Robin Hood (2018 Movie) Official Trailer - Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan

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Robin Hood - In theaters November 21, 2018. Starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Tim Minchin, and Jamie Dornan.
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Robin of Loxley (Taron Egerton) a war-hardened Crusader and his Moorish commander (Jamie Foxx) mount an audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown in a thrilling action-adventure packed with gritty battlefield exploits, mind-blowing fight choreography, and a timeless romance.
Summit Entertainment presents, an Appian Way production, a Safehouse Pictures production, in association with Thunder Roads Films.










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Cloe Rivra Boknegra
I really like Dicaprio, Egerton and Dornan but I'm certainly not attracted to this movie... ummm I don't know exactly why... I guess I just won't watch it
Mayank Verma
Mayank Verma 50 分 前
How can you determine if you dislike it when you never saw it??
Myk Zamora
Myk Zamora 2 時間 前
Is this like the prequel of War Machine?....or the combination of War Machine,Robin Hood and Assassin's Creed?
killafocker 13 時間 前
robin hood has been a joke all its life, this movie wont make a difference
Matt Gallagher
I can't decide if this is more insulting to the Robin Hood myth or the Dark Knight movies. This movie is trying to ape both and coming up WAY SHORT on both counts.
Arturo Thomas
Great product, take a look! bit.ly/2UPqvtq
Amaurys Fernandez
Amaurys Fernandez
that's stupid Robin without long hair and a black people in that times in Europe.very,very stupid!
ScarletSiren 2 日 前
Taron egerton, Jamie Foxx and Jamie Dornan in the same movie is just too much.. don't think I can take it. Three amazing actors that are pretty damn easy on the eyes.. I'll be fighting between paying attention to the plot and their bodies
A H 3 日 前
Cary Elwes is still the best Robin Hood.
Matt Gallagher
after all, unlike some robin hoods, he can speak with an english accent.
nikitasius 4 日 前
looks shitty
Huub Hoogmolen
Huub Hoogmolen 4 日 前
Robin hood
My name Is Noah
My name Is Noah 4 日 前
I just wanted to say that the semi auto bows are real and it’s not fake if you do not believe me check out lars Andersons channel where he shows that he trained eggsy or what ever his name is for real
Desert Wolf
Desert Wolf 4 日 前
Robinhood 2: modern warfare
LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone
Apparently England has an abundance of flash powder. If this movie made one dollar for everytime a flame flashed on screen it would have set box office records.
harter kern
harter kern 5 日 前
What could you expect from a movie directed by a guy named "Otto Bratwurst"??
All I remember thinking throughout the entire movie was 'put your mask back on, moron'
nikos23a 7 日 前
Welcome to Robin Hood 2050 with a bit of touch assassin creed
Mancal 8 日 前
Why does Hollywood have the need to reinvent the wheel every time? This looks just awful.
sai76 8 日 前
It's Green Arrow and the Token black guy.
o12 hu12
o12 hu12 8 日 前
Robin in the Hood
Backstage Bum
Backstage Bum 9 日 前
This movie was so fucking bad.
Andy sinishtaj
Andy sinishtaj 9 日 前
Badass movie
conworldus 9 日 前
A black guy with weird face marking totally doesn't get noticed in Medieval England
Ian Lemenach
Ian Lemenach 10 日 前
Horrible remake... trying to actualize medieval time 🤮
Santino Hanuschak
I just realized why he's called Robin Hood. Because he Robs in Hoods. There for. Robin Hood.
Matt Gallagher
it's the name of the guy who was the inspiration for the myth--robert hod of york.
Backstage Bum
Backstage Bum 9 日 前
Originally it was Robin Wood as in bird + woods. Got corrupted over the yewrs until we got this shit.
The Medieval Nerd
Jesus Christ. Why not just put guns in there hands at this point? This movie was hilarious in it's depiction of archery. A whole bad of warriors armed solely with bows, barely a sword in sight. The scenes in the desert make it feel like a modern warfare film about the iraq war or something. It's really weird. I'm willing to put my brain on a shelf, but stuff like it makes it jump right back in my skull. Spec ops archers with modern clothing set in a very peculiar anachronistic architectural design. You'll have a hard time not noticing this stuff. At some points in the movie I almost thougt. Is this some kind of future/past reshuffle of Robin hood? But no, it does seem to be supposed to be set in medieval Europe. But... Yeah.
77Avadon77 11 日 前
Love the Gucci jackets, forced diversity and imposed islam. Don't worry, you'll love your new burka.
Marstuber 11 日 前
What a waste of money
Abay Kozybayev
Abay Kozybayev 12 日 前
Movie that say religion is not good thing at all
Michael Atkin
Michael Atkin 12 日 前
This movie is Robin hood meets Batman meets assassin's Creed. Ridiculous
simon feeley
simon feeley 12 日 前
What kind of assassins creed is this? 😂
Wayne Filkins
Wayne Filkins 12 日 前
yo this movie is actually badass...people bitching about this are impossible to please because this was WAAAAAY better than what I expected. finally a decent robinhood movie after all these years and these little bitches are crying about the clothes...wtf?? That's why you're critics, you criticize everything because you can't make anything worth a damn yourself so you criticize the work of others. Just fuck off and go find something productive to do...sick of all these trash movies coming out because people are trying to please critics who HONESTLY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THEY WANT THEY JUST THROW INSULTS IN COMPLETELY RANDOM DIRECTIONS. Especially rotten tomato, those people make me sick and I wish that site never existed. This is a really good movie, go watch it, don't listen to fat critics they can't even get their own life together, let alone create something for others to enjoy.
Ivana Wiratma
Ivana Wiratma 12 日 前
This movie was surprisingly really good. Hoping for a part 2😍. Don't get all the hate. My opinion. Please don't judge. 🙌🏽
Alistair Graham
Alistair Graham 5 日 前
Nothing fits time period and there is no way you can draw a bow that fast and hurt men wearing armor
Star Killer
Star Killer 12 日 前
The movie would've been far better if instead set in medieval era it was in modern times,just replace the bows with guns !
Hueban 9 日 前
+Mumbere Ausbel i would recommend you check out the game kenshi then, it has a very similar concept but with samurai and not medieval knights
Mumbere Ausbel
Mumbere Ausbel 9 日 前
+Hueban I like that idea
Hueban 12 日 前
Or have it be set in an post apocalypse but without any guns! That would actually be a somewhat original concept
Jamal 12 日 前
Out of the modern clothing, the casino, the riot police, etc, why are people complaining about the one black guy ? Wasn't this character also black in the book and previous adaptations ?
Jamal 11 日 前
+77Avadon77 my bad, I was thinking of Azeem from the 1991 movie.
77Avadon77 11 日 前
Little John is not, nor has ever been black!
CallMeMrBennet 11 日 前
I’m assuming those people haven’t read or seen the book and adaptations, movies like Get Out and the upcoming “Us”, which is directed by the same person, has an all black cast, but it received much love. I guess people aren’t used to seeing black actors/actresses in this kind of setting and time period, but I honestly don’t even know what time period this is set in.
Francis 13 日 前
its just a movie for heavens sake...and it was awesome btw, y'all should quit whining! Jamie Fox was perfect in the role he played...depressed, little, race driven morons!
GiftDestruction 11 日 前
Haha, you have shitty taste in movies
Titus Mbugua
Titus Mbugua 13 日 前
i think they turned Robin hood into the Arrow
Backstage Bum
Backstage Bum 9 日 前
No. They turned it into a joke... but not the good kind like Men in Tights
simonandfaerk 13 日 前
Why is everyone wearing modern clothes lmao
erdal polat
erdal polat 13 日 前
Ne robin hood muş amk.Yapa yapa bitiremediler bu filmi!
Simple person
Simple person 14 日 前
Nice love it nice twist. Love the actors. Thanks for creating this movie
husky19864 14 日 前
robin hood looks liek a lil sissy girl
דפנה יפרח
This is a great moive
berzerker 123
berzerker 123 15 日 前
Que pelicula mas asquerosa ome
Equinox 15 日 前
Ofc a black guy had to be in the movie....what a fng joke of a movie ...thank god in tanked ...fk off with your piece shit propaganda hollywood..
Jesus is God MAGA
Come on Jamie - you are better than garbage like this
Hwan Gaeul
Hwan Gaeul 15 日 前
wow, this looks awful. Cannot wait to not see it!
TT 16 日 前
other than a black dude in medieval europe, the clothing, hairstyles, accents, setting... do... not... fit...
Herr faiz
Herr faiz 16 日 前
Just finished the movie.... it's awesome..... totally action packed entertainment with some good quotes. good acting... and you people are fighting over a Gucci jacket you can't afford!? funny 🤣
Crash Andersen
Crash Andersen 16 日 前
So is this in the post-apocalypse? Is that why there are car parts, super shiny architecture and designer clothes?
Kenneth Russo
Kenneth Russo 16 日 前
so robin hood sucks! but at least he talks with an English accent. Morgan freedman didn't do a bad job and played a Muslim like i believe fox is? history has Muslims back in the 7th century.
Spencer Bayas
Spencer Bayas 16 日 前
Thers apart 2 sana
Tomasz B.
Tomasz B. 17 日 前
Worst remake ever!
itchibahn 18 日 前
Did I see an Armani leather jacket?
Joey Ellison
Joey Ellison 18 日 前
This is the gayest movie I have ever seen in my life! If you want to watch Robin hood watch the one with Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman. That's Robin hood not this bull crap!!!
L_A_U_ Y
L_A_U_ Y 18 日 前
Why is everyone so outraged about Jamie Fox? The robin hood of the 90s had morgan freeman play in it..so what’s the difference now? I dont mint him..i mind more the fact that they have remade robin hood a trillion times...why??? The story has been told in many ways no need to
dufferdooo 18 日 前
So much criticism. Just enjoy the damn movie people.
Dana lynn
Dana lynn 18 日 前
I love any movie with taron egerton
Uptown Kido
Uptown Kido 18 日 前
Uptown Kido
Uptown Kido 4 日 前
+Lazaros Lazlo yes cause I'm not a retarded person
Lazaros Lazlo
Lazaros Lazlo 5 日 前
I dont know where are you from but I'm sure that your country had some legendary people in its past.Imagine,Hollywood picks one of them and makes a movie about this person adding robots and dinosaurs to be "cool". Would you still say"Its just a movie" ?
Backstage Bum
Backstage Bum 9 日 前
Immersion, practicality, suspension of disbelief... All still needed
77Avadon77 11 日 前
Since when is the character Jon played by a black Arab. Hollywood trying to force Islam in America
Francis 13 日 前
uptown kido exactly what i was thinking, anything/anyone can be in a movie, its just a movie...people are just so stupid bashing the movie cus of the characters and the period
Will Carrillo
Will Carrillo 18 日 前
Kevin Costner is the real one! 😂
Adit Indrawan
Adit Indrawan 18 日 前
Congratulations for successfully made the worst Robin Hood movie ever, even for the future. This movie is way too overrated. There should have been a research before this movie was made. I mean don't you guys at least watch the previous Robin Hood movies?? The plots just don't make sense. - archer squad that struck deep into enemy's territory - enemy that trains the hero - nice treated black people in medieval England - commoners that look more like models - church that giving money for Arabs to fight crusaders - and what's even worse: raids in a broad day light?? What is this nonsense?!
Uptown Kido
Uptown Kido 18 日 前
What a fucked up comment, does movie seem real to you? Get a life.
Jonathan 19 日 前
I enjoyed every minute of this movie. Great acting and very entertaining as intended.
LU-ER SAN 19 日 前
Just saw this movie - it suckssssssss!
Medieval version of special forces, ex-marine, sniper, gun shooting, artillery attack, RPG, and car chases, etc.
Axel Beast
Axel Beast 19 日 前
Hr Gott
Hr Gott 20 日 前
hahah... what is this. Some modern adaptation, I hope!
zSkandal 20 日 前
didnt know Jordon spieth was also an actor 🤔😂
Not my real account
Makes me think the church must've paid RT to give a bad rating.
Herr faiz
Herr faiz 16 日 前
The best comment I've read in last 2 years 🙏👏
Леонид Наумов
Это провал.
Gabrielle Hands
Gabrielle Hands 21 日 前
Just shut the fuck up and watch the full movie!
TicketAirline 21 日 前
Worst version
jonas smith
jonas smith 21 日 前
you know Robin hood is around the crusdade //// the black man suppose to be a Arab Muslim
jonas smith
jonas smith 21 日 前
and how jemie fox was slave on the crusade … short 400 hundred YEAR of colubus make short cut to India so TIRED on NAGING NIGGERS
muthu kumar
muthu kumar 21 日 前
Daniel Cabrera
Daniel Cabrera 22 日 前
I wasn't gonna watch the movie, but after reading all the racist comments I sure will.
Kukainis 23 日 前
Except Robin Hood didn't steal from the rich to give to the poor. He stole from the state to give back the money to people who were taxed. There's a huge difference but why should I expect the leftist Hollywood to know any better...
Юрий Небо
Лядство Разврат и Наркотики
GODofGrace1 24 日 前
Kingsmen : Medieval Showdown.
LyricalJuices 24 日 前
Green Arrow in A nutshell
Macario Genchi
Macario Genchi 24 日 前
A stupid movie a waste of movie just watch the hunger games
Minty 24 日 前
It was so trash smh -_- He just didn't leave that damn thot
Mr. Gates
Mr. Gates 24 日 前
I believe Hollywood is DRY on ideas. Y'all came out with Robin Hood 9 years ago starring Russell Crowe. Remake, remake, remake.
unogazzy84 24 日 前
What i've learned about the crusade is that the crusaders were the good guys. The Robin hood cartoon has a better story than this one.
Malte 24 日 前
I enjoyed the movie and yes it doesn't really seem like medival England but it's still a well made movie
Dugdugi Unofficial
Robin Hood Aik Samandri Lotera 😂 It Might be A BB of this year as i think
andrew wolf
andrew wolf 24 日 前
Biggest let down of the year...
Jeff the killer
Jeff the killer 24 日 前
NoSkinWanabe 25 日 前
Jamie Fox always dies! Not In this movie
mufasa non of your business
Nice movie i have watched it
Logorrheic Gladnick
Antifa: the movie
Alex Adair
Alex Adair 25 日 前
How in the hell do movies like this get funded. I need to meet them very badly. Appearantly they have more money than sense.
Buried Alien
Buried Alien 25 日 前
Just by looking at this trailer i can see the Robin Hood from 1938 with Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland is still the best Robin Hood movie ever 👍!
Indi Go
Indi Go 25 日 前
Worst movie ever
Icearity 26 日 前
The movie may have flaws but I actually enjoyed it
Ladybug Offical
Ladybug Offical 26 日 前
Some scenes are in our beautiful country Croatia, in town named Dubrovnik!! Amazing!! 😍
MadMarvs HighwayWarrior
Thats the same set for game of thrones
osraneslipy 26 日 前
Whoever made this movie should get fucking psychoanalyzed
Tolga Balkan
Tolga Balkan 26 日 前
this movie is ridiculous, the crusader army has stopped the Turks, crusader army has received 1 victory 3 defeat
Stephanie Drake
Stephanie Drake 27 日 前
steampunk Robin Hood.
Arun Vijay
Arun Vijay 27 日 前
Awesome movie 🔥
Rafael Quade
Rafael Quade 27 日 前
Loved it=)!
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