Porter Robinson - Goodbye To A World (Official Audio)

Porter Robinson
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Music video by Porter Robinson
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Porter Robinson
i'm so happy goodbye to a world became one of the more beloved songs on Worlds - it was always one of my favorites and it always meant a ton to me. thank you! i'm releasing a new album called Nurture, and there’s three songs out so far. of those, i think people who find themselves here might like the song Something Comforting: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-IGrhyOtikQ0.html
sleepy yuri
sleepy yuri 19 日 前
Bonar Hutasiot
Bonar Hutasiot ヶ月 前
aweyatzil 3 ヶ月 前
Gamerrgalaxy 3 ヶ月 前
Guilherme Cardoso
Guilherme Cardoso 3 ヶ月 前
Aram Games
Aram Games 14 秒 前
😫😫😫🥀 I love this💔
itay seri
itay seri 54 分 前
gives me such a wierd vibe
Abhishek 時間 前
Sounds like lonely akon song
Nevaeh Garcia
Nevaeh Garcia 2 時間 前
When I listen to this song it’s like looking into the future at my funeral
Sydney Moore
Sydney Moore 2 時間 前
This song gives me neither good or bad vibes and for some reason that's what attracts me to it even more.
Today i ate my cat
Today i ate my cat 2 時間 前
this song feels like, something one would play during the credits of something really really epic
رههَف ،
رههَف ، 3 時間 前
كل ما احزن اجي هني:(
رههَف ،
رههَف ، 3 時間 前
هذي الاغنيه كل حياتي💔💔💔.
Wky 3 時間 前
WD Is radical
WD Is radical 4 時間 前
I like that people are making their own little head cannons for this song, it’s nice. Mine is that this song is a mother is saying goodbye to her son and goes out amidst nuclear war and doesn’t come back and this is her goodbye
reiner braun
reiner braun 4 時間 前
impostor sus
маруся ЛМД
маруся ЛМД 5 時間 前
Я когда слышу эту песню мне сразу хочица плакать
Jonah S.
Jonah S. 5 時間 前
I walk through a shadowy abyss I look across the plains and see the faint light in the distance begin to slowly fade away My beat up handheld radio picks up a sad tune from an age long ago. It makes me smile and think of old times. The world around me slowly crumbles into nothingness I try to hold on to this final moment before everything is plunged into eternal blackness _goodbye world_
John P.
John P. 9 時間 前
An alien visited you in your house and asked you. Would you like to go help them remake this world and make it a better place? Make it peaceful and beautiful, build a real paradise but first they have to ask a human's permission which is you to destroy the world and all people will have *die* then you just said . yes . So you're now in the spaceship watching the world collapsing and you now have full of guilt crying at the spaceship's window while this song being played and that alien is the one who's singing it to you. Just imagine, it makes me cry...
Monika Simoncicova
Monika Simoncicova 9 時間 前
I've been seaching for this autio for so long now i have finaly found this bautifle song 😄😍
:3 X
:3 X 11 時間 前
ok but why does this remind me of Attack On Titan
BlueyFan18 2.0
BlueyFan18 2.0 11 時間 前
Linkleline 12 時間 前
yahyaplayz 12 時間 前
this is mostly used in adopt my
Emily Jones
Emily Jones 13 時間 前
I had to cry silently so I wouldn't wake my parents and get in trouble
Fernando Pena
Fernando Pena 12 時間 前
Me too seeing all the other people's stories made wanna but I couldn't
Mỹ Nhung
Mỹ Nhung 14 時間 前
This song is so sad😥i'm miss my father,my father is dead is years 2005
Edalgi infenix
Edalgi infenix 14 時間 前
Y asi como regresas al inicio, pierdes todo por lo que luchaste, quedandote solo con recuerdos, recuerdos duraderos, que te lastimaran como las espinas de un rosal clavadas en tu corazon
Fernando Pena
Fernando Pena 12 時間 前
"And how you return to the start,you lose all that what you fought for,taking care only with memories ,memories(Sorry I don't know this word) that will hurt like thorns from a rose nailed on your heart"
LiLTooFN 14 時間 前
Songs amazing but the intro is for real longer than the whole vid 😂
Wolfyz 15 時間 前
This song makes me feel nostalgic
_Exotic Bunny_
_Exotic Bunny_ 15 時間 前
The world is hard but that doesn't mean that you are not continuing like scott cawthon
Amane Yugi
Amane Yugi 15 時間 前
Can people stop calling this the among us song, I don't hate it but I'm not comfortable with it.
---E- 15 時間 前
Hakimi Hamizi
Hakimi Hamizi 17 時間 前
1:15 when we all holding our hands looking at the sky with teary eyes as the last moment we live on earth.
Chase Chu
Chase Chu 18 時間 前
Shem 21 時間 前
This song will play when the world ends.
Yael Ramos
Yael Ramos 21 時間 前
A amo esa cansion
Em Bishop
Em Bishop 22 時間 前
I close my eyes. All is see are memories. Like Im drifting among them. Bad. Good. All of them. And all I can do is watch. Wishing some I could change, and others I could erase entirely. Then I open my eyes. And Im back to normal. The song ends.
Klayton Bernard
Klayton Bernard 22 時間 前
The world we know and love will die some day and we must accept that, it will die when the stories and things from one generation stop being carried onto the next. Those stories will still exist in books and old tumblr posts, but the people who were there to appreciate them from the beginning are no longer there to appreciated them. We exist in a loop of live and forget, just make sure your mark on this world will be remembered for as long as possible... It's painful to be forgotten...
9ner_ 0_niner
9ner_ 0_niner 23 時間 前
World went slow until a bang of a bullet hits your chest until the end of your suffering ,that's how i imagine this music
Nexus Asura
Nexus Asura 日 前
Each day I’m reminded of the world me and all others have to live in and well people I think we should just deal with this for the time being and do what we can
Soy Gatimong XD
Alguien sige viendo esta canción en 2021 por que esta canción nunca pasa de moda
loprAk -Sub-
loprAk -Sub- 日 前
Emily plays roblox
You helped me with my flipaclip.
갬이 日 前
I don't know
I don't know 日 前
I know youtube comments are not the place to confess emotions but I don't feel like I have anywhere else to confess so here it goes. I am not ready to lose my family. I know at my age I should be more ready for it, but I just can't accept it. I hate it, I wish I could put it more elaborately but it's simple as that. I don't think I can handle that.
X20Levine 時間 前
I feel you man, it really does suck that some day everyone we know will die and we don’t know what’s after
The Bautistas
You love te amo quando
:3Hellou oi:3 hi^-^ ola 😄
Kijavi !!!!!!!!
This hits different especially when you literally just lost someone special in your life 😞
Fernando Pena
Fernando Pena 12 時間 前
Same here
Stephen Gilchrist
everyone: *makes sad commonts* me: good song 👁👄👁
丸藤亮 日 前
My parents don’t understand....I cut my hand yesterday...but on purpose. I’m self harming and my parent with never understand. They think that since I’m 12 I don’t know anything but I know a lot more that they think. At the ages between 8-10 I got abused by my stepmother and my dad didn’t notice until they got into a huge argument. That was the night when my stepmother took everything. She cut the water line off, took our new fridge and left us with our old one, etc. From age 10-12 I’ve been thinking a lot. I don’t want to go but it’s very hard for me to stay. I might go but for now I just have scars and cuts....i don’t want to disappear....I’m sorry
박삥뽕 日 前
이게 그 틱톡 노랜가
William Afton
My friend sent me this a while ago and I find myself coming back to this a lot
“Heya bro, want to build our dream house in Minecraft this week?” “Sure bro!” the next day.. “Want me to place the first block?” (My friend) “Go For It!” **he placed the first block** “Man I got to go for the day. Going on vacation for the week” “Alright man. See you in a week! I’ll be here waiting for you” “Bye man, I’ll miss you” “Bye I’ll miss you too.” last see 1 week ago **waiting for him to come back on to finish the dream house** “Hey bro you here?” last seen 1 month ago “Man I miss you” “Hope you come back” I then decided to start building our dream house. Block a day. I didn’t know how long it would take but I would do it. All I knew The house, we both wanted to be giant. last seen 5 months ago Those months turned into more months eventually turning into a year. I build a single block on the house every day. **i waited for what felt like forever for him to come back** *last seen online 5 years ago* I would have finished the house but I left a quarter of the house, and inside of it for my friend to finish when he came back. So to filled the outside back garden with signs. Every single day I added a sign. It was giant. There were so many signs. Even if my parents said “no more Minecraft” I would log on just long enough to add Block or sign to the build. “Hey bro. It’s been 5 years. You still on vacation haha” I got no response for awhile until one day. “Hey bro. I’m finally back! I accidentally logged off the account not remember the password or anything. So I made a new Minecraft account. Quit it after a few months started playing other games came back just last month. Remembered I have you as a friend. So I tried to log in again. Couldn’t do it, so I grabbed my old computer and went to where I saved my old passwords, and sure enough I found it. I’m back bro” “OMG BRO ITS BEEN 5 YEARS! OMG BRO” “Yea man, I’m back. What ever happened to our dream house we were gonna build?” “I placed a block on it every day. Until it was almost done.I left you with the inside and a quarter of the house. And I figured if I would still be placing a block every day, I started adding signs. A lot of signs. Each with words on it.” “All for me, waiting for me to come back?” “Yep man. Friends forever” “Thanks for doing that for me, want to go hop in the world so I can see the house and finish it?” “Sure bro!” This happened in 2020. We still play every so often. And yes we finished the house!
Emily Jones
Emily Jones 13 時間 前
Finally, A good ending
Alip Kurma
Alip Kurma 日 前
Nero DT
Nero DT 日 前
I listened to this song on acid and i was deadass crying at the end hearing the voice break this was a good song man 10/10 would trip and listen to again
PounceLyGrin 日 前
"So, where is he?" "He... He, uh...He went to wait at the end of time" "Oh"
DepressedCat Lover
Dear whoever is out there, Bless you and all the ones you love. I hope your story has a happy ending like mine did.
Annie Asis
Annie Asis 日 前
I lost my puppy when i was 5 he was my best friend since nobody would be friends with me cuz i was a quiet kid... I miss u snowy t-t
Miss safia
Miss safia 日 前
it feels like your in ocean and u have 30 sec of oxygen
aeroleo 日 前
just realized this is the brother of a dud who travels to Japan, and is a super fan of Nintendo
kenkanadge 日 前
this song is making me think all about my among us journey well.. rip among us you were fun to play till now amogus
King Olympia
King Olympia 日 前
To be honest, i have a story and this song is my inspiration. Two guys are in the spaceship, they have a major problem. Their spaceship is broken because of the meteor that hit the ship. Those two are are trying to save their lives using the escape pod. The escape pod is for two persons. but the problem is someone has to program it to launch it. The second guy sacrified himself just to let the other guy saved. And the guy that is the only person in the ship wants to sing a song before he die (which is that song.). And yeah you know the ending.....
Ci Ci
Ci Ci 日 前
see you
weener 日 前
This takes me back to 2016 bruh
The Life Of Lyrya
wow 😔
rimagstn 日 前
•Veena's Soup•
So I'm the youngest of my friend group. Everyone's probably 13+ so I'm the baby. I feel like once they all pass away I'm alone. *All alone.*
•Veena's Soup•
@Itz David maybe that would happen maybe not.
Itz David
Itz David 日 前
Statistically speaking at least one person in your group will become hooked to drugs/alcohol and will die before the age of 60 meaning that you may experience the loss with your friends which will help develop your friendship and lessen the effect.
Samuel Medina
This song makes me feel like it’s actually the end of the world 🌍
Backroom's !
Just a Night owl that Has insomnia
Yup listening to this every 3 am
Darrean Turner
1:46 。・゚゚*(>д
Ni Co
Ni Co 日 前
Good to see that there's no people from TikTok here
an error in the universe
i feel like my childhood was brought back, in song
Catrin Chapelle
Duck McBucket
This song makes me feel like I’m waiting in my friends room while he’s getting me a drink.
Doodle Fings
Doodle Fings 日 前
A blinding sun slowly drifts to it's resting place, showing you a spectacular light show of warm cascading colours. You cough, aware that your last moments are creeping nearer. The sun smiles at you, your eyes sparkling with some matter of unfulfilled wonder. The wind embraces you softly, as your last breath clocks nearer. It's coming, you thought solemnly. You cough again, then erupt into a coughing fit. Tick. Tock. One last moment on this planet, one last glance at the grinning sun and the gleaming stars, one last 'I beat you!' to the game of life. One last smile from a loved one, one last tickle of fresh grass under your bare feet, then one last breath.
Arcos Jaime
Arcos Jaime 2 日 前
pedir perdon y perdonarse uno mismo es una manera de recuperar la integridad...de volver a la coherencia en nuestras promesas y nuestros actos.
Clockwork Chan
Clockwork Chan 2 日 前
Imagine just floating around lost in the void. There's nothing else around you. No one else around you. Just this song playing somewhere in the back of your mind. You know there's no one coming to find you. Because No One Remembers You Existed...
javier rodriguez
This sounds like it belongs in subnautic below zero lol
ALEXIS #de todo un poco
Buenardo 👍
i am nonexistent
this is like going back to your hometown and seeing that nothing changed at all. then the memories hit
عسير 707
عسير 707 2 日 前
العرب وينكممم 🌝
A A 2 日 前
it feels like your stuck in the backrooms
Alaskan Made Videos
When 2020 became dead, and 2021 and took the spotlight...
Zedaph25 2 日 前
If only tik tok didn't found this and overused it..
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 2 日 前
I miss my old friend in this song and im crying
Peacherries 2 日 前
i keep staring at the hand and somehow i envision it to either be shigaraki/dabi's.. idk it just looks very.... sad.
TriHard 2 日 前
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 2 日 前
If I were in a movie and go back in time to change something, this would be playing, and along with this song I would say to myself: “don’t live with fear, fear is what stops you from accomplishing things, be brave and stay strong and don’t let this world take over who you are and no matter what they say you can be who you want to be”
Elijah Brown
Elijah Brown 2 日 前
Shhhh, we know where you're coming from (among us memes)
jacket 2 日 前
The Lyrics Are Thank You I'll say goodbye soon OH it's the end of the world Don't blame yourself now
Danial D'Haqim M.N
I don't know it is dejavu or what but I have really heard this tone of sleepy song when I was a baby or kid... I don't know if I was mistaken or not, but that it was like a doll song or tone sound out from baby toy things... I was born in 2000 but this song was made in 2014...
Que persona hablando español y escuchandolo en el 2021 por videos de youtube
@アマテラッツAzelf ecsacto asi se habla
"wake up son" "Yes dad" I miss that
Fernando Pena
Fernando Pena 12 時間 前
Me too I ain't even talk with mine anymore he just doesn't like me as he used to
Shi Eunoia
Shi Eunoia 2 日 前
I will always play this song until the day I die
shαrρ 2 日 前
This is giving me undertale vibess
kidd 2 日 前
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5:00 - 5:19 friday night funkin characters be like:
Madeon - Adventure (Continuous Mix)
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 1 - IT'S A START!
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