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Chalwadon 時間 前
I hate this man like if you agree
Sean Mulholland
Sean Mulholland 2 時間 前
Gordon: is that gum In your mouth? Waiter: why yes Gordon: it Looks bloody Bland
Sean Mulholland
Sean Mulholland 2 時間 前
Is this ice frozen? Made from tap water? Bloody hell...
Sean Mulholland
Sean Mulholland 2 時間 前
5 minute chop salad... ever 4500 Miles
rqbbo 3 時間 前
he’s never happy like ever
Mamane The Black Asian
Apparently, it's food abuse... 😂😭😂😭
Trevor Shackelford
Trevor Shackelford 3 時間 前
Could you let us know what episode it is?
Leodor 3 時間 前
which episode and season. ANyone plz
SAMMY B 4 時間 前
I think it's weird when people open a restaurant and aren't in love with food. Like this guy just seems like he's there to tell people what to do and doesn't even know what food tastes like.
Chance Campbell
Chance Campbell 6 時間 前
He got defensive for that garbage? 😂
Tracy Tyler
Tracy Tyler 7 時間 前
Gorden be like...if I’m gonna sit here & eat this shit then you are too!
GundamGoku 7 時間 前
Honestly he took it well compared to most places. He's mad but he's not yelling at Gordon. Well in this clip anyway.
Flakey 10 時間 前
“Please don’t make me eat anymore” “Please, don’t make me eat anymore...” “Please, I don’t want any more...” “Please, no more...” “Please...” Hmm, either dark or sexual. :) Might not be the right video but I just got it from the title :’D
Kevin B
Kevin B 12 時間 前
To be fair, his 8 year old daughter can probably cook better than most head chefs lol.
Ramiro Lemus
Ramiro Lemus 13 時間 前
There is Not any McDonald's Scret, But the Difference is that you have My Onion Rings... and I'm so Hungry like Starving... What's inside your fridge? #masterchef #commanderinchief #kitchenbrigade #mag
X Y 13 時間 前
Maaan, Im laughing here like an idiot.... How can Gordon say all these stuff and dont smile at least? I couldnt do that.
peri 13 時間 前
meow, dog food.
Kevin Ortiz
Kevin Ortiz 14 時間 前
What?!?! No Nino moment at the end?!?! Now I'm pissed
SinnerJ 16 時間 前
Presentation is half the dish and they are terrible.
Hector Arms
Hector Arms 18 時間 前
Magnus Fjerstad
Magnus Fjerstad 18 時間 前
What is wrong with chewing gum?
Richie of Tampa
Richie of Tampa 19 時間 前
So he admitted that if a regular schmoe complained they would of not been taken seriously. Efin azzwh0le.
Adrian the Clasher
Adrian the Clasher 19 時間 前
I just want to see the one dish where Gordan is like "This is really good!"has anyone seen a clip where he enjoys the food,like another video or something
Andrew 19 時間 前
so did they fire that fucking retard chef?
Alex Yularzhi
Alex Yularzhi 19 時間 前
Yes it is for a waiter to chew gum
Christian Maldonado
Christian Maldonado 19 時間 前
Let’s be honest, Gordon Ramsay’s 8 year old daughter probably CAN cook better than most of us lmao
Bailey Montana
Bailey Montana 22 時間 前
....Did they dead ass serve him something with a....Funnel......
SocomPlayerrrr 22 時間 前
"he was in my house and he was embarrassing me" well yeah, you invited arguably the worlds best chef into your restaurant and served him a chopped salad mushed together into an oil funnel. and you think what? in his head he'll go: "oh bloody hell. this is a first I'll have it try it back home in liverpool". you're damn right hes gonna embarrass you in your own home.
Me Shell Country Gal
Me Shell Country Gal 22 時間 前
Wad the chef a mechanic? 🤣
Emmanuel111 Quiroz
Emmanuel111 Quiroz 22 時間 前
Crap cake
Corville the Space Cat
The head chef looks like he could be Lin-Manuel Miranda's white, less attractive cousin.
honestly same
honestly same 23 時間 前
"Sour mayonnaise flavor" Man only white people would say that
Alex Serbones
Alex Serbones 23 時間 前
Lmao @mike. OH SHIT😂😂
rNamil 日 前
I wonder if Gordon Ramsay can make a dish using Carolina Reapers...
Hani Ismail
Hani Ismail 日 前
Give him some dog poop he will like it.coz that is what he eats believe me.
Hani Ismail
Hani Ismail 日 前
He is a hyena will eat all junk and blame others as if he is over everything.
athena rodriguez
Restuarant:our foods not that bad Gordon: your food is shit Restaurant: (insert gasping pikachu)
MOAB Plays
MOAB Plays 日 前
does anyone wish they could taste the food and see if it’s really that bad , because gordon likes divine foods or very simple foods so idea
Toshinori Yagi
oh shit indeed
Slew Tube
Slew Tube 日 前
I wish I could erase my memory and watch all Kitchen Nightmare's episodes again
Hans Hvaffornoget
owner is an idiot - fuck that shit
Ruby Playz
Ruby Playz 日 前
that tilapia looked horrible im offended as a pilipino
tbird90sc 日 前
Seriously is this guy ever happy? It wouldn't matter what the food was he would find some reason to bitch about it what a fuck all.
quisuis1 日 前
link anyone for full episode thx you
Wendy’s 日 前
Who feels like Gordon should cook, then let the cameraman compare his meal with the other chef’s meal?
Andy Phillips
oh i love it when owners think there food good and it fucking shit
we8gas 日 前
Ramsay- fucks give - Zero!🤣🤣
Ash Archer
Ash Archer 日 前
welp, if the food is shit, it's shit. He's there to help your sorry asses
24LionHearts 日 前
who the fu** stuffs a tilapia with lobsters? I'd rather fry that tilapia and eat it with fried rice... 😓
Rowan Diamonds
From another episode > "Tell him it's fRESH but also FROZEN"
Jaegar Ultima
2:38 First time i've ever heard Gordon say God Damn.
Isrxl scoop
Isrxl scoop 日 前
Since when was GreekGod a waitress? 0:09
Grey Phantomhive
It doesn't matter if Gordon Ramsay is in your house. If your food isn't up to good standards then he will embarrass you, your family, and your cow.
Starmutt44 :3
If I ever served Gordon my food and said it was crap I would take his advice and try to make my food better u know? (I can’t even cook fish sticks TWT)
Fire Brew
Fire Brew 日 前
Lamb sauce?
bill thompson
Does he do any constructive criticism afterwards?
JawnaRR 2 日 前
-Can I get a glass of water with ice? -Sure *comes back with a glass of water with ice* - Oh god, is this ice fresh? -Emm... it's frozen -That is the worst ice I had ever got, I mean it's bland, full of grease, the consistancy is terrible, it's disgusting.
Lauuure.n 2 日 前
The head chef looks like dollar store Lin-Manuel Miranda
Devine Devine
Devine Devine 2 日 前
😂😂😂😂 please don’t make me eat anymore of this shit
NaturopathicEmpathic Lightworker
"Apart from being slow"😂😂..."Was the chef a mechanic?"😥😥😃😄😄😂😂😁😁😂😂
Hans Brackhaus
Hans Brackhaus 2 日 前
This is some lame ass sensationalist shit. Stop suggesting it to me. Also, Ramsay, stop being a fucking media clown. You've got enough money and you can do good things with ingredients. Nobody says you gotta buy them all yourself. Go home and be a family man. Your hamingja is deteriorating.
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Kitchen nightmare indeed
Isabel 2 日 前
I want the nino endings back.
Gonzalo Diaz
Gonzalo Diaz 2 日 前
that foor really looks like shit... worst restorante ever
Lfo Mod
Lfo Mod 2 日 前
Even me that has no experience in cooking on high levels at all would say "NOPE" to most of that. hahaha wtf are they kidding with you? I feel like this program is staged sometimes because they are so bad it's embarrassing.
Patrick Burke
Patrick Burke 2 日 前
The Deluded blonde bimbo was the funniest
Henry Pelleter
Henry Pelleter 2 日 前
4:17 - 4:31 is literally kitchen nightmares in a nutshell
PotatoPlayz WR
PotatoPlayz WR 2 日 前
wtf is wrong with chewing gum
Paul Mckernan
Paul Mckernan 2 日 前
Don't fucking chew gum while you're serving Gordon fucking Ramsay
Fan of everything
Is it just me that is curious about how the food taste like? 🤔😅
Hamza Javed
Hamza Javed 2 日 前
This channel should be named Gordon destroying lifes
Christian Johnson
Honestly............ Your food's crap. 😂😂😂
Ramsays thinks he is best chef,but not
todd krager
todd krager 2 日 前
Lady, if you think this is Gordon being abusive, you ain't seen nothin'!!!!
Tim Lemerande
Tim Lemerande 2 日 前
Chef Mike in the house
Morgan Warner
Morgan Warner 3 日 前
0:49 caammmeee oawnnnnn lets gaughgggg
Nothreat Getcheckzz
Crab cake is actually crap
Jo-Anne Winmill
Jo-Anne Winmill 3 日 前
Owner "i don't think he likes the food" Me you think with that slop
Kiri Kiske
Kiri Kiske 3 日 前
this makes me want to eat food that gordon would like.
Unstableclone 3 日 前
"Looks like someones had a shit in a bag" LMAO best thing ive ever heard ramsey say
JaggedBird 3 日 前
“Please don’t make me eat anymore of this shit.” AAAAAaaand there it is!
Tony Frazier
Tony Frazier 3 日 前
I love how these owners get mad when he says their food is trash and think he's insulting them lol. Like, you do know who Gordon Ramsey is, right?
It seemed that the dining area and kitchen were actually clean, and the food was acceptable. On taste, Gordon's criticisms were quite vague, other than one of the dishes being cold. You could tell that he was stretching things for content, as most of his specific criticisms were of presentation, not food quality.
Gordon thought the waiter was slow because of a miscommunication. When he asked, "Ready?", the waiter (and the audience) thought he was about to criticize him, not asking him if he was ready to go to the kitchen. When the waiter did the eyebrow raise, and Gordon didn't continue, I was confused until I realized what happened.
Vanilla How
Vanilla How 3 日 前
Why is this channel still going after ended a while ago
Bri-Guy 875
Bri-Guy 875 3 日 前
"My 8yr old daughter could cook better than that." That says it all.
Robert Chow
Robert Chow 3 日 前
I just want to know if food is this crappy how the hell does it survive this long
Shadow Meme
Shadow Meme 3 日 前
Waiter: is the food good? Me: Your house is gonna be a death house if you serve this poison!
SmArTr TANK 3 日 前
I swear I would walk into any of these places and not think twice about what I’m eating
General kenobi
General kenobi 3 日 前
0:54 he’s going to say it’s shit 😂
Liberty Never Sleeps
I don't understand why people are surprised Ramsey says their food is crap. If it was good, they wouldn't need someone to come in and help save their eatery. People will put up with lousy service, and bad decor if the food tastes great. But all the marketing and great service in the world won't save a place from shit food.
Trey Lo
Trey Lo 3 日 前
I'll be happy to finish everything Gordon doesn't want. Unless it's raw and expired, I'll pass.
Ricky B Meta4
Ricky B Meta4 3 日 前
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Te la Doy
Te la Doy 3 日 前
When I see these videos, I keep saying just who has been going to those restaurants and eating, since they are still in business....so it's fair to say that if you serve crap, someone will eat it.
jacobtrow42 3 日 前
Critics are way worse than gordon just let that sink in!!!
transammike 3 日 前
Was the chef a mechanic? LMFAO!!!
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver 3 日 前
Sure took Gordon long enough to get back from the men's room they must be a glory hole in their 😂
Allan Henriques
Allan Henriques 3 日 前
"looks like someones had a shit in the bag and put it in the oven" loool
Drip 3 日 前
Mafia members
*Good Vibes*
*Good Vibes* 3 日 前
0:31 maybe he’s gonna say that for a reason...
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