Robin Hood (2018 Movie) Teaser Trailer - Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan

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Robin Hood - In theaters November 21, 2018. Starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Tim Minchin, and Jamie Dornan.
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Robin of Loxley (Taron Egerton) a war-hardened Crusader and his Moorish commander (Jamie Foxx) mount an audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown in a thrilling action-adventure packed with gritty battlefield exploits, mind-blowing fight choreography, and a timeless romance.
Summit Entertainment presents, an Appian Way production, a Safehouse Pictures production, in association with Thunder Roads Films.





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Mohammad Shah
Mohammad Shah 5 時間 前
I want that Crossbow
jhon chapter 3 verse 16holybible
promote ok to steal if your poor same mindset of thefts now day's most find away out of being poor with out theft with out comiting crimes dot us there neighborhood or poverty to commit crimes but let um inspire um to become better like juge Mathis did
Tacitus Mastodon
Tacitus Mastodon 13 時間 前
Cultural appropriation
Money and more money
Money and more money 15 時間 前
Ok definitely something I do NOT want to watch.
Bigcock Loadsofmoney
Bigcock Loadsofmoney 16 時間 前
Is this a sick joke? Fucking Americans at it again
Bigcock Loadsofmoney
Bigcock Loadsofmoney 15 時間 前
Think i will drink the bucket of shit instead thanks
LibrarianBarbarian 19 時間 前
far·ci·cal /ˈfärsək(ə)l/ adjective adjective: farcical of or resembling a farce, especially because of absurd or ridiculous aspects. "a farcical tangle of events" synonyms: ridiculous, preposterous, ludicrous, absurd, laughable, risible, nonsensical; More
Shirayuri 22 時間 前
from many negative comments; I think the problem is not the movie, but the title. If change it from "Robin Hood" to something like "The Archer", maybe 90% of negative comments will shut up.
FRISHR 23 時間 前
Gotta remember to have the black sidekick.
azraaell 日 前
So he uses a bow and arrow then
Joseph Kannookaden
Robin Hood: Men in Tights. The best of them all, besides Disney's original. Cast included DAVE CHAPPELLE.
dzulkafley samad
Looks good..this should be worth a family outing inclusive 3 large combo popcorn n coke
Autumn Potato
I honestly dont understand why so many people are triggered by this trailer
Steven Young
Steven Young 日 前
this is total and utter crap
NickyB 75
NickyB 75 日 前
Isn’t Jamie the one saying it was good to kill white guys in movies?? Media silence!!! If a white actor said it would be good to kill black guys in movies, there’d be media outrage, rioting, boycotting the movie. Etc etc etc. Reverse racism is alive and well.
Stan Walker
Stan Walker 2 日 前
I dont really care if the actings bad. Ill still watch it just for the action. People need to stop comparing it to the old ones and just think of it like a new movie. Remakes always get way too much shit from oldheads who arent open to new ideas.
Fag Lord
Fag Lord 2 日 前
There was another guy who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Then he gassed the rich and made lampshades out of their skin. His name was Adolf Hitler. And this antifa propaganda is much like the brownshirts of 1934
Fag Lord
Fag Lord 2 日 前
Good lord now they're niggerizing Robin Hood? Ffs
Ricky Hickman
Ricky Hickman 2 日 前
Robin I don't think so. Try again.
Clemens Kindermann
What the hell is this supposed to be??? A Robin Hood steampunk fantasy costume party?
Salty Cracker
Salty Cracker 2 日 前
This is going to flop bigger than Caitlyn Jenner's dick!
Lee W
Lee W 2 日 前
This looks so cheap.
Al Strider
Al Strider 3 日 前
When you spend a chunk of your budget on having a black actor in 1300s Britain
Michael Shane
Michael Shane 3 日 前
This looks beyond horrible.. What executive thought this would make money..
Call me Aj
Call me Aj 3 日 前
Looks boring af.
Bigcock Loadsofmoney
Bigcock Loadsofmoney 15 時間 前
Hi Aj. Yes the films looks like a shit. But you sound like a spaz
Vic Flange
Vic Flange 4 日 前
A stinker. Only a spastic would part with their money to see this.
Igor K. Iggy
Igor K. Iggy 4 日 前
Douglas Donoghue
Great. :)
Nicholas C
Nicholas C 5 日 前
Hot garbage.
Rick Harris
Rick Harris 5 日 前
The one time we asked for a sequel from Hollywood and we get this shitty reboot.
Dragoninthewest 5 日 前
This feels like dungeon Punk Robin Hood
langbo9999 5 日 前
A black man in a Robin Hood movie Hollywood don dat in the 90's.
Panda Rush
Panda Rush 6 日 前
When Barry Allen allow Oliver to time travel with him.
inoma 6 日 前
the only robin hood that ill ever watch is the animated version
Bigcock Loadsofmoney
Bigcock Loadsofmoney 16 時間 前
Great. Who gives a fucking shit about you? - no one.
Jeremy Cobb
Jeremy Cobb 6 日 前
This will be in the 5$ Walmart bin soon. You'll be like.... Oh ya... I remember this crap
Jeremy Cobb
Jeremy Cobb 6 日 前
Omg this looks horrible. Like Uber bad..... I can't wait... This is gonna be trash. Lmao. That hoodie is machine made... Jamie Foxx looks like every modern character he's ever played... Lmfao look at that beard....
so wrong
one eyed wonderer
even managed to ruin robin hood ...... can you not sjw up cultural films ? it doesnt work and it does fail
Alexander Rachinsky
Why Robin is white???
david parker
david parker 7 日 前
Looks bloody terrible
Noah Justice
Noah Justice 7 日 前
I'm sorry, was that a moltov cocktail?
Shiloh Wall
Shiloh Wall 8 日 前
It would make a perfect strong female lead movie. Only problem is that it's a guy, they should of made robin hood a girl character in this movie otherwise this would've made a great strong female lead movie!
Shiloh Wall
Shiloh Wall 8 日 前
Since Robin is a girl's name robin hood should be a female character.
Allan Brown
Allan Brown 8 日 前
Jamie fox. Anything he is in I won't watch. A racist piece of shit who hates whitey. As a white guy I have no interest in garbage like this
pi33a 9 日 前
Everyone says this movie will be a flop when they have no idea that this is possibly the only movie with accurate history on archery. The methods used in the making of this movie are next to godlike, thought to be impossible for decades and yet are 100% real. Seems like most people that call this a mistake would also look up to fake "archers" like Legolas, Katniss Everdeen or Hawkeye, where every technique they use is sub-par.
pi33a 日 前
+Kane S It's a movie, and it'd be stupid to disagree that at least 90% of action based movies are over dramatic and include mostly pointless, petty, generic, cliche scenes left and right, because that's all that gets everyone interested these days, but all I'm saying is at least they put more effort than as to just throw in the same recycled and (realistically) useless techniques that Hollywood has always used. I'm not saying it's a great accurate depiction of history or whatever, I probably won't even see it, but the accuracy on the history of the art itself is truly incredible, perhaps with a better director this movie would be a masterpiece. I'm really hoping future movies that may include archery will learn from this movie, look up Lars Andersen, you'll understand.
Kane S
Kane S 日 前
Oh the archery is accurate? Because everything else isn't..
Chris Dail
Chris Dail 9 日 前
It's better than Fox News and CNN every day!
Alice Juminem
Alice Juminem 10 日 前
🔴 Wᴀᴛcʜ|Dowɴʟoᴀᴅ *"R0BlN H00D"* 2OI8 ʜᴇʀᴇ : t.co/3v4Y3PUEkE Novi.. trending.. filmovi!! Preporučljivo.. je.. gledati!!
Johnny Mack
Johnny Mack 10 日 前
Wow...how original
The VR Singer JPS
It Seems to American, if jamie foxx is Such a Good Actor, he Should of put on a Nottingham Accent, They Don't even talk about sherwood forest,
azeri kanalı
azeri kanalı 11 日 前
It's not demented enough yet.
Bryan Purdy
Bryan Purdy 11 日 前
This looks like flaming trashcans. Why does every movie need people constantly jumping in slow motion? No...just stop with this shit.
Pakistan Is Father
Producer is Leonardo DiCaprio
365 Black
365 Black 13 日 前
At the least it will be fun to watch.
gelasius turk
gelasius turk 13 日 前
cCc Cüneyt Arkın cCc
Pavel Lujardo
Pavel Lujardo 14 日 前
This looks beyond awful.
fellsoutherngold 15 日 前
blue shemagh
james Bullock
james Bullock 15 日 前
Oh god, they Michael Bay’d the 1300s.
the omen
the omen 15 日 前
Robin Hood my arse total crap
Aslan Bayramuqlany
Is it some kind of post-apocalyptic theme?
Jabot 15 日 前
A negroid in ancient England hahahahabahaha. They always try to blackwash history because they know that black people have no culture or history apart slavery hahahahaha
Divine Androxus
Divine Androxus 16 日 前
sounds like communist propaganda but ok
holy howler
holy howler 16 日 前
Yo Hollywood, have you run out of ideas yet?
Shaun Reed
Shaun Reed 17 日 前
U guys b**** if you want. I can't wait till it comes out.
LegitAlex 17 日 前
You know, is kinda sad how everyone complaining this is really inaccurate historically but don’t realize that all the archery done in the movie is historically accurate and that even the director learnt a bit of archery to do this movie
FpsRix 18 日 前
fucking americans fuck off
Pete Humphrey
Pete Humphrey 18 日 前
oh ffs
Dextruider 20 日 前
*It is just revealed* That the archery in this film is Historically Accurate. That's awesome! That'll make the film more interesting.
Luke Setter
Luke Setter 20 日 前
Truly horrific
Hugo A.
Hugo A. 20 日 前
Movie's great for a super hero movie. Except, Robin Hood isn't a super hero.
Edwin Amador
Edwin Amador 22 日 前
Did eggsy go back in time?
Ronan O'Callaghan
Jesus Christ. He's not a fucking superhero
xYw0 23 日 前
Jamie Foxx- as Lil' John
Bigcock Loadsofmoney
Bigcock Loadsofmoney 16 時間 前
Congratulations, you are a spaz
Ross O Hare
Ross O Hare 23 日 前
What other roles do you think Taron Egerton will do
Smegma 24 日 前
Robin tha hood
An American
An American 24 日 前
Alllll this while k knightly can’t watch Snow White, Little Mermaid, and others The new Halloween movie reeks with stereotypes of doped up teens, clinging to guns and religion Jamie Lee, globalist doctor, dumb cops, black cowboy cop who has zero credibility as a serious human being, the ‘it’s all about love’ sister, the dipstick boys assaulting the girls(remake 35 yrs from now will see those kids accused), we’ll just one, the other is rightfully impaled on fence. And the dad, in front of daughter and wife. “Ohhh, I spilled peanut butter on my penis”. WHO the F talks like that ??
An American
An American 24 日 前
Nothing more than glorifying Antifa, as Robin Hood represented by men in black masks, whitey bad guy police force against BLM and antifa.....ANDDD , the end justifies the means. Uh huh.
Francesco Ramicani
Present day Robin :D Nice trailer. I have no patience to watch it. I am a fan of that movie idea. I will watch it using boxxy software.
Bigcock Loadsofmoney
Bigcock Loadsofmoney 16 時間 前
I am not fan of you. Your english disjoin. Make no sense. I call you cunt. You cunt. I finish talking at you.
Marcell Pócs
Marcell Pócs 26 日 前
Exactly what we need. Another Robin Hood movie... Of course in fancy-barbie-ninja-assassin hollywood-style.
cepenica1 28 日 前
By far the gayest Robin Hood ever. Good job...
Mateusz Kotowicz
Mateusz Kotowicz 28 日 前
Who thought making this shite was a good idea...??? 0:14 0:25 LMAO "medieval" architecture; I don't think there is a single thing they got right in it 0:28 0:58 1:03 WTF the worst "medieval" costumes ever seen on tv 1:20 1:58 OMFG 10lb draw weight rapid fire bow made of plywood is piercing plate armour 1:35 LMAO about the black saracen sensei teaching his young white padawan; big way to diversify your cast lamesgate 1:46 *sigh* "medieval" riot police with a grenade launcher >..
Boss G igniz
Boss G igniz 29 日 前
I want this movie ... let me know when you leave!
Galaxy 29 日 前
When did medieval england have steel shields?
Daniel Ryslink
Daniel Ryslink 29 日 前
American historical movie. An oxymoron.
Noah E. Patton
Noah E. Patton ヶ月 前
People are...mad about this?
Black Mormon
Black Mormon ヶ月 前
So no Dredd 2 but these Hollywood half-wits are giving us antifa propaganda shoehorned in an unwanted Robin Hood movie? 😠
Meditation Vacation
I’d like to see a movie about guy Fawkes, that’d be good, I don’t know why that hasn’t been done(correct me if I’m wrong). Without seeing this movie I can’t judge it but I think it was made to be visually exciting as the story has been remade quite a few times. I hope it’s good cause I liked kingsman
takethisoops ヶ月 前
I dont get it, why does this movie look so "modern" (clothes, some vehicles, etc) but is supposed to be in the old ages?
Senan Byrne
Senan Byrne ヶ月 前
Can’t wait to not see this
Bigcock Loadsofmoney
Bigcock Loadsofmoney 16 時間 前
Daz Mayes
Daz Mayes ヶ月 前
robins in the hood, should please snowflake millennium's.
iliya ヶ月 前
People complaining this does not look the the original cartoon version they saw. Then go watch that again you fucks!
iliya ヶ月 前
Imbeciles in comments saying this is Pro-Anitifa propaganda where the legend has existed for centuries. They must have had great prophecy skills. I swear the Imbeciles are the same type of people who believe in Q and think George Soros funded me to type this comment.
iliya ヶ月 前
I agree the comments regarding the setting of the movie are valid criticism (this does not look like Medieval England). However comments about this being Antifa propaganda makes no sense. There is no logic behind it. Robin Hood as always been about the idea of rebels rising up against a tyrannical plutocracy and had hundred different versions of this story. This is just a different more action based take on the same idea. Also I don't get what the movie being Middle eastern would have made any difference? why middle east out of all places lol?
The Raging Storm
The Raging Storm ヶ月 前
I don't think the merry men can be put on the same level as antifa which they are shown to be in this film. Also this shit didn't fly with King Arthur why is it gonna fly now this will flop just as hard. Can you imagine if this was a movie about a middle eastern tale and it was like this. What do you think would be the reaction
Matthew Adkins
Matthew Adkins ヶ月 前
Still nothing can beat Maid Marian and her Merry Men. Certainly not this garbage.
Jamie Love
Jamie Love ヶ月 前
Haha this looks so shit.
Akos Kaldenecker
Akos Kaldenecker ヶ月 前
Since when had Robin Hood a Hungarian / Mongolian bow? :)
short shorts
short shorts ヶ月 前
Americans and black guys in medieval England. Sure Jan.
itchyhole ヶ月 前
Ikjyot Singh Kohli
My name is Oliver Queen. After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with only one goal: to save my city. But to do that, I can't be the killer I once was. To honor my friend's memory, I must be someone else. I must be something else. ---oh wait
MagicMike ヶ月 前
Arrow S7 looking fucking lit!
Scott Merrifield
Scott Merrifield ヶ月 前
Is this "Marvel's Robin Hood"..? :/