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Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most dominant players in NBA history, an analyst on TNT's Emmy Award-winning Inside the NBA, and a globally recognized DJ sensation bringing Shaq's Fun House is to Miami Music Fest on March 29th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Big Aristotle has his date with the wings of death-one he claims he only accepted because he thought Justin Timberlake was hosting. Along the way, Shaq discusses his history with Kobe Bryant, breaks down his record-breaking Walmart purchase, and joins Sean Evans in a high-stakes free-throw shooting contest.
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#hotones #spicywings
#hotones #spicywings






コメント数 80
xxxtentacions ghost
the wings look tiny in his hands its crazy
Dr XPestilence67x
1:35 Kratos
Franco Carbajal
Franco Carbajal 時間 前
Parents yelling at you for something thing you didn’t do: You denying it: Parents: 18:52
Franco Carbajal
Franco Carbajal 時間 前
My crush takin a piss: Hey where’d my piss go? Me in the other stall: 20:03
Sabrina Duff
Sabrina Duff 4 時間 前
This nigga said “Oh the same year I won the championship” after being told he didn’t make a single FT in 11 attempts🤣🤣🤣🤣
benjamin pazrosas
benjamin pazrosas 5 時間 前
Dude is a legend, Dr. Shaq.
Michał Łukaszewski
1:35 me at 3am chilling and eating my favourite food while playing minecraft with my friends 19:24 ola gajek at 3am with some random guy i her bedroom
Siren Blazer
Siren Blazer 9 時間 前
Me: *starts boethiahs calling* My follower: 18:30
Chris Kuizon
Chris Kuizon 10 時間 前
I don’t normally make requests in the comments section, but it would be really cool if you got Steve-O on one your episodes.
Marlene Jimenez-Barragan
I woud recommend for the guests that aren't allergic to peanut butter, for me its the only sure remedy to take away spiciness
gabriel :D
gabriel :D 12 時間 前
Shaq predicted coronavirus 18:49
super piña 6490
super piña 6490 12 時間 前
11:19 Is what you came for
ɞ Veronïca ɞ
ɞ Veronïca ɞ 13 時間 前
Pregnant teachers: 19:24 Teachers next door: 18:30
Kalle Vuolteenaho
Kalle Vuolteenaho 13 時間 前
He's like a blcak Hagrid.
Mr. J
Mr. J 13 時間 前
Are those chicken wings or little popcorn chicken nuggets? They look so tiny in Shaq's hands! lol
Pedro Ibarra
Pedro Ibarra 14 時間 前
The Shaq Sauce🔥🔥🔥
Allen Missenis
Allen Missenis 18 時間 前
wow.. it turns out I like Shak... wow.. that was weird.. I don't like basket ball
SnK Aron
SnK Aron 20 時間 前
21:58 when your girl guess you password correctly
Richie Carson
Richie Carson 20 時間 前
me: uses 2x the handsanitizer to kill all the germs my fbi agent: 18:30
Rise Above Deception Music
I love these videos so much, and Shaq is my new hero.
solmoman 日 前
I can't believe how large Shaq is
degaulle30 日 前
When he says Shaq had differences with Kobe it looks like Shaq wants to eat him.
ld mont11
ld mont11 日 前
So we’re just gonna ignore how small those wings look in his hands?
Kaden Stone
Kaden Stone 日 前
I would love to eat those hot wings they look good
Siren Blazer
Siren Blazer 日 前
Me mowing the lawn The grass: 14:47 The bugs in the grass: 18:30 The birds in the tree: 27:10 The lawnmower: 19:24
vigratecar0168 ______
20:13 lil homie got his first assist
ImmaSavage 日 前
His speeding ticket reasoning is because he has money
Ziggler Z
Ziggler Z 日 前
It would've been funnier if the whole Inside the NBA crew was here. I can just imagine Shaq & Charles go at it.
The Dude
The Dude 日 前
Gabrial Tome
Gabrial Tome 日 前
My brain when the teacher ask me a question but I am thinking about the coronavirus- 4:25
Gabrial Tome
Gabrial Tome 日 前
When you think someone coughs but it’s you 18:30
Aeg Airsoft
Aeg Airsoft 日 前
I think it’s funny how saun keeps talking as Shaq is suffering lol, also how his voice completely changes after he ate that wing
Famous Cason
Famous Cason 日 前
So this is where the memes have originated from
18:30 when you are home alone and you say "If you are happy and you kno it, clap your hands." and you hear clapping from upstairs
Nigga with Coronavirus
Me: *Pretends to throw ball* My Dog: 16:24
Brandon Warren
I love Shaq
memer man
memer man 日 前
16:22 When your mom takes you to lunch but when you get in the car she drives near the store.
Adam Hoisington
It’s the Shaq sauce
Birdy 日 前
Dont insult our hot sauce again or we will literally put cyanide in it. Kansas approved
Nsnd Nsnd
Nsnd Nsnd 日 前
Me opening a bottle of lotion to beat my meat 26:11 . The speaker 21:08
long shlong
long shlong 日 前
hes do built I can imagine him running through people in rugby or American football. I think rugby's better tho
Mad Mechanics
Mad Mechanics 2 日 前
Make a face 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bacon Man2004
Bacon Man2004 2 日 前
When your gurl tells you this 7:53
Bhavik Patel
Bhavik Patel 2 日 前
When I turn on the light in the bathroom at 3AM, Me: 18:31 Cockroaches and Lizard: 11:21
Matt Vanelli
Matt Vanelli 2 日 前
"..Oh, the same year I won a championship?" LOL
Gareth White
Gareth White 2 日 前
Shaq is just my hero. He's everything I aim to be. I know it's not possible, but he's just a tough, strong intelligent sweet man
Shreker7 2 日 前
JPvid when Logan Paul shows a dead body: 1:35 JPvid when someone swears in a video: 18:30
Idc Man
Idc Man 2 日 前
1:37 when school was cancelled
Peter HARING 2 日 前
Alvin Lee
Alvin Lee 2 日 前
Rip kobe
Aiden Smash
Aiden Smash 2 日 前
"Kansas don't know how to do no hot wings" Becomes meme template
Z E N 2 日 前
Ah, so this is where the meme was born from.
Aiden Smash
Aiden Smash 2 日 前
Netflix " are you still watching some girls "toy" " 8:52
Aiden Smash
Aiden Smash 2 日 前
8:54 my bad
Peyton Robison
Peyton Robison 2 日 前
Regular people: glass of milk Shaq: a whole full gallon of milk
Aaron Spurgeon
Aaron Spurgeon 2 日 前
Big nigga fall hard!
Municula 2 日 前
Proofy 26
Proofy 26 2 日 前
“Kansas ain’t got no hot wings” lmfao
Naked Narwhals aka coltrane2004
U can really tell shaq had fun here
Knobbly Bobbly
Knobbly Bobbly 2 日 前
When that one kid is on pornhub and accidentally switches to online class mid nut: The girls: 11:21 The boys: 27:10 The teacher: 14:47 The kid realising his mistake: 18:30
Kayson Whitlow
Kayson Whitlow 6 時間 前
It can happen XD
Maktuf 日 前
Vance Ceccon
Vance Ceccon 日 前
Knobbly Bobbly so underrated
CheeseGod 2 日 前
When the class is doing a kahoot. Then the phone rings and the teacher says the principal needs you in the office. Then the class is silent. 18:30
-Ace- 2 日 前
Shaq shoes now shaq sause
Octavio Trejob
Octavio Trejob 2 日 前
When you're running late to your suicidal bombing, but you realize you gave your son the wrong backpack : 18:30
ibaad afridi
ibaad afridi 20 分 前
I know this is a racist joke but i cant stop laughing
Joe Mana
Joe Mana 2 日 前
That moment when you eat a chicken wing 18:25
Cypher Spy
Cypher Spy 2 日 前
i was dead when he said u fucken liar xD
Michael Hairynuts
Those wings are itty bitty in shaqs hands
Tevin Nuradi
Tevin Nuradi 2 日 前
Now i know where the meme come from
Bccc Trolling
Bccc Trolling 2 日 前
That face is one of the famous memes
Gabe Howell
Gabe Howell 2 日 前
shaq 2 pussy to take the last dab
Jim Burns
Jim Burns 2 日 前
Love ya Shaq
Krittat 10
Krittat 10 2 日 前
Girl: Do you want to see my assignment? Kid named ignmeant: 11:21
Albert Merchant
Albert Merchant 2 日 前
Excellent Video thank you guys
Sam Kowalczyk
Sam Kowalczyk 3 日 前
The amount of chicken he leaves on those wings stresses me out
Cithara 3 日 前
25:10 Shaq flexing on him
avuvuivuivui osas
shaq aint even the best soccer player
Still chill
Still chill 3 日 前
That face tho :o
Gangul new
Gangul new 3 日 前
Big shaq
El Doge
El Doge 3 日 前
"2020 has been bad but April will be better!" Everyone seeing a healthbar on April 1st: 18:30
Azerul 12 時間 前
@The Suspicious Doge aite first , calling others virgin isnt even an insult lol , and second , your joke still sucks ass
The Suspicious Doge
The Suspicious Doge 13 時間 前
@Azerul don't even use reddit but ok virgin
Azerul 13 時間 前
@The Suspicious Doge nahhh , I have quite few hours on vgames and I didn't understand the "joke" , it's not even funny now that it's explained cause it doesn't even make sense lol , go back to your PewDiePie submissions subreddit boi
CrypticKhaos 13 時間 前
@El Doge I'm sure it wont really be bad. I mean, I dont see what could happen. People are staying home, so how would anyone do something?
El Doge
El Doge 13 時間 前
@CrypticKhaos because 2020 has been bad and people have been making memes about how bad April is going to be
crystal lopez
crystal lopez 3 日 前
Kinda disappointing that he didn’t eat the last wing
seth 3 日 前
Wow what a poor sport, wall of shame for sure.
who is watching when Kobe is dead
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