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Rihanna - What's My Name? ft. Drake

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Music video by Rihanna performing What's My Name?. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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Chamando Games
Chamando Games 45 分 前
Que nostalgia em pleno 2019 mano
Pheonix Raven
Pheonix Raven 時間 前
Ahhhhhh simpler times
Anouk Figaroa
Anouk Figaroa 2 時間 前
Jayõ 68
Jayõ 68 3 時間 前
i love you
C&K Squad
C&K Squad 4 時間 前
I first heard this when I was 3 and I still love this and I’m 11 now ❤️
Emma Davies
Emma Davies 5 時間 前
RIHANNA, RIHANNA, RIHANNA, RIHANNA. Robin, Robin, Robin, Robin haha. This could on for a while. She keeps asking what her name is lol. 👌👌👍👍👏🏽👏🏽👏👏🙌🏽🙌🏽🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂😂🤣🤣😆😆
Maikon Alves Maykon Replay
Br em 2019 ai?
Sonrisa 7 時間 前
Darrin Ward
Darrin Ward 7 時間 前
I believe Rihanna vocals are the cure for anxiety
Ampo Amsis
Ampo Amsis 9 時間 前
Rihanna is your name lady......
Wesley frança brito
Wesley frança brito 10 時間 前
Savannah Edmonson
Savannah Edmonson 12 時間 前
ควย อะไร ละครับ
Your name is Rihanna, Rihanna.
Silvia eduarda
Silvia eduarda 13 時間 前
Alguém 2019 do Brasil ?
Houssein Hamadh
Houssein Hamadh 13 時間 前
And the seeking of Rihanna's bra is still on going👀👀
Wwewomen Figs Uk
Wwewomen Figs Uk 16 時間 前
2019 And Still love her
Roblox Melissa gamer110710
This came out when I was born -.-
Mafer Sanchez
Mafer Sanchez 19 時間 前
I shipp them since then and i still do!!
MidnightTacos 20 時間 前
Honestly 2010 music is better then it is now.
Jérémy Morel
Jérémy Morel 20 時間 前
who believes rihanna still love Drake ?
Ritik Jha
Ritik Jha 20 時間 前
If this song release in 2019,it will create world record of most views on JPvid (around 8 to 9 B views). This song is better than Despacito.
imti biebs
imti biebs 20 時間 前
G C 20 時間 前
I wanna cry bc these times were simpler for 12 year old me 😭😭😭 now I'm almost 21 and don't know wtf I'm doing
Nima Tashi
Nima Tashi 20 時間 前
I follow u rihana in insta hehe
Divina Inocencio
Divina Inocencio 21 時間 前
I think it’s pretty cool that she didn’t have the roads closed to shoot her music videos, as you can see when she’s walking on the sidewalk you can see people staring at her with curiosity.
Acefamilyx xbangtan
Acefamilyx xbangtan 22 時間 前
Javier Bent
Javier Bent 22 時間 前
Anyone 2019?
Willian Gomes
Willian Gomes 22 時間 前
Riza hariati
Riza hariati 23 時間 前
Yeah, if this is me shopping and some stranger trying to do that when I'm getting the milk I would freak out!!! That is absolutely a sexual harassment! Hahahaha
Christopher Chambers
Is Rihanna losing money\ work to twitter JPvid targetstore
christina b.
christina b. 日 前
omg NoStAlgic❤
Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark 日 前
I mean fire red hair sorry I'm stoned
Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark 日 前
I'm a fan of fire-resistant hair!!
Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark 日 前
I mean fire red hair sorry I'm too stoned
Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark 日 前
Awesome to dance to. Or just a good jammy jam!!
Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark 日 前
I luv this jam!!
go with the flow
Pisces & Scorpio, that match tho💥
Angelica Collazo
Nicky jam
ethi sham
ethi sham 日 前
Memories change my life even better
lonebrain xxx_.
2019 ?
0:53 drake looks like his breath stinks
rihef rih
rihef rih 日 前
remember when She invented music
Sayani Chaki
Sayani Chaki 日 前
Miss those days
Sara Sheriff
Sara Sheriff 日 前
Vitor Ramos
Vitor Ramos 日 前
cricket cat
cricket cat 日 前
did Chris hit so hard that she forgets her name !!!! God Damn
May Riley
May Riley 日 前
so pure
The Arunster show
the sq root od 69 is 8.3
Tonton Jennifer
Zhang Yixing1007
1:25 the way she sang Talent omggg this girl is amazing singer
Melissa Applewhite
i need new music please
Seth Corn
Seth Corn 2 日 前
Who’s listening in 2019 or 2020? Come on guys for Rihanna!!! ❤️❤️❤️😍😍🤩🤩🤩
I your songs Rihanna
ery cifuentes
ery cifuentes 2 日 前
23/ 3/2019 Aún Me Encanta Esta Canción 😍💕
Mariella G.P
Mariella G.P 2 日 前
The kiss he gives her at the End💖
Christine Kim
Christine Kim 2 日 前
I love you Riri!!!!
420 nikka
420 nikka 2 日 前
Let it play..
Gagandeep Kalshi
This is such a beautiful video. I remember watching it for the first time on TV almost a decade ago and I instantly fell in love with it. It shows the novelty, the new rush of blooming love. It is so cute to see RiRi walk into the store and she and Drake can't stop admiring each other. And the video then shows both of them in the company of each other. Being in love with someone is such an amazing feeling. I am blessed with that!
Lolla conta aí !
HrglassHealer 2 日 前
That looks like my city! Was that shot in NYC????
Free Fire Noob
Free Fire Noob 2 日 前
Essa cena do mercado é tipo àquela musica Chantaje puro
chacool leii chancelier
2019 ?
nour islam madi
nour islam madi 2 日 前
My name is islem rihanna
king frogs
king frogs 2 日 前
miss singer rihanna ; (((((((((
Mike LoganRob
Mike LoganRob 2 日 前
Drake and Ry Lucky can have my virginity. who else pee's next to the water in the toilet so its quiet...?
Justin Oiler
Justin Oiler 2 日 前
Justin Jessica Melissa Mike Nancy Richard Pam Darryl Amie Eugene
Ampo Amsis
Ampo Amsis 9 時間 前
Katelynn Jackson
What r u talking about
Swib 日 前
Theylovekadii 2 日 前
Ugh a bop
IDK Hehe
IDK Hehe 3 日 前
I feel dumb it was made in 2010 it feels so long ago I grew up so fast😪😭 I remember youtube wasn’t as big as it is today and their wasn’t a lot of music or videos woah looking back at thattt etc my sister would be playing these song OMGG
Leyla A
Leyla A 3 日 前
Red hair looked amazing on you Rihanna💄💋❤️
João Carlos
João Carlos 3 日 前
Maiz Wellz
Maiz Wellz 3 日 前
Oᕼ ᑎᗩ ᑎᗩ ᐯᗩT Iᔕ ᗰᗩ ᑎᗩYEᗰ
ارام الدوسري
Asiphe Fadane
Asiphe Fadane 3 日 前
Is anyone hungry here? I'm starving.
Younes Lakhmili
Younes Lakhmili 3 日 前
Dr Shweta Mishra
Agnieszka Sójka
love this song
Jeffrey Richardson
john taberskis tools craftsman wrenches not for fools the halloween ghouls
tiktok comps
tiktok comps 3 日 前
I thought it already had 3.billion views
Kamil Ağayev
Kamil Ağayev 3 日 前
I like this song sooo muchhh. ❤️
jossell911 3 日 前
Idrees Jabarkhail
Old is gold :)
Abdalgader Mohammed
It was realised almost 10 yes ago, and this is the first time to me to hear ☺
Alanna Cuzzort
Alanna Cuzzort 3 日 前
Anybody else remember 4-5 seconds that song was my jam
HIKIKOMORI compilation
Hit like for Bluetooth era.
Man, I remember singing this with my sister ALL THE TIME, and I was like seven
Zafar khan
Zafar khan 4 日 前
beEMvE36 4 日 前
Did Chris Brown really hit her that hard?? She Forgot her name....
Isra Juma
Isra Juma 4 日 前
Jahlil Smith
Jahlil Smith 4 日 前
March 2019🎵
SANDY 4 日 前
21st March 2019 ???
Franciene da Silva
I really enjoyed this song, including the beat she has.
Dora The Explorer
Now she can finally afford a better wig and outfit lol
Hollagrl0999 4 日 前
My boyfriend just asked me to marry him this morning while this song was playing... i said YES!!! this song is so special to us now. its so catchy and i love the video. Check out my boyfriends music video about our rough past by searching "Ry Lucky - Toxic (Official video)", we made it through our problems!! I'm in the music video too! he's getting popular fast. Who else is here in March?
Andrea Ayala
Andrea Ayala 5 日 前
2019 😍😍
Shomari Jackson
Shomari Jackson 5 日 前
At every party this is all that you would hear good times🤣🤣❤️
massi nissa
massi nissa 5 日 前
Ohh na na whats my name .. i remember
Rough Coin
Rough Coin 5 日 前
Ma all time favorite Rihana😍💯
michael scaglione
I Refuse to believe Drake was the best male vocal choice for our amazingly written Rihanna artwork..
[MV] MOMOLAND(모모랜드) _ I'm So Hot