Sia - Hey Boy feat. Burna Boy (Official Video)

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Fall in love (and into another dimension) with the video for "Hey Boy" ft. Burna Boy 😘💋
Golden Globe nominee Best Picture - Musical or Comedy, Music, the new film written & directed by Sia + starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. & Maddie Ziegler 🌈🎧 Get more info, and find out where and when to watch in your country bit.ly/2YJD1ho
Sia's album Music (songs from and inspired by the motion picture) is out now and features "Hey Boy," "Together,” "Courage To Change," & more. Listen now: sia.lnk.to/MusicID
Director: Rafatoon
Production Company: Dreambear
Executive Producers: Dave Gelb and Evan Brown
Video Commissioners: Trevor Joseph Newton & Derec Dunn
Animation: Tunjayork and Apus Studio
Sound Designer: Dalton Harts
Agency/Agent: Reveur / Emily Sanders
Website: siamusic.net
TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@sia
Twitter: twitter.com/sia
Instagram: instagram.com/siamusic
Facebook: facebook.com/siamusic
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Hey boy
Whatcha got for me, whatcha got in store?
Hey boy
Damn you’re so sexy, got me wanting more

Not going to be single, not tonight
Am I going to be single all my life?
I want you to stop and come on by
Because you know what us single women like
Hey boy wontcha come around come around town, hey hey boy

Hey boy better run better run now I say hey boy
When you pull up pull up pull up in your hoopty ride boy, ok boy
Hey boy better run better run now I say hey boy (hey boy)
Hey boy, when I get with you
My heart is satisfied
Oh yeah boy
When I get with you all I need is one night

Not going to be single, not tonight
Am I going to be single all my life?
I want you to stop and come on by
Because you know what us single women like

Hey boy wontcha come around come around town, hey hey boy
Hey boy better run better run now I say hey boy
When you pull up pull up pull up in your hoopty ride boy, ok boy
Hey boy better run better run now I say hey boy (hey boy)
Hey boy whatcha got for me, whatcha got in store?
Hey boy whatcha got for me, whatcha got in store?
Every body di body di body do body
Oluwal Burna ti de o
Tell me have you ever
Been with a Breda
Wey go take you through any weather
Start drying up he make you wetter
So me ting set off
You won’t find anyone to do you better
If you Come closer Babe
Make I put you for my roster babe
Put me weapon inna your holster babe
Your last lover was a joker babe
me beat it up like a drummer
When the music feel right with the vodka
Mix with tings you like,like
Like my banana
Situation get hot like larva
Ad libs
(Tell me have you ever)
(Every body di body di body do body
Oluwal Burna ti de o)
(Tell me have you ever)
Hey boy wontcha come around come around town, hey hey boy
Hey boy better run better run now I say hey boy
When you pull up pull up pull up in your hoopty ride boy, ok boy
Hey boy better run better run now I say hey boy (hey boy)
Hey Boy!
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Oh Sangwoo
Oh Sangwoo 3 時間 前
No se porqué me recuerda tanto a la canción de hazbin hotel que se llama addicted ksdjkf
Shaun Fed
Shaun Fed 3 時間 前
What happens if you mix jessica rabbit and harley quinn?
Lyavari 5 時間 前
Those simple Jessica Rabbit Vibes xD
xeno morph
xeno morph 6 時間 前
Roger rabbit 2 looking grate!
arrowstar fire
arrowstar fire 6 時間 前
she dosent have eyes
Arturow Shaoi
Arturow Shaoi 6 時間 前
Franco casaico gamboa
Franco casaico gamboa 7 時間 前
NerdGirl72 7 時間 前
Bat6irl48 7 時間 前
I love this song
Swift Nimblefoot
Swift Nimblefoot 7 時間 前
The song is pretty bad, and the lyrics boring... but the animation is really nice. Even if the main gal is quite the Harley Quinn ripoff. Nice zebra gals though!
StarGirlBff 10 時間 前
Why does this feel like a copy of that scene in addiction from hazbin hotel
Edu Schramel
Edu Schramel 11 時間 前
Some Jessica Rabbit reference hum?
Mariana Ion
Mariana Ion 12 時間 前
Three Pujante
Three Pujante 13 時間 前
Hacianda te desxuenta el 40% de lo que falta Solo pq somos familiares mas facil .
Marie Zanášková
Marie Zanášková 15 時間 前
Jessica Rabbit vibessss af 💋✨
Love Umazira Gustaf
Love Umazira Gustaf 17 時間 前
BJ Goodrich
BJ Goodrich 17 時間 前
What's with the floating dog toys???
Samantha Crespo
Samantha Crespo 18 時間 前
Intro reminds me of addict from the hazbin hotel universe music vid
Ambrielle's Adventures
Ambrielle's Adventures 19 時間 前
A-SH ,
A-SH , 19 時間 前
Damn!! Sia always delivering with her songs Fire 🔥 Fire
BJ Goodrich
BJ Goodrich 20 時間 前
I first saw this I didn't like it but then I watch it again and I like it. Is that weird or what? 😸😸😸😸😸😸😸
Cussundria Kneal
Cussundria Kneal 21 時間 前
Sia be reminding me of Jessica Rabbit in this, lol. Got the walk and everything.
Van Geovani
Van Geovani 21 時間 前
I get kyary pamu pamu vibes from the visuals after she jumps
Bynakmal rndm
Bynakmal rndm 21 時間 前
Three Pujante
Three Pujante 日 前
Claro quieras tu o no tengo que usar una identidad. No voy a desplazarme siempre mediante fuerza motriz.
Three Pujante
Three Pujante 日 前
No decir la verdad o lo que solo es apetecible sigue siendo falso con o sin intencion.
Sebastian Albornoz
Sebastian Albornoz 日 前
0:02 addict vibes 2:31 lone digger vibes 1:30 my little pony the movie vibes
diego la torre
diego la torre 日 前
Me creerian si les digo que mi tia iso este video
Allexie Sharp
Allexie Sharp 日 前
for some reason this reminds me of Jessica Rabbit
Kimira brown
Kimira brown 日 前
I am just saying I put my own breath. And I have a very good experience. So you don't know about what the best of role in that role you don't understand and you can play
Alakai Almon
Alakai Almon 日 前
I'm getting Roger Rabbit vibes
Gabriel Rivas mejia
Gabriel Rivas mejia 日 前
my favorite singer is sia 😍😍
ron vickers
ron vickers 日 前
yes she rocks
I am happy that she featured one of the african giant😎 Burna . SIA we really highly appreciate ❤
this should have been the song in zootopia it really fits the vibe
Adriana Matos
Adriana Matos 日 前
Animação maravilhosa!! 🇧🇷
Onyii Ubah
Onyii Ubah 日 前
It's bad I comment and like by myself only 😩😩😩
Godfred Boateng
Godfred Boateng 日 前
Oluwa Burna 🇳🇬
Meytha Methlouthi
Meytha Methlouthi 日 前
unpopular opinion this is better then zootopia's song
Cuty Platypus
Cuty Platypus 日 前
Am i the only one to think about hazbin hotel when i watch this ?
TheDullNull 日 前
Hazbin Hotel?
منوعات Abdullah Alshami
Jerry Alloys
Jerry Alloys 日 前
This song is shaking the whole of Africa because sia featured burna boy. Perfect match
Im Kiyuzki
Im Kiyuzki 日 前
The jessica rabbit vibes 💘
no 日 前
Friendly reminder sia is an ableist!
Rudy Palma
Rudy Palma 18 時間 前
Marga Noveda
Marga Noveda 日 前
gilberto peñaloza
gilberto peñaloza 日 前
G Ambrosi
G Ambrosi 日 前
Damn I was hoping for 30fps through the whole thing.
Makendy vernet
Makendy vernet 日 前
smolFrCanadian TB
smolFrCanadian TB 日 前
Sia: makes music me.... Sia: *a movie that came out called "Music"* Me: ok this has gone too far in recommended: various songs by Sia Me: idk anymore.
Nostalgic Dream
Nostalgic Dream 22 時間 前
@Jalene Evangelista Can you explain what “THAT” is? I’m never really caught up on any recent media....
Jalene Evangelista
Jalene Evangelista 日 前
It pretty much sucks that i rly like this song only to find out few days later THAT happened (like if i learned animation i would try animating with this music)
XWeirdcoreX 2 日 前
Some will say this gives off Jessica Rabbit vibes But for me, I get Angel Dust vibes (Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel)
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi 2 日 前
Are the Animated Characters gonna Be boycotting this since SIA played as herself and not hire an actual Cartoon too?
Alice Mee
Alice Mee 2 日 前
If you say a singers name 3 times they like this comment Sia Sia Sia
Araceli Arias
Araceli Arias 2 日 前
This is amaaaaaaazing woooooooooow
Milena relva16
Milena relva16 2 日 前
I love it❤
miku chan_uwu
miku chan_uwu 2 日 前
Hermosa cancion
Rebecca Steudeman
Rebecca Steudeman 2 日 前
This gives me loony toon vibes I love it!😍
Aalex925 2 日 前
Addict Sia versión XD
Sogo Tyan
Sogo Tyan 2 日 前
kretensveta K.S.
kretensveta K.S. 2 日 前
It´s perfect song. I love you Sia. You have the best songs. You are my life.
Laurianne Gerard
Laurianne Gerard 2 日 前
C'est une des choses qui sont les TOP de l'année 2021😍🌸😻😘🤩😘💜💙💚💛🧡🤎🖤❤
乐手英伦 2 日 前
2:14 Tell me have you ever Been with a better A-ba-get you too any wetter Start drying up an make you wetter Semi drink seta Awa find no what you do you better If you come close baby Flip applejuice awer my rie nai yay Put na wa you my worst by ni Your last but it’s a jaw by it Make me bli bay like a jama When the music feels right If you blaga makes you takes you Blay blay Like banana situation ah a like Lava. *visible confusion*
Мелодия :3
1:06 o_o
Roberto Estrada
Roberto Estrada 2 日 前
Derick Johnson
Derick Johnson 2 日 前
Well now we got ladies at the gym thinking I'm really autistic, great job, they just don't understand with Lord's, people today.
Black Ghost
Black Ghost 2 日 前
Lucky T. Tiko
Lucky T. Tiko 2 日 前
catchy beat
Anisa Aprilia
Anisa Aprilia 2 日 前
this music clip bring back the epic animation 2D
Rosethz 2 日 前
0:26 I swear to god that egg looks like one of the egg bois from Hazbin hotel who escaped
Cybër døggø
Cybër døggø 2 日 前
Rosethz 2 日 前
This looks like something out of hazbin hotel
Y/N loves you
Y/N loves you 2 日 前
beautiful animation❤❤
amineplays plays
amineplays plays 2 日 前
Deborah Aronu
Deborah Aronu 2 日 前
Whose here for burna🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
Christian Hernández
Christian Hernández 2 日 前
Como dirían en Inglés Jessica Rabit Same Energy
Christian Hernández
Christian Hernández 2 日 前
Ok Gracias JPvid por la Recomendación
Rosita Dominguez
Rosita Dominguez 2 日 前
Roberto Estrada
Roberto Estrada 2 日 前
Elba Aparicio
Elba Aparicio 2 日 前
Queen128charlez Lolipop
Queen128charlez Lolipop 2 日 前
Dinner is so Smexy?
airjuri 3 日 前
Sia makes this song alive
Rachelle Calista Liano
Rachelle Calista Liano 3 日 前
Omg is the the Voice is so good and same as the Animation I just feel like the person who Animated this Is like the person who Animated Disney In Like Disney Movies like wreck it ralph and Anime
Star Toon
Star Toon 3 日 前
I feel like I'm watching addicted from hazbin hotel for some reason
Emmi D
Emmi D 3 日 前
Does everyone know that I already love the wolf!? 🐺
Joseph sixers
Joseph sixers 3 日 前
Dope animations🤣🤣
chad top lane rengar
chad top lane rengar 3 日 前
Oh no i can hear rule 34 artists crawling in the background smacking their licks .
Kimberly Castro
Kimberly Castro 3 日 前
Oh my god Sia 😍
Ixamara Garcia
Ixamara Garcia 3 日 前
Amo esta canción, no puedo dejar de escucharla, ahhh 💕💕💕
Wilson Perez
Wilson Perez 3 日 前
X2 todo el día
Sedra Je
Sedra Je 3 日 前
lilly alba
lilly alba 3 日 前
i love the smooth motion its not vary stiff looking its vary smooth and i like that type of animation:)
Lara Punzo Pelaez
Lara Punzo Pelaez 3 日 前
in the minute 2:00 is a corona virus
unknown man
unknown man 3 日 前
My mood booster ❤
Abby Portillo
Abby Portillo 3 日 前
Ryan Joshua Calo
Ryan Joshua Calo 3 日 前
Thought this was hazbin hotel for some reason
Akram Jabrane
Akram Jabrane 3 日 前
Thank god it's not november
Rosalina Rosenkrantz
Rosalina Rosenkrantz 3 日 前
The start reminds me of Jessica Rabbit
Stranded Forever
Stranded Forever 3 日 前
This *only* has 300k likes?
Hassan Hamdoun
Hassan Hamdoun 3 日 前
serialism 0:57
Azaliah Brockington
Azaliah Brockington 3 日 前
This was her saying "I'M BACK BITCHES!"
Azaliah Brockington
Azaliah Brockington 3 日 前
I love the who framed roger rabbit scene. It's so cool!
Fred Penta
Fred Penta 3 日 前
Whenever this Boy Burna meets Us Music Marshals ..man ...its a big man thing
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