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Ep 88: The new Nomu outmatches Endeavor in strength and speed! To win he'll have to go plus ultra! Watch MY HERO ACADEMIA on Crunchyroll for FREE: got.cr/Watch-MHA
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Crunchyroll Collection
Crunchyroll Collection 2 ヶ月 前
Watch My Hero Academia here: got.cr/Watch-MHA
All Might
All Might 6 日 前
yimszy死 22 日 前
whats the song or the beat
Dimitri 2507
Dimitri 2507 29 日 前
Ichogosoulreaper472 65
Ichogosoulreaper472 65 ヶ月 前
Crunchyroll Collection can you put infinity train in demon slayer
Marco Padilla
Marco Padilla ヶ月 前
We need the new season please and thank you
tai Contreras
tai Contreras 13 分 前
Its going to be hard for the producers to make a fight this level again! Only Deku might surpass Endeavor this time.
tai Contreras
tai Contreras 34 分 前
This is the best fight in the WHOLE SERIES!!! HANDS DOWN!!!!!!
Jordan Martini
Jordan Martini 5 時間 前
I feel like Deku replaying the All Might video
Belfegorr Darkz
Belfegorr Darkz 14 時間 前
The number one!
Jacky Heat
Jacky Heat 19 時間 前
Honestly hawk,(if im saying his name right if u guys truly look at it,he's a sidekick in my eyes like the perfect sidekick,like scottie to jordan,Jordan, has number one attributes but in this episode I was getting sidekick vibes,let me know if im off base guys,just my opinion.
The Universe
The Universe 19 時間 前
This isn’t your LAST time watching this,be honest?
Farce 20 時間 前
My favourite scene from the whole anime
Abdi Ali boy
Abdi Ali boy 20 時間 前
The way they say English word is weird
VDLS 21 時間 前
A worthy successor to All Might!
Seppe Van Damme
Seppe Van Damme 21 時間 前
The voice actor does an incredible job here
Adrian P
Adrian P 23 時間 前
Endeburger ❌🍔
Terrell Townsend
Terrell Townsend 日 前
@ 1:36 That kid with the pink hair and scarf looks like Natsu from Fairy Tail.
xXLTYTXx 日 前
This is probably my second fav fight in boku no hero
Alex Ho
Alex Ho 日 前
Nomu turned into fried chicken real quick 😂
Bowserguy62 日 前
Symbol of peace has left the chat. Flame of hope has entered the chat.
Willer 日 前
endevar standingı
ツAdomatic 日 前
This is why I've loved his character everybody hated him through all 4 seasons while I've stuck with him because his will power he reminded me of vegeta he is most human in this story he wanted to be number 1 so bad he forgot about the most important things my respect for him was at 70 now it's at 1000
_Dans86_ 日 前
This and all mights last attack always makes me feel emotional. Idk why tho....
Lena Perlic
Lena Perlic 2 日 前
I'm so glad Bones did this scene justice...
saiyan_og 2 日 前
What’s amazing is that I just realized the OST they used for when Endeavor rose his fist was the same from when Todoroki first used his fire from the Sports Festival !!
AppleTree 2 日 前
Spoiler alert then Dabi shows up :)
Canadian CanuckleHead
Canadian CanuckleHead 2 日 前
ieotos 2 日 前
My skin tingles every time I watch this epic scene. The epic experience scenes where they cut to the characters watching TV, distant shots, other speechless character experience reminds me a lot of the Man of Steel movie
SpaceLion87 2 日 前
0:56 He is single handedly burning meteroids, right before they actually get burned by the atmosphere itself.
mike Williams
mike Williams 2 日 前
Plusaru ultrara!!!
L K 2 日 前
Everything is spectacle in this story, these fights barely hold weight. Glorified boxing matches. All Might vs AFO was the perfect opportunity to change that, introduce stakes through tension maybe even loss and have All Might go down, taking AFO with him- Nope, couldn't even do that, he survives, ofc everyone witnesses, otherwise it never happened.
Ezra 2 日 前
A real warriors ending
DeAnte Christian
DeAnte Christian 2 日 前
Number 1 hero worthy for sure. At this moment he became what the world needed.
Tim McGowan
Tim McGowan 2 日 前
this was hype as hell but y’all are lying if you say it touches the original
*Dreamy Melody*
*Dreamy Melody* 2 日 前
Mans really had to get down huh 😭 He said: "😓🙏🏻"
Bobbyphil 3 日 前
I actually cried when he was raising his fist
Bobbyphil 3 日 前
“His Start” is such a great name for this episode oh my god
Ace M
Ace M 3 日 前
The kid is the reference of Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail
Stryder Eternal
Stryder Eternal 3 日 前
Dude, those shocked reactions is so so good...
Guillermoc 3 日 前
Me veo obligado a ver estas partes en el canal de crunchiroll en ingles por que todas los otros videos en español cortan las partes que me gustan que rabia loco >:/
Alex 3 日 前
Someone add Lord Gwyns theme from Dark Souls to this scene pls.
Vitor Leite
Vitor Leite 日 前
Sadly that Durzo Blints channel got deleted :c
RasTrY Ska
RasTrY Ska 3 日 前
Lo mas epico en anime q vi en estos años 👌
Gianmarco Flores Anchapuri
unas de las parte epicas de boku no pico XD
Cameron Wisher
Cameron Wisher 3 日 前
The way the music lingers after his final attack up until the moment we see his fist raised, that was genius!
Khalilah Anderson
Khalilah Anderson 3 日 前
The voice acting for Endeavor and All Might’s Plus Ultra is god tier
honorguard88 3 日 前
Legit thought he was gonna die. Anime can be so twisted.
uma pessoa
uma pessoa 3 日 前
1:50 latom. (ho knows, knows)
Lazy Blu
Lazy Blu 5 時間 前
Eric 24
Eric 24 3 日 前
He lost he’s mustache and beard after the fight.
Kanai Mcgee
Kanai Mcgee 3 日 前
I used to be mad that he was number one but now 22 minutes later he deserves number one
Philliam 4 日 前
After this fight I'm really excited to see more of endeavor. If what his wife said was true, I'd really like to see him visit her in the hospital to make amends with her in person as well as just see him in action more now that he's #1.
Almis Robley
Almis Robley 4 日 前
He said all mights catchphrase to become number 1 Well he become what he hated most
CrazyFunny Yeah
CrazyFunny Yeah 4 日 前
That was the best episode of Season 4 and one of the best fight in the Entire Series!
Lux Dolor
Lux Dolor 4 日 前
I wouldnt be surprised if Endavour becomes a villain, all he wants is power and to become stronger, he would even join Villains for that probably.
OrangeChickenTaco 日 前
Bro what? watch the anime, he has visited his wife in the hospital every day. Todoroki learns that when he finally goes to see his mom. Endeavor leaves her flowers every visit and he even talked to allmight to see what makes a #1 hero, the whole purpose of this episode was to show that he changed
luca zumeo
luca zumeo 4 日 前
am i the only one that saw the natsu guy?? same scarf, pink hair...
Beenie Cat
Beenie Cat 4 日 前
There no special boost to his quirk like One for All gives it's users a boost to their already existing power (if they have one). This is pure power, discipline, training, and hella guts to never give up to take this nomu down.
CosmicSins 4 日 前
I put on glasses so wouldn't miss this epic animation and I don't even wear glasses
The Requis
The Requis 4 日 前
Say what you want about MHA but you gotta admit the fight scenes are always next level
MOHAMED Ezubeik 4 日 前
If only Black Clover had gotten this treatment.
Killa_Fox11 4 日 前
Honestly when he said I always hated this school moto made the scene much more inpactful. I dont know how it just did!
BTS en mi DNA
BTS en mi DNA 4 日 前
This part is so breathtaking... like the whole video I wasnt breathing... this is a masterprice.
Joshua Baatjes
Joshua Baatjes 4 日 前
Todorokis reaction is probably one of the most realistic anime reactions iv ever seen
aphgaming 4 日 前
Correctly performed screams hit me in the feels every time.
Ninja Shinya
Ninja Shinya 5 日 前
he really the flame of hope now
Glacies Ignis
Glacies Ignis 5 日 前
Why isn’t anyone talking about hawks tiny chicken wings?
Kr3lla1 5 日 前
The voice acting in this episode was fire 🔥
Alassandros 5 日 前
No one seriously tried to surpass All Might, no one except Endeavor. I can't imagine trying to bridge that gap, and the struggle involved with it.
Alassandros 5 日 前
I really thought he died. I honestly felt exactly like Todoroki watching it.
zoni lig
zoni lig 5 日 前
Endeavor really got the Will of Fire
Menmet Ali Ersoy
Menmet Ali Ersoy 5 日 前
Dude when he says "You are me, from the past, or from another future..." it gives me the chills
Christovich MulambaWaMulamba
I respect endeavor a lot now who else agrees.
Demenos Demenos
Demenos Demenos 5 日 前
0:57 literally 2020 every week
Mr. Prog
Mr. Prog 5 日 前
"The symbol of peace is gone... The flame of hope, Burns bright."
girl1213 5 日 前
This is the reason Dabi's plan may not go down as he hopes...yeah Endeavor's sins will no doubt come to light, but *here* in this one instance he's made an impact on enough people to show...people can change for the better. You never have to like them, you just have to accept they're not the same person they used to be.
Jaime Rivera
Jaime Rivera 5 日 前
I'm not gonna lie but i screamed PULSE Ultra while watching this.
KissAssGoodbye 5 日 前
昔からこの校訓が大嫌いだったよ プルスウルトラプロミネンスバーン
Naoya Yami
Naoya Yami 5 日 前
꧁༺Arrogant Bastard༻꧂
Man. As I watched this for the first time (about an hour ago) I was staring at my TV with my mouth hanging open just like the crowd in the show. And since I'm pretty self aware, I realized this soon after and had a laugh at myself. But more than that, I was left feeling extremely motivated, energetic, and wanted to go lift weights lol.
Am I the only one who never hated endeavour?
av villanu
av villanu 6 日 前
We need this with the riots going on.
DarkVoidNinja Gaming and livestreams
When you come back and tear up even on the 50th time
Maximisxひ 6 日 前
Todoroki Squatting is more lit then Endeavor fight! 🔥
Fxnccyyy 6 日 前
Honestly, I'm so impressed by Endeavor, he really wants to be a father Shoto, Fuyumi and Natsu can be proud of! (And of course Touya)
August Serena
August Serena 6 日 前
If anyone says that my hero isn’t a goated anime y’all sleeping 😴
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson 6 日 前
I fell in love with this anime after season 2. After this episode, it's on my top 5 all time favorites.
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