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I like how the crowd chanted "We Want Jey" and immediately Roman acknowledged it while confronting Sami. Details like this is what makes wrestling great
I could be totally wrong on this but I have this theory that The Rock would return before Wrestlemania and it will be a 3 on 3 match. It would be Sami Zayn, Jay USO and The Rock VS Roman Reigns, Jimmy USO, Solo Sikoa.
@DyanLucas 年 前
200th like
WWE has people in the crowd that start chanting hoping the crowd picks it up
@@4thereallucky this is the 2nd time I've heard/seen this. Makes sense though because I know wwe used to pump "goldberg" chants thru the speakers back in his 2003 run. Not sure if WCW did it because the crowd was way more authentic and hype back then
There’s a lot of things that make wrestling great. Too bad in 2023, we rarely see those things.
@kilotw1446 年 前
Roman showing Range as a heel. Just when I thought he couldn’t take it up another level 👏🏽 that promo at the end was top tier.
When Sami screamed “ROMAN!!!!” i felt that in my soul
@LastiJerb 年 前
dude was like “ROMAAaaaN”
@@LastiJerb raw emotion on sami’s part
@TitanSokugawa4679 8 ヶ月 前
@deriusbrown25 4 日 前
It’s wasn’t the wrestling that made the attitude era legendary. It was the storylines that kept you tuned in every single week just to find out what happens next. This is an example of what’s been missing from this new generation of WWE
Perfect analogy and it's so true. Attitude era didn't have alot of 5 star matches it was the storylines that kept people in tune.
@OVALetsPlay 年 前
i agree
Exactly. All these wrestlers with no personalities, 500 super kicks and doing gymnastics all over the ring is not what we want. We want storylines that used to make wrestling more popular than anything else scripted on television. This is definitely really really good stuff
**ideas themselves
Killed it with this post, bro.
The acting here is phenomenal, truly. It feels natural and flows organically. Sami’s frustration, Roman responding to the Jey chants. Truly wonderful.
@Clasteau 年 前
That pivot on Jay and family was such a veteran move.
@arcticbeach 年 前
I was there last night! The energy was so intense. I was even surprised to see sami. Everyone went nuts. This scene blew the roof off the place
The crowd was great. Wwe is hot right now
My biggest pop was the table in the dark match lol
Roman's entrance is such a spectacle to see in person. It was so awesome
@yoholmes273 年 前
Too sweet 😋
@AshuPunjabi 年 前
“You broke up my family, now I’ll break you in front of yours.” Let’s go, please let this rivalry go on for more than one month.
Sami don't have family no kids
@@austinlewis1032 yea he dose he's got one
@@justinnickell8898 KO has kids not Sami jey left bloodline I don't care about your comments
Could you imagine if sami actually wins the titles off of Roman?
@@austinlewis1032 your incorrect sami zayn does have a kid, he has 1 pretty sure he’s married to. He’s just very quiet about his personal life, rightfully so because he likes his privacy as everyone should.
This whole storyline has been amazing. And to top it all off, this is one of Roman's strongest promos. This one felt incredibly real. They've all been fantastic and grown something as well as themselves in it. I'm excited to see where this ends, but it'll be sad when it's over. WWE needs more Bloodline storylines.
@marcbasil 年 前
Everyone except Zain in this blood lines thing is a no-talent mid card scrub. Rikishis three kids, those twins & the fat dude, are complete bums who would be job guys without their family connections. Same with this reins dude. Total scrub. Can’t talk, can’t act, zero charisma. Kudos to Zain tho, he juiced this dry pear for all of it was worth.
@marcbasil 年 前
Reins has never cut a good promo, ever
@MrRasnowman 年 前
I thought this promo was realllllllly bad. Just my opinion
@ektran4205 年 前
roman is an insecure champion
@marcbasil 年 前
@@ektran4205 …..that’s because he doesn’t have any talent & he knows it. The entire audience is fully aware of the fact that, without his inside connections, this guy would be riding the IMPACT mid card, or jumping around on the indies. He’s a decent looking dude & a solid athlete, but that’s where it ends. He has ZERO charisma, can’t talk, can’t act, has no presence aside from looking awkward/uncomfortable. You can tell he knows & is aware of how cringey he is. He’s a big reason why no one watches Wwf anymore. They only want him in that top spot because he’s an obedient soldier/he won’t make waves. He’s never drawn a hay penny, at least not in professional rasslin
The way Roman acknowledged the "we want Jay" chant and used it in his promo on the fly was magic
The intensity after Sami yelled "Roman! I never wanted anything from you." That was masterclass. 👏
Roman's best promos always come whenever he's not holding the mic. "You broke my family, now I'm gonna break you in front of yours"
@ctredez2047 年 前
This and the "The Tribal Chief is head and shoulders above everyone!" - speeches were his hardest ones
This is next level… this storyline will go down right up there with the greats… just look at how Reigns feeds off the crowd and goes “you hear that, they want Jey but I don’t have Jey cause you broke up my bloodline”… it’s small stuff like that that just elevates everything about this storyline.
Sami ZAYN reminds me so much of Daniel Bryan 2014 how can they say he’s not worth face? The crowd says otherwise
It should be a repeat of WM 30 and add him in the main event and have him pin Cody instead of Roman
@@luissantiago3928 unless the fans turn on cody i don’t that that’ll happen unfortunately
@roww52 年 前
@@paradiswg5572 Sami will probably help Cody win in some way
from the way they booked him in this segment, i really believe WWE is only saying that to dirt sheets and Dave Meltzer so they can have the crowd behind him even more
Sami is more over than Cody is it’s the truth
@voltage7010 年 前
Bruh 7:54 Paul Heyman chanting like he’s a god “I acknowledge you my tribal chief” had me dead 😂😂😂
Sami's reception in Montreal going to be legendary.
Trademark screwjob angle coming.
@nickmartz 年 前
@@BeastNationXIV I pray that HHH knows better
@fr8train224 年 前
Alright...I gotta say it...Sami Zayn had such a "Goldberg"-esque moment, including the Spear, before the Bloodline took him out...the crowd pop off of that Sami Spear was absolutely insane...
@ultimate-x 年 前
Seeing Sami go after someone has been a long awaited thing to happen. It’s great to see. I feel like he’s gonna be the Daniel Bryan of 2020s cause he just gives off that underdog feel and I can’t wait to see how it ends!
Yesss! I said this last week 🎉🎉🎉
Its gonna end with him not getting the big win over reigns he not getting anywhere near those tittles 🤣🤣 maybe the tag team tittles thats is but he not winning the big one get it through ur thick skulls 🤣
Nah D bry was a legitimate contender Sami is a mid carder at best although he is hot who could take him serious as world champ
@jvaz6264 年 前
@@roycuffee8387 ... I don't see it happening either unless they were going to split the titles... As far as Sami goes, if they could put a belt on Kofi (midcard guy) they could do it with Sami if the right opportunity arose. I just don't see him winning both titles...but it will definitely be a fun ride.
@wikkidfury 年 前
💥After watching this unfold for WEEKS at a time, I started to actually LIKE Sami, and I honestly used to hate his guts. I kinda knew Sami was infiltrating the Bloodline for the belts, but NEVER expected Jey USO to be as involved as he is. As valiant as Sami might be, and deserving no less, I DO NOT foresee the belts changing hands at Elimination Chamber. That will be The American Nightmare's job. He WILL put up a great fight, and we may get a few surprises there too but not enough to take RR's titles away....🤔💁💯💯💯 🌹🇺🇸~~ALL RHODES LEAD HOME~~🇺🇸🌹 🇺🇸🇺🇸~~CODY RHODES--UNIVERSAL CHAMPION 2023~~🇺🇸🇺🇸 There....I said it....but DON'T HATE me for it!!!💁💁👏👏💯💯🇺🇸🇺🇸
One of the GREATEST wrestling storylines EVER 💯💯
@jnova707 年 前
Goosebumps this is one of the greatest storylines of all time. No Jey Uso makes it even more intriguing.
@Ben-jq6by 年 前
@madhatten00 年 前
imagine jey + sami vs solo + jimmy that would be sick
Imagine loses by a dq cause jay comes in to beat on Roman. Jimmy and Soli vs jay and Sammi
​@Ben 8473 yes but this time they did it right. It only took them 10 years to get Roman the right gimmick.
@zalza890 年 前
Wow this was amazing by Sami Zayn! "I never wanted anything from you". Then he screams it. So much emotion. This is Wrestling.
@fgstech4857 年 前
One of my favorite aspects of Roman Reigns is his demeanor. On most days he comes to the ring to talk he's chilled, but if you attack him he gets unhinged. A complete transformation he goes from Clark Kent to Superman super fast, lol
Both Roman's mic & crowd participation skills are excellent 👌
@cappy4534 年 前
This was so amazing! The crowd went insane for our boy Sami ZAYN!
Romans mic skills have improved so much since his early days with the shield.
This is probably the best storyline WWE has given us in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. It's a long storyline but it's been entertaining every step of the way. The matches have great, Roman mic skills have been getting better, The USO's are more entertaining and dominant then ever, and Solo looks and feels like a younger Umaga.
no its not a storyline samy hates roman reigns and he used to worship him. Samy betrayed him for that clown kevin owens who pretends to be stone cold steve austin. Sami must be punished and abused by your god and your tribal chief roman reigns. Now please allow yourself to clear your head and make sense of this. As for Jey he knew it from the beginning and he left because he was mad nobody believed him. Now he knows Sami must go to the Uso Penitentiary to get turned out and destroyed.
im bored of it.
@@FantasticJay3582 ok
@mattm7798 年 前
Right...Roman is soooooooo much better as a heel and his promo skills has grown leaps and bounds...great idea to have Roman talk directly to Sami without a microphone into the camera. Please make Vince stay as far away from creative as possible!
@@FantasticJay3582 well forget you then my guy stop watching the show then common sense.
@CodyT3212 年 前
Roman is next level on the mic these days. Truly proved himself as a headliner and major star. So amazing to see where he’s at compared to a few years ago.
It’s unreal. I can admit I was the Roman doubter and local idiot who didn’t believe in this man’s talent .😂 Boy was I wrong. He is the greatest pro wrestler of this era and he gets me hyped to watch wrestling every week. After 20 plus years of not watching. That says something.
@rezzy1013 年 前
Please let SZ have his moment.. this is pure organic and we the fans deserve to see a masterpiece of a storyline culminated in the underdog getting his day to shine.
Roman is a menace!!! The growth is unmatched! Legend already!
samis energy when he attacked roman was the best. ive never seen him like that
@javelinxd 年 前
6:56 chilling....goosebumps...this is God tier peak wrestling
Eddie Guerrero vibes
Zayn's SPEAR was so unexpected and superb!!!
Tell me about it. I was expecting a helluva kick with the chair in front of Roman's face.
That spear was InZayn
@techycatz 年 前
That is actually a cool name for a finisher
That was a beautifully executed spear by Sami. Hope he keeps it in his arsenal.
7:35 that mic audio sound when Roman spoke 😂😂😂
@OBsmoove 年 前
The Spear from Sami threw me off I was like Wait a minute that was Clean asf
The crowd is loving it finally some energy in the arena
Stone Cold is so iconic that the crowd still says WHAT!! Even to this day saying it never gets old😂😂😂
@kgatewide16 年 前
He needs to pay for his crimes lol(I love Austin tho)
It most definitely has gotten old
@kgatewide16 年 前
@@jdpforlifetv1033 that chant stinks up good promos for no reason.
@lybbwiz2080 年 前
@@kgatewide16 WHAT!
@kgatewide16 年 前
@@lybbwiz2080 don't you start lol
Romans acting is unreal now. Bravo to him
Acting?? Wait a minute,this is all fake?
@OPrimetime 年 前
It was all a dreammmmm
This storyline has been nothing short of amazing. As someone who grew up in the attitude era. This is something I’ve been wanting from the WWE for a very long time, & there finally delivering. Sami is at the top of his game (per usual) but we’re probably seeing Roman at the best he’s ever been & it’s been must see TV ever since they started the bloodline.
The bloodline was so hard to turn heel because for the last few months the crowd was cheering for them even when they fought the baby faces. Now Roman has finally reach evil status heel where the crowd really hates him.
They had two options because they were so over. A. Turn them face but their would be no heels to match the magnitude that they had reached. Option B. Have them kill Bambi. Sami had become a beloved figure so it took that beating they gave Sami to get Roman back to being villainous. Everyone involved in this storyline have executed it perfectly. If the don't do that it falls flat. I haven't been this invested in wrestling since the attitude era. 10/10☝🏾
They were never a face, they were/still a heel. They were getting cheered because of Sami Zayn. They were cutting anti heroic promos but kept fighting like heels kinda like DX they first became a thing
@James11111 年 前
@@victorphillips9004 "You don't kill Bambi you idjit. You kill Bambi's mother."
The Bloodline has been a heel faction for the past 2 years, ever since both of the Usos joined Roman. The cheers they received while Sami was in the group was very brief compared to the amount of time they received heat from the crowd. It also didn't change the fact that ppl continued to root against Roman. They weren't really cheering for The Bloodline. They were cheering for Sami.
Sami was fired up!! He said “ROMAAAANN!!! ” that how a mom calls her child name when the kid is in trouble
@Slimkeen54 年 前
4:12 Sami with that OG Edge spear🔥🔥
Roman: I'm going to break you at elimination chamber. Sami: I understand.
@Slimkeen54 年 前
@@BeastNationXIV 😂😂😂😂
Yo this might be the best written storyline WWE has ever developed. I can relate to the story more as an adult than I ever thought.
@eagle1984 年 前
It's like the schoolyard bully took a nerdy kid under his wing as a favor then eventually turned on the kid. All the kids who were bullied can relate to this feeling or remember what it was like
@spooler24 年 前
The spear from Sami was clean AF!! 🔥🔥
Yeah and Roman Reigns pausing before the spear kinda ruined it cause it made it look fake
@steezy7460 年 前
@@stansmith5610 Roman still needs help
@@steezy7460 help with what? Lol
@steezy7460 年 前
@@thestemfiles refer to Stan Smith comment
@thereal1500 年 前
The way paul throws everything he’s holding before he gets out the ring 😂
First time I seen Solo wearing sneaks lol can u imagine that Montreal crowd cheering for sami
I love how Roman adapted to the WE WANT JEY chants and spoke from there
@murfdog19 年 前
It's hard to believe that just two years ago, Roman was still struggling with luke warm fan reactions as a face. Now, he's the quintessential wrestling heel.
Couldn't have been more happier and honored to be in the crowd with all the Carolina faithful that night. Thank you to the cast, crew, along with the men and women that grind in the ring every night for us. And with one of THE goats adding Greenville South Carolina to the acknowledge me list of his GOAT run with both titles in tow legendary for life preciate you Roman and ALL of the WWE 👑 ☝ 🇼🇸🐐
That Spear From Sami Zayn Was Straight FIRE 🔥🔥
EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT, the spear was one of the best i've seen
Dude that was awesome that Sami speared Roman
@@LunarEquity93 he needs to make that his signature move before the kick...
I wish they would have ended the show with that and Sami Zayn standing over Roman.
Something tells me Heyman is going to turn on Roman and go with Zayn soon
Roman has been next level. The dude is a legend. And the rightful number 1 star in the WWE and any other wrestling company. This dude is it
Roman is really good at these no mic- close up shots. That’s one of the realms of the promo he really excels at
@AnswerisB 年 前
I feel like pro wrestling should implement those much more, especially when it comes to blood feuds like this. It makes the dynamic feel so much more organic and believable.
It helps that creative is letting him be himself. Vince did him no favors, feeding him cheap lines to try and get over. He’s a natural heel
This is just absolutely amazing HHH is doing amazing and I'm really starting to get my love back for WWE that I felt when I was a kid it will never be the same but this is great!
@arcticbeach 年 前
I'm proud of Roman and Sami they both came so far
@wagemawagema4618 9 ヶ月 前
Just seeing Sami Zayn turn heel was incredible. I've never seen this side of him before. Awesome.
That ad libbing from Roman in response to "We want Jay" was masterfully done. Everyone is talking about Sammi but forgetting that he would not be where he was if not for a complex and sympathetic villain like Reigns.
@babyshak98 年 前
Not sympathetic and Sami was getting over before the bloodline. That's why they put him in the group. Roman wouldn't be this praised of it won't for Sami joining the bloodline, everybody said it was getting stale. Conspiracy Sami was over like a mfer
Return of main event Jey?
@babyshak98 年 前
@@freshswagga100 100% it's starts with jey and ends with jey, now that we know WWE *COUGH* Vince*COUGH COUGH*ain't rocking with Sami like we are
@@babyshak98 Do you? Triple H is still booking these shows
@aceee9813 年 前
@Kingdom House Ummm yes it was. He wouldn’t have even brought up Jay till they started saying his name
I absolutely love Roman Reigns. He pulls off the dominant intimidating heel really well.
@Slimkeen54 年 前
My 2016 self wouldn't believe that this is Reigns rn killing it on the mic🔥🔥🔥 he's improved so freaking much in his promos overtime he has like a more serious The Rock tone and feel now.
Paul Heyman brings tears to my eyes 🤣
@bigmilt12 年 前
It wasn’t a matter of if, but when Sami turned. It was a story Sami wasn’t supposed to be a part of for any extended length, but give Paul Heyman and Triple H props for adapting this story on a weekly basis. It’s made Sami more relevant than he’s ever been and it set the stage for a reunion between his best friend Kevin Owens.
@JVReySolos 年 前
This storyline has single-handedly gotten me back into wrestling.
I swear
Feels like when i was 10 years old in 2005 type stuff!
🤣🤣🤣 this story line is predictable I can already tell you Roman Reigns is gonna get the win
@KingMACKS84 年 前
It’s about how it’s being told dude. Who knows they might surprise us down the line.
@@stansmith5610 Most of us know that, but that dont matter its how they tell the story thats important
The best WWE storyline since Daniel Bryan and the Authority.
Better than that storyline cause that one wasint supposed to happen really
This segment was 🔥
when I heard Sami yell "ROMANNN" I legit thought he was gonna say "Your next"
Does anyone else feel like Sami's spear is criminally clean. I mean it's picture perfect. Reminds me of long hair edge hitting a spear on undertaker.
@danimetro 年 前
Paul Heyman look like he seen ghost when Sami hit that spear!!!😂
Love this story line. And I love watching Paul in the background with his face movements.
@plus_sign 年 前
the Sami chants at the start... Roman has them in the palm of his hands .. this is great
How Vince didn’t turn Roman heel sooner is beyond me his character is flawless
As Roman explained, everything came together at the perfect time to make this heel run what it is. Just because we see how well it works now, it doesn't mean Vince could've turned him heel sooner and gotten the same results. That's like saying Hogan could've became Hollywood before WCW signed Hall and Nash, and WCW would've gotten the same results. Storylines with great heel characters doesn't happen that easily.
Sami has a new move now! He’s like a young edge mixed with Daniel Bryan
That spear Sami hit roman with was honestly great
@BlaxkSun 年 前
“SAMI ZAYN ATTACKS” all I needed to see😊
Facts 😂😂😂😂
That was a perfectly placed chair for Heyman to grab for Roman.
Thank you... For the storyline The tears and emotional connection to a storyline I haven't seen since the original shield. And giving Sammy a shot at the title I am VERY sports entertained..
This has to be single handedly the greatest story ever.
@dbrown4279 年 前
Best storyline in wrestling probably 10 years plus!!
@iWatchVodz 年 前
Listen to that crowd. Sami is taken one of those belts 😂
What a promo from Roman. You can feel the intensity
He fumbled a line; but, recovered (unlike the Babyface Roman).
🤣🤣 you must've not been a fan when wwe was wwf cause real ones know Boring Reigns promos seem forced and doesn't come naturally
@aceee9813 年 前
@@solascripturaPR1517 that fumble wasn’t even that big of a deal to bring up tbh
@@aceee9813 mfs hating as USUAL
He's killing it
@jhonlennon7224 2 ヶ月 前
The spear from Sami was one of the cleanest ones I’ve ever seen
Jimmy sold that super kick like always 😂
@iamaltitude 年 前
“You hear that? They want Jey, but I don’t have Jey because you broke up my bloodline!!!” Best Storyline in WWE since Daniel Bryan’s Yes Movement in my opinion.
Roman is the greatest heel ever and this bloodline storyline is the best in this whole era ever ever since the pandemic started...they done took WWE to another level!!! Kudos to all involved and Paul Heyman is steady evolving every year is amazing. THANK YOU ALL
Crazy how The Bloodline and Sami Zayn are "Must See Television" and everything else on both SD and Raw are trying to keep up.
It's truly difficult to believe there was a time Roman was considered a subpar talker Dude straight spits fire these days, with or without a mic
@NKXyooj 年 前
The way Roman talks when he delivers promos reminds me of how Negan from the walking dead talks lol
It's just like Kevin Owens said "Sami is finally getting the recognition that he's known for so many years."
Paul Running for the chair is 10/10 😂😂
@jtymon24 年 前
I'm so impressed with how far Roman has come
Amazing storyline it’s been a crazy ride hopefully it’ll go a lil longer 🤞🏼
@MeowMochi3 年 前
He is
@Oogie88 年 前
This is great! Don't think any storyline has been this good and probably will never be again.
When sami speared reigns i was shocked asf i thought he was gonna go with a helluva kick but the spear made for a much better moment.
@mattp6793 年 前
a real pop in this day is not easy plus a storyline that has long potential with multiple scenarios,Sami is really good in ring,on mic so give this all the time it needs
It was not long ago that RAW was the flagship of WWE programing but with the Bloodline and Roman running wild SD! IS the flagship, RAW needs to watch and see how this is done..
Roman literally did a 360 on the mic since the shield days.👍🏼👍🏼🔥🔥
Sami hit that Spear like he's been doing it for years. 👍👍
@yhbmari2879 年 前
Edge would be proud
@TEpstein_24 年 前
@@yhbmari2879 that’s what I’m saying. Out of every superstar that uses the Spear no one does it like Edge
Sami's spear looked better than Roman's.
@@ChrisWilliams-ur7fn Stop lol
@@bullymaguire6722 it depends pn who's seling tbh.
This 🙌🏼 hands down the best I’ve seen these two do along side one another.
@TheRealFly 年 前
I'm happy for Sami his talent is undeniable....... Acknowledge him
If Sami Zayn brings back his old theme song at EC, he would get the biggest pop ever 😂
They should have kept Sammy with the blood line , but this is a good twist , It's going to be interesting to see what happens
"FAMILY" - The Bloodline Story