Robin Hood (2018 Movie) Official Trailer - Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan

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Robin Hood - In theaters November 21, 2018. Starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Tim Minchin, and Jamie Dornan.
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Robin of Loxley (Taron Egerton) a war-hardened Crusader and his Moorish commander (Jamie Foxx) mount an audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown in a thrilling action-adventure packed with gritty battlefield exploits, mind-blowing fight choreography, and a timeless romance.
Summit Entertainment presents, an Appian Way production, a Safehouse Pictures production, in association with Thunder Roads Films.





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Sonnel Rayat
Sonnel Rayat 7 時間 前
jamie foxx is just, doesnt look right with this movie
Auwal Muhammad Idris
Auwal Muhammad Idris 15 時間 前
If thats how ROBIN HOOD was, then he was over praised... Their acting made me HATE Robin Hood
Oliver Thiessen
Oliver Thiessen 15 時間 前
What is the name of the song that starts at 0:15?
Christian Meyer
Christian Meyer 16 時間 前
it sucked hard....like expected
killua zoldyck
killua zoldyck 21 時間 前
i just watched it, its so bad so so so so so so so so so bad its garbage its trash no story no budget no acting no point no background no space no nothing
barreltapper 日 前
A black in Robin Hood? Piss off what is this crap?
watchkev 日 前
"Black to the Future"? Lmao Can somebody tell me what century this supposed to be taking place because it looks like 2019 clothing but back in the 1700s? Were they high when making this movie?
Real Gaming XP
Real Gaming XP 2 日 前
This movie is really good
Sinan Yasar
Sinan Yasar 2 日 前
You Turkish Bow(kemankash bow)Robin hood no,Tozkoparan İskender powerbowman Ottoman hero. jpvid.net/video/ビデオ-SA0K_QWr9zo.html
digiart 2 日 前
dicaprio should shut up, and play in other peoples films and not produce this shit. I love robinhood movies....how bad they are i watched them. This one i wont watch, fuck this...this stil made 73 million....wtf?!!
Charrel 2 日 前
I really don't understand the bad comments this is an amazing movie.
GetTpOrDIE 3 日 前
Negroes? Maybe you should add some gay romance to the scenario. What is wrong with producers today?
kili1234567 3 日 前
its like ok lets make a movie and just lets ignore everything that would be correct for the timeline and whatsoever..... oh yeah lets water down the entire story to throwing molotophs and roitshields, lets have a cristian sex orgy with las vegas style in a church, let the bad guys and arabic have fullauto Crossbows, and oh yeah they dont even need stimpacks to heal lets just pull the arrow out and youre fine.... oh before i forget the beginning has something like a modern iraq battlescene with amaricans vs taliban lol..... my advice if you like mindless blows to your head then go on watch this movie or better just take some LSD then it would be at least reasonable to watch........ but if you a normal person...... just skip this one. i tried to watch this and i did and i was stunned how bad it was implemented.... i mean full auto crossbows in a time where longbows were the top tec? and everybody uses bow and arrow/Crossbow in this film.... its more like a parody of robin hood more than the real thing..... just sad is that what the film industry is gonna deliver nowadays? i mean thats just poor. why do the movies have to be that dark? you cant see shit and the mines? really? they had ovens back then but far from having big Ass Smelters with thousand of gallons of molten iron. Saruman would be proud though and would slap that on the next urukhai... xD would be still better love story than this crap.... sorry but just ahhh... what a shity movie
Rachel Oreste
Rachel Oreste 4 日 前
I really love taron😍
Sumer Cimitiere
Sumer Cimitiere 4 日 前
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Retha Enright
Retha Enright 4 日 前
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Magrath Milla
Magrath Milla 4 日 前
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Fidler O'Dea
Fidler O'Dea 4 日 前
Full Movie Online Robin Hood Watch Now : t.co/N2iM4pjUO0
Ramadhan Jashua
Ramadhan Jashua 4 日 前
*ROBIN HOOD* sites.google.com/view/actionmovienew2018 ❖ ❖ ❖ ALLE TAAL ❖ ❖ ❖ PG-13 | 1h 56min | Azione, avventura, Thriller | 21 novembre 2018 (USA) Un crociato indurito dalla guerra e il suo comandante moresco montare una rivolta audace contro la corona corrotta inglese in un emozionante azione-avventura ricco di exploit di Battlefield grintoso, Mind-Blowing coreografia lotta, e una storia d'amore senza tempo. Regia: otto Bathurst Scrittori: Ben Chandler (sceneggiatura), David James Kelly (sceneggiatura) | 1 più credito» Stelle: Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn | Vedi cast e Crew completi
Magrath Milla
Magrath Milla 4 日 前
Full Movie Online Robin Hood Watch Now : t.co/N2iM4pjUO0
Sophie Gratton
Sophie Gratton 4 日 前
good movie
nmqg nmqg
nmqg nmqg 5 日 前
I fall in love with taron
Serene Firefly
Serene Firefly 5 日 前
Uhm, did I miss something here? Why are people who liked this movie getting bashed? Is there an anti Robin Hood campaign going on here?
Marcello Huerta
Marcello Huerta 5 日 前
Good movie
Shaina 5 日 前
Mohamed Selim
Mohamed Selim 5 日 前
Ricilein01 6 日 前
What an harassment of the original tale... Even though Robin Hood's story itself is one of fiction, this movie is far from it - too mixed up in style (Middle Ages and Venezian Casino Style, drenched with Sweaters and (Fake)Leather Styles) and far too much away from the original plot. If it has an explaining subtitle I'd have to problem with its clear contrast to the medieval tale - like this, it's a pathetic try of "not another Hollywood-born version" of this story...
Shweta Singh
Shweta Singh 6 日 前
No more mosquito witching and watching. Lol
Shweta Singh
Shweta Singh 6 日 前
Daniel is the most potential guy among all of them and my favourite. Thank you .
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 6 日 前
What a mess...
Edward Reeves
Edward Reeves 6 日 前
My name is Robin of Loxley and for two years I have been stuck in this hellish Mid-Eastern battlefield. I've returned with only one goal - To save my city! But to do that, I have to be someone else! I have to be something else!
Christopher Collins
cuanto mas para verla en mexico?
John Spearow
John Spearow 7 日 前
Fuck you guys for your copyright claims.
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 7 日 前
Lmao another pussygate bomb
Jerome 7 日 前
Don’t know what that accent is that Jamie Foxx is doing but it’s annoying me lol.
Pink Taco
Pink Taco 7 日 前
so glad I saw this one for free since you cunts like copy striking channels.
vintason 8 日 前
stupid fantasy movie for somebody, who dont know history... black people in England were burned, It like Black James Bond, oh my god, stop do stupid things pls, I will not watch this stupid trash
vintason 8 日 前
Idiotic movie... oh my god, nothing against black actors, but probably in this time he would be burned at the stake... lol...
william v
william v 8 日 前
Whoever directed this crap should probably get a job as a hooker cause they love yanking your chain, and sucking up all your money to leave you with a disease like crabs or syphilis of the mind.
Biały Wilk
Biały Wilk 8 日 前
Complete shit and waste of time.
Stevie Russel Rosen
WTF??? Black poeple in English folklore??? You guys just fucked up another great story...
Dhanaji Shinde
Dhanaji Shinde 9 日 前
This movie is garbage
NukeHand 10 日 前
You have failed this kingdom
Jokes Phone Macher
the robin hood movie with russel crowe was 2000 times better than this shit
Jacques 10 日 前
This isn't Historical. In fact it's a distortion of our history and introduces multiculturalism in order to make the western nation population submissive towards the subversion of their nation. Propaganda at all fronts in order to dissuade resistance against the UN replacement migration agenda.
Sibora Proshka
Sibora Proshka 10 日 前
Where can I watch this HD ???
SwagConnor RK-900
Awesome movie saw it on friends birthday
Florin Bodnariuc
Florin Bodnariuc 10 日 前
That looks sooooo bulshity
Fandom Videos123
Fandom Videos123 11 日 前
Eggsy what do you think you're doing?
Doctor Hector López
Best movie
deci5e 12 日 前
looks like the biggest crap ever
Random THOT
Random THOT 12 日 前
The visual direction is totally off.
GoodBad Kid
GoodBad Kid 13 日 前
Genevieve Clark
Genevieve Clark 13 日 前
Fuck you robin hood. You owe me 2 hours!
Flamesgreen’s Space Agency
The fact that the actors were actually trained to do most of the archery scenes without special effects makes this movie 10x better
Flamesgreen’s Space Agency
And the fact that they were trained by Lars Andersen makes it 100x better
ActIvatIon Official Channel
link me this movie plis
Bùi Thị Anh Đào
so good
Bùi Thị Anh Đào
wait film!!!
Bùi Thị Anh Đào
có taron là hay rồi
Daniel Mattheus
Daniel Mattheus 14 日 前
How is the town so clean and so modern. Looks like everyone had a washing machine and the town cleaned by the Singaporeans. But looks more like the arrow in modern day than medieval Britain.
Gabriela Morales grigorova
Omg 😨 taron when the bow is going to broke? (sorry for my english i live in spain an im 11 ;-; )
anders1621 15 日 前
And HollyWood fucks up another fine story.
Shivaya seerungum
he really learnt archery that's quite good
limor noy
limor noy 16 日 前
at 1:41 it looks like Prince Harry of England, think he was there? I haven't watched it yet.
Mazzy Black
Mazzy Black 16 日 前
Looking for something good to watch and I think I'm going to give this a try. The only negative in the comments below seems to be that everything isn't period-accurate, but honestly there were a LOT of movies made like this in 2018, where ancient periods were given modern twists so I'm not sure why all the anger about this one specifically. I'll update with a review after I watch it, but I can tell you I won't care at all about the fantasy mixed with the period. The Middle and Dark Ages were horrific and barbaric in real life so why would I want to have to revisit the worst of humanity in my lighter-side entertainment??
Jay Strange
Jay Strange 16 日 前
Oh my god all the antifa symbolism hurts. Robion hood is most often portrayed as wearing a hat. While this robion hood wears a hood and a mask. Not only does robionhood wear this but he his whole band of merry men does. Mirroring antifa mobs. This is obvious Antifa supporting.
I can't find a username
I watched this at the movies. Greatest movie I've seen.
Sophie le Roux
Sophie le Roux 16 日 前
Lemme tell you that I just watched this movie and it is amazing!! The whole story and the love story is just something else!! I would definitely recommend watching it!!
Keagan MacGregor
Keagan MacGregor 17 日 前
Ein robin hood den die welt nicht braucht. Sorry
hook blieght
hook blieght 17 日 前
why would shitywood put a black man in a robinhood movie ???????????? i mean . . . . .just to ...make them feel part of the history or prevent whining i mean ffs that's pathetic .. it's like ok we'll put u in the movie , stop crying . lol sad sad sad .. shittywood drops the ball again . your pathetic
Ivan Snyman
Ivan Snyman 17 日 前
There were no black people in that time
pik nick
pik nick 17 日 前
shitty movie.
TheIronDruid77 18 日 前
Not worth.
Silly Beth
Silly Beth 18 日 前
Saw this with my bf and it was just amazing
Russ G
Russ G 18 日 前
Movies cost enough as it is in theaters, getting pretty hard to justify going down there when they keep cranking out dog shyte like this. I haven't even seen it, but I have seen more then enough.
Inssaf Sliti
Inssaf Sliti 18 日 前
This movie is some what OK, the story line of the movie is good. The love story is too much, didn't like it. The ending was so bad! And why is an arab not played by an Arab actor? 😬 And why is his hand cut off? Oh yeah & women didn't have rights during that time so why did she have something to say? The clothing didn't fit with the time period
Chad On The Spot
Chad On The Spot 19 日 前
Welcome to the Robin Hood legacy the legacy doesn't work you know what else doesn't work the freaking movie!!!! This was shitty man do not spend your time and money on Robin Hood it's depressing doll brown hue.where is the fun and creativity. Basically I think it's time to put the Robin Hood franchise to rust. Because it this point Hollywood doesn't know what to do with it.
Popapo Mbukwa
Popapo Mbukwa 19 日 前
Am I the only one who wanted to see Jeremy Lee Renner in this movie???😬
Retro Spective
Retro Spective 19 日 前
100% flop of the century
Han Yoona 한윤아
will geo
will geo 19 日 前
Surprised they didn't make Robi n a black woman
Sitota Yamlak
Sitota Yamlak 20 日 前
Another reconstruction of Moorish History Film. Amazing.
April Beavers
April Beavers 20 日 前
Fuck it
iheworld134 20 日 前
With this kind of hairstyle, i have a huge hope that robin hood may join avengers infinity war season2 next year
Carlotta Weathersby
jsk jsjsk
jsk jsjsk 20 日 前
Robin Hood is so handsome omfg😍😍😍 i'm in love with Taron
James Smith
James Smith 21 日 前
After watching this trailer and reading a small plot calling Robin Hood a, "anarchist revolutionary", I think I'll stick with Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe.
yahwehsonren 21 日 前
Modern Robin hood??
Ad Lockhorst
Ad Lockhorst 22 日 前
Oh great, another MEN IN TIGHTS movie for the terminally bored by the interminably plot regurgitating out of fresh ideas film makers. Please go away and die.
Shady Fontaine
Shady Fontaine 22 日 前
This is going to be fucking epic...
Sense of Humor
Sense of Humor 22 日 前
They forgot To ad Parody behind the Title.
Zoya zoya
Zoya zoya 22 日 前
Visegrad Patriot
Visegrad Patriot 22 日 前
This century is fucked up.
Ζι 23 日 前
Like robin hood class in cod mw server in cs xD
Danielle Lopez
Danielle Lopez 23 日 前
0:50 🤤
אורן גולדברג
the guys commenting that this pile of trash is a good movie r probably 12 year olds. this movie was complete shit. save urself the time and money (:
Maria Ulfa
Maria Ulfa 23 日 前
Even my mom said that "I'd love to watch again the Robin Hood that hide in the wood, focus on the robbery and strategy, the original one, not a piece of poor romance like this. I like action movie but I don't count this as one movie that I'll ever remember.... Robin who?" Sarcastic the best way. 🤣
Ahnalist JNDP
Ahnalist JNDP 23 日 前
More like *Robin The Hood*
Huginn Evuson
Huginn Evuson 24 日 前
Robin Hood Is Not Actually A Thief, He's Just Stealing Money So He Can Give It The People That Doesn't Have Any Tips.
Zulkhuzairi Zulhizzam
The movie was great man.. Idk why everybody hate it?