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Ep 88: The new Nomu outmatches Endeavor in strength and speed! To win he'll have to go plus ultra! Watch MY HERO ACADEMIA on Crunchyroll for FREE: got.cr/Watch-MHA
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Crunchyroll Collection
Crunchyroll Collection 9 ヶ月 前
Watch My Hero Academia here: got.cr/Watch-MHA
Brussel Gaming
Brussel Gaming 2 ヶ月 前
“With more than 500 million ads for you to suffer through!” -Crunchyroll Honestly I’d rather use a shady website with virus’s on both sides of the screen to watch anime than you.
The sandwich
The sandwich 2 ヶ月 前
Maybe I'd use your app more if you didn't play THE SAME AD six-eight times in a row!
King Max
King Max 4 ヶ月 前
This is moment for the people that hated on him end up I loving him. I been his fan since day one when he showed up in the series. That’s how you put respect on his name. This is his start.
Night Fiesta
Night Fiesta 4 ヶ月 前
I actually like endeavour now
Job Pedraza
Job Pedraza 4 ヶ月 前
Grady Moss
Grady Moss 10 時間 前
I love this whole episode and especially the title
Rithrius 22 時間 前
Vegeta: Blows himself up for a good cause and dies. Endeavor: Blows himself up for a good cause and refuses to die.
Joker Gravity
Joker Gravity 日 前
I like Endeavour from the very beginning of the series since I think his character has a lot of depth. He is portrayed as one of the strongest superheroes but he actually very human and relatable. His motivation, his impotence, his efforts to repair his family, even his jealousy towards All-Might... everything come together to create this moment.
Yani Xo
Yani Xo 日 前
those dislikes are from the villains alliance '-'
Ranryu 2 日 前
I keep forgetting that Natsu Dragneel plays a significant part in this story arc lol
Dom c
Dom c 2 日 前
Everyone talking about redemption or United States of SMASH, I’m sitting here like he survived this fall 1:17 and got up, torn up face, broken ribs, TIRED AS HELL and he blasted away cars upon landing, dudes made of some stern stuff clearly #1 material.
Moah 2 日 前
Anyone else notice the Natsu lookin character or is it just me? (Edit: have noticed for a while now but just curious to see who else has lol)
Alec Rebuilds
Alec Rebuilds 2 日 前
Is there any car guys that noticed the R34 and the BRZ
Abigail Blackmon
Abigail Blackmon 2 日 前
This scene gives me chills I just realuzed the irony of that as I typed it out
Edward 2 日 前
1:23 rip the R-34 :(
Cat Videos
Cat Videos 3 日 前
Sebastian Kelar
Sebastian Kelar 3 日 前
probably the most moving moment of the whole show so far.
Chris Lalanne
Chris Lalanne 3 日 前
Can we get endeavor best anime scream of the year award or what?
Dust 3 日 前
The music is insane, kinda like everyone holding their breath as he's falling and then breaths when he's okay CRAZY
Kaioshin002 4 日 前
How it feels to go to the bathroom after eating hot chips 0:41
te amo papi
Joe Fanik
Joe Fanik 4 日 前
"Have you tried burning him harder?" "That sounds like something All Might would say." "Yes. And remember that time you've never beaten him?" 0:42
MrTerminator3010 日 前
Huh, it worked.
Ari Reverse
Ari Reverse 3 日 前
ah the TFS
GabeHillJr 4 日 前
wish that nomu were me
Matt Zimmerman
Matt Zimmerman 4 日 前
You anime only wait for that Endeavor redemption arc
venska 4 日 前
this was probably one of the only moments i cried during the show
Meme Meme
Meme Meme 4 日 前
And so that day, the hero community celebrates Endeavor for single-handedly starting global warming.
Julius McF
Julius McF 4 日 前
A sign of victory yes but a sign of his start? Idk man there's only so much u can do with one eye and damaged organs.
ishaq Hossain
ishaq Hossain 4 日 前
my favorite moment in the show, it had me crying. At first, I thought he died, but when he raised his fist high I screamed in excitement.
T Hawk
T Hawk 5 日 前
endeavor is escanor if he was humble.
DrB0ltr1ckZ 5 日 前
what ep is this
John Oguntuase
John Oguntuase 3 日 前
S4 ep 25
honeymilkxX 5 日 前
Lara Cerqueira
Lara Cerqueira 6 日 前
Wait- When did this happen? I think I need to rewatch it all because I don’t remember this
RD Tortuga
RD Tortuga 6 日 前
It’s like one of the last episodes of the last season I think
Andre Tellez
Andre Tellez 6 日 前
I didn't care about Endeavor until this scene. It has way more depth than any previous one because it makes you truly care about a character you aren't supposed to like just because the story said so. And without plot armor it really elevates the stakes on the scene, feels so immersive. This is the equivalent of what GOT did by killing off it's protagonists. It makes meaningful connections that can resonate with the audience authentically.
Carlos 7 日 前
Steven 7 日 前
would love an endeavor victory pose figure
Deshawn Ryder
Deshawn Ryder 7 日 前
That's my hero
SandBalloon 8 日 前
What is that little tune when they're in the air and everything goes silent? I want that on a lofi repeat
TJ JTG 8 日 前
Lowkey didn't get hype to this, it just didn't really feel hype to me and the music felt off, still pretty cool scene tho.
jjlrdz 8 日 前
01:20 I literally thought it was Endevador the first time I watched this.
TJ JTG 8 日 前
it is
EndoSym50 9 日 前
This will never not be epic
Big Hairy Meow
Big Hairy Meow 9 日 前
The coolest moment in the show.
Neji 10 日 前
1:36 anyone else notices Yuji Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen?
OMEGAoooFIRE 10 日 前
What is the name of the SONG PLEASE?
shi ki
shi ki 10 日 前
@OMEGAoooFIRE no problemo
OMEGAoooFIRE 10 日 前
@shi ki thankkkk youuuuuuu
shi ki
shi ki 10 日 前
it is "kimi no chikara", there are various versions this is the endeavor version
Timeward 11 日 前
He always wanted so much to usurp all might as the number 1... And this is when he realized he had to try and live up to what all might was.
iJackSparrow 11 日 前
This reminds me so much of Vegeta's sacrifice its insane. So much emotion with the voice lines and music. My goodness.
RJ Danforth
RJ Danforth 11 日 前
1:37 is that the mc of jujutsu kaisen?
The Loading Cat
The Loading Cat 11 日 前
No matter how todoroki hated his father it still his father, thats why he was about to fall apart.
Mi Lili27
Mi Lili27 11 日 前
I love how Todoroki still cares for his father, despite his resentment towards him. This is such a beautiful and powerful scene.
JSA M 11 日 前
Endeavor is underrated
TheRobloxian Potatoes
TheRobloxian Potatoes 12 日 前
Every hero in Mha when there in need: *let me just whip out my plus ultra real quick*
CGDavis 12 日 前
Such an emotional scene. The faces on the civilians really sends it over the top.
Joshua Erazo
Joshua Erazo 12 日 前
A damaged father, trying to make up for his past: “No, he should be canceled.” Dabi, Shigaraki, Toga, literal insane murderers: “So adorable!”
John Oguntuase
John Oguntuase 3 日 前
I love this comment
TJ JTG 8 日 前
@Blade Hawkins Bro really just came
Blade Hawkins
Blade Hawkins 11 日 前
Thats what happens when you have a Community filled with Braindead Teenagers
AbdulHameed Abukar
AbdulHameed Abukar 13 日 前
i overwatched this scene
EponymousSyndrome 13 日 前
My immune system after having COVID vaccine
Smiles 13 日 前
this is still no united states of smash
TJ JTG 8 日 前
I agree
Dlight 14 日 前
Umer 15 日 前
The fire inside him still burns brightly his fire will light in the darkest of times and he will be the hero that his son and the entire world be proud of.
Hungry_Khid 15 日 前
can we appreciate the fact that everyone in this show wears different casual wear each time
Angelo 3040
Angelo 3040 15 日 前
This and the deku vs muscular fight never fail to send chills down my spine.
Gustavo Ramos
Gustavo Ramos 15 日 前
esse anime é mt bom, emocionante essa cena
personM4N 15 日 前
Tetsu Inada after delivering this line: *raises fist* Sound tech: TETSU IS STANDING! He's standing! Standing...with his fist raised high! A sign of victory--no--of his start!
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 15 日 前
He stuck the landing bois
Nutty Professor
Nutty Professor 15 日 前
This scene animation and just the whole vibe the angles and music do for the scene are so great! I wish anime got more luv in the mainstream!
Ajota 64
Ajota 64 15 日 前
hero academia
Vlad Boomer
Vlad Boomer 16 日 前
Endeavor deserves to have a redeemed arc on my opinion 🔥🔥🔥
roblox pro man
roblox pro man 17 日 前
the fact that endeavor was the ONLY person that was seriously trying to surpass all might because everybody else knew that they could never surpass him
Kyroliger Plays:
Kyroliger Plays: 18 日 前
NoHate 18 日 前
My guy became the sun for a second
Toni Phillips
Toni Phillips 18 日 前
The knowing fat emotionally squeak because wool fundamentally join amidst a cumbersome plain. two, doubtful puppy
Athirson Inacio
Athirson Inacio 18 日 前
2021 e eu aqui ainda.
Big Fello
Big Fello 18 日 前
may thy soul return to the great flame of fire?
Dlight 18 日 前
ieatbolts 18 日 前
This moment was one of those few moments that have proudly touched me on an emotional level. 10/10. My wife has never watched MHA. I showed her the entire final episode of this arc. She and I cried, and loved every bit of it. She went on to binge all of MHA. It's a testament to this mastererpiece that is this episode. Someome who has no interest in anime, never seen the show, and doesn't know the story, can sit down and within the subsequent 30mins can have a grasp on the story to the point that they are moved to tears. Thank you for the amazing experience that is MHA.
Cameron Holmes
Cameron Holmes 18 日 前
The english one was better.
Dylan Rostafarri
Dylan Rostafarri 18 日 前
So glad itadori was there too support him
TJ JTG 8 日 前
@Al's account Pink hair guy/girl person.
Al's account
Al's account 17 日 前
You mean Hawks? Do they share VA?
solomon walker
solomon walker 18 日 前
Does the reporter say endeavor is standing up in English or not because my brother really thinks that’s what she’s saying
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 18 日 前
The best fight 👏👏I cried when I was watching this episode💪
Sune 19 日 前
Spectra 20 日 前
1:48 Aizawa seems so concerned
Kai 18 日 前
As Todoroki teacher it's like his job to make sure he's ok. Hell I'd want at least a little support if I saw my dad almost die on television
Serr Ww
Serr Ww 20 日 前
which episode is this
Greekgod24 18 日 前
Season 4 ep 25
Imagination Kaiju [robloxmaniac0900
What is the theme playing in this?
Zecuencia ☣ Games
Zecuencia ☣ Games 20 日 前
Endeavor el mejor poco entendido jaja
Force 99
Force 99 20 日 前
The Beginning of Endeavors Redemption
Dr. David Yucra
Dr. David Yucra 20 日 前
This anime show us the importance of the secundary characters, not only the protagonist.
ayoub marah
ayoub marah 20 日 前
getting higher mean less oxygen which mean less burning ....
Michael Player
Michael Player 20 日 前
That ost is god level my goodness. Its epicness is what that scene needed
Jaliany Reyes
Jaliany Reyes 20 日 前
When todoroki finally cares
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen 21 日 前
Alty Muda-Simp
Alty Muda-Simp 21 日 前
But the thing is... THE PAST NEVER DIES
FRAZIX 19 日 前
jrai 16
jrai 16 21 日 前
imo the best moment in the show so far
Just a random guy
Just a random guy 21 日 前
Black Phoenix
Black Phoenix 21 日 前
Amazing way to end the season, even now I still tear up a bit over that scene. I love the voice actor in this scene
Kyle Green
Kyle Green 21 日 前
Errordemn6 22 日 前
Name of the song?
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez 22 日 前
I will always get feels and goosebumps with this scene
Speedstorm03 22 日 前
Overwhelmingly powerful enemy? No hope for victory? Pointless to fight any longer? Hero: "Alright, lemme just get that Smash Ball real quick-"
SlyScyther 22 日 前
When you watch this so many times you randomly noticed this dude @1:06 is tall af
Felipe Santos
Felipe Santos 22 日 前
Endeavor > Vegetta, change my mind.
Doofus Mcpoofus
Doofus Mcpoofus 22 日 前
How does this guy still have eyebrows.
ARTHEUR Yt 22 日 前
i respect him much more now
BasedTyler 22 日 前
Endeavor is in the same class as goku great heroes but terrible parents
Haley Spring
Haley Spring 22 日 前
1:50 Everyone: Concerned about Todoroki Deku And Kirishima: 💃🕺💃🕺
The Almighty 3 Shoe Beating
That right fist salute is powerful man. Hope. Continuing to carry the torch that was held by All Might. That even though All Might is retired, there's hope. There has to be.
antiZEROless 22 日 前
I like the added detail that his attack actually propelled both of them into the ground with considerable impact, sort of like a jet-fueled DDT.
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