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We get crazy DM's on Instagram all the time, so this week we decided...what would happen if one of us said "Yes" to the first one we came across? Thomas was chosen to go on this adventure and let's just say within 24 hours of accepting the challenge, he was on the other side of the world.
Thank you to @roshniwaliaa for the challenge and the incredible hospitality and thank you to the rest of the Yes Fam India for making this trip so unforgettable.
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We believe that life can be as fulfilling as you wish, so long as you're willing to seek discomfort. And we make videos about it.
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Yes Theory
Yes Theory ヶ月 前
What country should we fly to next? Let us know below!
Javier Maldonado
Javier Maldonado 11 日 前
CreepsPlayHD 19 日 前
Tomas Calderon
Tomas Calderon 19 日 前
Pratik Npl
Pratik Npl ヶ月 前
@Crabsterr Nepal
360 Gamer
360 Gamer ヶ月 前
Fly in India again 😁😅
Tobias Hillier-milton
that family was so cool, theyre all so welcoming and confident
Ali Xihuny
Ali Xihuny 58 分 前
Maldives. You gonna love it here.
Nabeel Khan
Nabeel Khan 時間 前
Roshni looks somewhat similar to Mostly Sane
Solar Tj
Solar Tj 時間 前
11:15that guy in the back just started smiling 😂
APM Gaming
APM Gaming 2 時間 前
Im such an idiot i wish I kept myself updated with the channel I would've come and met you dude😂😂 Whhhyyyyyy!!!! From today I'll see every video.
Luke Davenport
Luke Davenport 3 時間 前
I will say it once and I will say it again, Yes Theory is one of the greatest JPvid channels ever!
Andy Juanite
Andy Juanite 4 時間 前
Come to Philippines 😆
Sum Nailimixam
Sum Nailimixam 4 時間 前
how does indian pussy feel
Marissa Adamson
Marissa Adamson 7 時間 前
I wish all people were as kind as the strangers you meet on your trips ❤️
jacz jynd
jacz jynd 7 時間 前
Try northeastern parts of India
hippomonsterboy 7 時間 前
Go to the Philippines on a 5-day trip! Manila then the islands. :)
hippomonsterboy 7 時間 前
Loving Mumbai's vibe!
JstCallMeRebel 8 時間 前
Hi.. *Read more*
Morty Knight
Morty Knight 8 時間 前
What ..you gonna get eaten alive 😂😂 😂.when you ppl are in India u act as an angel but after returning to your country u say bullshit about India..
Isaac Ramos
Isaac Ramos 9 時間 前
The mom seems like she has been in billions of JPvid videos and seems really cool
orkust 10 時間 前
Did you smash tho?
Lumeus R. Kenny
Lumeus R. Kenny 10 時間 前
I love Indians female hair
Mr Inzest •
Mr Inzest • 11 時間 前
Come to Munich in Germany.
Michael Burns
Michael Burns 11 時間 前
It's amazing to see how kind and organic everyone there is, you can see the sincerity in how natural they are around you and the camera.
you should come to pakistan just ask lexi whay kind pf country it is to travel
Walker #18936
Walker #18936 13 時間 前
11:14 That dude smiling is soooo creepy 😂
Alan Jenko
Alan Jenko 13 時間 前
Those Indian guys were hotttt and so friendly
David Hairston
David Hairston 14 時間 前
Bring them to LA!!!
Gavin Sandhu
Gavin Sandhu 14 時間 前
Go to Amritsar Punjab India
pravin thakor
pravin thakor 15 時間 前
Spend At least 2 month in India you gone love India
Rosiejo !
Rosiejo ! 15 時間 前
The guy at 11:14 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁
乃丨匚乂ADI 15 時間 前
Now where is your gf in the comment box
乃丨匚乂ADI 15 時間 前
Yeah Indians will kill you lol smh dumbass ppl
Dying Meme
Dying Meme 15 時間 前
8:24 Bruh I love this lady
MrNiceGuy96 16 時間 前
Easy way to get more views? Love it or Hate it - just make videos about India :)
Rahul jariwala
Rahul jariwala 16 時間 前
Whenever you come to India... Try to avoid bihar and uttarpradesh... Those are the real shithole of India. visit States like uttrakhand, Gujarat if you are really into food, goa&diu if you love tropical places, madhypradesh, tamilnadu, keral(this one is the best),assam, himachal pradesh... Then you will have the best time in india❤
Helder C
Helder C 16 時間 前
Hey guys! You have to come to Portugal! I live in the north of the country (Braga) and I can show you the best places to "seek discomfort "! Braga, Gerês, Guimarães, Porto! Let me know!
Mara E
Mara E 16 時間 前
oh my gosh her mom is the best!!!
Grandad Ava
Grandad Ava 18 時間 前
Go to Iran
UpsideDown Everything
UpsideDown Everything 18 時間 前
That guy at 11:15
anilla_md 22 時間 前
WolfyyNZ 23 時間 前
Vasudha Kamath
Vasudha Kamath 23 時間 前
India always welcome and treat our guest as God. Did you experience the hospitality of those two enthusiastic boys who took care of you as their own guest?!!! That is India.
Poonam Bansode
India is the safest country for everyone,I am mumbaikar 😊😊
xZephyrous 日 前
that girl is cute
Reeya Ramos
Reeya Ramos 日 前
The Hidden
The Hidden 14 時間 前
Do you mean maharlika
dani nobin
dani nobin 日 前
Nice 2 guys
Subhasish Bose
Y u every blogger use the same background music !! Kindly make some changes and use new indian music .
John Appleseed
6:23 Pani Puri vs Gol Guppe😂
Preshantham Sannasi
Please come to South Africa 🇿🇦
Chandrika Sharma
Ok so if anyone has watched the series Maharana pratap on like Sony or something in India, roshni I plays ajabdeh in it (maharana pratap’s wife) search it up if u haven’t watched it
Navin _Lucifer
come to tamilnadu
K A R T I K 2 日 前
*India is the most hospitable country in the world.*Yo girl is mad.
King Sadiq Vlogs
Man the nostalgia is real! It’s been 2 years since I’ve been to mumbai, really miss mumbai Great video!
Chirag Shinde
Chirag Shinde 2 日 前
Well please tell your friends that India is not what they think it is . It's a beautiful country to travel . Even the moon looks beautiful but it still has craters to look like spots on it , it's just the same with India . Each country has it's own problems that doesn't mean it's not worth visiting . Hope you enjoy your visit to India
Timnas Evolution
Akhil Nath G
Akhil Nath G 2 日 前
Come to kerala (india) once. Gods owen country
Shubham Ujwane
Shubham Ujwane 2 日 前
India is not a harsh country Better get that straight
Damn Daniel
Damn Daniel 2 日 前
So he responded to the most random instagram dm and ended up meeting the most friendly and adorable girl that showed him the country and even made him a todo list so he can experience india to the fullest, he then met the 2 nicest bois that even wanted to pay for him ? Is this the power of saying yes ?
Parth Mehta
Parth Mehta 2 日 前
I really like it when he says don't judge a culture or country due to fear and you should go there and experience it yourself
Roshan Music
Roshan Music 2 日 前
Those guys were damn too sweet. Thats india for you♥️
Taha Soomro
Taha Soomro 2 日 前
now come to Pakistan .eh ?
Red Center Media
Dude visits India and within 48 hours has two new friends buying him lunch/dinner/snacks and paying for his transport! Booking my ticket to India right now! Here I come! 👍😊
hudzaifah hazazi
Cute girl
Dan The Man
Dan The Man 3 日 前
Caroline Wallace
To all the people defending India: IT DEPENDS WHAT PART YOU TRAVEL TO! DUH! If you went to the poorer parts of the country you would see more of what his girlfriend was talking about and what India is like in some places.
Jagmail Brar
Jagmail Brar 3 日 前
Jayde King
Jayde King 3 日 前
That one guy in the back round u take me to LA 11:15 it when u can see him lmao
Deadboy5663 Gaming
8:31 Swearnet?
reinaldo guerreiro
omg they are so nice
Sebastian  Perez
Sebastian Perez 3 日 前
Come to MEXICO
Book Boy
Book Boy 3 日 前
Come to UK, i live in shitsvill !
Ranjith kumar
Ranjith kumar 3 日 前
Hats off to those two random guys. They made me feel proud of my country.❤
Mohammad Zarrar
Mohammad Zarrar 3 日 前
India ( Delhi )
Stelios Paterakis
Damn that girl is really charming.
Táňa Svozilová
People in Mumbai are so warm! ♥️
swmn abdf
swmn abdf 4 日 前
you should visit Iran your mind would be blown because that's exactly the opposite of what you're imagining of it 😉
Himanshi Pradhan
You had a great time! Gooooooood that. Hearts hearts hearts hearts hearts
Wil Parrington
Wil Parrington 4 日 前
Melbourne Australia
GFelixx Bryn
GFelixx Bryn 4 日 前
india isnt really dangerous, but beware of scammers
MS Khan
MS Khan 時間 前
My friend scammer are every corner on Earth but Take care yourself Thanks! Namaste
Aftermath 2025
Aftermath 2025 4 日 前
Look at the dude in the background 11:14
Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar 4 日 前
10:18 You see folks That's how you bargain in India. 😁😂
Vaibhav Pattadur
Send this to BBC and CNN .Ask those rascals to watch before commenting on our motherland
Ino Inck
Ino Inck 4 日 前
Snehansh Chaturvedi
Of all people in India he choosed a TV soap star roshni walia! Well doesn't get more random than this.
Fajar Putranto
Fajar Putranto 4 日 前
turned out to be one wholesome ass video
Jim Chalupsky
Jim Chalupsky 4 日 前
These guys are so good. Love them!
vansh prajapati
vansh prajapati 4 日 前
The only thing I didn't like about the family is that they didn't walk their dog. Like wtf?
Josephine Haes
Josephine Haes 4 日 前
I love the friendship he made!!!
Cold Beans
Cold Beans 4 日 前
that mom was so nice
Adam TheWhiteBoy
Sound so friendly Helloooooooo
Kinjal Mehta
Kinjal Mehta 4 日 前
India has like 90% ammazing people and only 10% of a..holes.. and if u have a really bad luck u will come across those 10%.. and foreigners are easy target cause u guys have no clue how things work here.. but India is really ammazing. And u will love it if u travel more and more to my beautiful country.😊
REDPilsHD 4 日 前
Look at this duuuuuuude 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😱😱😱😱😱😱 11:15
Nakul Patel
Nakul Patel 4 日 前
Ask your friend to stay in South Chicago or Detroit for 6 hrs That would surely be eye opening for her to know more about her own county
Ethan 4 日 前
you can tell he gave a huge tip to the rickshaw driver at 11:37
vaibhav satpute
vaibhav satpute 4 日 前
27 million people have visited India in 2018.
street fighter.
street fighter. 4 日 前
You missed to eat wada pav in Mumbai
street fighter.
street fighter. 4 日 前
I have been in that building last month
Monitorsjr Gaming
Go flight to Indonesia 🇮🇩
Matthew Rice
Matthew Rice 4 日 前
Climb Mount Kilimanjaro with me?
EpicGlitchTV™ 4 日 前
Awesome 🔥
Mohammad Indra Kurniawan
6:50 Dopinder from Deadpool came
Gokul nath
Gokul nath 4 日 前
Western media's has left the chat Thankyou for the video bro 😭 ,now people know the truth
Ashley Washburn
Ashley Washburn 5 日 前
you should fly those two guys out to LA
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