Sen. Rand Paul blocks $40B Ukraine aid package 

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Nexstar's Basil John reports.
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robert mace
robert mace 年 前
Thank you Rand Paul, at least someone in Washington has some common sense
Narrow Pather
And cares about them shafting "We The People".
Tiny Barlow
Tiny Barlow 年 前
Thank both of you for standing up for us
arc arcon
arc arcon 年 前
I wish yall learned the deal more honestly, its not 40b we could use anymore really. Its straight up 95% already paid and in use by the us or reserved assets, you can ask urself do we really need that equipment after leaving afghanistan and having gear already in iraq, vs a nation destroying expensive russian shit and kicking its ass.
Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone 年 前
Thank you Senator Paul, for wanting to know where this money is being spent. Our Congress is great a hiding things in their bills and wanting quick passages.
Robert Tucker
Rick Harvilla
We have a moral and ethical responsibility to our own country!!
Seoo tea
Seoo tea 年 前
*Is what Americans said before pearl harbor
JGringo 年 前
“We” means Capitol Hill and their donors. Once they open the safe, the money grab is on.
Getsmore Cookies
Appalling these comments.
C. Laney 🌹
Los Angeles homeless need a 40B package, it looks like a war zone out here
Vaga-Bard GTF
La is a more legitimate threat as well.
And Sacramento!
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 9 ヶ月 前
BlazinHot 6
BlazinHot 6 年 前
Why would anyone be against appointing an Inspector General to catalog and inventory such a large amount of money and lethal weapons? It's immoral to NOT have accounting oversight on this.
Casper S.
Casper S. 年 前
You mean like what we lost in afganistan that no one talks about anymore..and now were giving away the rest, weakening our military and cimpletely DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!!!!
BlazinHot 6
BlazinHot 6 年 前
@Casper S. I agree with you. But do take some solace in that the weapons we are giving Ukraine are from older stockpiles, and needed to be used or demolished at some point. We hadnt purchased a Javelin or a Stinger in almost 20 years, because neither had any use in our middle eastern conflicts.
Kameron Jones
@Casper S. We didn't loose anything in Afghanistan most of that was older stuff the Afghanistan army had.
Robbin Perers
@Kameron Jones ohhh yes we did and no it was not. Rewriting a narrative are you? At 83 billion and now 40 billion what do you consider older? And how much of it is not usable in combat today? What was our savings on this gear and equipment that did not have to be re-contracted? Since I know for a fact it is quality gear and equipment (on both giveaways) you should go there fully armed and tell just one of them to pull the stuff off. I trust you are confident in the gear "you would wear to this discussion" to come back alivs? Let us hear some real insider info. on this. There has to be a line of BS you are relying upon with this or is your last name in line with the first Usay?...Uday. Tell me something...how does 2" manilla rope feel? How does the Tomahawk we gave you taste for breakfast? I know you have the straight scoop on this 123 billion. You just have too.
Zachary Ortega
Why aren't we asking "how are we going to pay for it?" We ask if any time we the people of the country ask for anything.
sogeni 年 前
Not to mention that they’re also getting aid from other countries & from countless organizations worldwide
Naftul Zvi
Naftul Zvi 年 前
@Tegridy Gaming Because people like Rand Paul would have to care and have a plan to go along with it and spend the time writing the bill.
Michael Jones
So what are YOU going to do about it so you don't have to be ashamed anymore? Or do you think that government is always the answer to every problem?
Woods Lisa
Woods Lisa 年 前
take them in to your place then
Susan Hopkins
Our tax dollars should be helping them. All the taxes we pay. But our government is always worrying about other countries.
@Woods Lisa I had to pay $3,000 and back taxes this year. not counting all the other taxes that got taken out. how about? our tax money actually go to our country instead of foreign countries and nobody gives a crap about
Krishna Chaitanya
He should run for president of the United States he has some common sense ❤️
Identifying Me
Good for you Rand!!!! Thank you!!!
JW 年 前
Great to hear, there is still is an politician with common sense in America. !!! Keep on the good work senator Paul 🙏🙏🙏
Tina Abend
Tina Abend 年 前
Thankyou Rand Paul! Now if we could just get other senators to listen to his wisdom! 40 billion! That's crazy!!
Tallacus 年 前
$40 Billion that should be spent on OUR people
Jimmy Corlzer
That's Socialism.
Anthony Gifford
@Jimmy Corlzer and what’s your argument?
Jimmy Corlzer
@Anthony Gifford People doesn't need handouts from the government. Get your ass out there and work.
Jenni 年 前
40B??!! They’re out of their minds. They refuse to help Americans, but would send billions to another country..what a joke.
Charles Oliver
Shows you where their honest alliance is…… How many countries helped us after 9/11 attacks again? NONE!!!! We the U.S. got ourselves back up. Now the country is in the middle of a financial crisis from within, and what are we doing….. Sending the help we need away. WHAT!?!? YES, the war in Ukrainian is horrific, but if the U.S. don’t start taking care of the U.S., I fear that this country will only implode on itself. Since in a way it’s already happening.
Born Again7
Born Again7 年 前
We also have a moral obligation to the American citizens of this country too. Can you imagine what $40 BILLION dollars could do to help people buy groceries, pay for gas, pay bills, and rent? It's great that we as a country want to help other countries and I can guarantee that the majority of people here think that way. We HAVE to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others.
Big Vax meanie
And rand Paul would oppose that as well and tell Americans to just work harder
Chilkat River
You can't give taxpayer money to Americans...that would be Socialism. But a few Billion would sure help the homeless and hungry.
In other words, you want handouts. Companies are looking for people. Why don't you get off the couch and welfare and work for a living?
Chilkat River
@bambesfresser That's exactly what I'm talking about. $40 Billion to help the homeless in Ukraine but that money can't be used to help Americans. So get a job and pay your taxes and give that money to the homeless. Not in America but in Ukraine.
Phil 年 前
Make sure that the big guy gets 10%
Randy Mills
Randy Mills 年 前
Lori Hensley
Lori Hensley 年 前
Money Laundering via family or friends network.
Lucky Clover
Lucky Clover 年 前
Let’s go brando!
Bryan Mannoia
at least.
donlee37 年 前
Something is wrong when we should just accept $40B being spent without a breakdown of where it is going.
Paul Kenny
Paul Kenny 年 前
But there is such a breakdown and budget over-site, so it is questionable what Holley and Rand is talking about. We have a part list and equipment list of what material is being sent to Ukraine. The issue is that the weapons that we are sending the Ukrainians are state of the art, and that is some expensive stuff. Look at the cost of a Javelin vs a Russian BMP-70. But that is the cost of sending State of the Art, second to none equipment to take on one of the largest militarys on the planet.
mrs.Lilian Fetters
You know where a big chunk of it is going.
Riclmnopp 年 前
10% to the big guy
Vern Sutcliffe
When your own government is taking enough of your tax money to be able to send $40 billion to another country, then you're paying too damned much in taxes.
Manageable Discomfort
Yes sir.
Michael Babcock
Spending has nothing to do with taxes. If it did we would have a MUCH smaller military, for one. And all these old men would be crying about the massive cut in their Social Security welfare payments.
William Lindsley
@Michael Babcock inflation is a tax.
Charles Oliver
Bullseye…. Thank you. 👍
The Arrow
The Arrow 年 前
The international threat USA is dealing with and you only care about domestic, but if we let countries like Ukraine and Taiwan fall in hands of our enemies, that would damage USA immensely, Ukraine provides most wheat for the world, has tons of natural resources in black sea that Russia wants to take over which would mean if Russia has access to all of that, USA and Eruope will be even more dependant on Russians in future. Taiwan provides 92% of the world's semiconductor chips that US military uses as well (neither US or China have achieved this technology compared to Taiwan), Taiwan's economy is also very very important to US. If we lose access to Taiwan, then that would mean ALL OF OUR advanced military tech will be dependant on China. You have to be VERY simple headed to not understand the global threat America has been under, please stay away from geopolitics if you have zero comprehension of it. If America doesn't show support for their allies, then many of our current allies will open more ties with China and Russia in return giving them more power and cutting us off from international power.
corn pop
corn pop 年 前
Agree 100% with Senator Paul
some one
some one 年 前
You should ask the American People what they want to do with their money 👍
Donna Cabot
Donna Cabot 年 前
They do. Not just in the way the people like. Politicians create the problem, add to it and then blame the people saying, " it's what they wanted." Sad, really.
Slots 3000
Slots 3000 年 前
I proudly quote Sen. Rand Paul, “My oath of office is to the U.S. Constitution, not to any foreign nation,” he said, adding, “We cannot save Ukraine by dooming the U.S. economy.” Rand Paul is simply honoring his taken oath as a United States Senator - can more?
Stop the scammers
Let's hope the US doesn't need Europe s help again
Bryan Killeen
Americans don’t stand by when a country is overrun by a dictatorship raping and killing and looting, we don’t do that especially when we signed a treaty in 1994 saying we would help them if they gave up their nuclear weapons so if you don’t know this maybe you shouldn’t comment on it
BigD888123 年 前
God bless rand Paul. Look at our economy and tell me it's a good idea to send another country 40B large.
Laureano Ali
Laureano Ali 年 前
This bill goes to show that we can easily get monthly stimulus
Andy Molina
Andy Molina 年 前
Helping others at the expense of our children by burdening them with higher taxes is just INSANITY!
jp is me
jp is me 年 前
Great for Sen. Rand. True Americans are sick of money being laundried.
RoyMaris Flores
Can someone help the Americans by lowering the price of gasoline ❓❓❓
Bill Randolph
*Trump will.*
Michael 年 前
Yeah that’s right who cares what happens in the world as long as we get cheap stuff. Try looking past your nose
Ricky Rygg
Ricky Rygg 年 前
Rand did the right thing, anyone putting Ukraine first over America will not get a vote from me
MONK 年 前
Still dusting Hitlers portrait on your wall.
MONK 年 前
I guess we know who wouldn't have saved the jews.
Genay Stevens
Or me.
Sweetface Lola 💞
Thank God for Rand Paul! Common sense prevailed!!
Oscar Rincon
Oscar Rincon 年 前
Yeeeeeaaaa kinda lol. I think common sense barely made it to shore but a win is a win I guess.
Diaz Castro
Diaz Castro 年 前
you wont be able tp say those words when russia occupies ur home . do u think russia and ukraine are just playing a drama .
NomaD101 年 前
The American people are with Paul.
coreynj 年 前
Why don't we put that $40bil towards affordable (or free) healthcare, education, better rehab systems, more affordable housing, and more things that our country currently has a desperate need for?
Lo Poa
Lo Poa 年 前
Good Russian bot
Jill Hollon
Jill Hollon 年 前
Because that would make sense and help Americans who need it the most. We need to do a better job of taking care of our Seniors, Veterans, Homeless and those who are Disabled.
coreynj 年 前
@Lo Poa Probably being sarcastic but I'm not a bot lol
Callisto 𒉭
Probably because it makes too much sense and the politician’s job is not to solve problems but rather create them.
Serge London
Serge London 年 前
@Lo Poa You're a foul for actually thinking there's anything wrong with what he said.
Pacific Kai Homes, LLC
Thank you Rand.
Heartstrings 年 前
Send the 40 billion to the American people.
Nick Nat
Nick Nat 年 前
Finally !!! Thank God someone finally open there eyes and said NO!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! We are suffering here in America!!! Damn help us !!!
Ana Aranda Serna
C G 年 前
I agree 100%.
Jeffrey Schwarz
Forty plus billion? Is Schumer out of his ever loving mind? Let Schumer contribute if he desires, but he works for me and I'm voting him out come next election.
Mary Jones
Mary Jones 年 前
@Jeffrey Schwarz: wise decision.
Robert Swickard
Narrow Pather
On top of the Billions we've already given them.
beegers outdoors
It's time America stops forking the bill.
Hans Moleman
Hans Moleman 年 前
We have no moral obligation to throw money at Ukraine. US politicians do have a moral obligation to fix the American economy. America has been castigated for years for being involved in global events; it's time we focus on ourselves.
Narrow Pather
Thank you..... "We The People" have needs that our tax dollars can fulfill! Our Veterans, Schools, Teachers, Seniors, Children, Disabled, Unemployed due to C19, those with hospital bills that are about to send them into bankruptcy for the same reason, Nurses, Minimum wage workers, Mortgage holders, Renters, Small businesses, Farmers, Truckers, Infrastructure...We have Billions to toss to others but seemingly nothing for ourselves. All we get is the responsibility of the repayment for the debts incurred at the behest of other countries, none of the benefits. .We're in an abusive relationship and masking the cuts, breaks, and bruises! If we borrow money from the bank the first thing they want to know is how we're going to spend it, and they want collateral!
Rebecca House
Speak for yourself we the people don't agree with you I don't
Nini Simone
Nini Simone 年 前
We have a moral obligation to AMERICA
Johnny Fire
Johnny Fire 年 前
You’re exactly right. As I’m writing this I just happened to look up and there is a homeless guy just sitting in the rain. I’ll tell you what take care of our homeless and then you can start helping other people
What about the aid needed to American citizens like wth wrong with these folks
Anthony Mckinley
@Johnny Fire thats not our problem. We dont know the history of the person
Aleycia 年 前
Have you ever tried to help someone from drowning and they start pushing your head down under the water forcing you to drown a lil bit? Yeh, thats the vibe this situation is giving.
SlApNuTz RaCiNg
Well said
Jetairplane 年 前
finally a politician with balls
John Johnson
John Johnson 年 前
vote out these corrupt dems and corrupt rhinos
Fire Storm
Fire Storm 年 前
I'm glad it's blocked. We need help right here at home. Who's helping us?
Naftul Zvi
Naftul Zvi 年 前
Not the Republicans, maybe educate yourself on how your own country functions. Like how in any way would this aid package have any impact on any other spending the US would provide to itself? Spoiler: it wouldn't have any impact.
Nits Helton
Nits Helton 年 前
No we should not send this much money to anyone else OUR COUNTRY AND OUR people need for this money to be spent on our country
Joe Cater
Joe Cater 年 前
well... the problem is if ukr doesn't win then you might find you're spending more than that fighting in europe... when russia pushes on... at the moment ukr is doing all the fighting.
thongsay phommavong
The money didn’t go to any body except American arm manufacturer
Louis Nealon
Louis Nealon 年 前
They can always find the money when they want to EXCEPT when it comes to providing Americans with a proper (one payor) health insurance system.
Fossil Draws
Fossil Draws 年 前
Conservatives: "we need that money here" Also conservatives: "giving money to the poor is socialism!"
Bryan Mannoia
@Fossil Draws wrong. it doesn't need to be given to anyone in particular. put it to education and infrastructure. affordable health insurance isn't a bad idea though.
Hello There
Hello There 年 前
Thank you senator Paul
Scooby doo
Scooby doo 年 前
Well done Rand Paul 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Oscar Libertini
We Americans need the help thank you so much Mr Paul
Change of Focus
Seriously… if was on the wealthy side of things I’d really just campaign for this man year round.. Someone with common sense is in government.
Austin-Tyler 年 前
Rand you da man. It’s sad what is happening over there but not our problem whatsoever. Tbh I forget it’s even a thing most of the time. We have issues with supply chain issues, high gas prices, our border and they want to give our money away to some country. Ridiculous
Gary Habesha
Gary Habesha 年 前
Americans first! Way to go senator rand Paul!!!
Shamar Matthews
Rand Paul is the only politician I know right now willing to save taxpayers' money by taking action. They're literally passing these bills like it was charities. Throwing money doesn't always solve problems.
conrad b
conrad b 年 前
YEP! Save your money AND LOSE YOUR A$$!
randylake57 年 前
Yes it’s crazy how they pass these bills overnight but yet we can’t even pass a bipartisan bill on abortion
Fgcrm11 年 前
And tell him to start giving those overpaid contract to his campaign donors you really got to be a sorry want to stand up for one of these corrupt politicians I pity you …America does as well😂
twigs Clark
twigs Clark 年 前
@randylake57 abortion isn't to be used as a contraceptive...safe legal and RARE...end of bill
G Pirquo
G Pirquo 年 前
Thank Senator. Secure our Borders first.
real guy
real guy 年 前
It's like someone feeding random strangers while his family is at home starving!!!
lol3142 年 前
We need more Rand Pauls
K Bram
K Bram 年 前
As Rand should block it. The media is nuts for blasting Rand on this topic. We should spend as much as the EU
Albert S
Albert S 年 前
"we can not save ukraine by dooming the US economy" these are the best words spoken by a republican I ever heard. "Always aid to the relief of your fellow man but not at the expense of your own" Inflation is out of control and people are being pushed into poverty. We need to wake up. After this year Im switching from Democrat to Independent and only vote for representatives that has our country first in mind. We are sending Billions already meanwhile we have and economy thats crumbling......invest in home first.
But they aren’t doing that lol
pescando 年 前
America first!
Barbara Smelser
You go Senator Rand Paul
the goat
the goat 年 前
Shout out to this guy a true American hero
randy stevens
Thank God at least one person in Congress isn't insane. Thank you Rand from Connecticut.
Fight Davenport
Congress is doing what the people ask. We requested better military aid for Ukraine and we demanded no more delays! Hundreds of people collected signatures, mailed letters to the representatives, we pestered with phone calls. We did our job. We won a 100% vote. The people spoke. This should not have happened. How can the people exercise their power if the representatives refuse to listen to a 100% agreement? He disregarded what we decided. He chose to delay it one more weeek for a differetn agenda. During the delay people will die unless they hold an emergency meeting and vote again. When the aid is packaged and shipped they will get a packing slip. Documentation is handled. He isn't throwing a blockade over concern of accountibility. He is another motivation. And It's a damn shame.
Kayla Combs
Kayla Combs 年 前
Why the hell are we trying to send that much money to another country when ours is already in shambles? We need to start worrying about our country a little bit more
Jamie Townsend
At last a bit of U.S. sanity
Getsmore Cookies
Really? Sanity??? Are you anothr kremlin bot?
Jamie Townsend
@Getsmore Cookies No need to ask you what you are that's for sure
T00Nyce17 年 前
We don’t have morale obligations we have zero obligation to do anything for any country. Use 40 billion for this country. I don’t care if it’s for a Republican desire or a democrat desire at this point just do it for Americans for the love of god.
budapest memorandum 1994
So selfish. I'm ashamed to be your countryman.
Anselm Danker
Great work Rand Paul.
Michael Mazowiecki
Putin troll?
Xavier 年 前
There's nothing wrong with asking for a receipt of purchase if the money isn't yours to spend freely, to begin with.
manny kanny
manny kanny 年 前
But that's not what he's doing. We already will get a receipt of purchase. What exactly did you think we were doing?
matt newrocki
Lets go brandon
Lee Z
Lee Z 年 前
Thank god. Somebody that stands for America
Ethnos Synergy Energy
I salute Rand Paul for your honest brave stand...
UdhayaSankar Kannan
I support and agree with Rand Paul. Every single penny need to be accountable and need the receipt how they spend it.
Repent to Jesus Christ ““Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:25‬ ‭NIV‬‬ M
Fab welder one
Keep blocking it. We’re broke and can’t afford it. We need it here at home. You go mr.paul
Fight Davenport
He has a moral obligation to represent the people. We requested better military aid for Ukraine and we demanded no more delays! Hundreds of people collected signatures, mailed letters to the representatives, we pestered with phone calls. We did our job. We won a 100% vote. The people spoke. This should not have happened. How can the people exercise their power if the representatives refuse to listen to a 100% agreement? He disregarded what we decided. He chose to delay it one more week for a different agenda. During the delay, people will die unless they hold an emergency meeting and vote again. When the aid is packaged and shipped they will get a packing slip. Documentation is handled. He isn't throwing a blockade over concern of accountibility. He is another motivation. And It's a damn shame.
Brian Johnson
@Fight Davenport in your opinion
Librocubicularist 1
Thank you, Dr. Paul.
Rochester Josh
Chuck you have a moral obligation to help your own people first.
MSS432 年 前
Chucky has the same ethnic background as the president and the primer minister of Ukraine 🇺🇦.. I’ll let you do the research wonderful members of the audience.. so this express “aid” is a failure of moral conduct
Fire 年 前
@MSS432 Putin bot
Daniel Bradford
National shortage of infant formula. Gasoline at $5 a gallon. A dozen eggs at $4. Congress: Let's ship a bunch of money to Ukraine.
spicy peach
spicy peach 年 前
EL CID got ukraine
C M 年 前
EL CID Ukraine government employees aren't poor, because a good part of the so called humanitarian Aid cash going to Ukraine is to pay their salaries. The man said he didn't want a ride, he wanted ammunition. Seems he's OK with a load of cash also.
Tommy Hawks
Tommy Hawks 年 前
The infant formula shortage is due to recall of the formula for contamination issues at Abbott Nutrition, the largest U. S. manufacturer of baby formula. The inflated commodity prices are a global problem. Every nation in the world, except China, is experiencing high inflation right now. The reason that it is not happening in China is because the government there controls all prices in China.
CPX 年 前
majority of americans are NOT thinkers.. shortsighted and lack of big picture of the world... if Russia controls the Ukraine, US and the world will not getting the natural resources and mineral supplies to power its economic engines...this is an investment for the future of the US and the west... US has been collecting so much free oil and other rare minerals from Arabs countries including Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi, Afghanistan and others... why do you think US has the lowest gasoline prices than anywhere else in the world?
IK JB 年 前
Rand .. one of a few voices of reason
These are the things the American population need to stand together against. It doesn't matter the color of your skin, rich or poor. This should stay in the USA and assist with those who are desperately in need
Vigil Ante
Vigil Ante 年 前
Select A if you think this person is a Putinbot. Select B if you think he's just a moron. Vote now! (This is well under 1% of what Iraq and Afghanistan cost us, with a far far greater long term benefit. Allowing Russia to start shit in East Europe unopposed would be catastrophic for the world economy, including America.)
CzHuska 年 前
@Vigil Ante C - He is right
jack Elder
jack Elder 年 前
@Vigil Ante B
Andy Thompson
Good for him!
Uniparty Mouse
Takes them over 6 months to decide on a stimulus check to help the American people and only two weeks to send another country over $40 billion.
Horizon Eyes
Horizon Eyes 年 前
I agree with the sentiment but you’re talking about a poor country being invaded by the country with way more nukes than anyone else & comparing that to 1k checks for Americans.
Vince H
Vince H 年 前
That an additional $40 billion.
Jason Castle
Jason Castle 年 前
I like how this guy talks down to him with “junior senator”.
Kim Kulesa
Kim Kulesa 年 前
@Jason Castle - I noticed that dig right away, it pissed me off tbh. Hopefully Schumers days are numbered. Would love to see him primaried.Then he'll just be a Senior nobody and he can take that condescending attitude with him.
nugger blex
nugger blex 年 前
@Kim Kulesa calm down boomer
Mike T
Mike T 年 前
It's not disrespectful it's exactly how they always refer to senators. He is the junior senator, McConnell is the senior senator from Kentucky. If paul jad been in office longer he would be the senior. Its actually a respect thing not a disrespect. When McConnell retires Paul will be the senior senator.
RonPaulOrDie 年 前
They definitely leaned on and suffocated the word "former" when Trump left.
Mary Jones
Mary Jones 年 前
@Mike T I'm sure "Scumer" meant it to be hostile.
Southern Man
Southern Man 年 前
Way to go Mr. Paul! If Ukraine gets this money it will go into the pockets of politicians.
Suzie Q
Suzie Q 年 前
United 年 前
Harold Mcguire
looks like its drones, food, helmets, medicines, military gear...
NICK20ty 年 前
How no one drop kicks chuck schumer yet is mind boggling to me lol
Ryisz 年 前
He’s completely right too, no point in helping if it means your economy will collapse before a resolution happens anyway.
Daddy Fab
Daddy Fab 年 前
Thankyou Ran Paul 👏🏽
Let's send $40 billion to Ukraine when you can't even find baby formula here in America. I agree 100% with Rand Paul.
Greg Davis
Greg Davis 年 前
It's nice to see somebody who doesn't just want to throw away money I want accountability for every damn penny
J. B. Godfather 8901
You want??? Who the hell are you???
Ozzy 年 前
Right, it’s fucking crazy
Youa Numbah Oneah Racist
Thanks, Rand, for being one of the few who doesn't only see dollar signs when they think about World War 3.
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin 年 前
2 replies deleted. Seems like a trend these days.
331SVTCobra 年 前
??? Sen Paul is being That Guy who, during the Pearl Harbor attack, demands a cost-benefit analysis before sending up air cover.
Nunya Bidnis
Nunya Bidnis 年 前
Gokd for him! I also want accountability. There is a serious lack of it in government.
promontorium 年 前
Even if I ultimately disagree with Paul on this, $40 billion should probably have a vote on record or I can't take our government seriously anymore.
Fossil Draws
Fossil Draws 年 前
Agreed... isn't the whole point of democracy to prevent one person from having too much power? Why is he able to single handedly prevent this?
The vote would have been by unanimous consent. The only thing he is doing is postponing it for a week.
Paulie Walnuts
We need to focus on America and Americans. Not kick back deals for Democrats
Carter Thill
Carter Thill 年 前
I feel like people aren't thinking about this right. Complaining about sending money to a country but not thinking about all the people that are dieing in those countries. Think about people before the money.
Alexa Rodriguez
Thank God you are so nice US have the moral obligation as a leader to help Ukraine to rebuild their land we are so lucky to live in a country of the brave and said wherever i want Slava Ukraini!!!🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻💙💛
Catherine costanza
Good job Rand Paul. Thank you
StompThatAzz 年 前
Good job Senator Paul
Shelly Shannon
This is ridiculous giving that much money to Ukraine. I don’t even know why Biden involved us in this in the first place. We have starving homeless people here. I’m sure even a fourth of that money could feed them.
Dave the warehouse worker from Leeds
It's tough times even more so due to covid but every country has homeless people who need feeding and always will even if food and housing was free. Personally, I think supporting democracy and the fundamental freedoms like not being invaded takes precedence. For humanity to evolve all tyrants and aggressors need to be eliminated. Just think, if we all got along the US could reduce its 801billion military budget per year!
Gilly Monster 45
I agree 100% with Rand Paul,, we can't bail out Ukraine when we have enough trouble in our own Country, America is not a bank for other Countries...
Lipan Taza
Lipan Taza 年 前
Thank you so, so, so much Senator Paul!
Fight Davenport
Did you spend time protesting and writing letters to your public officials to get this aid passed? Unanimous vote shouldn't have a 1 man blockage unless he's not representing his people. It's unlikely his constituents felt opposite of the rest fo us. It's not fair and it's not representation or democracy.
Lipan Taza
Lipan Taza 年 前
@Fight Davenport lol, protesting! I work almost 90 hours a week! Do you spend time working, paying taxes? If so, you would agree that it is not fair, and so far we have no representation over sent aid. We can't keep sending billions in aid without knowing where the aid is actually going.
seek and learn
Why the hell are the us sending money to Ukraine in the first place smh
Philo McMasters
I don’t think I am a democrat anymore… put me in the independent category…
Hey Blinkin
Hey Blinkin 年 前
Welcome! Glad you finally got there.
Dustin Gervais
Welcome to sanity. What changed your mind?
Finally someone care about the American people. This man needs to be President.
Fight Davenport
What a stupid thing to say. Rand has a moral obligation to represent the people, he didn't do that. He violated his duty to listen to us even though all the others were in 100% agreement. All this achieves is delaying help to Ukraine and nobody benefits from it except Putin. Rand has a moral obligation to represent the people. We requested better military aid for Ukraine and we demanded no more delays! Hundreds of people collected signatures, mailed letters to the representatives, we pestered with phone calls. We did our job. We won a 100% vote. The people spoke. This should not have happened. How can the people exercise their power if the representatives refuse to listen to a 100% agreement? He disregarded what we decided. He chose to delay it one more week for a different agenda. During the delay, people will die unless they hold an emergency meeting and vote again. When the aid is packaged and shipped they will get a packing slip. Documentation is handled. He isn't throwing a blockade over concern of accountability. He is another motivation. And It's a damn shame.
JMail 年 前
It’s crazy that Twitter was purchased for more than it cost to aid Ukraine.
Craig Ster
Craig Ster 年 前
This is only one of countless already, the $40B is just this weeks..
Billy Doe
Billy Doe 年 前
But the money is buy the right things and the money to give the wrong things. It’s differently.
Rand Paul takes after his dad so much. Wish one of them would get a shot at the presidency
2112 Bangkok
2112 Bangkok 年 前
Sanity prevails in Mr. Paul. This has got to be one of the biggest heists in history
H G 年 前
Thank God for Rand Paul
Falcon 年 前
For real!
Nhi Nguyen
Nhi Nguyen 年 前
American people are having a very difficult time right now, they are crazy not to care about the people, but to care about other countries, a country that is going downhill seriously without worrying!!!
Zachary Lewis
Its a terrible position to be put into. Morally Americans feel they must aid Ukraine but at the same time. Why is it when its military funding its easily brought up and wanted. Yet when its for things that Americans need. Its an uphill battle in Washington. Politicians need to get their priorities straight.
glz1 年 前
Now you know how military work and also it's Russia
Joe 年 前
There are only 14 states in this country that have an annual budget of over 40 billion dollars. That's a HUGE amount of money. It's insane that people complain about billionaires in this country yet think the country as a whole can spare so much.
Joe 年 前
@Expletive Deleted that's crazy I didnt know the pope was funding this crusade
Jamie Tobin
Jamie Tobin 年 前
Good, we have given enough. Our country is in a disastrous state of being and enough is enough