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JonTronShow 7 ヶ月 前
Thanks to Rise of Kingdoms for sponsoring this video! Download the game now by using my link patron.me/jontron and don’t forget to check out my alliance by searching “JonTron”!
mystery gamer
mystery gamer 3 日 前
"Historical kingdoms"
origamipein18 4 日 前
No one's going to charge you for killing Jason Voorhees. It was in self-defense.
JaCk nickolstine
You touch my ass ?!
Saleh Alameer
Saleh Alameer 14 日 前
I was just now turning into JonTron fan but now that you were a rise of kingdoms ad I feel betrayed, saddened, and broken inside 😢
Steve Darragh
Steve Darragh 26 日 前
why the fuck is it toys r us :\
Noah Wilson Vlogs
Gerb h
Gerb h 36 分 前
Yonny yonson more like Johnny joestar
2:40 D:
Joel Emmet
Joel Emmet 13 時間 前
8:41 BRUH
Nintenoble 18 時間 前
The flute bit gets me every time!
zezu09 日 前
Whats the song at 6:45 I know I'm gonna feel stupid when I figure out what it is EDIT: Zoras domain
Rose Wolf
Rose Wolf 日 前
And this is why Toys’r us shut down
Brady Howard
Brady Howard 日 前
Is it me or does this seem like a goosebumps episode
This reminds me of Netflix’s Haunted. Supposedly real people are sharing their own ghost encounters. Look, I don’t doubt the existence of ghosts because I’ve had some encounters myself, but these shows (Haunted Lives and Haunted) are just full of it. I trust ghost investigator shows more than I do these shows.
Olive Partch
Olive Partch 日 前
I think yonny just wanted to play with some toys
Z Man
Z Man 日 前
The 4 Musketeers
14:45 "All he did was love a woman and accidentally *kill* *himself* *in* *the* *leg* "
Darth Lttl
Darth Lttl 2 日 前
Seriously, no one took the obvious “Here’s Yhonny!”?
Michael Frank
Michael Frank 2 日 前
Me Me
Me Me 2 日 前
The shinless human display is just Danny Devito
Yuri 3 日 前
Emily Rogalla
Emily Rogalla 3 日 前
Yonny is the original simp
Tyko Nurminen
Tyko Nurminen 3 日 前
Visible Panic
Visible Panic 3 日 前
1:31 sponsor and intro skip
Chris Moore
Chris Moore 4 日 前
literally everybody who gets hit in the leg with a razer scooter: 8:44
Trace Waldram
Trace Waldram 4 日 前
Half the people in my family are like this old lady.
origamipein18 4 日 前
Fuck you, Sylvia Brown.
Deadshot5 4 日 前
sick michael myers reference btw
The Bean Stealer
P u d d i n ' p o p s
Nitmarlego 4 日 前
Why did JonTron do the white power symbol?
Big Octopus
Big Octopus 4 日 前
Liek if ur brally liturit?!
*Cupid.* 4 日 前
“Going down” -Jontron after he dragged a dead body into an elevator.
Elias black
Elias black 5 日 前
6:45 it's the music from Twilight Princess! (Zora's domain)
kurokoro 28
kurokoro 28 5 日 前
Guess Johnny got Toys R us for himself now...
Hank "The Pimp" Hill
Jontron's planning to turn everyone into Cotton Hill
ABK TV 4 日 前
everyone killed fity men
Sidednator7788 5 日 前
Fun fact: the Jason Voorhees at the beginning was an actual person. Not a prop, not an actor, John LITERALLY killed the dude, Hence the surprised look on his face
The 4 Musketeers
1:14 for those of you that want to skip the sponsorship
Warped Data
Warped Data 6 日 前
Did she say that the ghost didn’t know it’s dead??? Uhh YES TF THEY DO. Also ghosts can’t be in a time warp. They just ghost out for years. They are there until their spirit is released. So TRY ME AGAIN LADY
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith 6 日 前
2:08 Perfect. 10/10
Airstrikingboss 6 日 前
RIP Toys-R-Us
Ben Jones
Ben Jones 6 日 前
that promo code is hilarious
komodoking175 6 日 前
Anyone else wondering why a man is named laurel? Not me, because that trend is dead.
Corpse Light
Corpse Light 6 日 前
"Its when spirits don't know they're dead." I'M SORRY, were we in silent agreeance that we wouldn't do that if we KNEW we were dead?! You bet your ass Id come back as a clown that left balloon animal wieners everywhere and half eaten pie in the hallways.
Samuel Hall
Samuel Hall 6 日 前
Yes yes, I see how eliminating the shin will help reduce shin related accidents, but then wouldn’t the femur simply take the injury in stead of the shin? I think we should just entirely remove the legs, and connect the feet to the pelvis. We would waddle around like penguins, and skin-femur injuries will plummet. Stonks
Bubsy Winner of golden X award
Samuel Hall ah, so I see you have acknowledged my superior argument. Thank you, sir!
Samuel Hall
Samuel Hall 5 日 前
Bubsy Winner of golden X award lol!
Bubsy Winner of golden X award
Ahh, but you’re forgetting, what if we hit our feet. I say we ditch walking and become rooted to the ground. We will gain sustenance from earthworms we dig up and rainwater
Dubious Deliquite
"Months, years maybe" Hasnt this ghost been around for a couple decades already? Yea im sure he will just go away soon
Dubious Deliquite
Aw man, I prefer all those upbeat ghost stories instead of the occasionally sad ones :(
Pitt b
Pitt b 7 日 前
Dubious Deliquite
If it means he can have such great sets with so many props that he goes so far with, sitting through an add that I could skip through if i wanted is totally worth it Like, a movie being given a couple thousand dollars just to put a guy holding a pepsi can in a scene isnt considered selling out, so why would this be any different seeing how the money clearly goes towards all of his props, gags, and costumes
Trent Ingram
Trent Ingram 7 日 前
Give me the number to the Ghostbusters
F.U. Productions
5:27 Yo Fuck Sylvia Browne That girl speaking is one of the three victims of a serial rapist Ariel Castro. He kidnapped 1 woman and 2 young girls who were in their teens. If people had listened to this bat shit crazy lady they would have stopped looking and or the family could have given up hope. Fuck that bitch and her bullshit “powers”
Nuclearchezburgr 385
Why not use rocks to trap the ghost?
Janey Doeman
Janey Doeman 7 日 前
If you crop out everything but his eyes, you wouldn't be able to tell if he was a cartoon or a claymation
EvieMtFPrincess 8 日 前
Poor Yonny was stuck in a time warp. If only he would have realised that it was just a jump to the left then a step to the right with your hands on your hips and your knees in tight. He has to be careful though because it’s the pelvic thrust part that really drives you insane
HaxTF 8 日 前
Some say jons still trying to open the elevator to this day
Lord Mute
Lord Mute 8 日 前
16:50 Somebody has seen AHS: Asylum
Kitty Mckenzie
Kitty Mckenzie 8 日 前
This language in the re-enactment though also what Yanni need her hair for ghost doll of elizabeth
Kitty Mckenzie
Kitty Mckenzie 8 日 前
Also the fact that he bled out and they didn’t find him more likely they would have and tried to help him :3 could have clotted and died of infection
Kitty Mckenzie
Kitty Mckenzie 8 日 前
I lose it at “yanni where did u see an elephant in 1800’s California “ 😂😂
Paola Vaquero
Paola Vaquero 9 日 前
George k.
George k. 9 日 前
8:55 knew a guy who looked and sounded like that when he talked, he could talk for an hour and never really say anything if that makes sense lol
sadeq boy
sadeq boy 9 日 前
Don't watch the video if you can't handle the story's!!😂😂
Justin Perry
Justin Perry 9 日 前
7:40 the guys face on the far right
Deadly Golem
Deadly Golem 10 日 前
Yohnny Yonson...... even the name sounds fake.
pancake destroyer
Jokes on you Toys R Us is coming back
Garrett Thacher
Garrett Thacher 10 日 前
Scripting this episode* Jon: You know what i was thinking would be a great idea? Crew: What's that Jon, A $2000 prop? Jon: Fuck that, you guys are going to throw a door at me Crew: What? Like a Cardboard Door? Jon: Did I fucking say 'cardboard door'?
Garrett Thacher
Garrett Thacher 10 日 前
'Edited' because I wasnt going to tolerate an inappropriate ad placement....'breaks in conversation' my Jaqueing ass
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 10 日 前
Love how Jon makes better content then the shows he makes fun of
Chip's Creations
Chip's Creations 10 日 前
2:39 John confirmed more powerful than Tommy Jarvis?!?!?!?!???!??!
gadlygamer the meme n yeet boi
atleast its not raid diarhea legends
dark dragon07
dark dragon07 10 日 前
This video is demonetized obiusly
Super Mothballers
apple pie wasn't even made in america
Q is legit. Don't trust the media.
Elon Musk's baby mama knew about the Rona pre-July/August/September 2019. Check out her music video Grimes - "Violence" September 5th Does the Rona attack the respiratory system/lungs making it hard to breath? Respond with your thoughts after you have watched music video!
Q is legit. Don't trust the media.
Some of the greatest production quality on all of JPvid!
Generalpimphand 10 日 前
7:35 jon looks at the camera. what a fool. an absolute tom fucker
This Is Patrick
This Is Patrick 11 日 前
I'm actually really sad about Yonny...
Xharia 11 日 前
Let's all just take a moment and think about that this shit was directed by freaking tobe hooper you know TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE like wtf xd
I'm the J
I'm the J 11 日 前
I believe that he actually killed a guy dressed like Jason
Ghost Fox
Ghost Fox 11 日 前
That farmhand story is like a chinese knockoff of a story that I remember reading for some assignment in like 9th or 10th grade
Who Saved Who?
Who Saved Who? 11 日 前
"I wonder if she predicted that... Oh wait, she's dead." I died!
So Danny davito is Jon trons ideal human
Forever and EverYT
The person said there’s nothing afraid of in storage room at Toys “R” Us The other person I think again
The need of the Nimoy outweighed the need of the few.
John Yargus
John Yargus 12 日 前
Freddy Fazbear did it. DIO helped, probably.
Ardinio Pardinio
Ardinio Pardinio 12 日 前
the editing is amazing
Seth beth fury
Seth beth fury 12 日 前
8:30 midgets
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