Skillet - Surviving the Game (Official Video)

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The Official Music Video for Skillet's single "Surviving the Game" - from their upcoming album Dominion - available everywhere January 14th.

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Get "Surviving the Game": skillet.lnk.to/STG
Pre-Order/Pre-Save Dominion: skillet.lnk.to/Dominion

Director/Editor: Jon Vulpine
Executive Producer: Daniel Livschutz
Production Company: VILAS Entertainment
Producer: Sara Lacombe
Production Manager: Dain August
Production Coordinator: April Qualls
1ST AD: Adam Jordan
2ND AD: Skye Grisson
DP: Lerry Kin
1ST AC: Eduardo Orozco
2ND AC: Ryan Deng
Drone Op: Sam Windell
Gaffer: Vahe Papazyan
Key Grip: Hawke Clothier
Best Boy Grip: Marty Kimble
HMU Artist: Vicky Garcia
Cast Stylist: Stephanie Yniguez
Band Stylist: Tara Nichols
Production Designer: Lucca Liberal
Art Assistants: Christian Rivas & Richard Morales
Set PA’s: Jordan Espinoza, Eli White
Runner PA: Sage Lemyou
Truck PA: Tristan Georgio
Child King: Zander
Scavengers: Mario, Doc Adewole, Tattoo Betty, Juliette Sureau
Visual Effects: Jaime Valdueza

Connect with Skillet:
Facebook: facebook.com/skillet
Twitter: twitter.com/skilletmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/skilletmusic
Website: skillet.com

To be more than a conqueror
You have to learn to enjoy the pain
If you want to survive the game

You can try to defeat me (beat me)
You dunno it’s the pain that’ll feed me (feed me)
And I'm gonna take back what you took before
Coz I was born for this

All the bones that you’re breaking (breaking)
You pretend you’re the one that can save me (save me)
Now I’m taking it back - it was never yours
I’m fighting

Fighting for my focus
Give the pain a purpose
Light the fire inside
Feel it come alive (come alive)
Show ‘em what I’m made of
Victories for the brave ones
Who never bow the knee when it’s do or die

One more time

Surviving the game
I can be unstoppable
Gonna walk through hell
Gonna shake the walls
Survive - Surviving the game

Living the impossible
I’m a champion, Indestructible
Survive - coz I’m

Surviving the game
I can be unstoppable
Gonna be indestructible
I can be unstoppable
Gonna be indestructible

All the liars around me (round me)
Like the wolves at the walls they surround me (round me)
In the face of the fear I keep standing tall
I will conquer this

I come out like a lion (lion)
I was born to be demon-defiant (biting)
And I won’t ever let this kingdom fall
I’ll show them

Show them what you’re made of
Victories for the brave ones
Never bow the knee coz it’s do or die

I am more than a conqueror
The past behind me life is ahead
I’ll take the way of the Warrior
I walk alone no fear to the death






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Lucas Farias
Lucas Farias 11 分 前
Macias712 時間 前
Skillet never fails to impress me 🎸🔥🤘
Niceguy 106
Niceguy 106 2 時間 前
I dont understand the concept of the song but I enjoy it so fricking much they still do so much good stuff and they are truly one of a kind
Brittany Yerkes
Brittany Yerkes 3 時間 前
Omg skillet this is beautiful think of all the women dealing with soical paths who are abusive. This will help us to survive
Gabriel Castle
Gabriel Castle 5 時間 前
I miss the collide era. This is ok
Nicholas Schonerstedt
Why does the kid look like a demon
Angelito RJ
Angelito RJ 9 時間 前
WWE Survivor Series 2021
Wave Dark
Wave Dark 16 時間 前
tony schneider
tony schneider 20 時間 前
Ich liebe dieses lied
Павел Каров
Павел Каров 21 時間 前
Wow, that is really cool🔥
BigTruck 23 時間 前
This song is so fire. Feels like Doom Eternal, Incredible
tony schneider
tony schneider 20 時間 前
Yea this is so
Kim Whitney
Kim Whitney 日 前
We Shall Overcome!!!💯☝🙏
akhil Gupta
akhil Gupta 日 前
This is the best song ever
karvala 日 前
I hope this "game" is not a squid game refferance
jessica little
( Victory's for the brave ones?) Join us. Andrew Yang. It's not Left or Right It's ( FORWORD. ) Yang gang 2024!
Cooper Scheider
The reason why I'm like crazy about skillet is because they never disappoint all their fans and they will always be my favorite band ever and john cooper and jen ledger are my favorite singers ever from this band and I love them so much always and forever
DERLY XIOMARA urrutia bonilla
He estado escuchando skillet desde Monster. ¡Estos chicos nunca decepcionan! ¡¡La voz de John siempre ha sido genial !! ¡Mantente al día con los grandes chicos de la música! Mi canción favorita de todos siempre será monstruo y comatose ORGULLOSO DE SER UN FAN DE SKILLET 😘
Radical Dreamer
Wow! Аж до мурашек!
Mìtśù Rì photo
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-3waAu906PlA.html AMV Skillet 😍
Mìtśù Rì photo
Flow this ancont ☝☝
Daniel Vittore
Samuel J Smith
I'm a huge fan of skillet. John never disappoints and to have jen as vocals is absolutely beautiful and phenomenal. What a song 🔥🤟
Music&Lyrics 日 前
Why do I remember the Squid Game every time I listen to this track?
shinigami3.0 日 前
I love this song
My daughter discovered Skillet at 5 and my family told me not to let listen to it because it's negative 😑 lol. Best music for a kid to listen to 💛
Renaissance Pest Control
Just looked back on the discography. Wow, can this band stop flooding my Y-tube account? Are they that desperate in their own recognition of being a rip-off of basically everything? I hate being a Karen here but these guys are kind of good while totally sucking simultaneously. It's like Ronald and Grimace made a secret deal with the burger king. Sorry for not capitalizing, sorry, not sorry.
Renaissance Pest Control
skill boys and girls, is a blatant ripoff of Evanescence. These people are not very good at their craft. To place terminology to it, the riffs are as expected and the vocals are augmented. This boy couldn't play in PUB but we're all left to endure the silence...hopefully coming soon to a computer near you. I'm going to look at more of "their" music out of curiosity. That's to say, they seem to show up frequently while I'm amongst the time of more important matters regarding Biden being a total cunt.
Isaac Smithlin
Isaac Smithlin 2 日 前
BigTruck 2 日 前
If skillet made music for Doom Eternal Skillet:
Thaty 2 日 前
I love it. Skillet always getting better. "Saudades brasileiras" ( best show ever)
Dj Chua
Dj Chua 2 日 前
This should be squid game's music ep
Lisa Martinez
Lisa Martinez 2 日 前
Awesome job loved your show last night in Albuquerque nm El Rey I loved it
Manuel Glazio
Manuel Glazio 2 日 前
drecyyyy 2 日 前
I miss Chester 😢😭
Leandro José
Leandro José 2 日 前
T Girl
T Girl 2 日 前
Wayy Kewl, I wouldn't have thought, you know?
Skyllux 2 日 前
omgd this is insane🔥🤘🖤
Tukki1234 2 日 前
Why do I feel like this song would fit perfectly with Squid Game.
Jakob Vox
Jakob Vox 2 日 前
Explain the video
Lord indominus rex 69
This song makes me think of Squid Game
Struczer 57
Struczer 57 2 日 前
Taylor Harris
Taylor Harris 2 日 前
Ive been listening to skillet ever since feel invincible came out and i absolutely love this band my favorite band I’ve listened to they never disappoint me because I love there songs and this band has to be one of the best bands I’ve ever listened to and seeing them live I love you guys
Jorge Pozo
Jorge Pozo 2 日 前
My favorite part is in the minute 1:11
Struczer 57
Struczer 57 2 日 前
My favorite is: 3:14
Jorge Pozo
Jorge Pozo 2 日 前
The best song ever 🤘🎸🎧
This song is actually 🔥
Elite21 2 日 前
Trang Yuuki
Trang Yuuki 2 日 前
don't say much i love this song
leonel sicha
leonel sicha 2 日 前
Spirit Dark
Spirit Dark 2 日 前
Best sont the skillet i love it song
Ali En
Ali En 2 日 前
Podařil se suprr song nr. 1!! Miluji !!
Никита Кошкаров
juan carlos leiva cortez
Yea con todo música
Georgea Paton
Georgea Paton 3 日 前
I love going through these comments and seeing how loving and supportive this community is towards one another ♥ It fills my heart with so much joy to see people sharing stories of how Skillet has in some way shape or form changed their lives. Rock on and keep being awesome🤘
EFRAH Games 3 日 前
Que música top! Amo demais essa banda.
Lucas Farias
Lucas Farias 10 分 前
Verdade eu tenho umas músicas dessa banda agora eu tô viciado kkkkk
Yüka 3 日 前
I can't wait to see them again in France or Luxembourg! We listen to their song since Comatose and Monster and... Wow! I've never been disappointed, and my boyfriend too : we love every music they do, that's not common!
Asin0005 3 日 前
:O Amazing Good Job
Anthony Apodaca
Anthony Apodaca 3 日 前
Diet Linken park 😂😂😂🗑
Pepa xD
Pepa xD 3 日 前
Regreso a comentar aqui en 20 años esperarmeeee xDDDDD
You have Great Performance in Every song. Your Songs made my day. Your Band is Unique than other Bands. It fills motivation in us. Keep Making more Songs, guys. Well Done
Red Dudgeon
Red Dudgeon 3 日 前
Well that was a wierd vid. Good music nonetheless.
Challenger_ PRO
Challenger_ PRO 3 日 前
The new rocks were a little bit of a child's job, but it's great
Dark Scorpion Playz
am glad my dad got me better sound on my pc
Shawn Eldridge
Shawn Eldridge 3 日 前
So when skillet new cd comes out, I am hoping that Skillet also has some bonus tracks on their new cd as well. Love it when they do the bonus tracks.
Laura Flores
Laura Flores 4 日 前
this is exceptional guys, can’t wait to hear the rest of the album, God bless.
RNGfails 4 日 前
So if a "force" is repelled it still exists as is; however, if such "force" is absorbed by "power" then that "force" must change. When something is forced it can be described as false comparatively to power.
Dallas Cifala
Dallas Cifala 4 日 前
Trey mendoza
Trey mendoza 4 日 前
This song would work great with squid game
MrBjh00420 4 日 前
Words cannot describe how epically badass that was! Good job. Very good job!
Зохан Чпохан
+ old schoollllllll
ильдар халитов
Как же это охренительно звучит
Deven Geo
Deven Geo 4 日 前
Just saw Skillet live on 10/16/2021 and they performed this song and it was great!
Grady Mcclintock
I think 5hey went Christian rock to hard rock
Андрей Ермаков
I love your music you are the best Greetings from Kazakhstan👍🇰🇿
JSpro Gamez
JSpro Gamez 4 日 前
Hope they are gonna be more songs like this in Dominion! Great job the thorn awaited y'all! 😭😭😭😭
Crimson Outdoors Co.
That blew my mind
NinjaWolf 5 日 前
Thank you for coming to Tocsun
NinjaWolf 5 日 前
And like the new song and thank you for you time
Armando Sanchez Valencia
cada cancion mejor que la anterior. Soy su fan desde Mexico.
Roberto Robles
Roberto Robles 5 日 前
Excellent song
0_0 5 日 前
This is about the focus from Horizon Zero Dawn?
Leiliane A. Barros
Excalibur77 5 日 前
When squid game adds rock to their new episode
hz impacto
hz impacto 5 日 前
Edward Ross
Edward Ross 5 日 前
Best rock band on the planet. Christian, secular or otherwise.
I'm GuArDiAn
I'm GuArDiAn 5 日 前
God bless you
Saiammasai 5 日 前
Hey skillet this break was very big i missed u all u legends!welcome back after a big break!
Samu94 5 日 前
Freking banger
William Longoni
William Longoni 6 日 前
Similar to Final fantasy XV on 1st minute
3m0 of the Legion Collective
Shit, I've got severe MS and this is me.
Jared Bruce
Jared Bruce 6 日 前
Been listening to these guys since they had bad hair days. Man 20 years went by fast.
Shino Clan
Shino Clan 6 日 前
this is more of a black veil brides beat i like it yaaaa
Aaron H
Aaron H 6 日 前
I have heard Jesus spoke to me since I'm going thru rough times with my grandpa He said to me "IT'LL BE OKAY CHILD"
Ігор Масіч
Frends skillets klas musik
JSpro Gamez
JSpro Gamez 6 日 前
I'm gonna comment here so everytime someone likes it'll remind of this master piece :D
Leo 7 日 前
○△□ squid game soundtrack
Matthew 7 日 前
We're with you guys!! ❤️
Matthew 7 日 前
Never sell to the Illuminati!! ❤️💪🏻
khristle ildrei carbonell
Forget BTS, Skillet for life
SlamJam_Muscle 7 日 前
I know my new workout song!!!!
Ethan Hotchkiss
Ethan Hotchkiss 7 日 前
This is a banger
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