Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.
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Taylor Renton
Taylor Renton 時間 前
Lmfao #1 on trending? Thats how you know the trending page is rigged biased and broken, John Oliver is the most painfully unfunny person alive
Scot Fretwell
Scot Fretwell 時間 前
I’m all for public shaming people I don’t like.
Nam Huy
Nam Huy 時間 前
How many grams of Cobalt(II) chloride CoCl2 is needed to make 0.645 liters with a concentration of 1.25 M and the moles are .724? (the molar mass is 129.839 I believe) Anyone trynna help a brother out
IDon'tKnowWhatToCallMyselfSoIWillJustDoThis xD
This guy is an idiot
ShroudedWolf51 時間 前
Well, I knew about the murderer and trial. I didn't know he was connected to a particular school.
MrDubzaster 時間 前
More grandstanding from the Left. How rare. XD
Izshaboo 時間 前
You are funny Monica! Time to host SNL and get nominated for an Emmy. Best interview in 2019.
Conrad 時間 前
Bill Clinton should change his name. I used to kind of like that douche.
The Miniature Fleshcouch
You make sure there's room on your hor d'oeurves plate to put your glass down in it, John.
micssr 時間 前
Who is this person? I wanna hear more of her. I like her reasoning and eloquent language.
Emma Renee
Emma Renee 時間 前
Meanwhile, Brett Kavanaugh had a total meltdown because his feet were held to the fire for a couple of days and then people moved on.
Aaron Pelavin
Aaron Pelavin 時間 前
Hah, I’m only 20, intelligence intact!
Jerry Phillips
Jerry Phillips 時間 前
Monica. I am in awe of you as a strong woman! You are so much better than all those pieces of crap who shamed you! I am so happy that you moved past it and you have become a true role model in this era of nasty bullies!!! I wish you all the best!!!
Mudder Fukker
Mudder Fukker 時間 前
Ahhhh, hiding behind the 'We're a comedy show' bit... right... but he tells on himself right after... "How much power do they have?"... and avoided the big news about Mosque shooting. I wonder
DM_RATs 時間 前
Such well said
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson 時間 前
If you think that blackface is racist, you are the racist. #tuckercarlsonfuckshisroomba
Marc Saturnino
Marc Saturnino 時間 前
Great interview. She’s a very strong woman. Cheers to her and you John Oliver for giving her voice on the show. 🥂
Alaric11 時間 前
You can start an outrage mob, just don't start one directed at people I like. Mhh. Ok.
Angry Armenian
Angry Armenian 時間 前
Hey John.. Why don’t you go after the Clintons on why that happened to Monica? You claim you make fun of everyone, so go ahead and make fun of the Clintons. They had more rapes in the white house than any jailhouse.
gauge010 時間 前
She got so hot. Congratulations ML!
The Learner
The Learner 時間 前
It is incredible to see that Mônica is more intelligent than 99% of the people who "shamed" her if there was any .
Icewallow Hot come
Glory hole is seen as black face by deranged leftists? You're supposed to fuck the mouth like the pervert you are!
qwerty4 時間 前
i'm 22.. kinda of weird to think that my life could be turned upside down like this
beanstheclown 時間 前
I don't believe that anyone should be ashamed for who they are, but rather for what they have done. For instance, it is one thing to say "Trump uses language to talk about women that is repulsive and disgraceful" it is another to say "Trump is a sexist oompa-loompa with tiny hands". One is attacking a behavior, the other is attacking a person. Everyone is a person. Everyone deserves respect. Even if you hate what they have done. Hate the behavior, not the person.
Brendan D
Brendan D 時間 前
Not a single mention of Covington Catholic school? Hmmm
Wow it s crazy how people refused to see it from her perspective and aknowledge that people make mistakes. I found this video from an old stand up performance jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-O058OUlsCTM.html
KM Land
KM Land 時間 前
I disagree, John. Those personalities on Fox News are terrible people.
Anthony Richards
Anthony Richards 時間 前
I'm surprised they didn't also mention the Justine Sacco thing at all. The whole train wreck unfolding in real time online was the evolution of Monica Lewinsky's scandal. Didn't blow up to the scale of Lewinsky either but definitely an eye opener as to how we view these people as entertainment and not humans.
HuRrY •
HuRrY • 時間 前
*Freedom Of Speech*
Uzi Tenenbaum
Uzi Tenenbaum 時間 前
When I was 16, a "friend" came up with an idea while we were at a party, my first party, he thought it would be funny to jerk off into a napkin and smack me in the face with it while I was sleeping, and it was recorded on camera, I went to a very small school, only about 300 students at the time, so everyone knew within 2 days, I was insulted, bullied, ridiculed, humiliated, punched, everyone called me cum face, jizz face, every day, all day long, i was laughed at... and to make matters worse, the administration found out, and they tried to get me and my family to press sexual harassment charges against the kid that did it, which I did NOT want to do, so everyone that was at the party got called into the office to be questioned by police, and because of this, everyone thought I told on them, when really they told on themselves, I lost all of my friends, and everyone was so scared to associate with me that people were forced to apologize to me, I had no one, my father was in prison, my older brother was off to college, so to make friends I started selling my 30 MG adderall for reeeeeally cheap, a girl was found with my pills and she told on me, then I was expelled... I tried killing myself several times, I still to this day blame a lot of what happened in my life on that one incident, that one little prank, I know what it's like to be bullied, shamed, humiliated by your peers, and no one should go threw that, not me and definitely not monica
trabelsi amin
trabelsi amin 時間 前
thank god i'm 23 yo , suck it stupid 22 yo fans
Pablo Bronstein
Pablo Bronstein 時間 前
You morons. "There are no bad tactics just bad targets." Is the most idiotic thing.
FaceRip 時間 前
I'd like to have an opinion on what you wrote, but I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Patricia Handa
Patricia Handa 時間 前
It wasn't that what happened to Monica was unusually bad, it was unusually bad for the time, and at the time, that could only be done to a few people at a time. Modern technology allows this to be done to many people, all the time, which diffuses awareness and makes it "normal".
Tim Westchester
Tim Westchester 時間 前
I appreciate the interview, but really, come on, these aren't cancer survivors. He's making her out to some kind of hero when in reality I'm sure she didn't mind all the attention and fame. That's probably why she considered a relationship with Bill in the first place.
Katsu_Farmer 時間 前
I did like the segment about public outcry about public shaming. I wish he could have used something more relevant like the covington kids being threaten by celebrities and doxxed when he mentioned public shaming. Still a good segment, but it would have been more relevant about today's social outcry.
naysin naysin
naysin naysin 時間 前
She shouldn't have gotten involved with a married man. They both should have known the consequences.
Arthur Augustyn
Arthur Augustyn 時間 前
I don't understand how this segment: 1) Doesn't mention Jon Ronson's "So You've Been Publicly Shamed" 2) Spends 3 minutes making fun of Olivia Jade - a 19-year-old - only to defend Monica Lewinsky because she was only "22 years old, and all 22 year olds are an idiot in some way." 3) Uses Monica Lewinsky as the Holy Grail example of shaming gone wrong, when she was an adult who made a consensual decision that she knew was wrong at the time and did it anyway *. Unlike Olivia Jade, who did nothing but be the daughter of parents who made poor decisions. * This isn't to say that Lewinsky's analysis of her own situation and wisdom on the issue isn't valuable. There's a difference between "bad press" and "public shaming." The fact that John Oliver thinks public shaming can exist WITHOUT death threats or safety concerns is naive. He just wants to suggest HIS VERSION of public shaming is fine. In reality, it's proven to accomplish nothing but the devastation of a person's private life (potentially extending to their family's lives as well) and train media to sensationalize. It's in the human condition to pile on people we hate/envy. This is covered in Ronson's book and shows that any form of public shaming goes no where good, but that's too inconvenient for a person in Oliver's position. The real shame here is that John Oliver clearly has not moral guidance for what's acceptable shaming and what is not. This is evident by the contradictions that exist within this episode. I love John Oliver and Last Week Tonight but this segment was junk.
Christopher Archibald
I’m 21 so its all good, John.👌
FaceRip 時間 前
Oh wow you're 21? Oh great wow no one cares. I was born in 2016, but you don't see me bragging about it.
GR8Gamblor 時間 前
What a great interview.
A Wal
A Wal 時間 前
In a way social media would have made it better because I feel like now people have such a short attention span. Two weeks after a scandal people forget. Yes there will always be the asshole that just keeps at it but most people will move on to the next scandal.
ahri 時間 前
Ok, public shaming can sometimes suck. But, most 22 year old idiots will not have sex with a married man over twice their age even once, let alone 9 times 😶 (Unless he paid her a ton of money, which he didn't.) But yeah, Bill was a horrible husband for not staying faithful. He's already going to hell for sure.
Nyc Subway guy
Nyc Subway guy 時間 前
If you get your Trump hat thrown off your head, why is that not a hate crime?
Hippy Gypsy
Hippy Gypsy 時間 前
14:50 Her expression when she realized it was all a distraction.
Matt Braun
Matt Braun 時間 前
why is it so blurry?? Like 320k blurry :(
David Knigge
David Knigge 時間 前
Excuse me, but didn't Monica Lewinsky bring this all upon herself? She chose to act and then she chose to make it public. If either one of those choices weren't made we wouldn't know who she is.
Jennifer Wilkerson
Monica is aging well!
Mr. Squeezable
Mr. Squeezable 時間 前
Wow. This episode wasn't so much funny as it was necessary. That interview with Monica was very humbling to listen to. To see her come out of all that negative press and shaming in good spirits like that is incredible. With a lot of that going on today it really needed to be brought to light. Good work out of you John. O_o
Member A. I. F.
Member A. I. F. 時間 前
+FaceRip Funnier than that fat little loser Steven Crowder will ever be.
FaceRip 時間 前
So you're here, huh? The one guy in the world who thinks that's funny. He was hoping you'd show up.
Booty Hoe
Booty Hoe 時間 前
People nowadays just need to get a thicker skin and quit being offended by every little thing that they don’t like. 🙄
TheGoodLord 時間 前
Fuck the Clintons
brentgold3 時間 前
This was so boring
FaceRip 時間 前
Thank you for your delightfully insightful comment about all of this.
Stefan Remund
Stefan Remund 時間 前
How the public tried to destroy Monica reminds me of the short story "The Lottery"
FaceRip 時間 前
It reminds me of the video for the Marilyn Manson song "Man That You Fear", but certainly not the Lottery.
sysdev6352 時間 前
Respect for Monica.
annA Clare
annA Clare 時間 前
Im not a fan of Tucker, but that was on a satire podcast. That is so misleading.
Aden john
Aden john 時間 前
Was it my weed? Or was this a stupendous episode?
FaceRip 時間 前
Are you asking me for an answer? That's a reasonable question, is it?
GridDownSurvival 時間 前
Say what you will about Monica.. but hats off to her for being strong as she has been.. and dam girl.. you look great.. your Ted talk was also outstanding!!
FaceRip 時間 前
Say what I will about Monica? Ok. Hmm... I bet she smells like the seafood buffet at Red Lobster. How's that?
Will Pack
Will Pack 時間 前
Man. Monica has really turned out to be a very beautiful woman.
Paloportugal 時間 前
Oliver has done a string of amazing shows, but this one has raised an already high bar.
FaceRip 時間 前
I clapped. I applauded with tears rolling down my cheeks. Tomorrow, I will go to the bank and sign over my estate to Josh Olivar when I die.
Melcore 時間 前
Yeah, public shaming sucks harder tha.. err, wait.
FaceRip 時間 前
Ok. I'll wait. But I don't have long so try to hurry up.
Johanna Miller
Johanna Miller 時間 前
This was such a great interview. You rock, Monica!!!!!!!!!
FaceRip 時間 前
Oh hi. This is Monica. Thank you for noticing I rock. It's people like you that keep me going.
Clement Caillat
Clement Caillat 時間 前
I just googled "#tuckercarlsonfuckshisroomba". It seems to have exploded over Twitter, especially since LastWeekTonight requested that any tweets about the show be accompanied by the aforementionned hashtag.
FaceRip 時間 前
A lot of weirdos on that Twitter, huh? I guess this man knows his audience.
Free Golem
Free Golem 時間 前
Sounds like, "public shaming is bad but not when I do it."
Educate Yourself
Educate Yourself 時間 前
John Oliver, the npc brain washing machine, discusses: Unwarranted, pathetic and misplaced, public outrage. Refuses to mention the poor, poor, Covington Catholic kid... Who literally did nothing... but smile... at a radical, libtard, activist, npc who likes to steal valor, from real veterans. If you trust John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, The Jimmy dudes, etc... ... you're being brainwashed.
FaceRip 時間 前
I bet you have a blog you'd like me to read.
Will Appleton
Will Appleton 時間 前
Let's be honest, the only thing Monica needs to be publicly shamed for is those shoes, girl come on!
Ellie Comedian
Ellie Comedian 時間 前
FaceRip 時間 前
It's spelled "nice", but it's a common mistake.
Dave Frank
Dave Frank 時間 前
How about the sex offender registry in the USA? Named after John Walsh's son, Adam, who was murdered by serial killer Ottis Toole in 1981, the modern online version is known as the Adam Walsh Act. Irony is that Mr. Walsh met his future wife, Rene, when she was 16 and he was in his early 20's. Age of consent in New York was 17. So Mr. Walsh should be on the sex offender registry that he pushed so hard to create!* There's tens of thousands of young men who did the same thing Walsh did and are now being PUBLICLY SHAMED on the sex offender registry; in many states it's for life. The public registry is only political fear mongering and does nothing to reduce crime. It only punishes the families of those forced to register and prevents re-integration back into society by those who've done their time and paid their debt. *Obviously, Mr. Walsh is blinded by 'Tears of Rage' and I'm sorry for what happened to him. Just wanted to point out the hypocrisy, that's all.
FaceRip 時間 前
Sometimes I forget how many weirdos have internet access, and then I see a comment like yours.
Awilda Fuentes
Awilda Fuentes 時間 前
Amazing the woman she's become, kudos to her
Bo Crasmus
Bo Crasmus 時間 前
I usually like John Oliver, but I have a mixed view on the handling of Monica Lewinsky. 22 years of age is sure, not a mature adult age. But we have to have a level of accountability in our society. I admire her for the work she's done in anti-bullying, etc. and I don't condone slut shaming. But the issue here is about how she chose to fuck a married man. How can we, as a society, condone cheating? I agree that Clinton had abused his power to manipulate her. But this was not forced sex. It was an act of free will on her part. It seems to me that a lot of my fellow millennials are too taken up with the comedy side of this piece and not processing the information. Lewinsky is not a "slut"--whatever that means. She is a woman who nearly broke up a family. Lastly, Clinton being a public figure does indeed open the door for public criticism. When you choose to date or fuck or blow a celebrity, the paparazzi and the media have every right to shine the spotlight on you. This is America. A land of democratic values. No idea is sacred and no man OR woman is above scrutiny.
I kind of love her
DAr00d sandstrooom
Wait I don't understand While I do not agree with Monica's actions (since she was an active participant in the affair, wasn't like as if she wasn't willing or anything. ) Why didn't anyone throw flak @ Clinton? Like they're literally tweedle dee and Tweedle dum in this case so how is it only Monica got arrowed on? If they're gonna say how much of a "dirty slut" Monica is, why is there no narrative on bill Clinton being a "creepy old man who sticks his Willie into her pantie"? But in all seriousness I am really amazed she got thru this whole clusterfuck
4321jirb 時間 前
I feel attacked. I'm 22.
FaceRip 時間 前
Psst. Hey. No one cares.
If u ask me she did nothing wrong to begin with. Glad she stayed strong man
writerpenn2012 時間 前
AWESOME!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! Thank you for the Monica Lewinsky segment and bringing her side of the story. I remember when that happened in the 90s and I thought it was pretty shitty then.
Nathan Rish
Nathan Rish 時間 前
This might be the most important piece John Oliver has ever done. Everyone needs to see this
FaceRip 時間 前
Yeah super important. I hear they're loading up a copy of this to the Library of Congress right now. Oh my god it's so important.
I don’t think Linda Tripp gets enough shit? Change my mind.
FaceRip 時間 前
No thanks, I don't really care.
Elias troemner
Elias troemner 時間 前
Barb311 時間 前
She knew exactly what she was doing. She was an adult. No sympathy here.
FaceRip 時間 前
I'm sure she's heartbroken she doesn't have "Barb's" support.
Russ Wilson
Russ Wilson 時間 前
Monica is cool as hell.
Donald Krause
Donald Krause 時間 前
Don`t go on (A) SHOW.
Kenzi Henderson
Kenzi Henderson 時間 前
The 22 bit was weird as I'm 22 right now.
Santiago Kaderian
Outstanding program , cheers from Argentina.
Vickie Vegas
Vickie Vegas 時間 前
Wow Monica Lewinsky was so impressive. I remember the whole controversy and I thought way back then I think I would have killed myself. You may think I have no constitution but that girl was being ambushed constantly! I felt bad for her. And she is so right Bill Clinton didn’t have to change his name. Compared to her, he was actually praised for what happened. Even recently when all the presidents were in the Oval Office and he said something about the great memories he had in that room. He got a chuckle a gross (I know what he’s saying) chuckle out of our former presidents. That young lady has grown into a woman fighting in a way that gives victims of bullying a an arm to lean upon. There are far too many kids taking their lives due to bullying. Far too many people call them weak after the fact. These kids don’t have the tools to cope. Monica is giving them hope in their pool of disparity. A hand to reach them and a way to save them from the onslaught of shame flinging jerks. Good on her for coming out of the 90s with a sense of self and a purpose that is exactly what we need in America these days I applaud her.
Strange Tamer
Strange Tamer 時間 前
How about the Covington kids John? How about the leftist psychos who were calling for their heads?
Mickey McGowan
Mickey McGowan 時間 前
Who tf is responsible for that goldfish pc photo... for shame.
K A R M A 時間 前
Monica didn't deserve to be a scapegoat.
JM1993951 時間 前
The worst aunt ever is a condemnation of healthcare for profit.
Jp willerd
Jp willerd 時間 前
For once something intelligent and useful is trending
Deborah Joshua
Deborah Joshua 時間 前
For many years, I said Monica was an adult when she had the affair with Bill and she deserved what she got. John has opened my mind to the option of forgiveness. She has suffered enough. May others learn from her experience.
bschwartz850 時間 前
Why is this on trending
piero policicchio
monica you have awesome natural teeth and an authentic smile all the best
Emily 時間 前
Okay she seems really chill but like her style though the hair shoes jacket ima gonna steak that look
Cyber Busker
Cyber Busker 時間 前
And Bill Fucking Clinton came out smelling like a rose!
SpartanBear 時間 前
Orange Man Bad!
Benjamin Mock
Benjamin Mock 時間 前
Wooooaaaa! Monica L is such a class act in that interview! I would have never guessed from the coverage she got back in the days. Seems so unfair suddenly.
guyrami 時間 前
oh and jetski
scdriver007 時間 前
Dude! I tead somewhere thst Tucker Carlson fucked a rumba
Katherine Halterman
lol i'm 22 thanks john
Tony F.
Tony F. 時間 前
Is no one going to put some respeck this man's bars? #NotAPieceIWantOliver
Justin Akers
Justin Akers 時間 前
I never realized how beautiful she was. I don’t blame Bill a bit. We all make mistakes. Everyone overreacted and it was not fair to this poor woman.
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