Ravens Locker Room Reaction After Detroit Win

Baltimore Ravens
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Watch Justin Tucker celebrate with teammates and coaches, and Head Coach John Harbaugh give out three game balls following the 19-17 win over the Lions.

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Bràdley Ullery
Bràdley Ullery 4 日 前
Very happy locker room after kicking a NFL record 66 yard field goal,
Frisbeetarian 7 日 前
I fucking love my team.
Frisbeetarian 7 日 前
I fucking love my team.
Frisbeetarian 7 日 前
I fucking love my team.
Lee Morales
Lee Morales 8 日 前
Justin Tucker
John Loye
John Loye 8 日 前
they should have had the most valuable player in the locker room for the celebration. that would be the ref who didnt call the obvious delay of game penalty on the ravens the play before
Jalen Montford
Jalen Montford 9 日 前
we love you Justin Tucker. #baltimoreravensfan Go Ravens
Michael Sevilla
Michael Sevilla 10 日 前
He will be the highest paid kicker ever.
SitBack&Relax Lofi
you just know he got a little something when he went home to his wife
Junkman2000 12 日 前
It's nice to see the little guy's get some love. 👍
Samniss Arandeen
Samniss Arandeen 14 日 前
Justin Tucker is a first ballot Hall of Famer, change my mind.
BlitzTD 15 日 前
I love how they broke the sound barrier multiple times lol
purple creature
purple creature 15 日 前
Well this is tough to watch for me
ben pointer
ben pointer 15 日 前
Tuck! Tuck! Tuck! This is one for the record books. The ball literally hit the horizontal then flipped over for the win. Man, Tucker will get laid tonight!
Kyle Bridenstine
Kyle Bridenstine 16 日 前
Such an amazing team
Ryan 16 日 前
Love Lamar Jackson, but it looks like he's got a belly. Ha
Bodhi 16 日 前
Let's let this catalyze us to greatness. Amazing words, they gave the respect to Tucker, but also used it as a moment to say 'let's get some'. This video made me really like the Ravens, that locker room atmosphere is something else. Respect.
James Love
James Love 16 日 前
What a glorious way to win a game.
Rudie Obias
Rudie Obias 16 日 前
I'm a Cleveland native, so is it strange that I still see the Baltimore Ravens as the Cleveland Browns? Haha!
Javimarulu 17 日 前
Tucker the real raven mvp
Daniel 18 日 前
Joseph Lawrence
Joseph Lawrence 19 日 前
Everyone wants tucker as their kicker
Adam Geiselman
Adam Geiselman 19 日 前
Congratulations from a Browns fan, Hell of a accomplishment Tucker
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 19 日 前
I’m happy for my boy JT, we have another hall of famer on our hands. Greatest kicker ever, hands down.
annapolismike 19 日 前
Thunder Foot
garland vincent
garland vincent 20 日 前
Hell of kick strong awesome, not a raven fan but i’m celebrating , you have to celebrate greatness’s
Buzz Beeler
Buzz Beeler 20 日 前
The fix was in. It was "too perfect."
Michael Gandeza
Michael Gandeza 20 日 前
Give some love to Lamar and the receiver for that long throw and catch. Wouldnt have a chance at that FG without that awesome play.
kolim jone
kolim jone 20 日 前
I’m happy for my boy JT, we have another hall of famer on our hands. Greatest kicker ever, hands down.
tennaj 21 日 前
What crazy is that there was NO wind AND no altitude assistance !!!😱👍
ASMR Critique
ASMR Critique 21 日 前
What does Megatron have to do with any of this?
GimmeeSomeMo 21 日 前
This team is not afraid of adversity. So proud of this team so far! Let's keep this going!
Nguyen Nhat Huy
Nguyen Nhat Huy 21 日 前
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kolim jone
kolim jone 20 日 前
Keep in mind the 66 yards is measured from the line of scrimmage. So in actuality if you measure from where he actually kicked the ball your looking at an easy 70 yards
CCW Noob
CCW Noob 21 日 前
i wonder what happens if he misses a 12 yarder ... no press conference, teammates dont say "hi", and worst of all ...
Daniel Timbs
Daniel Timbs 21 日 前
U know...I bet lamar Jackson was standing back there pissed that he wasn't getting any glory. "Well what about me!? I made the 4th down throw!" Yea well it ain't about u man....u could just see it on his face.
Braydon 246
Braydon 246 21 日 前
I didn’t know Chandler from Mr.Beast was a kicker
Troy Richardson
Troy Richardson 21 日 前
I definitely miss Mark Ingram 😢
leni lenape
leni lenape 21 日 前
Congrats to you Justin- luck follows talent and preparation.
jack creely
jack creely 21 日 前
From being a longsnapper for 7 years. It’s great to see the coach hand out game balls to the holder and snapper. The whole field goal operation was textbook
Josh112096 22 日 前
Even as a Raiders/ West coast fan I had to clap and give my praise to the Ravens on this one. So sick to see a record get broke and the happiness for the team and their fans 👏👍 Great job great job 👍
I’m from the year 3452
“Let’s let this catalyze us to greatness.” That’s a pretty cool thing for Tucker to say on the fly like that.
IFM 22 日 前
jackson schmitt
jackson schmitt 22 日 前
If JPvid was smart they would have recommended this video
J.K. Hinneburg
J.K. Hinneburg 22 日 前
Should give a ball to the refs for making sure we won. Thanks refs!!!
swede 22 日 前
A lot of love in that locker room, that's what its all about. Love this team and this organization.
Allen B
Allen B 23 日 前
Keep in mind the 66 yards is measured from the line of scrimmage. So in actuality if you measure from where he actually kicked the ball your looking at an easy 70 yards
ucan858 23 日 前
Lamar Jackson is why this is happening. I’m waiting for him to peak. This is a very good football team .
Mark Watson
Mark Watson 23 日 前
I got emotional af! Love my Ravens! Squad!!!!!!
Seahawks76 BamBamKam YoAzz
All World Kicker, and he has been that for YEARS now........
Alan Gallivan
Alan Gallivan 23 日 前
Perfect Props for game balls also to the holder and snapper.
Tracer Bullet
Tracer Bullet 23 日 前
Never stop recording and posting these, it gives us such a good view into how the players and coaches tick outside of the game
Squat The Castrator
Almost makes me wanna watch some football
anthony acobacey
anthony acobacey 23 日 前
Lamar look chubby
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 23 日 前
Its Wednesday and im still so damn happy and smiling
Flimflam06 23 日 前
I just wanna thank Billy Cundiff for missing that money field goal from 32 out that allowed us to get this GOAT. Lol
Steven Collins
Steven Collins 23 日 前
The enthusiasm in the locker room is contagious you can't put a price tag on the excitement all those grown men have in unity!
Joel Miller
Joel Miller 23 日 前
Ravens Baby!!!!
Root Beer
Root Beer 24 日 前
Should have been a 72 yard field goal if the Refs weren't sleeping.
lisalafayette 24 日 前
Wow......I could watch that kick a 💯 times and still get goosebumps!!! I've re-watched that kick already more times than I want to admit to. And it just gets better and better each time. Love seeing the reaction and celebration in the locker room and on the field. Great comments by the Coach. Congrats *TUCK* ....You....Da.... *MAN* !!!! 💪 🦶 🏈 🦶 💪
Mark Swain
Mark Swain 24 日 前
From a Steelers Fan: respect !
Julian Meeks
Julian Meeks 24 日 前
jaybar redspoon
jaybar redspoon 24 日 前
history has been made forever!!
Tonya Pendleton
Tonya Pendleton 24 日 前
Calais Campbell picked that man up like he was a loaf of bread ....
Stuart Swartz
Stuart Swartz 24 日 前
Teach Crosby that hop step please. We need him to stay in Green Bay for 10 more years! With his kick strength and accuracy he could do it. Tucker is going to be around for a long time. I’m getting his jersey. First jersey I’ll buy that’s not Green and Yellow.
Cole Williams
Cole Williams 24 日 前
They are one of those teams where you don’t run to the bathroom with 5 seconds left in the 4th quarter
okaybye 24 日 前
What a good teamate Lamar is he is so happy for tucker look at Lamar in the background. Justin is a kicker who gets love from his teammates for real.
Trust on “3”
Von 24 日 前
No lie the Ravens team looking Superbowl ready all around they might be scary this year
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Hatters House 710
I hate being a Lions fan
The_ Faster_ Horse
caption the cover photo. Yes !!! the refs gave us another one
Lo Barn
Lo Barn 24 日 前
This is why we love sports!
joe k
joe k 24 日 前
bears locker room looking even better!! :(
Romean Clark
Romean Clark 24 日 前
He deserves more money than some of these qbs
Eric S
Eric S 24 日 前
war eagle 🦅
Brennan the sports fan
Do Lions locker room
Adrian Dussault
Adrian Dussault 24 日 前
Ever wonder about all the roaches you've killed, will there ever be a grand retaliation where their family members will gang up and come after us?
Shemzinho 24 日 前
AUTOMATUCK. The 🐐. He cemented himself yesterday as a HOFer
The cardiac Ravens this year
Travis LTE
Travis LTE 25 日 前
Is Tucker the best pro to come from UT?
Lox 25 日 前
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Sage Antone
Sage Antone 25 日 前
Game ball goes to the ref who didn't call delay of game. Congrats.
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 25 日 前
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Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith 25 日 前
SargeanttheVR 25 日 前
Kraaaa kraaa kraaaAa
BigDot 25 日 前
Dead unpopular sport. I prefer the original football aka “Soccer” :)
Aaron 25 日 前
*Hey, to you reading* .... you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
Stanley Ezen
Stanley Ezen 25 日 前
That was lit af lmao
Adam Legend
Adam Legend 25 日 前
This team is special. They understand football so much that a LINEBACKER knows how the kicking operation goes. Perfect snap, perfect hold, perfect kick. I bet if you told anyone in a Ravens jersey "kickers ain't football players" they'd laugh you out of the building. It figures Ozzy would draft the greatest kicker of all time in the second round.
Leo 25 日 前
That’s y we love Harbaugh
Wat Pho
Wat Pho 25 日 前
🟡Lamar was thinking he was going to get the third GameBall🔴
Juan J
Juan J 25 日 前
Who they beat Tha lions?
J Quazz
J Quazz 25 日 前
I think I'd rather see the Lions locker room after that kick!
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When you’re lion you’re dyin
Vanessa Amesty
Vanessa Amesty 25 日 前
One thing about the Raves they are never going to be boring
Tonja Bowman
Tonja Bowman 25 日 前
Lamar 3 years later still looking for a number 1 receiver SMH!!!!
Matt Folse
Matt Folse 25 日 前
Calais Campbell is a big teddy bear brah. Watch how he hugs Tucker lol
Pawn Fish
Pawn Fish 25 日 前
The officials are definitely not clock watchers. Detroit was robbed of a well-earned victory.
Trucking With Jesus
Man I love my Ravens. Don’t forget that dime Lamar dropped on 4th down. He gets better every year
jd42305 25 日 前
Someone in the locker room said "Legatron" referring to Tucker. Idk if that's been his nickname for a minute already but I love it.
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