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It’s time for Paul Scholes’ turn on The Overlap, and here’s my 18 questions for him, brought to you by Sky Bet.
We dive into his best ever goal, to not caring about super-heroes or music and much more… Plus he shares his biggest argument with Sir Alex.
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Warren 年 前
Natural talent, zero ego. Legend.
Zero ego? Did u miss the bit about him refusing to play bcos he was left out 1 game?? 😂😂 Love Scholesy but no players at that level have zero ego mate
@Glenn F. It’s completely his ego lol let’s not be silly. It was his ego telling him I’m not playing with the reserves & kids im way too good for that. Come on now
dipanjan jha
dipanjan jha 年 前
Zero ego???
@Glenn F. Can’t really be stubborn in this context without an Ego behind it haha but yeah no worries. All top players have egos tbh it’s a necessary trait for an elite athlete tbh.
Dusan Vukicevic
@M LOOSE fair point, but you have to have little ego to make it to those levels
Norge 8 ヶ月 前
I wrote to scholes around 2008/2009 as a 5 year old, he was mine and my dads favourite player 2 weeks later I got a signed picture and a note on the back. Still have it to this day and I’ll keep it forever. Cheers scholesy.
James Mitchell
James Mitchell 7 ヶ月 前
Wicked gesture don’t seem to have many of them types but absolutely amazing midfielder
Tom Teasyy
Tom Teasyy 7 ヶ月 前
U lucky man. Hes my idol also. Love him
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 7 ヶ月 前
Hey bro. KEEP IT SAFE… bcos itll likely be an opportunity that never happen again…. and Paul Scholes will never happen again either
Luke Carvill
Luke Carvill 7 ヶ月 前
I did the same with bryan Robson when I was a kid in the 80’s , I also got a signed photo, don’t know where it is but was a great morning receiving that letter from my hero
boomshine7 6 ヶ月 前
a good lad
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 7 ヶ月 前
What a player Scholes was, so down to earth too. Massive respect for what he achieved in the game - Liverpool fan.
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 7 ヶ月 前
this is prime example enough^ getting the most minimal love from out arch rivals thsnks to Scholsey 😛
Joseph Parker
Insane how humble he is about his ability, world class player.
charlie lad
charlie lad 年 前
Bites his daughter's toe nails
del boy69
del boy69 7 ヶ月 前
I bet you’ve never been to old Trafford
Craig Derbyshire
Craig Derbyshire 5 ヶ月 前
​@charlie lad she's fit, can't be him
Jared Klein
Jared Klein 4 ヶ月 前
The banter is so good between these guys. They’re just 2 childhood friends having a chat for a tv segment. 2 great football minds and 2 great players. Wonderful video
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 年 前
There'll never be another Paul Scholes. He's one of those players you wish could've played for eternity, he was so good. A humble legend too.
C. B.
C. B. 年 前
A totally irrelevant unknown player out of England
@C. B. Ultracrepidarian. Look up the word, it perfectly describes you, someone who comments on something they have no knowledge or clue about :D
Wun Wun
Wun Wun 9 ヶ月 前
@C. B. i played in Portugal and the English player, anybody i asked over there, rated the highest, was Scholes. People in other countries, with a different football culture, rated scholes higher than English people did.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 年 前
As a Liverpool fan, It pains me to really like these two. They are two genuine working class lads who worked their balls off and are now reaping the rewards without too much care for what people think.
mediacenter man
Neville is reaping, Scholes, not so much................
jon c
jon c 年 前
Im a city fan and its a great interview. (Easy now city and lpool doing so much better than united now right 😂)
Glenn O'Connor
Liverpool fan simping over mancs... yeah defo from south London or Birmingham
Joe Richardson
@jon c Liverpool?
Hugh Franklin
Scholesy is a legend, one of the best midfielders to ever play the game, and what a sense of humour.
C. B.
C. B. 年 前
Out of England nobody knows him.
J C 年 前
@C. B. you are joking lol
Alth 7 ヶ月 前
@C. B. That's why Xavi... Zidane... R9.... Edgar Davids etc all classed him as the best midfielder in the world.
Jake Hope
Jake Hope 7 ヶ月 前
We might of had more chance of winning silverware with England if Sven didn’t throw him out on the left to accommodate the other central midfield players i understand that area was stacked with proper players but they took the piss with scholesy also part of why he retired internationally
The John Cooper Show
Not true at all. In fact in my lifetime there’s been at least 4 spurs midfielders better than Scholes.
David Teasdale
David Teasdale 7 ヶ月 前
'Meant be quick fire and your just standing there looking at me' 🤣🤣 Both Scholes and RVN will always be my favourite 2 players to grace the pitch without doubt, what an absolute gem of a player they both were ❤️
Tildi Cole
Tildi Cole ヶ月 前
Same here, they were just brilliant ❤
Ian Podmore
Ian Podmore 6 ヶ月 前
I'm not a United and its absolutely no surprise to me, but when you hear the way Xavi, Iniesta, Zidane and many more quality players rate Scholes sort of gives you some idea just how good he was. Incredible talent.
Carlos Simancas
Carlos Simancas 6 ヶ月 前
Also Guardiola and Raul ranked Scholes as one of the best in that time
Vive La Résistance
Vive La Résistance 5 ヶ月 前
I was surprised to hear him say he didn’t consider himself built to be a footballer when he’s so highly thought of by his peers.
Matt Jarrett
Matt Jarrett 28 日 前
@Vive La Résistance He means physically. You knew at school who the natural athletes and footballers were, they used to play most of the sports and were decent at all of them. I think he means he was one of the kids who never in a million years looked like a future professional sportsman.
Tactical Delusion
Tactical Delusion 7 ヶ月 前
One of the world's greatest midfielders, always kept himself humble and stayed out of the media as much as he could. A perfect role model, a natural talent and a genuine bloke - greatly missed by fans of the game. Thanks for the memories Scholesy, from a Leicester supporter.
Johnny C
Johnny C 年 前
Scholes is ‘boring’ and I love him for it. No non-sense answers, always straight to the point. Very honest about his stupidities. Just get on with it, no drama. As a United supporter it was his shirt I always wanted, not Beckham, not Ronaldo, not Rooney, not Giggs. Just that No.18 shirt.
Joe WT
Joe WT 年 前
His contribution to the team I love, his dry wit, his slightly grumpy attitude. his humble nature, I love it all. Legend. Absolute legend!
Nenad Radosavljević
No point in writing my own comment after what you said. Spot on.
Lewis 年 前
Dry wit, slightly grumpy and humble, you basically just described the north of England hahaha
Lee Thistlewaite
@Lewis no point in writing my own comment either after what you put, lol spot on, but still wouldn't swap anything "Up North" for the South, rude and arrogant people, and extortionate prices, no thank you very much, UTB gimmie your high unemployment and ingrained depression anyday lol
Lewis 年 前
@Lee Thistlewaite gods country mate, gods fkn country
Shubhrajyoti Kirtania
Humility amd pure honesty.. true legend. England was blessed to have him.
Cipher S
Cipher S 年 前
That was pure scholsey, one of a kind … tonnes of f words, admitting his mistakes, refusing answers to stupid questions, talking about his self-doubts as a kid, alcohol addiction, his upbringing, not caring what anyone thinks and like a proper workman talking about the most important thing - respect of his peers
Enthony Reed
Enthony Reed 年 前
The best interview in Overlap, and I'm not saying that just cause I'm an United fan. It had it all, info, humor and u just can see the good vibe these have between each other. They grew together playing football, from the academy up to the first team, a United team in which time, the players were like a family and u can feel that thing in this interview. So happy I grew watching these lads play for the team I love and started watching football as a kid cause of Man Utd. Such a good interview, really enjoyed it.
Seramics 年 前
Scholes was ok. That era was acceptable. But the current era is the best. We have Maguire now, far more entertaining. A better playmaker than Scholes, that's for sure.
Philip Anderson
Philip Anderson 7 ヶ月 前
​@Seramics maguire a better player than ginger think you need to lay off the hard stuff
Nik Sur
Nik Sur 4 ヶ月 前
No you are actually saying that because you are a man united fan
The chill pill
The chill pill 7 ヶ月 前
Paul is so normal, you can imagine talking to him and instantly being able to level with him. Then pinching yourself because you are actually talking to one of the greatest midfielders in recent times that even Zidane said he was in awe of which is one of the highest compliments you can get in football! Respect.
Sham Neo
Sham Neo 7 ヶ月 前
Scholes.. a man's man, he is. down to earth, no ego, intelligent. legend
Keith Moss
Keith Moss 年 前
hard to imagine that two such solid characters could exist in todays game or times. One of if not the best of Gary's interviews so far!
Jon Moore
Jon Moore ヶ月 前
All of this is media trained out of the players from a young age so the HR and marketing people are happy. It kills individualism. But you see the treatment rashford got for talking for himself and the effect that had on his game. They walk a tightrope more scrutinised than politicians
M H94
M H94 年 前
"I look for intelligence in a football player, brains" Scholes was exactly that. Brilliant player
Dunno why nev was laughing
Abdirisak Awes
Absolutely. Such an icon.
not brilliant ,the best
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 7 ヶ月 前
He was our Messi…..
IronMountainX 7 ヶ月 前
Have never been remotely interested in football or footballers, but his guy is so humble and down to earth. To be able to say the most important goal/thing in his career was a mistake or miss kick is the mark of a real man.
TheDvdral 7 ヶ月 前
You're watching a football related clip of 2 footballers. Yeah, not remotely interested in football 😴
Dave C86
Dave C86 2 ヶ月 前
Bloody love how humble Scholesy is! Such an amazing player that doesn’t get anywhere near enough credit! If there’s anyone who is an example to kids when teaching them how to keep it simple….he’s it!!!
Stuart Holehouse
I loved him when he was playing and his legend continues to grow over time. He was the heartbeat of United through most of the best times.
Manchesteraholic 7 ヶ月 前
There's a reason United were the most successful team in EPL history, this man. He made it all happen in the centre of the park, passing, vision, shooting, play making. Its no coincidence we haven't won the EPL since the year he retired. He was the constant in the middle of the park.
Amaking10000 4 ヶ月 前
I love Scholes's signature tackle 😂
Brett pilkington
Brett pilkington 2 ヶ月 前
Yeah he was amazing but Keane was the key man in that era, Utd haven't had anyone like that for a while, we had Vidic and Rio for a while but they weren't anywhere close to Keanes level of leadership
Darren Scott
Darren Scott 年 前
This shouldn’t just be on JPvid, this should also be on mainstream TV….. one of the best show out at the moment. Great guests, fantastic content and amazing productions. Well done Gary Neville.
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 7 ヶ月 前
not big and cheese enough to be mainstream. (And upsetting the Abu’s of course….)
Dexter 年 前
If you listen to Scholes speak about himself as a footballer you would assume he was a really poor player, but if you listen to those who played with/against him you realize how magnificent he truly was.
Deserved W
Deserved W 年 前
ah what ah dextur
si lewis
si lewis 年 前
I agree but if you listen to him talk about current player's these days as a pundit you can tell his standards are high and that he's no stranger to high expectations
Dzimuji Kambarage
Nobody assumes that, and I'm not a man united fan
charlie lad
charlie lad 年 前
garry ellison
garry ellison 7 ヶ月 前
Liverpool fan here for over fifty years and Paul Scholes was a great player an a proper decent fella.
Oleksandr Fomin
Oleksandr Fomin 3 ヶ月 前
Loved his remote contolled passes and unmatched awareness on the pitch. I'm glad I had a chance to watch Scholsey in his prime. Legened ❤
Ramzy Nanah
Ramzy Nanah 年 前
This interview is a genuine lesson for every footballer, given by probably the best Englishman stepped on a football Pitch in the last 40 years or even more. Thank you very much.
Gabriel M O
Gabriel M O 年 前
Steady Ramzy, you'd think Rooney, Shearer, and Kane were all bus drivers with the above comment lol
Bud0075 年 前
Shane Madden
Shane Madden 年 前
so good he never received a single ballon d'or nomination, never even voted player lf the year for his club by his team mates, incredible hyperbole here.
Mr D
Mr D 年 前
Glen hoddle. By a mile !!
Phil Dixon
Phil Dixon 8 ヶ月 前
@Shane Madden way better than Gerard and lampard ever where just look at what all the greats say about him zidane pirlo xavi etc list goes on
Darren Smith
Darren Smith 7 ヶ月 前
I'm a Spurs fan and I'd have Scholes in any team I had to pick, the bloke was magic distributing the ball and I know loads of none Manu fans that would say the same. I think most people that have witnessed his whole career of the years has massive respect and appreciation for him. Also, I think he's one of the funniest people going.
My favourite player of all time. There will never be another like him.
Danny Gray
Danny Gray 年 前
What a player this man was. Even Iniesta said Scholes was different class.
Jinzo 年 前
Probably best midfielder ever along with xavi and zidane
Lukey Chadders
@Jinzo 😂
Comp 年 前
@Lukey Chadders you some nobody is laughing but the two players he just mentioned xavi and Zidane said scholes was the best they’d ever seen
Lukey Chadders
@Comp no they didn’t
☝️Friday 年 前
@Comp just to reply to you on this subject of players being asked about teammates and opposition players by journos in interviews. Zidane also said that David Beckham pirlo seedorf Edgar David's Deschamps where best midfielders he played with or against. Xavi: xavi also said that inesta was the best midfielder he too mentioned zidane seedorf and Guardiola believe it or not as the best midfielders. If utd fans or whatever want to believe scholes was the best midfielder of all time that's thier prerogative however wrong it clearly is but you have the right as do others to laugh at that suggestion .
Brookes En France
Brookes En France 7 ヶ月 前
Two of the best that the UK has produced. Scoles, is one of the most technically gifted players ever full stop. Very intelligent too. It is peculiar to hear Paul talk about himself in this way. Very humble. Supremely talented. Neville, 100% determination and heart and work, but little in the way of natural talent, but at his peak he was the best right back in the country by miles and miles and miles and who would you pick in world football ahead of him. Excellent players, and I am an Arsenal fan. Grrrrr, despised and admired these guys in equal measure when they were players.
Tony Simone
Tony Simone 8 ヶ月 前
Kevin de Bruyne is basically Scholes' spiritual successor. They're not exactly mirror images of each other in terms of what they provide, but they're share many traits. They are both two of the best midfielders of their eras, they're both a little grumpy, interspersedly humorous and have that timid amicability that's largely uncharacteristic for footballers.
docadnan2007 年 前
One of the best example of professional footballer on and off the pitch. Thank you for the wonderful memories as a United Fan.
JM763cbdh 年 前
Doesn’t he bite his daughters toe nails
Vinny Ford
Vinny Ford 年 前
Did you not watch the video? Lol he literally talks about how he wasn't a model professional lol
rube3k 7 ヶ月 前
One of the greatest players to ever play the game. A true legend. Arsenal fan.
David Rees
David Rees 5 ヶ月 前
Same here mate, big arsenal fan. Scholes was an amazing player.
Bruce24R 年 前
One of the greatest midfielders ever. “How would you like to be remembered? - Don’t care” can’t not love him 🤣🤣
Matthew Doyle
Ahead of Keane or Veria, even Paul Ince????????
Sam Vaiphei
Sam Vaiphei 年 前
"One of the"
Pixel Peek
Pixel Peek 年 前
@Matthew Doyle miles better than Paul Ince. Isn’t even close. Zidane said it best when asked what it’s like to be the best player in the world - “ask Paul Scholes”.
Anish L
Anish L 年 前
@Matthew Doyle not same positions... Zidane was more of a 10, in majority of his career...
MrVinjex 年 前
@Anish L Paul also played as a number 10. However we're not comparing rather just saying he was good
sKChrisss 7 ヶ月 前
what a time to live through this genius's career.. we miss Scholes so much in our midfield
Barry Curry
Barry Curry 年 前
What a player, love how humble and honest he is.
Halcyon 7 ヶ月 前
As an Arsenal fan, I believe Scholes was a genius. Top footballing IQ with the technical ability to match.
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 7 ヶ月 前
He is so humble and doesn't have a trace of ego. So unusual nowadays. He was a phenomenon, even top European players when asked in various interviews who is your all time best midfielder said Paul Scholes. Forget Beckham and the rest, Paul Scholes in my opinion was the best midfielder this country has ever grown
Paul Hammal
Paul Hammal 7 ヶ月 前
I’m a Leeds fan and I always likes Paul Scholes. And he seems exactly as you’d expect him to be in a real life interview like this 😊👍
maxi 年 前
Complete legend. No wonder United were so successful with him and Keane setting the standards in the dressing room not many like them anymore
Joseph 年 前
Nah to be fair you don’t get many players who chew their daughters toes anymore
Scott Steiner
@Joseph united class of 92 all turned out to be proper sound guys didn’t they😂 classy club united 🤣
Anthony m
Anthony m 年 前
Think it was fergie setting the standards
Omalla Johnson
This is so funny, laughed out so loud 🤣
Philip Carthy
Philip Carthy ヶ月 前
Paul Scholes, the ultimate professional, superb player, brilliant midfielder, was never afraid of a tackle. By God a shot from the gods,a true legend.
Michael Talbot
Michael Talbot ヶ月 前
Paul Scholes is just my favorite player of all time, he is complete.
Michael Knowlson
I love Scholesy. What a player he was for United. Club legend.
David Umpleby
Top player and honest guy. Wish we still had footballers like this
Great 20 minutes. I would have loved it if it were longer, say 18 holes. Two of my greatest heros. Talent. determination, lives on the line footballers. Moments I cherished with that team. So enjoyed this. Oh, two great personalities too. Thank you both, David
George 年 前
I'm a West Ham fan. The first time I saw him play at Old Trafford, absolutely everything went through him. His passing range was ridiculous, he absolutely split us apart.
Mike H
Mike H 年 前
A semi-pro footballer could have done that back then pal
tom coburn
tom coburn 年 前
@Mike H yet here you are sitting on your couch with popcorn on your lap commenting anyone could’ve done that. Yeah sure pal why don’t you go and do it 😂
Tony Morph
Tony Morph 年 前
@Mike H which premier league team were you playing for at the time Mike? I forget you now if I’m honest but it’s been a while.
George 年 前
@Mike H Is Hunt your surname by any chance?
Dean Harding
Dean Harding 6 ヶ月 前
The best midfield performance I ever saw in my life was Paul Scholes against Newcastle at St James Park - just incredible. His football brain was incredible.
Taxonomic nomen dubium
Underrated. If England just made a final with the national team i think people would have have him even higher. I hated him as an Arsenal fan, but now 20 years later i just cant say anything bad about the man. Quality and class act.
Peter Burlin
Peter Burlin 27 日 前
If England just played Scholes and Carrick in the middle (and put Lampard and Gerrard on the bench) they might just had. Saying this as a fellow Arsenal fan. Edit. Maybe id put Stevie G at RB ahead of Gary eh
Taxonomic nomen dubium
@Peter Burlin i firmly believe England could have went further if it was not for Brazil in 02, simply to good and in 04. But after that, each and every coach had no balance, threw all the big names in there because they were stars and hoped for the best. I see No problem with leaving Gerrard and Lampard on the bench, Scholes imo was better than both controlling the pace, unfortunately all the coaches post Svennis was not able to get the best out of him. But to be fair also, i strongly believe that there were harder to face nations that england had to face post groupstage back then, than what it is now. Nothing to be ashamed of, but i felt that Scholes reputation would have been higher if England had managed a final or even won it, that is why a % wont give him the status of likes such as Pirlo, Zidane, Xavi, maybe Modrics.
Yasuke Mc
Yasuke Mc 年 前
This man is so humble.... U can see how he is also just no nonsense Which showed his game... I dedicate my drivers from midfield to this man... Great legends call HIM a legend... #respect
Agung Nugroho
Agung Nugroho 8 ヶ月 前
"That's a miss-kick." -- Paul Scholes And I burst into laughter, what a guy. Even Gaz himself couldn't believe what he just heard :-D
Ian Barnes
Ian Barnes 7 ヶ月 前
The irreplaceable Paul Scholes...unbelievable midfielder.
Chriseff1 年 前
Gotta love Scholesey and his sheer, down to earth, honesty when answering questions. 😂
Tony Field
Tony Field 年 前
Who writes these questions too 😂
Shev Green
Shev Green 年 前
Admitting he spooned it against barca 😂
Rhiannon Roberts
Rhiannon Roberts 2 ヶ月 前
I love how they analyse the game. How they discuss different players and techniques, clearly knowledgeable. I also love how humble Scholes is about his capabilities, when really he was a very important player in the team.
Gaz Masterton
Gaz Masterton 6 ヶ月 前
Scholsey, get up, go training, go home. Simple but effective! What an amazing player he truly was. Such an integral part to any Utd team he played in. 🧡⚽️🐝1️⃣8️⃣
The Weightlifting Triathlete
I'm not a man United fan but that class of 92 will last in memories for decades. It was truly special. I agree also about the comment that one of them made about lack of teams these days. I also love the way they are able to admire and respect the achievements of rivals. Absolutely top quality video series
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 7 ヶ月 前
“u mean all of those lovely titles that LFC were photographed with…..” 😹
Ed 6 ヶ月 前
9:42 - What an incredibly honest answer. Might not have born a gifted athlete, and maybe lifestyle didn't help, but certainly was born a hell of a footballer. First touch, vision, passing, shooting, technique, had it all in spades.
Martin Bowers
Martin Bowers 8 ヶ月 前
So humble, best midfielder england has ever produced his long ball passing was outrageous, brilliant video, not all too often has scholesy talked soo much briiliant 👍👍👍
Havennew Bowtow
There’s a touch of absolute purity about the way he sees the game. There’s also a touch of Karl Pilkington about him 😂
Bud0075 年 前
Shame that Scholes didn't like super heroes. I was hoping he was going to choose Bullshit Man.
AviaDesigns 年 前
I thought the same😂
I'm on my way
So true
Fahmi Luthfi
Fahmi Luthfi 年 前
Ikr, i like where did i remember seeing this kind of grumpy demeanor before?
2amBreakfast 年 前
There is a beautiful simplicity about them both. I've never liked the use of the word 'simple' to mean stupid or slow-minded because to me it means someone who is straightforward, honest and down to earth. I love people like that.
stephen nettleship
stephen nettleship 7 ヶ月 前
Definitely not a Man Utd fan but Scholes is a prime example of how a professional fottballer should be, grounded and no chip on his shoulder
David Hall
David Hall 11 ヶ月 前
Quality interviews, summed up by the fact that I feel I know I appreciate more about the nice human being Paul Scholes is . A pleasure to watch
Alex Blanchard
Cannot wait for the full episode now! What a legend!
Wayne Platts
Wayne Platts 4 ヶ月 前
What a player so humble and down to earth, can't help but like him.
Doc 年 前
Scholesy will always be one of my favs. He makes down-to-Earth people feel like they're over the top.
Daniel Munroe
Scholesy saying his worldie against barca in the champions league semis was a miskick has blown my mind. What a legend 🐐🐐🐐
Tayo Sunmola
Tayo Sunmola 年 前
I know right. Calling a Golazo a miss kick. And you know well he’s not boasting about it. He’s above all that
Vk Deen
Vk Deen 年 前
typical Scholes he never gives himself credit for anything. so humble
B1GSoda 年 前
My favourite goal too lol kinda ruined it just bit but still a belter
MW Parker
MW Parker 年 前
I think because he sliced it, he may have been aiming for the opposite corner
King Chub
King Chub 年 前
It was! He sliced it, I love how humble Scholes is 👌🏽
Luke shaw
Luke shaw ヶ月 前
Loves Scholes he's so humble, funny, straight to the point, intelligent.
NPHarley 7 ヶ月 前
Watching these two together after our win over Leeds today, my week has been made👌💜🇿🇦
TX Bill
TX Bill 7 ヶ月 前
...and I'm loving watching these two after our win against Leeds today !!
Sadique Miah
Sadique Miah ヶ月 前
Paul is such humble honest down to earth guy and funny without trying to be funny says it how it is and wasn’t a bad footballer either
Paul Mcdowall
The true quality of a player is that they always seem to have space, his awareness was unbelievable, I saw him regularly outclass the best with one and two touch football, they couldn’t get near him but his passing range was outrageous. It’s a scandal England didn’t make the most of his talent. Jogba could have been him but wasn’t a born winner like Scholesy. One of the greats
a st
a st 年 前
I'm a Leeds fan... but for me Paul Scholes was absolutely class...loved watching him play and Man U haven't replaced him and that's why there shite at the minute...in the questions they mention Eriksson he is the closest they've come to replacing Scholsey... what a player the little man was!!!
Toby 年 前
Such a brilliant, brilliant interview Paul Scholes is so humble in his ability, it’s the fact he couldn’t give a toss which makes him even more special. Arguably the best attacking midfielder in the world during his time, his peers all respect him and all of them put Scholesy as the number one midfield, quite remarkable!
Prateek Chauhan
Zidane was unarguably the best CAM in 1990s and 2000s.
Pietro Pes
Pietro Pes 年 前
Most important goal he scored against Barca and he just says 'Mis-kick'
Jack Davies-Downes
@Prateek Chauhan Zidane ‘unarguably’ the best cam? He was a world cup merchant
Prateek Chauhan
@Jack Davies-Downes you mad bro?? 🧐🧐🧐
Jack Davies-Downes
@Prateek Chauhan No I’m not mad. Zidane did bits for France and had some class moments. But name a consistent period of time in which he performed every single name? Players like Scholes had brilliant moments alongside great flashes such as the Barca goal. Players like Zidane only have those flashes like the volley but that’s what they get remembered for which makes us remember them being better than they actually were. Scholes was consistent for united for years and was part of a football domination, Zidane never had that- go look at the stats and come back. Not to mention the fact that Zidane never even touched the premier league
Charles I
Charles I 年 前
The thing that I love from paul it's he's humble. And his mentality and way of think is always going foward. Never looking back and always improving. He's gonna be great coaches but yeah nobody can do anything as expected right. Just like what he said.
Joey 年 前
Kids these days will never understand how great of a player Paul was
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 7 ヶ月 前
no never…. ever. in such a stupid crumbling world
The John Cooper Show
He wasn’t that good.Spurs have had at least 4 better midfielders than Scholes
David Rees
David Rees 5 ヶ月 前
​​@The John Cooper Show haha better than Scholes, are u real. And I'm an arsenal fan.🤣🤣
The John Cooper Show
@David Rees luka Modric is a joke to you?
Ben M
Ben M 7 ヶ月 前
Love how he struggles with any question not about footy! What a bloody legend
Stewart Wilson
Stewart Wilson 8 ヶ月 前
Amazing player so calm and creative with the ball at his feet.... and Zidane thought highly of Scholes along with other high profile players of the last 20..25 years from All over European football. Also was 1 player I thought would be a cracking manager 1 day as his football brain is amazing
Brian Cantley
Brian Cantley 5 ヶ月 前
Informative and real about how he was early in his career and how he found professionalism. Ben Foster has a story about his own journey to professionalism; how he went on loan to Watford, wasn't professional with his schedule, and how the manager sent a report card with all his behavior good and bad back to Sir Alex and how it was a turning point. Some great lessons from these men.
EastyTime 年 前
As a United fan I'm glad they mentioned Saha. Deserves to be remembered as one of our best strikers even though he wasn't at his peak with us for that long. Had everything!
Mancs are bin dippers.
"as a Manc bin dipper" that's what your meant to be saying mate.😂
Matthew Jones
He's still pretty good
Lee Jones
Lee Jones 8 ヶ月 前
Nothing to do with being at his peak he always had ability just he could never stay fit that was only bad thing about him
Karl Meadows
Karl Meadows 7 ヶ月 前
He was at his peak but he was always injured
Russ L
Russ L 7 ヶ月 前
@Karl Meadowshe was at his peak at Fulham
Garry Coulthard
Garry Coulthard 11 ヶ月 前
These two make a great pair. I'd watch more of this.
Martin Bond
Martin Bond 4 ヶ月 前
Watched him come through from the youth team into the first team, and always knew he was special, even though he was a striker back then. Never knew he would become such a baller in midfield though!!
D K 6 ヶ月 前
Leeds fan here. Respect where respect is due. No egos or bullshit, just decent banter and honesty. Legends
Swfcnumber1 Wawaw
Swfcnumber1 Wawaw 7 ヶ月 前
Just a down to earth guy not a big head, who has lived the dream most people would love.
Geo Man
Geo Man 年 前
What a no nonsense, humble human being and simply put the greatest English midfield player to ever grace a pitch
Raf 年 前
Looking at him, its impossible to imagine how incredible this man was as a player, i feel bad for those who never watched him in his prime.
GO AT 年 前
Tell me about it! In awe of that genius ginger.
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 7 ヶ月 前
…then they shall never bear witness, what with how ever many hundred vids u cud watch on youtube
Liam Chester
Liam Chester 7 ヶ月 前
Humble, no ego yet one of the best midfielders to play the game. What a guy!
barry o'sullivan
barry o'sullivan 7 ヶ月 前
One of the greatest and most humble players ever to play for United.
Nick Halkyard
Great interview - honest, funny, self-deprecating and genuine. Scholes you are a legend and even know-all Neville graciously took a backseat. United,united,united!
RMESSEX 11 ヶ月 前
Scholesy is to funny without even trying! His humour reminds me of Karl Pilkington lol
Mg Decimate
Mg Decimate 5 ヶ月 前
From a Celtic fan scholes was by far my favourite cm … the vision the passing .... the raw talent
Simon Clarke
Simon Clarke 年 前
As a Bradford City fan, I’ll never forget that goal he scored. Most of the stadium applauded it. Absolute class player
Fraser Adam
Fraser Adam 年 前
When the opposition fans clap you know you've seen something special. Moments like that stick forever
nathan haldane
Really was best midfielder England has ever seen
Tricky 年 前
Brilliant. I remember the Brazilian Ronaldo getting an ovation at Old Trafford when subbed after his hat trick. Will always remember being there.
Mr T
Mr T 年 前
That’s his best goal for me
Dr Tenma
Dr Tenma 年 前
It looks like the English public are very respectful when it comes to these interviews but if I was on vacation in England and saw these two Legends walking about I will lose my shit.
Ben Green
Ben Green 7 ヶ月 前
What an absolute G. So funny with that really honest but then also naturally guarded and suspicious thing he's got going on. Never trying to big himself up or show off. Quite sweet natured and kind but with that working class 'what u looking at' vibe. Class
G 年 前
Especially enjoyed this one as a united fan. Don't understand how Neville didn't adore Ruud, he's my favourite striker for united, never used to miss. And you can tell how good he actually was by the way Scholesy talks about him
Philippe Palmer
that's the first time I've seen Paul Scholes in an interview completely open up and yet he's still an enigma.Zinedine Zidane was once asked “what does it feel like to be the best player in the world?” he reportedly replied: “I don't know, ask Paul Scholes.”
Hazieerul Asyraf Harun
Scholes and keane, what united missed the most. Scholes, legend of the game.
Norman Mart
Norman Mart 年 前
Really enjoyed listening to both these interviews with Scholes , to keep your feet on the ground after all that success is pretty impressive . Just very honest and no bullshit , could have listened to them a lot longer , and i'm definitely not a united fan.
What a legend. Football misses people like this these days.
Alex Belotti
Alex Belotti 年 前
Frankie de Jong is better
@Alex Belotti Stop taking drugs 😂
Alex Belotti
Alex Belotti 年 前
@TheMusicfan189 Aguerooooooo
David Wiltshire-Craine
@Hussey 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Steve Chase
Steve Chase 7 ヶ月 前
Great midfielder. Always loved watching him play for the great United sides in 90s.
Jah W. Beyan
Jah W. Beyan 4 ヶ月 前
A Liverpool fan here, but you can't hate Scholesy. These guys didn't live a double life - totally dedicated to their career. Can't remember any player making a contribution coming out of retirement as he did.
gresley mccaslin
love the straight forward seriousness of scholes..as a City fan i had to TAKE IT ON THE CHIN WITH UNITED BEING SO GOOD..BUT NOW ITS GREAT TO HEAR THEIR THOUGHTS AND REACTIONS TO HOW IT WAS...GREAT SHOW..
Edwin 年 前
Diego Forlan was asked in an interview down in Argentina who was the best player he played alongside during his tenure with Man Utd… yep he said Scholes without even hesitating which is mad when you consider all the talent Utd had during that era Van Nistelrooy, Beckham, young CR7, Keano, Giggs. Just goes to show Scholes’ insane class
Rob Oc
Rob Oc 9 ヶ月 前
Isn't it mad all that talent at Utd and people claim it doesn't help him look better. All that talent, so much of it that the fans and players never, ever, voted for him as their best player. Rose tinted glasses on. Some serious cognitive dissonance amongst Utd fans. The palpable copium on display is desperate.