Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

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The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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Mikeinator 2 時間 前
Ganon must be thinking *Yahaha! You found me!*
Riflemutt Prime
Riflemutt Prime 2 時間 前
I wonder what the world will be like. They can’t just reuse the same Hyrule Area and expect us to be cool exploring the exact same places again. And are we gonna be using magic? Will there be a hook shot rune? Oooo maybe we’ll get to have Loftwings in the sequel and journey through the sky with Zelda! But please add caves to explore, it’ll make it feel more like classic Zelda if we can just find a cave and explore it, even if it’s only for Rupees or a shield.
Pupper Luva 2.0
Pupper Luva 2.0 3 時間 前
Oh my god this looks FREAKING AMAZING!!! Can't wait for this to come out!
_Knight Fall _
_Knight Fall _ 3 時間 前
He still has the master sword
Anno 2019
Anno 2019 4 時間 前
If the trailer doesn't show much and isn't very promising, then do not show a trailer at all while waiting for a better opportunity with better material at your hands ...
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 3 時間 前
Anno 2019 How does this show nothing? How is it garbage?
DylanDude 3 時間 前
Anno 2019 I enjoy replying, starting conversations when possible. This video, being as popular as it is, frequently gets new comments. It’s just that recently, the only comments that lead to conversations are ones I personally disagree with, unfortunately. If you go far enough down you’ll see some instances where I have started discussing ideas with people.
Anno 2019
Anno 2019 3 時間 前
@DylanDude Besides, are you camping old videos waiting for opportunities to jump at anyone who criticises content you somehow like? What is your motivation behind that behavior? Do you need attention, are you being paid to behave like that, does your ego not cope with any criticism below Nintendo videos?
Anno 2019
Anno 2019 3 時間 前
@DylanDude Teaser, Trailer, call it whatever you want, it does not change what I criticized. The shown material is less than nothing and pure garbage.
Joseph Pastore
Joseph Pastore 6 時間 前
and thats when the dead men are marching againnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
t0x1c_ chessyboi
t0x1c_ chessyboi 6 時間 前
Link:yay I killed Gannon Gannon:tag your it Link:whaaaaaa how we where playing freeze tag you should be froze
VexeroidX [YT]
VexeroidX [YT] 7 時間 前
Can u please have this trailer make more sense?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 3 時間 前
Link and Zelda are searching beneath Hyrule Castle for something, maybe something to do with Calamity Ganon’s origins, they discover Ganondorf, they accidentally disturb his body and release him from his stasis
Fausto Torres
Fausto Torres 7 時間 前
This was a crap trailer
DylanDude 4 時間 前
Fausto Torres That’s because it’s a teaser, not a full trailer. They’re more letting us know that the game is in development than showing anything significant off.
Fausto Torres
Fausto Torres 4 時間 前
@DylanDude too much of a story teaser intro trailer didnt really showcase any ingame play, idk felt a little too short almost like the new halo infinite trailer; looks beautiful but doesnt really lead anywhere. I mean both a good and bad thing just depends how you see it
DylanDude 4 時間 前
Crimson F
Crimson F 7 時間 前
And too think that ganaon was dead all along
Christian Pike
Christian Pike 8 時間 前
Nintendo is heading in such an amazing direction. Less censoring than PS4 and XBOX, more 1st and 3rd Party support, Darker, grittier games that can satisfy hardcore fans while also appealing to younger generations for gameplay. It's almost as if Nintendo has grown up with us.
i dont now how to draw
I just finish zelda breath of the wild some minutes ago (yeah late) but now I am prepare for the sequel
Save 9 時間 前
Can someone AMV this plz?
Buckaroo Man
Buckaroo Man 9 時間 前
Zelda: **Seals Ganon away** Ganon: *Wanna see me do it again?*
Titus Cooper
Titus Cooper 10 時間 前
tt128556 10 時間 前
I hope they use the same map but force you to travel back in time when there were actually people to interact with.
15배율 11 時間 前
그래서 언제 나온다는 거임?
hot chungo
hot chungo 12 時間 前
It's literally the Mind Flayer
hot chungo
hot chungo 12 時間 前
I take back what I said
JeSsE 14 時間 前
damn, if only etika were still here.
i want this to be demise more than Ganondorf tbh
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 9 時間 前
Not much difference between the two tbh
Q P 15 時間 前
BurritoPlayz 15 時間 前
Oh boy this looks exciting
Polyblium 16 時間 前
See, if this game can put more content into BotW's massive open world and add interesting and worthwhile side quests/dungeons, I might actually give this one a 10/10. Personally, I think the fact that they're planning on making this game darker is exciting. BotW just didn't reach the heights a lot of reviewers said it did. Plus, a lot of people lauded the ability to experiment and solve situations in unique ways, but that's been done forever since the first Deus Ex, so.
Leo Kostas
Leo Kostas 16 時間 前
This video has a 99%+ like to dislike ratio. Never seen that b4 on a videogame trailer!
Himanshu Bansal
Himanshu Bansal 17 時間 前
In the BOTW1,it was not good that we can get heart piece through shrine and boss battle only.I want that in new game,we will be able to collect heart pieces by doing different thing not from same.
prilly30ify 18 時間 前
0:30 R.I.P Chuckee Cheese😦
• LOST • • ALONE •
Zelda: I’m part of the adventur- Gannon: *takes*
Boujeee Bby
Boujeee Bby 19 時間 前
When will there be another trailer or a release date?
DylanDude 4 時間 前
Atari-Dude 1 There’s no way this is coming out in 2020. It’ll come out in 2021. They’ll save this trailer for E3, because then they can get people to tune into their presentation.
Atari-Dude 1
Atari-Dude 1 12 時間 前
I disagree, I think either E3 2020 at the very latest, since I think they're internally planning a holiday 2020 release date, so I think the Game Awards 2019 is very likely considering Zelda and TGA's having a good history together already 😁
lord of Ink games
lord of Ink games 19 時間 前
Next trailer is probably E3 2020.
Caleb Farmer
Caleb Farmer 19 時間 前
i have not done this, but reversing the trailer sounds could reveal something, i could hear the weird glitchy sound in the background.
Caleb Farmer
Caleb Farmer 8 時間 前
@lord of Ink games thanks for the feedback! Now my question has been awnsered
lord of Ink games
lord of Ink games 19 時間 前
Reversing the trailer doesn't do nothing Actually Xd
NeatNewt 21 時間 前
Game looks cool See you guys in 2025
lord of Ink games
lord of Ink games 19 時間 前
More like 2020-2021
Abdullah Amar
Abdullah Amar 21 時間 前
Plz don't call it BOTW 2 I beg you
Chiliomb 22 時間 前
i guess that means i have to finally buy a switch now :/
7b7Ben 23 時間 前
DylanDude 4 時間 前
Orange Juice
Orange Juice 日 前
*LIFTS UP HYRULE CASTLE* “yahaha you found me!!!”
Mortan 日 前
Finally the real Ganon is back in his true form!
Ryan King
Ryan King 日 前
ALinkToTheMemes !!!
Groose is BOTW Ganondorf! I just wanted to say something stupid in the comments. I don’t actually mean it
Samuel Olmos
Samuel Olmos 日 前
It's dangerous too go alone take this ---[=======>
Magnitude Gaming
I can't wait for this! Must play all previous Zelda games in preparation...
jasonmg99 日 前
hopefully an extended trailer at the end of the year.
Xaus 日 前
Alright for real though. I almost cried tears of joy when I saw this pop up
Sherokon 日 前
Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Last Breath
Joshua Alvarez
Nice breath of the wild two
Exotic Games
Exotic Games 日 前
Is this a dlc or another game
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 21 時間 前
It literally says that it’s a sequel in the video and in the title of the video
DylanDude 日 前
New game.
Bryan Vega
Bryan Vega 日 前
It was way to fast
Elon Musk’s forehead
i think it’d be cool if Link finally talked
Strebble 日 前
If you play it backwards you can almost hear someone whispering "help us, please.."
Commander Vinnie
So i dont see sheikah slate. So it might no be a feature in the game anymore.
Donggeun Sok
Donggeun Sok 日 前
the trailer lookes like re:zero
ZarStocher 日 前
Remember when Twilight Princess HD launched exactly a year before Breath of the Wild? Well, we get Links Awakening this September, maybe, just maybe, we could get this game next year in September?
DylanDude 日 前
We also got Wind Waker HD years before Breath of the Wild and Twilight Princess HD. The game will most likely come out in 2021.
If Ganon is making a reappearance,I hope we get a proper sword fight with some lesser form of him *cough cough GanONdOrF*...Not something easy either with an attack pattern you can follow like in Twilight Princess&Windwaker...Hoping the final boss isnt a braindead behemoth either.Anyone else think Ganon wasnt as tough as he looked?(And he looked awesomely bad@$$ too)
Braden E
Braden E 日 前
I’m literally gonna start saving up right now
nate raczewski
all i can say is i hope i dont die before this game comes out. god damit i bet i jinxed my self...
Sushanth Adusumilli
The music gives Majora's Mask vibe which is really intriguing
Zhi Zhou
Zhi Zhou 日 前
Cute Goomy
Cute Goomy 日 前
Me: *Studying for Math Finals* Also Me: Whelp, its time to watch the BotW2 trailer again. Lesson: I should probably be working on math.
Julio Arevalo
When a boss has another clone
mod terra
mod terra 日 前
The Legend of Zelda: Final Breath
NU NU 日 前
Bo Bo
Bo Bo 10 時間 前
Jacob Reynolds
It’s really not
Maoh 日 前
Zelda cut her hair? #notmyzelda
Vivien Rezacova
Omg I can't wait to play the game 😭😭😭😭💕💕💕
Luke03116 2 日 前
Like a GTA5
Luke03116 2 日 前
Luke03116 2 日 前
Nintendo can you create a the legend of zelda breath of the wild ""ONLINE""
Bo Bo
Bo Bo 10 時間 前
You go single player only or the game design suffers
Liviu Petre
Liviu Petre 2 日 前
Ganon: You should have gone for the head !
Balake_Potato 2 日 前
Zelda: Link...whats that under the body? Link: *lifts body up with sword* Korok: *YAHAHA YOU FOUND ME!*
Kai Wang
Kai Wang 2 日 前
Ganon: Ha you thought you killed me but it was actually me, DIO!!! Link & Zelda: Oh Boi, here we go again.
Daniel Gertler
Daniel Gertler 2 日 前
Scheduled release 2030
ssr2k4 2 日 前
I’m super hyped for the botw sequel!!! Part of me feels that this is the return of skyward sword with hyrule castle rising but I also feel the darkness of majoras mask imo. Can’t wait!
Hex the Kaiju [starter victim]
Please tell me that hyrule castle is gonna be a giant gaurdian I can fight....
OrneryPossum 2 日 前
0:18 Anyone catch the graffiti of Gerudo Ganon on his horse?!
ISBM 2 日 前
Still can't believe this is happening
Linkalot videos
Linkalot videos 2 日 前
Carter Hughes
Carter Hughes 2 日 前
They trying to give the youngsters nightmares?
Maxwell Fullerton
Any one else realize that link is the hero of time and yet the only 2 games (which are rated the best Zelda games of all time) he can control time are Zelda Ocarina of Time and Zelda Majora's mask. They need to bring back links power to go back and forward in time if they ever expect to make a 10 out of 10 Zelda game again.
Maxwell Fullerton
@Jacob Reynolds huh cool. Confusing but I guess they had to do that. I still think it would be way cooler if they made it so you can go back in time in botw.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 2 日 前
Maxwell Fullerton Yes and no. A lot of them are different but some games have direct sequels that have the same Link. For example The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess have different Link’s but The Wind Waker Link came back in the direct sequel to The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass. Breath of the Wild Link was sleeping because of the injuries he sustained 100 years prior but he’s still a completely different Link that we haven’t seen before, this Link will also be returning in the BOTW sequel.
Maxwell Fullerton
@Jacob Reynolds so every Zelda game has a different link?! I thought he was in a deep sleep in botw. Sleeping for 100 years
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 2 日 前
The hero of time has been dead for thousands of years by the time BOTW rolls around
Neon Light
Neon Light 2 日 前
А почему у принцессы Зельды стрижка каре?
ᄇᄀᄋ 2 日 前
댓글에 외국인밖에없네..
Pikapro 745
Pikapro 745 2 日 前
Link *defeats ganon* Ganon: you fools you fell for one of the classic blunders
Flash's Cawner
Flash's Cawner 2 日 前
Already sold.
Araya Gaming
Araya Gaming 2 日 前
I need more. Just. MORE!
Foxans1 2 日 前
Wait...the only features of ganondorf's face I remember is the red hair, red beard, and the gem: theres no beard but this is definitely ganondorf
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