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Paul Rudd is an actor, writer, and producer who has been in some of the most beloved films and TV shows of the last 25 years, from Judd Apatow comedies to the Marvel Universe. You can catch him on the new Netflix comedy, Living With Yourself, which is set to release on October 18th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as one of the nicest dudes in Hollywood takes on some of the least nice hot sauces on the planet. Along the way, Rudd breaks down the alternate Anchorman script that never was, shares his love for David Letterman, and improvises a tearful scene inspired by the wings of death.
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First We Feast
First We Feast 5 ヶ月 前
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tj lipniarski
tj lipniarski 16 日 前
First We Feast Sean. 2 things besides that I love the series. But 1 you really sold yourself out man. Going to tru tv? Ya sold out bro. Also Keanu Reeves, get him on!
Guillaume Loyer
Guillaume Loyer 17 日 前
Can we get the recipe for the califlowers? It looks so good! Please tell me! :)
Richard English
Richard English 21 日 前
Hes a model version of a locally born west coast Canadian. We have british/uk and European backgrounds and celebrate both in holidays. As first and second generations.
The Casual Savage. Movie Trailers
Epic show and congrats.
Uncommon Sense
Uncommon Sense ヶ月 前
Can you please give Paul the hot ones Gold Medal? That last cauliflower was insane... And then the finger dab after it! 😱 I'm just saying that was beastly, and he deserves an encore or an award!!!
Andrew Cota
Andrew Cota 9 時間 前
this probably the best hot ones episode ever made
Hannah Michelle
Hannah Michelle 9 時間 前
i laughed when he said ball handling
CalMSalt 11 時間 前
If you needed and extra 30:17 of reasons you should love Paul Rudd, here you go
NMChe56 12 時間 前
Paul really seems like a genuinely good dude
Intriguing 12 時間 前
Gotta give it up to Hot Ones for making all these legendary memes without knowing
Shannon H.N.
Shannon H.N. 15 時間 前
How some people can do this without water, milk, bread, anything mind-boggling. I feel like it's a superpower.
Shannon H.N.
Shannon H.N. 15 時間 前
Slapping Da Bass then say Fuck the Lemons and Bail
greatsdren 17 時間 前
I think out of all the 200 episodes I've watched - this was the best one!
rosscohibs87 19 時間 前
Paul rudd is such a genuine lovely guy.... Would love to go for a beer with him
Chachi's Adventures
Chachi's Adventures 20 時間 前
Paul Rudd is so awesome
Maven Frankeus
Maven Frankeus 22 時間 前
All my colleagues are at home self isolating. Thank God for that since I just spewed water all over my desk watching Paul's dirty selfie finger tricks.
Smart-ass Commentary
Smart-ass Commentary 23 時間 前
Every time they eat without chewing thoroughly, my inner holistic health coach goes "nooo"
Just another Human being
by the way, I'm binge watching the hot ones and it's like the 10th time that a guest has said to him, GREAT QUESTION. Mad respect for your show. Keep on doing it and take care of your stomach.
Lee Jones
Lee Jones 日 前
Paul Rudd James Marsden and Jared Leto must have found the fountain of youth.
RgvFinest 956
Paul Rudd was ONE of the best if not the BEST interview props brotha
ERika Jean Branzuela
I sometimes think sean's pieces of chicken is not that spicy than that of the guests.. Because when labrouf guested and added sauce on each level, sean has different reactions and been drinking the water Well, im just saying..
Jimmy Jake
Jimmy Jake 日 前
22:11 i dont think those are ciggarates
Alphonse Guzman
Humble as fuck
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor 日 前
im here drinking white claw. truly is truly horrible
Sophie Folle
Sophie Folle 日 前
This was great! Paul is an amazing guest and how he's genuinely interested in what Sean says is fantastic!
Grace Ann Thompson
i love this but i hate the background music, it is so loud
Ian Gifford
Ian Gifford 日 前
I'm pretty sure that this is my favorite interview of the whole series.
Uncle Fisto
Uncle Fisto 日 前
I keep coming back to this to see Paul Rudd do the fingerbum scrotum doo-dah.
King Nah
King Nah 日 前
He did that like a CHAMP!
Lonely Ranger
Paul Rudd is amazing! Love the reverse interview! He's ageless! I want the same deal with the devil he made! The ultimate super hero! (Antman!!) He is fucking amazing!! This is time well spent!
Kyle Knotts
Kyle Knotts 日 前
I had no idea this was the source of so many memes
Eduardo De La Hearns
Anyone else just skip to 'Da Bomb' onwards?
Markymarkg 日 前
Absolutely love Paul rudd
AnimAlistic6 日 前
How dare you not mention NC BBQ?!
Danie Azcona
Danie Azcona 日 前
I literally love how genuine Paul is
Mike Greene
Mike Greene 日 前
That ending scene was too funny. Great episode
Zein Makhlouf
Zein Makhlouf 2 日 前
The best episode 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Esantia Smith
Esantia Smith 2 日 前
I love everything about Paul Rudd.
Chuck Norriss
Chuck Norriss 2 日 前
I will forever be the guy who is never asked "hey, can u take a picture for me with my phone? 😂😂
fifi hamilton
fifi hamilton 2 日 前
Best episode ever
brianna raymond
brianna raymond 2 日 前
best episode and they were both super comfy in the vid bravo
Jim Hardgrove
Jim Hardgrove 2 日 前
They're doing boneless...???
Eddie Peake
Eddie Peake 2 日 前
The best yet by god
mike2565 2 日 前
Paul Rudd is who I thought he was...awesome! 🔥
Taylor St. John
Taylor St. John 2 日 前
Man, Paul Rudd has to be one of the kindest individuals in existence. He seems like the real deal! Great guy.
Paul Neibauer
Paul Neibauer 2 日 前
I really hate this elevator music. It's so distracting
RG Blinker
RG Blinker 2 日 前
Hes the best person in the world
anim andrw
anim andrw 2 日 前
dude make a masterclass about how to do a good interview !
tyler hawkins
tyler hawkins 3 日 前
this was an awesome episode
Michael Weisensee
Paul Rudd is the f'in champ!
chilmarc22 3 日 前
Ive seen probably 20-30 of these and this one was my favorite!!
Tomi M
Tomi M 3 日 前
Who else saw the meme first before seeing this? LOL
Eddie J
Eddie J 3 日 前
Huge Huge difference not using your lips to eat 'wings'. Burning lips are infinitely worse imo
thunderbuddy88 3 日 前
3 Cups since 2010 and no love for the Blackhawks 🙄
Monica Lopez
Monica Lopez 3 日 前
Paul is a beautiful person and has a great smile
Isabella Yodice
Isabella Yodice 3 日 前
such a champ
aaron hiscock
aaron hiscock 3 日 前
That was a man date right there, not in a manly way necessarily but just sparks were flying. Kind of a beautiful thing just happened, In Oakland they call it love at first dabs.
ShaSar Garcia
ShaSar Garcia 3 日 前
I haven't watched all of the episodes.... yet.... but this, with Paul Rudd, is by far the best one!
thejacksonles 3 日 前
I’m sorry but cauliflower on this show is for complete pussies. I hate Rudd now.
Rodis Mantle
Rodis Mantle 3 日 前
What are they eating?
Kyle Kirchoffer
Kyle Kirchoffer 3 日 前
Get Eminem on here
B Hath
B Hath 3 日 前
Paul Rudd is a national treasure. He is exactly what our country needs right now.
Jovan Johnson
Jovan Johnson 3 日 前
Can we be real for a second... Sean Evans is the Paul Rudd of JPvid.
tigerpeony 3 日 前
Tell me why I watched halfway through this before realizing it’s cauliflower and not chikin.
Dave Bowles
Dave Bowles 3 日 前
!!Da Bomb!!
Thomas 3 日 前
I want a film with Paul Rudd & Keanu Reeves
Nayops 19
Nayops 19 3 日 前
25:10 2020 Watching❓😅
Vegan Tina
Vegan Tina 3 日 前
Vegan cauliflower wings !! LOVING THIS 🥰
Roberto Mendez
Roberto Mendez 3 日 前
Honestly the best one!!!
Andrew Finkner
Andrew Finkner 3 日 前
Wow Oscar worthy performance at the end there. That extra finger of hot sauce was Leo level improv.
Andrew Finkner
Andrew Finkner 3 日 前
Paul please leak the photos
Craigory Robie
Craigory Robie 3 日 前
Best ending ever!! 🤣🤣🤣😭
Simon Harte
Simon Harte 3 日 前
Wow he got Sean to crack.
Wiley E. Coyote
Wiley E. Coyote 4 日 前
The only thing surpassing Pauls ridiculous tolerance for hot sauce is his genuine warmth.
This is probably the best one. Brilliant!
Luis Barrera
Luis Barrera 4 日 前
Paul Rudd is a national treasure! We must protect him at all cost!!!
EL OH EL 4 日 前
Paul Rudd is something else. What a cool, genuine person...
Eric Sapp
Eric Sapp 4 日 前
mixing all ten seems badass but if you think about it, it just dilutes the high level ones by the lower level sauces. they aren't forces multipliers. so the same volume of no. 10 is way hotter than a mix of 1 through 10. But that's analogous to how Rudd is a likeable, talented actor; although his selection of films to do, is garbage. form without substance.
Marisol Sanchez
Marisol Sanchez 4 日 前
He is amazing omg
Hugh Orr
Hugh Orr 4 日 前
Can we do this again?
Rob Halford
Rob Halford 4 日 前
I dont like spicy food at all but even I had to make myself some hot wings and put some hot sauce on them in honor of Paul Rudd
Krupt Temple
Krupt Temple 4 日 前
That phone trick is really fucking funny
Scott Stalcup
Scott Stalcup 4 日 前
Paul Rudd likes Withnail and I? Godhead status: UNLOCKED.
Bentham Hu
Bentham Hu 4 日 前
Paul Rudd did better than sean lol
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