Porter Robinson - Mirror (Official Music Video)

Porter Robinson
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Porter Robinson - Mirror (Official Music Video)
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Director: Porter Robinson
Creative Consultant: Shun Kinoshita
Director of Photography: Steve Milligan
Editor: Adam Petke
VFX: Adam Petke
Environmental Drawings: Shun Kinoshita
Avatar Illustrator: Hota
Avatar Animations: Brian Tsui
Artist Management: Slush Management
Label: Mom+Pop
Special Thanks to Eric Minkowski & Active Theory
Well, you were the aftermath
Of every judgment
So cold by the sweat that
You’ll waste away
And you carry your enemies
But they’re so familiar
I’m sick of the company
So I cull the shame
And I know you’ll say how I’m a burden
Yeah, do your worst, all at once
I know what you want from me (from me)
I know what you’re thinking
And it’s not the voice of all the others
You’ve only said it to yourself
I know what you want from me (from me)
I know what you’re thinking
Narrator: (They come to feel like things we’re saying to ourselves.)
An inch from my ears again:
“You should be sorry,”
A solemn man:
“A better song could fix my problems”
I’m tired of your questioning
You’re cut down too easily
And I don’t know what’s good for me
I can’t decide
And I know you’ll say how I’m a burden
Yeah, do your worst, all at once
I know what you want from me (from me)
I know what you’re thinking
And though they sound like one another
You’ve only said it to yourself
I know what you want from me (from me)
I know what you’re thinking
Narrator: “Now these voices have become our own.”
An inch from my ears again:
“You should be sorry,”
A solemn man:
“A better song could fix my problems”
I’m tired of your questioning
You’re cut down too easily
And I don’t know what’s good for me
I can’t decide
And I know you’ll say how I’m a burden
Yeah, do your worst, all at once
I know what you want from me (from me)
I know what you’re thinking
And it’s not the voice of all the others
You’ve only said it to yourself
I know what you want from me (from me)
I know what you’re thinking
And I know you’ll say how I’m a burden
Yeah, do your worst, all at once
I know what you want from me (from me)
I know what you’re thinking
And though they sound like one another
You’ve only said it to yourself
I know what you want from me (from me)
I know what you’re thinking
Sometimes, the inner voice is encouraging: Calling for you to run those final few yards;
You’re nearly there, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. It will all be OK in
the end.










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Porter Robinson
Porter Robinson 8 ヶ月 前
my first new album in 7 years, “nurture” is out now! porter.fm/nurture
Infinity Mao Space Gumball Angel Music
Your new album is just masterpiece
Henry Smart
Henry Smart ヶ月 前
Almost last
Milkeiji 3 ヶ月 前
John Kang
John Kang 日 前
Plz play this song at my funeral
imanuel wahyu
Overcoming Bad Inner Voices - the school of life
Orion Alexander
Orion Alexander 2 日 前
By far the best version of this song. Love the effects. Update: Probably on my 10th playthrough of this song in one day. I cant get enough of this song. Truly brilliant Porter! 🤗
Simply Sample Text
How can a song make me want to cry and hug a well done color pencil drawing of what I assume is porter
SF Glim
SF Glim 3 日 前
I feel like I hear this song in my dreams all the time
Viaaa 4 日 前
Porter Robinson is the cure to depression and anxiety
This sounds like a song my 8 year old self sent me from the past.
Grindcore Rager 40
Damn; we DeepFake-ing drawings now. I like.
Lucidity 5 日 前
so good
Alex Solano
Alex Solano 5 日 前
If he doesnt get a grammy for this then we are all crazy.
Eric 6 日 前
Touched me right there you know Porter?
vibe with dipen
vibe with dipen 6 日 前
not bad
Xueling 6 日 前
If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me,” even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you. For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. - Psalm 139:11-14 Jesus loves you. I hope somehow you will be informed that you have been wonderfully and uniquely made.
DJ Xyclone Official
honestly, I'm just gonna say it. I used to pass porter robinson off these past few years, as I was one of the few who actually didn't find much enjoyment out of 'worlds,' and found it to be a bit boring and overrated, as I'd personally been more a fan of his older, electro house work like 'say my name' and 'spitfire.' i have nothing against the album, it does have some great moments and it's far from being a bad album; it just wasn't really my cup of tea. but I heard 'look at the sky' a few months back when it was released as a single and was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed it, how much better and lovely it sounded than anything off of worlds the past few months have been really rough for me, the ongoing pandemic has ravaged my mental state and left me feeling more and more depressed, hopeless, and even suicidal at many points lately, even to the point of self-harm just as recently as a week ago. i've been going to a therapist for the first time lately to help with my own self-image and esteem issues. Lately i've heard a lot of positive things said about this new nurture record, and obviously i had my doubts based on my personal opinion on 'worlds.' however, after I watched anthony fantano's review of this record and saw one of the harshest critic's surprisingly positive reviews on it, i decided to give it a shot. I'm typing this out as i stream the playlist of this album on youtube, and so far i have been... blown away to say the least. literally everything i've heard up to this point has been stunning, phenomenal pieces of music. i was nearly brought to tears by the end of 'mother,' but... 'keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going; it will all be okay in the end.' by the end of that sample, i was very shocked to find that i couldn't quite see my computer screen very well because of the actual tears that had welled up in my eyes. even now as i'm typing this i can feel them coming back merely at the thought. the lyrics of every song, especially this one, have spoken to me on a level i never would have anticipated, and i'm blown apart by every track that comes on. being someone, who's been struggling horribly with depression and anxiety and suicidal urges lately, this song feels like weirdly therapeutic to me, and fuck its hitting me hard this seriously might have contender to be album of the year for me. i think i might have to agree with fantano when he said this is this generation's equivalent of daft punk's 'discovery'. absolutely phenomenal. i honestly might go back and listen to 'worlds' again, maybe i've been missing something, or maybe ive been looking at it the wrong way dammit, man thank you porter robinson, thank you for this wonderful ray of hope and light and sunshine in this dark time. i regret not giving your music a second chance sooner, and i'm so sorry for all the pain and suffering you went through leading up to make this album, and i hope it made you as happy making it as it currently is making me listening to it and to everyone out there reading this, thank you as well. i can do this. you can do this. you are all valid and we can get through this together
plneet 日 前
S H.
S H. 7 日 前
3:43 i'm a sucker for stuttering synths sheesh
Sunkhrist 7 日 前
Going through this entire album during my depressive state has really been a fucking journey holy shit... 😭😭
kaka 8 日 前
vtuber porter is so cute wtf
Hikari 8 日 前
This song hits home so hard it's scary.
Gad Porter
Gad Porter 8 日 前
J L.T.
J L.T. 9 日 前
wonderful, Porter!!!
Thanos is Retired
That is some amazing camera solving.
Tyton 12 日 前
idk what happened at 4:00 but whatever it was i want more of it and fast
Román 12 日 前
4:00 is the best part
X Y L Y 13 日 前
*vibes emotionally* ;n;
Villegas Silverio Rosa Margarita
Conocerle por Something Comforting y terminar escuchando "Nurture" completo para seguir adorando su trayectoria , es una de las cosas más buenas que pude haber pasado 👌
El fred cervants
El fred cervants 14 日 前
People with depresión dont have this nice kind of iner voice
Frank Xie
Frank Xie 15 日 前
alex 15 日 前
For some reason.. when i listen to songs of Porter Robinson, i feel they could all be used in anime intro’s or endings and there is nothing wrong with that 🔥🦦
Muflih Gazali
Muflih Gazali 15 日 前
you deserved a hundred million of views mr. robinson
polyogs 16 日 前
If i were in the forest id probably see the white scribbles and be like "oooo pretty strings! (Touch)"
Elijah Schor
Elijah Schor 16 日 前
If Nurture doesn't win the Grammy for Best Album, then the Grammys are fake. Although, awards shows are known to be fake anyways.
ProJord 16 日 前
Huh huh huh were fu Seth
Salatiel Rubio†
SaruBeats 17 日 前
nice pv🔥
ACMEME 17 日 前
Waw Wiw
Waw Wiw 17 日 前
SiiMbbA 17 日 前
I miss the UNISON DAYS
Infinity Mao Space Gumball Angel Music
2021 and I love this song
WillWill137 18 日 前
I wish I had a sunroof on my car
TMBKVids401 19 日 前
where is this?? i gotta know
Viaaa 21 日 前
This here. Deserves more views.
PrincessNiia 23 日 前
This song is like auditory anti-depressants.
Short-Tempered Playa
just. beautiful
Greg Heffley
Greg Heffley 23 日 前
Love it Sir Your work is off the limit
Wanttofanta 23 日 前
This is such an incredibly weird video. I love it
Drum N’Bass
Drum N’Bass 24 日 前
Porter Robinson is sending me secret messages through this music video.
Angel0Z 24 日 前
This music is amazing!
nos 26 日 前
plural vibes :O
jerm2z 27 日 前
The intro really messes up the rest of the song
Crykryptex 27 日 前
This was 7 months ago?!
セル 28 日 前
who was create this video
John Cannon
John Cannon 28 日 前
Absolutely beautiful
qnaman ヶ月 前
wtf is going on!
Armando Velazquez
3:42 this is my most favorite part of this song, I don’t know why but it really hits in the feels.
Lu Kas
Lu Kas ヶ月 前
this song means so much to me, i don't know how to explain it but it helps me not beeing to hard on myself and just keep on going :')
Jared ヶ月 前
There is a "mirror" in front of you and you walk through it and you look around and your in a "shelter" and you stand up to "feel something comforting" but you can't see it or feel it so you go outside to "look at the sky" so you could "get your wish" to become a "musician" 💌
Jared 18 日 前
@Nama Doodoo i find your comment pretty amazing if i say so myself :)
Nama Doodoo
Nama Doodoo 18 日 前
@Jared Ha no!
Jared 18 日 前
@Nama Doodoo you did better than me 😌
Nama Doodoo
Nama Doodoo 18 日 前
to become a "musician" as you embrace what life has yet to "unfold" for you.
Jared 18 日 前
@GaCy SeDiaZ thanks i just wrote what was on my mind xD
Ben B.
Ben B. ヶ月 前
egg head sad
Sheeks ヶ月 前
this is the best song on nurture i said it i did its just so good i'm kind of a stan
Vii Vii
Vii Vii ヶ月 前
Okay, a few more of your songs in and I'm now subscribed.
fudgenutss4 ヶ月 前
Just wanna say thank you again (after it premiered) for creating a timeless piece 💞
dayanitha padilla
Santiago Medina Monroy
So many of Porters songs remind me of what it was like being a teenager, and I mean it in a good way. There is a striking poetry to this guy it is very beautiful in its way. Born 1983 I’ve learnt to see things differently and mature but boy it’s so refreshing to remember how I used to feel and how it went.
Head Scout
Head Scout ヶ月 前
This is the song that resonates with me the most. Look at the Sky is so much a song of hope, but for me, this one is just as much. It came out at the perfect time for me. I was having such an internal crisis due to the struggles of online schools causing me to doubt who I am, and this really opened my eyes to the idea that it's okay to not be perfect, and it's okay for your best to not be on the same level as it was in the past, and that you don't deserve hate for it. Those around me have always referred to me as "the smart one" and online college courses really threw me for a loop, and I am unable to do as good as I have in the past, and it kind of threw me into a pit of depression. The day the lyric video came out for Mirror, I listened to it non stop all day, and it is the main thing that pulled me out. A few months later my final grades came in, and it turned out I was the only one so disheartened by the results, and those around me were so supportive, but up until then all I ever heard in my mind was them saying how disappointed they were. "And it's not the voice of all the others, You've only said it to yourself" made me break down the first time I heard it, and when I was flooded with all the support I got, those were the words that echoed in my head, because it was true. And now on days where I feel like I can't continue down the path I am on and just wanna give up on my dreams, this is where I go. Thank you Porter
Mo ヶ月 前
does that mean porter is a vtuber in this mv? nice lol
Kailin Weng
Kailin Weng ヶ月 前
The solid fill flowers look like among us
Henry Smart
Henry Smart ヶ月 前
Its 2:51 if your wondering
aritra bhattacharyya
Masterpiece by master 😍😍🔥🔥🔥🤟🤟
Lianarts ヶ月 前
The quote at the end of the song nearly made me break down crying. I realised it was familiar and its because it's from a video I watched on overcoming bad inner voices... I feel a connection to this song that I can't even begin to explain now...
Im Kuelll Gremlin
a friendship/romantic where its more than friends but not as much as a partnership is called a squish! ^w^
Hasby Iskandar
Hasby Iskandar ヶ月 前
Idk i crying at the same time watching this video and listen music in
verat45koli shebak45
The angry cost conformably flower because dry terminally cheat per a lively creditor. seemly, well-to-do turnover
ITG4MiST ヶ月 前
i wonder if this was vtubed by porter? amazing song
Anugerah Perdana
Anugerah Perdana ヶ月 前
Your drawings is magically beautiful. I love it
Sekara ヶ月 前
thoes visuals tho wtf
Siddiq 069
Siddiq 069 ヶ月 前
nice video
Matt ヶ月 前
that last line is creepy
Asrober ヶ月 前
honestly this and Shelter are my fav music vids of all time, they're just so great and fit the songs way too much. Nurture is gonna be insane im so hyped
GaCy SeDiaZ
GaCy SeDiaZ ヶ月 前
I cried so bad with Shelter, till now is my fav song and video. And Mirror my fav from Nurture.
AGenericGuy ヶ月 前
Why do I find the drawing unironically cute,like,wtf
Pokestarmon ヶ月 前
Where to begin... When I was nearing the end of grade school I started to have these thoughts in my head that kept saying I was stupid and weird and many other profanities. I’m still struggling with these thoughts to this day. Out of all the songs on this album this one is my favourite because of how deeply I connect to it. So thank you Porter. Thank you for making such a beautiful song. 💗
Nama Doodoo
Nama Doodoo ヶ月 前
You’re not stupid! We all have our difficulties, our weaknesses. Such is life. Keep going. Keep persevering. You got this!
Kaffe petersson
Kaffe petersson ヶ月 前
In your music I find myself
Baptiste Hamelin
Baptiste Hamelin ヶ月 前
The video is amazing, but I can't help but feel like the drawing was animated via deepfake.
Calcium Structure
It's animated using Live2D
micanikko ヶ月 前
Bruh that avatar is really cute lol
心Cocoro ヶ月 前
Ford Buan
Ford Buan ヶ月 前
I miss this, hearing this in my Spotify and I always forget the name, everytime I hear it gives me so much nostalgia about being in the car and smelling the air
Arcenio Chacin
Arcenio Chacin ヶ月 前
it's a fucking masterpiece
Lonely Aces
Lonely Aces ヶ月 前
So how many distance the cameramen covered?
David Romero
David Romero ヶ月 前
Adriel Stout
Adriel Stout ヶ月 前
Yeah I was floored when I saw your first music video cause I had no idea up to that point that you did both voices. My own personal cannon is that the female voice is actually a dead singer who wasnt listened to in life and she channels her voice through you to sing with you. lol its dumb but fun to think about.
Adriel Stout
Adriel Stout ヶ月 前
After I heard Shelter I couldnt stop listiening to his beautiful music he is an amazing artist. Keep up the good work you truly have made something good something good.
Adam Norwood
Adam Norwood ヶ月 前
Anime drawings in 2004 be lookin like:
Noodle Guy
Noodle Guy ヶ月 前
I took a long time to realise that the beats were actually beat boxed
Ed Rin
Ed Rin ヶ月 前
I'm in love
Dovah blossom
Dovah blossom ヶ月 前
your music saves me daily
Cosimo Rotunno
Cosimo Rotunno ヶ月 前
Thank you Porty.
anak bolokang
anak bolokang 2 ヶ月 前
Who put so much bone meal to dandelions?
Sociable 2 ヶ月 前
Thanks for 4king all your videos so us VR enthusiasts can watch this in all its glory
D Yanez
D Yanez 2 ヶ月 前
I like to imagine the drawn person doesn’t have a gender and is maybe nonbinary. ^^
Calcium Structure
@Stygian Not to burst your bubble to you both, but the drawing is Porter himself, and as far as we know, he hasn't expressed anything regarding his gender. He stated that the reason he uses the high pitched female-like vocals for himself is because he uses it to sing about things that are too tough for him to talk about normally. When he released Something Comforting, a lot of people did find the vocals changing from normal to female-like an allegory for being trans, and that's pretty good that trans and NB people can relate to it in that way.
Stygian ヶ月 前
It’s actually likely, considering he’s doing both voices and it looks like a feminine version of him
Byahe ni Ju
Byahe ni Ju 2 ヶ月 前
Still on repeat!
Lydia Baik
Lydia Baik 2 ヶ月 前
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