challenge: how to tango, paint, etc. Also it might be nice to start a virtual book club.
Lloyd Hughes
Lloyd Hughes 16 時間 前
Yep, she`s trying to look likeable and even human with her pretend `mistakes` at the beginning of this, ahem, vlog. She is an actress, she doesn`t allow herself to look unprofessional so don`t be fooled, this is just fake from start to finish.
Danni Ashford
Danni Ashford 5 時間 前
“ShE iS aN aCtOr So ShE cAn’T hAvE eMoTiOnS” get over yourself.
Quique Cano
Quique Cano 17 時間 前
otra charo mas llorando por no poder trabajar lo suficientemente duro que las demás y quiere lo mismo que otras que son mejores que ella.
Mohd Tahir
Mohd Tahir 17 時間 前
Osmmmmmm 😍
Mohd Tahir
Mohd Tahir 17 時間 前
Hay I am beri Larson
WinnerMatt11 17 時間 前
I think they’re deleting comments 🤦‍♂️. I’m 99% sure of it.
Danni Ashford
Danni Ashford 5 時間 前
I’m 100% sure they’re not
ZoLexa 20 時間 前
Wow the dudebros are SO upset about her starting a channel she literally BREATHED lmao
memosrt 7 時間 前
What's a dudebro?
Cole 21 時間 前
and of course more singing! We see adorable snippets on Insta, but would love to see more
Cole 21 時間 前
wouldnt it just be wild if there was a collab with The Try Guys
Jeana little
Jeana little 23 時間 前
That video game story was gold! I would be all over that content and stories.
Wes Brister
Wes Brister 23 時間 前
So you learn things from JPvid, that’s cool. I recommend Jordan Peterson dangerous people. I believe college has indoctrinated you with Marxist ideologies. I also think people are redeemable, if you can quit focusing on rights and equality of outcome, and focus on equality of opportunity and merit and responsibility you may win people over. Good luck
Kevin Rugian
Kevin Rugian 23 時間 前
i'm so gladd babyy❤❤❤❤ i love u briee🔥
Alex C
Alex C 23 時間 前
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck 日 前
Dead 666
Dead 666 日 前
Ну чё, тоже от Культаса?
Artashes Tovmasyan
Worst marvel actor
Hutt Productions
Just take away marvel and your spot on
Larissa Oliveira
Oh, Brie! Please make react videos! I'm really excited to see it, especially if you react to videos about your work as Capitan Marvel and the Marvel universe! I'm very happy that you created the channel, it's very nice to see the people behind the characters. Hugs from Brazil ;)
GOD 日 前
Ruined Marvel, working on JPvid
james larkin
james larkin 日 前
Oh god boring
James Collinge
Loving the positive energy. Much love from Manchester / England!
Darlin 日 前
You do realize that you stole a Black woman's name, that Captain Marvel belonged to Monica Rambeau, right? Prior to that Captain Marvell was a man and, in fact, your character was just changed from a man to you, a white privileged woman. Privileged because you totally ignored the true BLACK Captain Marvel and made her an insignificant child. You should be ashamed of this since you're so aware and concerned for causes. Seems to me if a white woman steals a role from a black woman that would be kind of like stealing don't you think? Curious if you'll delete this. Woke much?
Danni Ashford
Danni Ashford 5 時間 前
I love this comment, because it shows that you know NOTHING about the source material.
Max Stezer
Max Stezer 日 前
Зашёл чисто диз поставить
Дмитрий Назаров
Negative. На родном языку далее пишу, Google переводчик в помощь. Вся ваша борьба за равноправие больше на фашизм стала походить и работает только для "галочки", как говориться. По факту фанаты показали свое отношение к этой "дичи". Не ходил и не пойду на будущие фильмы Капитан Марвелл, Следите за языком дамочка!
MyessYallyah Americus
I don't understand what all the noise is about but the Tetons almost looked real. Good effects team fabricators. It's odd that the sound editing is so poor?
Marco Riviero
Came for the stunning. Stayed for the brave!
Павел Яценко
Рано или поздно кончится самоизоляция, covid и прочая лгбт фигня. Пройдет эта мода кланяться и мыть ноги неграм, яростно защищать фемок с вечной манией величия и ты исчезнешь, тебя сожрут окончательно. Я давно уже купил кучу попкорна, чтобы весело наблюдать, как твоя задница будет гореть на костре твоих же фанатов. Мир никогда не простит тебе того, что ты творишь. Я мечтаю о том, когда уйдут из студии все мужчины и фильмы марвел начнут получать низшие оценки, перестанут банально окупаться и вот тогда твою жопу насадят на кол и будешь ты вертеться на нем, как шашлык на шампуре.
Bryan Mora
Bryan Mora 日 前
Critical drinker👍😂🤣😅
Ryan Stevenson
Bryan Mora same 😂 guilty as charged
brampat 日 前
"I'm scared" -> The best truth you can reveal and shows you are the most powerful person in the universe. /cc @simonsinek
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw 日 前
I'm just here for the cringe. Hollywood's been a bit slow lately
Chris Patterson
Reply to ur comment Brie here’s someone Chris Hansen
Great video ⏰📹⌚🎥🔢📼
macs archer
macs archer 2 日 前
All the bad one got deleted
Adrionne Johnson
Get a PS4, play Last Of Us 1 & 2, the Walking Dead, and Life Is Strange games!!!!
takewhataway 2 日 前
Hi Brie, I hope you read this. i'm not a "fan" of you but I am a fan of marvel and JPvid. I'm not gonna act like I know who you are but I like to give people the benefit of a doubt. So far from what I've seen in the internet, ppl are too quick to judge or too harsh on people like you. So, I feel like I need to write this comment that there are people like me that choose to observe A LOT first before judging. So far my opinion on you is more to the positive side than the negative. I think you're mad that you chose to do a YT channel after all the crazy "haters" been doing, but at the same time I think you're brave. I like what you're doing with this first video. You're humbling yourself and at the same time, showing that you're just like any other YT viewers that has fav youtubers and questions about the YT world. I like that. I hope you took note and you make a channel that is fun for you and it's translate well to the subscribers. Wishing you all the best for all kinds of projects you'll do. Hello from Indonesia.
Dan Hoon
Dan Hoon 2 日 前
I'd totally watch you and iJustine talk for hours.
5239 228
5239 228 2 日 前
Beautiful lettuce! 💕💕💕
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw 2 日 前
This show just how bad Brie's acting ability really is
Andrea Van Schalkwyk
I honestly don't understand why Brie gets so much hate. She really inspires me
Andrea Van Schalkwyk
Andrea Van Schalkwyk 19 時間 前
@Thomas Shaw maybe because I don't believe fake news
Andrea Van Schalkwyk
Andrea Van Schalkwyk 19 時間 前
@Cntrol100 she isn't any of that
Cntrol100 日 前
Inspire you to be what a racist ? Narcissist ? Fake self centered individual ?
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw 2 日 前
I understand, why you don't understand
David Smith
David Smith 2 日 前
Cntrol100 日 前
We can only dream and hope.
reckneya 2 日 前
negritoxdd lool
negritoxdd lool 2 日 前
Just leave YT crack.
Ying Ping
Ying Ping 2 日 前
2M people came to read the comments
Roman Kosenkov
Roman Kosenkov 2 日 前
Bruh I’m not gonna watch your marvel movies ever again if you think you are the queen of Marvel you freaking not ! Guys don’t watch her movies ever again and she will be fired from Marvel!
Nicholas NKG
Nicholas NKG 2 日 前
Do the cinnamon challenge
Swif T
Swif T 2 日 前
NatyelMaligno 2 日 前
Freedom of speech does not mean deleting negative comments, Brie ^^
György Bicski
György Bicski 2 日 前
🤨 Wtf?
Nicolas Rapiera
Nicolas Rapiera 2 日 前
Step 1 start a series Step 2 Read the comments or get someone to curate the feedback and show it to you Step 3 Do more videos
Chicka Phant
Chicka Phant 2 日 前
My family just discovered that you have a channel and are so glad we did. Thank you for sharing yourself in such a way. You being you is all anyone should expect and that’s what’s going to make this journey a success. We look forward to catching up with what you’ve already posted and taking this journey with you. Good luck and happy thoughts as you continue to grow your channel.
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 2 日 前
These videos are professionally scripted, edited and produced.
Chris Dobbins
Chris Dobbins 2 日 前
id watch this but im far to busy eating my tacos
Venkatesh Vj
Venkatesh Vj 2 日 前
Where are all the bad comments.. 🤔
Коляныч Криперивич
XD ты хочешь быть сильной и независимой, хотя как последня ПРОСТИТЕ лошара стираешь хейтеров с канала. БРАВО. почему то все остальные умудряются их терпеть. если все актеры будут такими как ты, тогда все перестанут смотреть голивудские фильмы и уйдут в аниме по уши. XD
Gabriel_Aranda 2 日 前
I just came to give him a thumbs down, I'm not interested in the video.
Gabe. 日 前
That’s stupid okay.
Matt Trustain
Matt Trustain 2 日 前
Your viewing figures have plummeted since this video, whays the reason for it
Matt Trustain
Matt Trustain 2 日 前
Look at me. Look at me. LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan 2 日 前
Make up is on to try to make it look like you don't have make-up on
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 2 日 前
It's like that in every video too, and people continue to comment how great it is to see a natural look
Marcela Batalha
Marcela Batalha 2 日 前
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw 3 日 前
Brie seems to get a lot of flat tires. so hip and relatable.... in the 80's
@Steve Vadeboncoeur Fake
Steve Vadeboncoeur
@reggy nold or thomas you are a virgin ...
reggy nold
reggy nold 2 日 前
@Steve Vadeboncoeur go and get yourself a girlfriend...get a real life that's not online...get laid....this will help your frustration ...you are always on brie Larson's channel even on weekends..!!! this is bad for you mentally..
Steve Vadeboncoeur
hi moron
Серж Горелый
big ambition, acting zero
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw 3 日 前
That's some cringe worthy acting right there
Илья Дворянкин
Chris Patterson
Chris Patterson 3 日 前
Just making sure comments aren’t disabled
Osmar Leandro
Osmar Leandro 3 日 前
Talk about your childhood. 😁
George Blanchard
So Jack Black The Rock Kevin Hart and Will Smith all have JPvid Channels and you’re fine with it, and yet Brie Larson starts one and you’re mad now? Sounds like there’s some prejudices afloat...maybe...?
Querain 15 時間 前
Because with the exception of Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Will Smith are two of the most popular actors, and are genuinely great people
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 2 日 前
Have any of those content creators told any of their viewers they aren't allowed to comment on their channel?
No se que poner
No se que poner 3 日 前
I hate you
Ether 3 日 前
Hey, i just discovered you, i didn't see Captain Marvel.. I just want to tell you, as a yt creator, this is such an empty content. Many people want fame and want to be on screen even if they have no talent nor idea. Seems like it is the case here.. You ask people to give you ideas but you should try to have a concept BEFORE starting a channel. Seems like basic logic.
DevilDogMuNky 3 日 前
21 minutes wasted.
Cntrol100 日 前
You did this 2 yourself, there is a pause button and a very entertaining comments section.
Chris Heller
Chris Heller 3 日 前
Hey Bri what’s your view on gun control
rio197 3 日 前
Looking forward to this. P.S. Why is her home so sparse?
Carl Ward
Carl Ward 3 日 前
Isn't it interesting that you think you are Captain Marvel and claimed to be her. But, you don't even do the voice acting for Captain Marvel and the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 video game that came out not too long ago.
p.v.k raju 678
p.v.k raju 678 3 日 前
Super b
SexPest 3 日 前
Never go full Brie Larson.
hillary clinton
hillary clinton 3 日 前
This is sooooo depressing. Someone told you that you matter, you were relevant... Or more likely, that you didn't, and you aren't. You are going to have anti racist rhetoric.. aware that this is as vapid as the definition of the word? And EVER showing a biological male is kinda wrong isn't it? Oh, wait..gay. got it.
Mr. Curse
Mr. Curse 3 日 前
Robot head made me watch 2 mins of this video. Really.
Showery Coyote
Showery Coyote 3 日 前
I hate you
OnionSoup animation
She couldn’t have been a bit more creative i mean nobody likes video games, learning, talking to people and video games
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 3 日 前
@Jamar XD Apparently working out in yoga pants was the best idea to come up with. Aside from this video, it currently has the highest number of views.
Jamar XD
Jamar XD 3 日 前
She just started she's gonna come up with more ideas
Coldryce 3 日 前
I know internet is all about getting on bandwagons, but I don't subscribe to that idea. I've not seen the Cap Marvel film yet, but you were fantastic as Natalie Adams. I'd love to give the Marvel film a watch but it's not available on Estonian Netflix :( As far as what I'd love to see you do on YT is you being the real you. Definitely would watch you play video games!
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 3 日 前
Her second video features that. It was very popular, it seems strange that she has not continued with that.
Sv_eR 3 日 前
Захожу ради диза)
Khurram Raza
Khurram Raza 3 日 前
Stop acting :)
Steve Vadeboncoeur
fake af
@Steve Vadeboncoeur Fake
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw 3 日 前
@Steve Vadeboncoeur Are you sure about that?
Steve Vadeboncoeur
@Marshal Mathers you're heavy... and somebody creates my profile
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 3 日 前
@Steve Vadeboncoeur It is rather ironic that you are using factual information and dates as truths in order to disprove something. Didn't you claim that a video in August 2020 marked as "secret" was perfectly okay, despite that "secret" being revealed in March of 2019 by the same content creator?
Steve Vadeboncoeur
Thomas Shaw creates a copy of my account (August 11, 2020) to make me dirty ... I am quite a stranger here ... it will not give much ...
Robert Burton
Robert Burton 3 日 前
Nice, clean, and honest! Please just ignore those people who just wanna hate - they got nothing better to do. And they're certainly not gonna have the balls to climb a badass mountain in f****** Wyoming! I've got a friend who lives in Bondurant, WY. He and I went like 1/4 of the way up that mountain and said " Yeah, but no." Just keep being honest and true to yourself (and screw the rest) :D
Querain 15 時間 前
I mean you dont even have the balls to swear on the internet
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 3 日 前
These videos are all professionally scripted, edited and produced. Not sure why you would claim them to be clean and honest.
D. 3 日 前
Bri you are stupid, leave marvel pliz!!!!
My audition story time… (Part 1)!
Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007