Post Breakup Haircut... *Almost 30 Episode 1

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I did what we all do after you go through a breakup..drastically cut your hair. Here's to finding myself again. Hope you like my new series.. xo -Alisha Marie

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Taylor King
this video is amazing. you were born to be a storyteller. I'm SO proud of you!!!
Sonia’s Way
I'm overwhelmed. The editing, the hair, THE COMEBACK?!?! Everything about this is so inspiring! I'm so excited for you!
Joonior Do
Joonior Do 12 時間 前
I’ve watched Alisha on and off for years and she’s an amazing content creator. Something I went through very recently and though extremely hard to admit as it is socially unacceptable by the culture which I understand as I used to think like this too. I found it very difficult and uncomfortable towards the end of my 20’s approaching 30 and I didn’t understand why and I spent some time thinking about it and it’s because I’m a woman approaching 30 and having to wonder about mortality and about making choices that would impact my future such as having babies and marriage. Don’t worry I used to be like ‘I don’t need a man’ as well. Do I want to have kids or do I want to get married, Am I ok without having kids, am I going to have to accept that I might not get married or do I want to get married? These are a lot of questions and important ones too that I had to figure out as I was approaching 30. I did what Alisha did and changed up my life, trying new things that I wouldn’t normally do and it also meant accepting dates that I wouldn’t normally accept and just figuring out life as I went along. You won’t necessarily answer all the questions right away but with the right can-do attitude you eventually figure things out. I am happy to say that I’m getting married to the love of my life and happy to say that ‘I do need a man’ next month and we’re going to try for a family at the end of the year. I wish Alisha all the best in her journey and know that things work out in the end, it’s the journey that can sometimes be scary. I wanted other women approaching 30 know that it will be ok, I was able to figure it out and you will too and it’s definitely normal to feel this way. I wish someone would’ve told me where it came from but then again I probably wouldn’t have listened and needed to figure it out on my own anyway.
This video felt weirdly really comforting to watch. As someone who just graduated college and has NO idea what she wants to do with her life, it’s inspiring to see that someone who feels a little lost right now can acknowledge it too and is going through something similar. (Also relatable cause I also got bangs for the first time literally only a couple months ago!! It’s a big commitment! Lol) We’ve got this y’all 🫶🏻
The bangs look so good
Ciara Wainwright
This should 100% be a series the almost 30 series! I’m in love with this style of video. Pop off Alisha you got this I’m going through a slump and you are motivating me to break up with my negative self!
Khaleesi Everleigh
There is definitely something about this year. I haven't been feeling myself either. I almost cried watching this video. You are keeping it real and that is so important for a teenage girl with anxiety to see. Love from Indianapolis
Eve Viridian
We're the same age, and I'm being extremely down lately as well, I would really just want to sell everything and start all over, just like you have said. I think getting close to 30, we really look back at all the years which have passed, and that can cause a lot of mental issues. I'm so glad you talked about it, and can't wait for this series!
Izabel Vlogs
when i first saw your posts with the bangs i thought to myself "wow, this is HER hairstyle". it looks PERFECT on u
Char 21 日 前
I love checking back on Alisha Marie, mylifeaseva, and all my old favs to see what kind of content they post now
Sarah Buth
Love that you’re sharing this journey with us. I feel this 100% you’ve got this 💕💁🏻‍♀️
Caroline Dodson
YASSS ALISHA!!! This was the perfect video back!!! We want the breakdowns, the rawness, we want to see the change!! I’m so here for it. Embrace the Saturn return lol
Marla Catherine
LOVE the bangs!
kelsie Krick
This series, I'm LIVING for it!!! Wow Alisha, I'm so proud of you, after listening to your podcast, I too went through this life crisis before I turned 30. I'm now 31 and let me tell you, 29 and 30 were the hardest, toughest mental challenging years of my freaking life. I'm still finding my way but I wish I had you around when I was 29! I cant wait to see more of this almost 30 series
Angelica Mae Romey
This is literally PERFECT!!!! Way to go Alisha, just watching it you can tell how much thought and self love went into it
Sara Alghamdi
I love love love this videoooo❤️❤️❤️ Do you girl we’re here for it no matter what.. ❤️
girl i literally just cut my bangs and dyed my hair dark as well because i'm going through a hard time as well. watching this has made me feel better and that we are all human and go through things. You're AMAZING girl <3
Lupe LLerenas
Alsoooo, as someone who's almost 30 too, I'm so proud of you! I've been following you since 2011 and honestly, I feel like I've grown with you. I've laughed, cried with you on the other side of the screen and rooted for you. So yaaaas, we got this!! <3
Paris Sewell
as someone who is struggling myself, i found this video inspiring. like you, i am my own worst enemy and would constantly criticize myself too. that is going to change! i am inspired to get my life together too and beat this funk. you got this and so do i!! and to everyone else out there who is struggling, it will get better. you got this!!
Cynthia Ogilvie
I have followed Alisha since I was 12 and I’m 21 now and I strive to be the adult she is! Enjoying everything I can but it’s so hard to just be! Alisha I’m so proud of you and I cried so many happy tears during this video! 🥰
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