R.I.P. GAME OF THRONES - Series Finale SUCKS! Iron Throne Rant/Review

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Rest in peace, sweet prince. Season 8 Episode 6 has laid you to rest.
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How Game of Thrones Failed its Fans - And Why It's Our Fault: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-ZcKKUA3b0cA.html





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Technoguy3 22 日 前
How Game of Thrones Failed its Fans - And Why It's Our Fault: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-ZcKKUA3b0cA.html
pplr1 20 日 前
As you may have heard already, someone at HBO put this episode forward for an Emmy. Maybe they were joking and it somehow became official. But I think we can agree it doesn't deserve one. uproxx.com/tv/game-of-thrones-finale-best-writing-emmy/ Thank you very much for some of your reviews of the last episodes of season 8. Regardless of what the books do and what fans did or did not do it should've been able to stand on its own legs and it failed.
The New Khan
The New Khan 20 時間 前
hahaha, Tyrion to Jon: "I love her too. Not as successful as you..." /sad face How did I miss that scene??? Lol. So funny.
DL Southwell
DL Southwell 22 時間 前
No yer wrong, Arya was in Kings Landing for a reason. She made sure that poor mother and daughter died in the street.
Jerome Williams
Jerome Williams 4 日 前
I should've never watched this video again. I was over it, but now ya done pulled me back in! WTF WERE THEY THINKING?!!!
Antonio Carbajal
7:08 And who the hell is in Winterfell anyway, remember? “There must always be a Stark in Winterfell” WTF this show has so much to rant about by the end that we even forgot to rant about some topics XD
Christopher Tracy
It's ridiculous Jon and Tyrion from the jump. The Dothraki bloodriders and the Unsullied would have pillaged the crown lands! Dany's story was way better had she just burned the Red Keep.
Jane Marinelli
Jane Marinelli 6 日 前
Well said🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Sam DeRenzis
Sam DeRenzis 7 日 前
Couldn't the lord of light bring her back? Hell maybe he will!
GoTDancer 7 日 前
Thank you. The finale was so sadly bad. :(
Yohanan Ironside
The Books setup Bran the broken quite well but the show just Jeyene Pooled it
Satan Lover13
Satan Lover13 8 日 前
3:27 thats inacurate
2 dimitropolis
2 dimitropolis 9 日 前
I hate D&D. I hated this series from season 5. I am so sorry that I started to watch it. I was happy enough with books.
eventhorizon 10 日 前
"Who has a better story than Bran the Broken?" Anybody else, literally anybody else, fucking Drogon had a better story than Bran... Brianne had a much better story- then there's the obvious that Jon has a damn amazing story AND has a blood claim to the throne, and the people would love him for putting an end to the woman who went on a massacre... ESPECIALLY when, and it's definitely a when, not if- they find out he killed his lover for the good of the people. Surviving that time with the Unsullied and the Dothraki there is impossible considering the traditions of their people and their love of Daenerys... to not be murderized by them then to be banished to the wall? I mean, clearly Jon would be happier beyond the wall than being stuck ruling- so them picking him and him refusing would have made sense... But Bran? Gendry would have made sense too- he grew up in Kings Landing, he knows the people and their hardships... The hell with it, Edmure has a better story- his wedding being staged to murder his family, imprisoned for years, surviving that. I mean the guy's a tool, and any scene with him makes me roll my eyes (love the actor, but ugh to the character, which is how you're kinda supposed to feel about him)- but he has a better story than Bran. Yara would have been a better choice... * sigh *
Stefan Stanciu
Stefan Stanciu 10 日 前
I would have liked drogon trying to burn jon but jon having flame immunity and drogon would shit himself and fly away and after the fire burned out jon s hair would be like dany s AND THEN FUCKING RULE THE SEVEN KINGDOMS
Frederick P.
Frederick P. 10 日 前
Omg! Me too, after episode 3 for me, GOt was over. That's it. I will never ever watch the rest of the episodes.
James Knighton
James Knighton 11 日 前
Drogon (sorry if I miss spelt it) probably was called by a skyrim mod author and just peace out
Janet_Doe 12 日 前
Hey you didn't want democracy. And this is what you get. BRAN. Bet you would rather ANYTHING else
SnakeTheCowboy 12 日 前
Bran actually wasn't the worst choise. The main thing here is how they reached it. Even after Bran said/mentioned he have no interest in anything in this world. So that is stupid.
Joe Neri
Joe Neri 12 日 前
"This is a cartoon." lol Perfect
looneyburgmusic 12 日 前
Daenerys The Genocide destroyed Kings Landing for one reason, and one reason only - the writers *NEEDED* her to become The Genocide so Jon would have a justification to kill his own aunt. The idea itself makes sense, the problem was the way it was presented - Turning Daenerys "The Breaker of Chains" into "Daenerys The Genocide" needed at least an entire season to develop and play out, but since the writers wanted to be done with GoT as quickly as possible we the audience were just supposed to pretend that the story behind the rise of Daenerys The Genocide had been shown on screen.
Radeon 1961
Radeon 1961 12 日 前
I was done thinking how I hated the last episode then I stumbled on this review and here I go again.
Satan Lucifer
Satan Lucifer 12 日 前
Still angry.
Brainwash 12 日 前
ur an idiot
Song Tuning
Song Tuning 12 日 前
it still hurts there is no way to reanimate the show it will hurt forever, thanks to dumbhead and dipshit
Shelvin Moraa
Shelvin Moraa 13 日 前
Her turn Its unjustifiable.....yes but also bat shit crazy felt forced
Gina Gigante
Gina Gigante 13 日 前
I didn’t watch a single episode because I was betrayed years before when I realized George will NEVER finish the books which I loved and was promised an entire story, as if Tolkien had stopped at the two towers
Tj Friedgen
Tj Friedgen 13 日 前
Keyword, sucks for you. I liked it just fine. It paid off on GRRM’s original vision of highlighting how destructive war is and how war makes a monster of us all. It tackled the idea of radicals and the danger that pure black and white thinking brings, while staying true to Danny’s Targaryen nature. The show highlighted the dangers of absolute power and had endings that fit for the characters, as Jon was never going to be king and never wanted it. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean the show now is trash.
Ken Bahney
Ken Bahney 13 日 前
I like that ioiaf clip dope AF and I been rocking with him for years
S. Fray
S. Fray 13 日 前
The sarcasm at 1:49 spoke to my soul so hard I had to subscribe
Baco Sacio
Baco Sacio 13 日 前
I completely agree the season was criminally rushed and too many vacuums are left for our imagination to fill, writing wasn't up to par and certain time management just don´t make sense (i.e. Samwell's being a maester). But the video seems to be a 15+ minutes of toddler tantrum. The critic is happy with nothing and it's clear he glows from stating his dissatisfaction. Snobism is what that's called where I come from. All of S8 outcomes makes sense in the GOT universe because... because the unexpected has been GOT's brand property from the start. We should be complaining about being deprived of the logic taking us to those outcomes, not about the outcomes per se. Not happy about the story's ending being rushed? Blame HBO or whoever took the decision to have two quick final seasons. Not happy with the dialogues and plots? Blame GRR Martin for not delivering his books fast enough or D&D for not being the writing geniuses Martin is. Not happy about Jamie ditching Brienne? Go watch a Hollywood RC. Not happy about the twins' death? Not all demises should be spectacular or deserving, that's what death is all about. Not happy about the Night Watch still existing? Check the "there'll always be a place for misfits" (or something like that) line; the Wall is and will always be Westeros' equivalent of XVIII century Australia. WTF'd about wildlings going back beyond the Wall? Dude, didn't you get they'll bend the knee to no one, including queen Sansa, and that they cherish their freedom above everything AND that they consider the TRUE NORTH their real home? Not happy about Daenerys going balistic? Get over it. Or were you expecting a Disney princess finale? Wondering where Drogon flew off eastward bound? Check the Encyclopedia Martiana under the Valyria and Dragons chapter. Bewildered because Bran ends up as king? Once again, the issue is plot build up, not his collegiate election. And YES, that bit . should've taken a whole chapter and not 10 minutes. It should've been Westeros' equivalent of the 1776 Continental Congress. Dumbfounded because the Unsullied haven't executed Jon or Tyrion? Wait for the last book and stop whining. And so on... And before I end up boring everyone, GOT was all about blowing up our minds, not about making us comfortable. Still unhappy? Go get a puppy. Or ask for a day off at work or college so you can manage your GOT feelings in a safe place. Have a nice day!
Ron Garvin
Ron Garvin 14 日 前
6 seasons of the best show that's ever been put on screen wrapped up with two years feminist BS, character arch crashes, and horrible writing. Such a waste. I'm 50 years old and this has to be the biggest let-down for a series in entertainment history. The craziest part is that that is what it is going to be known for after starting off so strong
RAVENSWRATH 888 14 日 前
Fuck that everyone is Lucky it wasn’t me if I were King of the Dragons i would have Killed everyone except the animals .John was a whiny Bitch ,Aria is Great thats as far as i will go with the Humans .Everyone should have Died 🔥
Khan Shaheb Techs and Games
So unsullied and Dothraki are the 2 most merciless army and they simply captures Jon instead of cutting him into pieces after he killed Khaleesi??.. Seriously??...
JohnThe Champ
JohnThe Champ 15 日 前
I think drogon went to The shadowlands of Ashai 🤷🏻‍♂️
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly 15 日 前
i liked episode 6
Thomas Bowe
Thomas Bowe 15 日 前
It was so monumentally bad.
The Blank King
The Blank King 16 日 前
I think I preferred the reality where Elmo convinces Cersei and Tyrion to make peace with each other.
Sophia Wilson
Sophia Wilson 16 日 前
Cersi killed many people by she lies that children are Robert's , the killed House Stark guard that led to Ned death, She bomb of the Septa.
StOnEd RhInO
StOnEd RhInO 16 日 前
The writers did have no idea what they were doing with that council scene, if they wanted Brienne there, she should be standing beside Sansa as her bodyguard, and while I think that Davos being Gendry's adviser and the Tarleys being made the main house in the Reach seem likely, I should not need to assume this, it should be explained. Also there is no way in hell after Sansa said the north is going to be independent that 1 of the other lords would not have said "either it is The Seven Kingdoms or else just 7 kingdoms" because no one is going to agree to be part of united kingdom if independence is on the table for 1 of the kingdoms.
Bulat Gaynullin
Bulat Gaynullin 16 日 前
F , agreed to every word you said even the most bold ones
Bulat Gaynullin
Bulat Gaynullin 16 日 前
Can't say that D&D actually did a good job taking this book to the show, but anyway they totally ruined it in the end, and there is no one else to blame but them for this
Matthew Gabriele
Matthew Gabriele 16 日 前
Well now we know for sure breaking bad is better
samer issa
samer issa 16 日 前
F. Game of Thrones 🖐🏾 .. I’ve waisted time watching this show for so long., I could’ve be made 10g if I did not watch it .. facts
Milivoje Popovic
Milivoje Popovic 16 日 前
So fucking bad its painful to even watch
Storm Charger
Storm Charger 16 日 前
They used speed ups to build kings landing😂😂
Ethan Joyce
Ethan Joyce 16 日 前
daenerys pre-season 8: benevolent but slightly unhinged queen. daenerys season 8: literal hitler
Mohammed Nabih
Mohammed Nabih 16 日 前
What did you mean by Baristan Selmy page should be blank?
kshamwhizzle 16 日 前
I had no emotional investment in season eight beyond a benign curiousity, and the writing (particularly in episodes three and five) was SO BAD that I, with my zero expectations, was disappointed.
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 16 日 前
Daenerys was never really a good person. Remember Qaarth when she threatened blood and fire cuz they wouldn't let her in. When she was ready to execute a prisoner until Ser Barristan convinced her to give him a trial. She executed the Tarly's against Tyrion's council, etc. There's been a lot of foreshadowing to her madness, these cunts just hit the fast forward button.
cody parks
cody parks 16 日 前
Anglo saxon society involved voting a king not until alfred the great there was a true line of succession
Gerard Collins
Gerard Collins 17 日 前
That technical difficulties bit just killed me XD
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