Robin Hood (2018 Movie) Official Trailer - Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan

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Robin Hood - In theaters November 21, 2018. Starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Tim Minchin, and Jamie Dornan.
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Robin of Loxley (Taron Egerton) a war-hardened Crusader and his Moorish commander (Jamie Foxx) mount an audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown in a thrilling action-adventure packed with gritty battlefield exploits, mind-blowing fight choreography, and a timeless romance.
Summit Entertainment presents, an Appian Way production, a Safehouse Pictures production, in association with Thunder Roads Films.





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Raphael Turtle
Raphael Turtle 時間 前
The sets and wardrobe look terrible. I thought this was like a modern or post apocalyptic Robin hood at first. It all just looks off. Not great.
Laurence Baylon
Laurence Baylon 2 時間 前
Archers will be mad about this movie 😁😁
RINT SINT 2 時間 前
The only thing I notice is Jamie Jordan or Christian Grey
Darkavenger_13 3 時間 前
Jesus fuck it looks bad! Explosions?! Are you freaking kidding me?? And why is Jamie fox in it?
h uber
h uber 5 時間 前
Really !! So the Sub-sahran dindu race taught Robin Hood the bow and arrow? Hey (((hollywood ))) next time when you make another holocaust movie try this time hiring an al black cast!
The RandomGirl
The RandomGirl 8 時間 前
At the photo he looks like Grant gustin
izzy reed
izzy reed 9 時間 前
The funny thing is.. Robin Hood short hair??
Sunedg3 9 時間 前
It looks like new-almost Star Wars ^^
Hecate Ives
Hecate Ives 10 時間 前
Alan MGG
Alan MGG 11 時間 前
what is this ? modern-medieval age? from story based medieval age. its very bad adaptation.
Joseph Kim
Joseph Kim 11 時間 前
He starts with the arrow on the left side of the bow and then, as the move progresses and he gets better, the arrow moves to the ride side. He was definately taught by none other than lars andersen.
aji Kusuma
aji Kusuma 12 時間 前
kingsman using arrow wkak or katniss everden?
Fathimah Zia
Fathimah Zia 14 時間 前
peeta melark playing like mockingjay
Oleg P
Oleg P 15 時間 前
How the fuck did krennic survive a Death Star blast to the face?
Michael Swanson
Michael Swanson 15 時間 前
How nice. A black man finally gets to hurt a white man as a want for 40 acres and a mule not given to to us by Obama.
Just Me
Just Me 15 時間 前
Ummmmmm nope I will not see this
Mr. BeanLaden
Mr. BeanLaden 15 時間 前
Damn, that must be some weak ass bow for him to be able to fire at such a rapid rate. Is that a toy bow like the one Lars Anderson uses?
Zach Damron
Zach Damron 17 時間 前
more like robin in the hood
reVieced 16 時間 前
more like robbing the hood
Bryan Max
Bryan Max 17 時間 前
So it's thief the live action movie
Alen Husovic
Alen Husovic 17 時間 前
Sigh.. if you want to make a fantasy movie don't associate it with a tale that has stood the test of time for hundreds of years.. hence you get the reactions as per the ones noted below... why must you bastardise period films like this... why couldn't this have been called the 'Egg and the Fox'... (haha my attempt at humour).. then you wouldn't have to justify the creative choices you have for the film. Did they not expect that when you call a film "Robin Hood" that it would be compared to its predecessors … and no surprise.. has been found wanting.
Danny Reyna
Danny Reyna 19 時間 前
I'll stick to the tradition of Errol Flynn thank you.
Ahmed Salah Aldeen
Ahmed Salah Aldeen 19 時間 前
I am pretty sure the director is brother, cousin, friend, fan or even him self the director of legend of the sowrd 😂😂.. i like the new idea👍
Frank Sandoval
Frank Sandoval 20 時間 前
Robin Hood going to kill Donald trump for good
Jonathan 20 時間 前
What the fuck? Robin Hood meets Hunger Games?
John Smith
John Smith 8 時間 前
Good one
Zoologic21 20 時間 前
What's with these comments about Antifa propaganda? Of course the movie about a guy who steals and redistributes wealth is going to seem fascist, but I didn't see anyone saying the same when a movie like In Time came out, do you?
Film Making with Siddharth Sai
can batman adopt this guy ?
Giant Robot
Giant Robot 21 時間 前
32k NPCs love this dumbass modernized version of an ancient story.
Raul Olivas
Raul Olivas 21 時間 前
🤣 😂 🤣 this looks awful...
Robert Andrade
Robert Andrade 22 時間 前
Men in Tights reboot...
James Coleman
Utter garbage. There has been many more Robin Hood films prior to this and this definitely will be the worst!
namadev desai
watch KGF movie trailer in once 👌👌
ladi jata
ladi jata 日 前
The best Robin Hood it's was with Kevin Costner and Morgan Freman
Integrity Communication
What the hell!!!?? This may seriously be one of the worst casting attempts Hollywood has ever undertaken (the other one was when they tried to make Julia Roberts into Tinkerbell!! Lol!! Urgh!) WTF is Jamie Foxx doing in this movie AT ALL??!! Dornan should have been cast as Robin Hood and Egerton as Will Scarlet!!! What a colossal waste of millions in funding!! This will not do well at all. Shocking!!
TheGraySeed 日 前
when you hire spy movie crews to work on a medieval themed movie.
Emman Castro
Emman Castro 日 前
Looks like he will meet king Arthur in that place
Super Diamond
So this Kingsman long time ago?
jonathan brand
You idiots are acting like Morgan Freeman wasn’t in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves as a main character. People are fucking morons.
G Fakruddin Ahmad
Sheriff of Nottingham wearing a Gucci or Christian Dior suit in 1200 AD something ? All other characters are wearing dresses that were more applicable for a time period at least 500 years later or more. Saxons were one of the most dirtiest people in the world along with some other nations in Europe with no idea of toilets or bathroom for shower. Church & Norman Kings were sucking them like anything Whole Europe learnt bathing and and use of bathroom as well as toilets after the 1st crusade. So what time and society did the director try to portray? Robin hood (2010) was a more accurate depiction of the legend of Robin Longstride.
ioanonissimo 日 前
From Wakanda to Robin HOOD! People seem to take notice from ((( Hollywood))). Did they even had blacks in medievel times?? ( ouside of central Africa)
NGL Boyz
NGL Boyz 日 前
what is robin hood doing in the city? He lived in forest right???
Krogg Rache
Krogg Rache 日 前
The niggering continues.
Andrew Mann
Andrew Mann 日 前
Robbin the Hood, Nigga
Julian Gossmann
I guess I'll just stick to Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991), Robin and Marian (1976), Disney's Robin Hood (1973) and of course The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938). This looks just as awful as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.
Vex Rise
Vex Rise 日 前
Arrow is still better
soulofshiver 日 前
They have to blackwash everything don't they?
The Elevator
The Elevator 日 前
Prince Harry @ 1:41?
Avengers Assemble
Who else gets Pirates of the Caribbean vibes???...
eltiptex 日 前
The Arrow + Assassin's Creed= This Robin Hood
Jazar Cunningham
Wait is this a comedy?
Vega Vega
Vega Vega 日 前
This movie looks messy.. I was sitting here trying to figure out what time period this was supposed to look like..
Adrijana Radosevic
Oh fuck you all. If Mendelsohn had the balls to wear Alan Rickman's tights of the Sheriff of Niottingham, I am going to see how he holds up. This is a re-imagining of a fictional story; NOT a re-writing of history, you idiots.
Axios 日 前
So an ancient European hero was actually a total pussy until a magical negro who wasn't even in England can teach him how to be a warrior? Who could possibly be pushing this narrative?
Elective Toast
Robbin’ in de Hood.
Misha Vesso
Misha Vesso 日 前
Taron Egerton😍
Natural Order
Why is there an African in medieval England?
Tiffany Williams
This movie was featured on the daily stormer, if you’re wondering about all the racist stuff in the comment section.
sski 日 前
Absolute garbage. Cultural appropriation by a negro playing, what should be, a White character. Is screenwriter Joby Harold a jew? Because this is the type of garbage a jew would write.
Mr. Variant
Mr. Variant 日 前
Jamie Foxx best mentor ever
UnluckY SyTreX
Arrow meets assassins creed
Alex C
Alex C 2 日 前
Since when have movies been historically accurate? It's just for entertainment..It's content is formulaic to try to appeal to the masses...They aren't dictating real history....So many butthurt comments about how this supports ANTIFA...I hate ANTIFA,but this doesn't have anything to do with them LMFAO!
fern Haloo
fern Haloo 2 日 前
I'm sure this film will gross hundreds of dollars. I will wait it out and buy the DVD when it's available in my local Dollar Store.
Gilang D Sena
Gilang D Sena 2 日 前
green arrow because time force of barry lol
Ruuvi Varas
Ruuvi Varas 2 日 前
Communist Manifesto: Robin Hood edition
Gilbert Millan
Gilbert Millan 2 日 前
No Bryan Adams ending?
Makin Bacon Greasy Again
This piece of shit movie is doomed. Box office flop about to hit the pavement like a steaming wet cow patty. Wtf was Leonardo DiCaprio thinking producing this? Wow.
CutEmAll Jack
CutEmAll Jack 2 日 前
"Goyim don't you know Blacks have always been in Europe. Whites learned everything they know from Black Africans in Europe during the middle ages. Remember diversity is your strength Goyim" - Jew Hollywood
Blowtorch Battalion
I'd wager the jews are behind this
anvilblue 2 日 前
Another Magic Negro shoehorned into a European legend. ...so tiresome.
Adolf Hipster
Adolf Hipster 2 日 前
What the hell is going one in Hollywood with negro fetishism ?
andrew clark
andrew clark 2 日 前
robin in da hood
sumthin5 2 日 前
Of course it's a black man who must teach him how to steal... lol
Go Green
Go Green 2 日 前
Another perversion brought to you by Jewood
Александар Ћирић
hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaah what a bunch of b``````t
Agung Wirakurniawan
Where is batman? :v
Patrick buchler ehb
Common hollywood try at least to be a little historical accurate!!!! Robinhood with an american accent?
Schmaiah goldberg
Robbin’ in da‘ Hood
siepa3 2 日 前
TheShadowOfZama 2 日 前
Some people complain over the setting. I personally like it. Sure it isn't a realistic depiction of the middle age (wasn't it meant to be post-apocalyptic or something, instead of actually medieval?), but then again does that prevent something from being a good setting? Perhaps I have watched too much anime, fantasy settings also generally don't reflect the true medieval period in anime. Oh well it looks good to me.
El Tigrero
El Tigrero 2 日 前
if Robin were alive today, he'd be stealing from the jew-run FED and giving to the white working class
Reichel Raine
Reichel Raine 2 日 前
Sitting Eagle
Sitting Eagle 2 日 前
Thank god Robin Hood's got a black guy around to teach him how to steal properly...
Marcin P
Marcin P 2 日 前
Really nice medieval hairstyle 😉
Mario Mueller
Mario Mueller 2 日 前
wasnt little John white though?
hhhhippo 2 日 前
I'm not being hyperbolic this looks like the worst movie ever made in the history of cinema.
MacKaris 2 日 前
Oh dear goodness. They wanted to make a pseudo-medieval alternative reality steampunk fantasy film with a young boy in the lead that will appeal to the American 'young adult' audience, but they couldn't think of an original story so they are hoping that riding on the established prestige of the Robin Hood story will carry their film to at least some manner of economic success?
Jacks Hammerer
Jacks Hammerer 2 日 前
Here we go again more black washing of our culture!
DC 2 時間 前
+John Smith No, but this is welsh culture so when he says "our culture" unless he's welsh this literally has nothing to do with him
John Smith
John Smith 9 時間 前
+DC you taking a poll?
DC 14 時間 前
Are you welsh
Aradmas 2 日 前
Daris Putra Hadiman
seems boring
Elizabeth Rivera
Robin Hood for dumb millennials.It's a shame this movie even has that name.
Steve Yellowstone
Doesn't look very medieval
Ian Fernando
Ian Fernando 2 日 前
oger soulless
oger soulless 2 日 前
looks good for an action movie but is an insult to English folklore. By making Robin Hood nothing more then a glory hog sidekick is just another attack on white man not to mention the attack on blacks calling them thieves. The 1991 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves will still be the best ever Robin Hood. Both Kevin Costner as Robin Hood and Morgan Freeman as Azeem were equal bad A** in the movie and Alan Rickman done an awesome job as Sheriff of Nottingham. Best part about the move is there was no Political drama brought in to the movie.
Redi Sugiatna
Redi Sugiatna 2 日 前
Senjata panah gada apa2 nya jaman sekarang... Thor aja udah gak pake Palu...
John Paul Peñero
I know it's a "different" take on Robin Hood but srsly they better make this good
Santi Safitriyani
Kings man back
I rather sick with Fairbanks,Flynn and Costner then this,No offense to those who would like it.
ghost909090 2 日 前
this movie will flop sheeeeeeitttttttttttt
Rafael Lima
Rafael Lima 2 日 前
Robin hood? Hahahaha, master is a black guy? In medieval Europe?
Erik Trusdell
Erik Trusdell 2 日 前
I'm really curious about this. Good way to spend Thanksgiving night when I need to get away from everyone for a couple of hours
Emily Greaves
Emily Greaves 2 日 前
Why does Robin look and sound like some bloke off of love island? Muggy.