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Actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen joins Jonathan on the sofa and reflects on some of the worst reactions his work has provoked.
Series 10, Episode 6.
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Coastaku 2 時間 前
Put this man on SNL!!!
kariba25 3 時間 前
Crossing state to start a riot!! That's what he did in his new movie The Trial of the Chicago 7!!
Divij Singh Thakur
Divij Singh Thakur 5 時間 前
Only halfway through the video I realised that it was Amy Poehler sitting next to him.
Quikiki 5 時間 前
i didnt know he was playing a character...
Minya Mia
Minya Mia 7 時間 前
Love the dictator !!!
Dayan Dansurun
Dayan Dansurun 8 時間 前
This whole Borat situation is quite offensive for very specific reason. Many asian people from postsoviet territory belong to the nomadic culture where person's dignity or face is regarded very highly. On top of that, each person fully represents his whole clan. Clans represent whole nation. In perspective of kazakh people by mocking a person who represents their entire nation he offended entire nation. Now factor in that representation of nomadic asians on international level was second to none. What would westerners think of kazakhs when the only mention of them is some scandalous journalist? Reasonable people all over the world ofcourse would instantly understand that this is some kind of satire. But national consciousness is made of majority not minority. So it became a big issue not only for kazakhs but also many other asian nations on postsoviet territory. To be honest, eventually everything turned out fine. This situation actually raised awareness for Kazakhstan and showed how unreasonable can be people when they are offended, spending monstrous amount of money. Not sure it's unreasonable though: people often learn about different cultures through entertainment. Frivolously deciding to make a character that is so offensive for it's own sake with usage of real country's name with real people with real feelings and ancient culture is fatuous. Mockery can carry different intentions. But cultural differences can be so drastic that no amount of explanation will sedate resentment of offended people.
Logan 9 時間 前
“Booyakasha whaz goin’ on yo”
Seth Thompson
Seth Thompson 10 時間 前
Crossed state lines to start a riot in the Chicago 7. Foreshadowing.
justgivemethetruth 13 時間 前
What a lunatic! So hilarious
osbodav 17 時間 前
That laugh track...
boomiron 18 時間 前
Who'd have thought..from Borat to Shilling for the ADL, whining on about the need for on line censorship so the J's don't get offended. Sorry, what did you build your entire career on, Sacha? Politically correct comedy perchance?
final boss
final boss 20 時間 前
AAARRRGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stand ross, he is the biggest pos ever.
Johannes H
Johannes H 21 時間 前
Just genius!
maszimz 日 前
She screwed him over " we wouldn't laugh there either " 😂😂😂
Lesley Wynter
Two old has-beens with gigantic egos and badly dyed hair. Richard Madeley would have completed the triumvirate of Yesteryear.
Censorship? Really?
korpakukac 日 前
Ads. 15 seconds of video. ADS.
:: HunnedOnmaWrist
youtube rapin my ass with these ads
Trevor Gore
Trevor Gore 日 前
Cannot stand the hypocrite
Trevor Gore
Trevor Gore 日 前
The great defender of the anti defamation league , that's what he does for a living stereotyping other races , no you cannot criticise israel, really ??
Trevor Gore
Trevor Gore 日 前
What are you stupid?
Shai Ace
Shai Ace 日 前
whos a hypocrite?
Fabian Tarantino
9:29 Those words in that accent XD
Hunter Cohen
Hunter Cohen 日 前
We don’t deserve this man.
Casey Foreman
Whos here after borat 2 trailer?
Miloo 日 前
The woman "comedian" whatever her name is should learn how to comede from Sasha and stop trying to shit on his jokes!
Tyler Horton
Tyler Horton 日 前
Wash wuh wee woo very nice
Dennis Williams
Everyone; don't make fun of something that might offend someone. Jonathan Ross: 'Coming out as Bowat...' Me; I'm sorry.
Dennis Williams
Also me; Jonathan Ross is a marvelous and delightful host, and SBC is a comedic genius. Laugh track still very bad tho.
Parice 2 日 前
With the world saying you pretty much can’t say anything now Borat 2 is going to be something else 🙈😂 But I can’t wait lol
Simon Engelbos
Simon Engelbos 2 日 前
0:25 It's Fernando Alonso??
Zarafsha Mahmood
British television shows are stupid and boring🤣
Heisenberg 2 日 前
He's the Jackass all in one.
Sam Craven
Sam Craven 2 日 前
4.7,000 people fought eachother naked and in public. XD
Trev Sedgwick
Trev Sedgwick 2 日 前
MadDog Mc Cree
MadDog Mc Cree 2 日 前
It's never too far to unmask stupidity hatered racism and medieval dogmatism...so Sacha go for it genius qrtist..let haters suffocate in their antisemitism and conformism tiny minds when wisemen show the moon they watch his finger
Swaran Bains
Swaran Bains 2 日 前
Romesh not laughing at his Indian accent was the funniest thing lmao- he really can’t do that one
Essexcarper81 2 日 前
Sacha Baron Cohen is reprising his infamous Borat character in a sequel that is coming to Amazon Prime Video. Borat 2 will be distributed by Amazon Studios and is scheduled for release on October 23, 2020.
Ayrox 2 日 前
Borat was one of the funniest movies ever. Can’t wait for borat 2
Aston Williams
Aston Williams 10 時間 前
I got an ad for it on this vid
Ayrox 2 日 前
@Clothilde yeah haha
Clothilde 2 日 前
I’m genuinely counting the days! The early Borat skits and first Borat film are the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Even if it’s disappointing it’ll still be funnier than most comedies!
john pontes
john pontes 2 日 前
Its rigged he is very clever but if u think he is stupid enough to not set it up...then the joke really is on u
IM KITTI 2 日 前
Love him or hate him..he inherently brings out the true hate & obvious racism in humans.
I’m so glad they are making a Borat 2 lol
dotnb 3 日 前
What a wind up merchant! This man is insane!
SoulVibez 3 日 前
Still awaiting for his apologies for Ali G, it was blatant black face just without the make up
Craig Lyons
Craig Lyons 3 日 前
Not even close. But you keep trying to farm that outrage
Brendan Parr
Brendan Parr 3 日 前
Today I learned Sacha Baron Cohen was King Julien in Madagascar
Goooz 日 前
Me too
Michael Rebholz
Michael Rebholz 3 日 前
brilliant comedian
indoguju 3 日 前
Sacha a literal genius. Fuckin brilliant.
Glory Glory
Glory Glory 3 日 前
Jim Carrey was probably joking when he said that.
Rui Luz
Rui Luz 日 前
Imagine a movie with Jim Carrey and Sacha, lolol!!!
Luis Almeida
Luis Almeida 日 前
No, he wasn't
Ainars Dominiks
Ainars Dominiks 4 日 前
fuck that political beeps. Fuck it.
Aigul Umbetaliyeva
Shasha Baron I wish see you handed with our Flag, which you showed with uglynes to all World. Your heart is ugly as you are
Mike Radway
Mike Radway 4 日 前
shit damn. Amy is a smoke show!
G'kar 4 日 前
Not sure why "wanker" was beeped out. Not really culturally offensive these days.
Alex Marr
Alex Marr 14 時間 前
@The Average Bloke Yeah well they re-uploaded it recently as they've edited out quite a lot. You used to see King Julian when he refers to Madagascar.
The Average Bloke
Fr. The word is like hand in glove for us in the uk
Indian Girl
Indian Girl 4 日 前
Ingat.... Ada allah....
Kngstro 4 日 前
how did this guy get a talkshow with a speech impediment
The Manhunter
The Manhunter 4 日 前
Why should that particularly matter?
Kevin Tenuta
Kevin Tenuta 4 日 前
Grimsby was a sh1t movie... love everything else Sacha has done.. but Grimsby was awful...
Rufus Shinra
Rufus Shinra 5 日 前
did they bleep wanker and leave shit?
O M 5 日 前
This uncouth gypsy has no idea what he is joking about.
Stefan van Loon
Stefan van Loon 5 日 前
Phoenickles 5 日 前
I have never heard this guys real voice 😂
Stephen Barcus
Stephen Barcus 5 日 前
Why does Amy Poehler look so uncomfortable 😂
Arjalineck 5 日 前
Is niiiice
Snake Plissiken
Snake Plissiken 5 日 前
in my country, we pay a lot for these two women, ehh not so much this one
Edward Ruthazer
Edward Ruthazer 6 日 前
Not sure why he isn't considered offensive in the UK. I agree he's hilarious but it makes me feel so uncomfortable to laugh at his bits. I can only guess that Brits secretly love to feel uncomfortable.
Maryam Bham
Maryam Bham 6 日 前
Met his brother, amazing psychologist. Their mother must be incredibly proud
Reece C
Reece C 6 日 前
Love how they forgot to bleep one of the fuckings
Ashutosh S
Ashutosh S 6 日 前
Borat is awesome movie 😂😂😂
d77 6 日 前
absolute legend
Pman InJapan
Pman InJapan 6 日 前
When he used to be funny...now he's just a _________
Bob 6 日 前
*that's my daughter* yikes
JJ Hofstra
JJ Hofstra 6 日 前
But, isnt doing accents in hollywood, on the verge of being illegal?
s staners
s staners 6 日 前
I had a friend that hated the movie ‘Bruno’. So just to mess with him I would schedule a movie night and be like ‘This movie is going to be epic. You’re gonna love it.’ And then show the Psychic scene.
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 5 日 前
I loved borat when I first saw it in the cinema. But my reaction to Bruno initially was that it was just too much haha. I have grown to enjoy it more lately maybe your friend will be the same.
Матрос Альбатрос
He answered not "how does it start", but "where it begun"
K9 Revenge
K9 Revenge 6 日 前
Hayden Mills
Hayden Mills 6 日 前
Amy gagging for his D
Rodolfo Assunção
I love ElectroBOOM, great work!
Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker 6 日 前
Maybe romesh the token comedian could learn 0.5% of this mans comic genius.
mike halton
mike halton 6 日 前
Why is the fucking swearing bleeped, this is youtube ITV!!!!!
Wel Heizel
Wel Heizel 6 日 前
But...America and USA really aren't the same thing ....
Cool Cat
Cool Cat 3 日 前
Actually they are. The US has been called America for a very long time. Even by foreigners. But there’s obviously alot more countries that make up the American continents.
Randall Trantham
Kazakstan is not pissed; they have just sent liason GGG to speak with Sacha. Fight fans will know who GGG is.
Alexx S.
Alexx S. 7 日 前
having a talk show host with a broken tongue, that's a loss... Jonathan Loss
Alexx S.
Alexx S. 7 日 前
the bravest and most inventive comedian that ever lived to risk his life for our laughs
Randall Trantham
one of the best, IMO
Marc Lafleur
Marc Lafleur 7 日 前
I did shrooms and watched Bruno it was hilarious
Clarissa Kay
Clarissa Kay 7 日 前
Every fiber of his being is pure comedy gold.
Doesn't really matter
How short was her skirt btw
Jackson Coleman
Jackson Coleman 7 日 前
Why does Amy Poehler keep laughing when he’s just talking normally lmaooo
Dogfartface 5 日 前
fancies him 100%
Stinktierchen 7 日 前
I disliked the video even tho I laughed.. just because you beep words out.. f u
Loh Ryder
Loh Ryder 7 日 前
The only comedians on his level of intellect are probably Russell Brand and Seth Macfarlane
Hewan Assefa
Hewan Assefa 7 日 前
I love him lol
Shay Warren
Shay Warren 7 日 前
'the spy' on netflix was excellent.
ranie fesico
ranie fesico 7 日 前
I thought it was sri lanka
M. Janai N. Talang
00:59 Bohwat
Midnyte Vega
Midnyte Vega 7 日 前
He enjoys pissing people off....I love him
Brian Dillon
Brian Dillon 7 日 前
Mihordea Dana
Mihordea Dana 7 日 前
Ahhh, he's pure genius.
Herry Bells
Herry Bells 7 日 前
Ali g was his best work, he had a show and everything...
baldieman64 7 日 前
Grimsby was genus and deserved to do better at the box office.
D Woodard
D Woodard 5 日 前
@Dean A my dad was walking through the room when he was sucking the poison out of his brother and had to sit down he was laughing so hard. He made me record it and he ended up watching it probably 3 times. I'm not gonna lie, when my buddy wanted to watch it one night I was kinda like, uhhh this looks dumb, but I'm glad I gave it a chance.
Dean A
Dean A 5 日 前
I laughed so hard, I had to pause and walk away into the kitchen so I didn't wake the kids!! That elephant scene was just so wrong, and kept getting worse!! 🤣🤣🤣
D Woodard
D Woodard 5 日 前
It's the funniest movie I've seen in a long time. I mean, some of that shit was just ridiculous. The elephants...genius
I absolutely love this dude, I would listen to him or watch him read a dictionary
S Sh
S Sh 8 日 前
Dominic 8 日 前
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 8 日 前
What the hell
Tpear0928 8 日 前
SBC is fuckin brilliant, hilarious and original.
Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas 8 日 前
it doesn't sound like him
Vibhu Mahajan
Vibhu Mahajan 8 日 前
The Original Prankster of All Time! He was and always shall be a Legend. These new age fake youtube prankster's have no idea of the Legend of King Borat!
Enormous talent!
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