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From producer J. J. Abrams, watch the official trailer for #Overlord. In theatres 11.9.18.
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Pink Vlog
Pink Vlog 2 時間 前
it is very realistic
Garth Williams
Garth Williams 3 時間 前
Amazing movie loved every minute of it.
eddie gonzalez
eddie gonzalez 8 時間 前
horrible movie. bad script. the black guy is fucking annoying. all he wants to do is save everybody. they act like this isnt war and the guy that is always chewing gum has potential but the movie juat sucked
Jack Larson
Jack Larson 9 時間 前
Truly a terrifying movie I recommend it to everyone.
Ivanliuks 11 時間 前
But where's Nikolai's vodka?
Joe Pack
Joe Pack 11 時間 前
Loved this movie! Boyce, Ford and Chloe were my favorite characters if you ask me. Wafner was a great antagonist for this film and the plot was amazing. Special effects by ILM were great as well.
benzene 12 時間 前
I want overlord 2 now
Wolfgang Krieger
Wolfgang Krieger 14 時間 前
I love this freakin' movie!
Desiree Williams
Desiree Williams 14 時間 前
So the issue with some in the comments is the black guy with the whites in this movie because such a thing did not exist in WW2. BUT ZOMBIES DID EXIST??? 🤔🤔🤔 It's just a fucking movie damn, enjoy it or not. My husband bought it, why I don't know. But I will look at it at some point. That Kingdom series on Netflix is the joint though. Ijs...
von250 17 時間 前
Watching this tonight and based off a lot of the nonsense posts...I don’t expect any accurate depictions. I never do when I watch a movie. It’s entertainment...Lighten up life n enjoy! 🤘
DlST4NT 17 時間 前
How in any way is this connected to the cloverfield paradox
Arthur Guillen
Arthur Guillen 19 時間 前
Great movie
Chesty Puller
Chesty Puller 20 時間 前
Saw this last night... *IT WAS EPIC!* I highly recommend this movie!
David Dunn
David Dunn 日 前
What a stupid fuckin movie waste of time waste of moneyUnbelievable as shit .. a black guy in the airborne ...fuck you
dynarider 86
dynarider 86 日 前
My wife and I LOVED this movie. Good amout of scare, new spin on a war movie as well as zombie style movies. It was sp very good. Also great to see Wyatt russle getting some screen time. He was greeat in black mirror.
Alamet Haber
Alamet Haber 日 前
omg incredible
Bianca Rosas
Bianca Rosas 日 前
If black ops world at war was a movie
Tommy Sands
Tommy Sands 日 前
i expected this to be a low budget movie. its really not. its like castle wolfenstein on film!
Dutch Van Der Linde
*Insert Controversial comment of historical accuracy in a movie that is about zombies*
JayVee 日 前
Revive me bro, I hav Ray gun
mgtow is true
They made a movie out of the game Call of Duty WWII : Zombies. WTF LMFAO 🤔👏
Bill Wang
Bill Wang 日 前
New nazi zombies looks awesome
pyshta69 0000
Wolfenstein movie :)))
Derek McCumber
This was a shockingly good movie. similar to From Dusk to Dawn in structure, but considerably better. Wyatt Russell (Kurt Russell's son) won me over too - if they HAVE to do a reboot of Escape from New York, he should be Snake.
qtipmotha 2 日 前
It's an ok movie. Moves much slower than the trailer suggests. Uses too many tropes. Not stupid like Hacksaw Ridge.
Alex Regino
Alex Regino 2 日 前
Spoiler alert!!! They in up in kino der toten...
FATEd Pondera
FATEd Pondera 2 日 前
ANOTHER nazi zombie movie??? Christ, they really have no good ideas in hollywood anymore
Take IT !!!
Take IT !!! 2 日 前
This movie is Better than 9 seasons on walking dead 😅
Frizzy22 2 日 前
Very underrated
Steroids Freak
Steroids Freak 2 日 前
GREAT FUCKING MOVIE!!! This shit aint your cheesy typical ZOMBIE movie with screamers and surprises. Would watch it again.
From Dusk Till Dawn ripoff, but better :)
Veeus 2 日 前
more of the same propaganda in a better wrapping .... plot twist: the pathogen was us made and tested on german civilians, breaking all treaties...to real for ya now?
Kamruzzaman Dipon
The movie is good... But this trailer is not...
Bödvar 3 日 前
Horrible movie, same old shit.. a few americans and one invincible woman killing hundreds of germans, hollywood at its finest.
KG 3 日 前
Some Wolfenstein type shit right there. Looks interesting.
The Vault Master
Great flick - wish I had seen it on the big screen!
Death Star
Death Star 3 日 前
Noble brave American soldiers kill Evil diabolical stupid Nazis. One of the dumbest fuck soldiers of WW2 "Boyce" plays Hero.
Joseph Joe
Joseph Joe 3 日 前
Amazing movie, watched with Dolby Atmos effect, it's breathtaking and scary...excellent movie!
Javier Sanchez
Javier Sanchez 3 日 前
the first 15 minutes of the movie are really intense wow
Ashitaka 3 日 前
A black soldier in a white unit during WW2!! I understand the need for inclusion and im black, but in these kind of stories inspired by real events its better to stick as close as possible to History; otherwise it diminishes the struggles, sacrifices and accomplishments of those people back in those days. He could have been separated from his unit during the jump and joined the others on the ground.
Arab Katib
Arab Katib 3 日 前
I don't understand.. why does the film depicts Germans as vile?? :^/0- Wierd..
Mr. Brownstone
Mr. Brownstone 3 日 前
This movie is fantastic, really well made. Great cast, acting, Special Effects. Badass overall. Really puts you in the shoes of WWII soldiers and all the events and operations happening at the time just hours before D-Day, all with the twist of Nazi doctors/scientists meddling with serums to make immortal soldiers that are more monsters than human. Pure insanity. One of the best WWII and Thriller movies ever made, definitely.
Watafu 22 時間 前
James Ambrocio
James Ambrocio 3 日 前
Goddamn this movie is the SHIT! Especially that plane scene, holy fuck!
tariq khan
tariq khan 3 日 前
Great movie
joanne readman
joanne readman 4 日 前
Brilliant film
Ver Gel
Ver Gel 4 日 前
The black guy is fucking annoying in this movie!
Aeroic gamer
Aeroic gamer 4 日 前
That movie was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
miguel santos
miguel santos 4 日 前
pagina2019hd.blogspot.com OVERLOARD 1080p LATINO ONLINE O DESCARGAR!!!! 😎🤫
Matthew 4 日 前
A little predictable but it was worth watching.
Well, god damn! Looks like a job for the expenditure of mass quantities of ammunition!
TYSON 1999
TYSON 1999 4 日 前
I wonder what the Allied troops would have thought if they had been shown Detroit, Cincinnati, the killings of South African Caucasians, the economic migrant crisis in Europe and the west, etc. 2019? Would they still have fought Hitler?
BobRooney 4 日 前
time for blaskowicz to go ubersoldier.
Cesar Tzorin
Cesar Tzorin 4 日 前
Amazing AC/DC Song😎
Darrius Pride
Darrius Pride 4 日 前
Only ninjago fans will get this Oh their making a movie of the over........ nvm
Krisztian More
Krisztian More 4 日 前
Return to Castle of Wolfenstein !!
lexbogie1 4 日 前
People are dumb: So called black Americans have fought in every single war America has ever had. Moreover, there were over 125,000 black American soldiers who fought in WW2.
Nac eem
Nac eem 4 日 前
shit movie
asir sakin
asir sakin 5 日 前
somebody relate it to wolfenstein?
Miguel López
Miguel López 5 日 前
Other than the opening scene in the movie. Everything else was a plain waste of time. Inaccurate. Not ww2 related. More like a lame zombie wannabe movie
Miguel López
Miguel López 5 日 前
2 thumbs down. The movie is trash for people who like real war movies. There's no historical accuracy, the movie is pretty much about 5 soldiers 1 woman and a boy that pretty much take down an army of Germans soldiers and German zombie soldiers that can talk and take 5 gunshots to the head and not die. The movie had potential but the storyline was trash and there was a lack of war emotion in the movie. #fail The worse war movie I have ever watched in my life. If you don't agree, reply why.
Batman 5 日 前
This is dumb
Black ★
Black ★ 5 日 前
This looks awesome...how is it this is my first time seeing this trailer?
Jose Centuriao
Jose Centuriao 5 日 前
This movie is a masterpiece!!! This movie is one of the best WW2 of all time!!!
Jmon 90
Jmon 90 5 日 前
Good pacing and effects. 7.5/10... Ford was badass and the driving character in the movie.
Lamia Wellani
Lamia Wellani 5 日 前
Why do Americans portray themselves as idiots in their movies??? Are they really that stupid in real life??? It makes me wonder 🤷🏻‍♀️
Cristian Ortiz
Cristian Ortiz 5 日 前
Muy buena pelicula!!!
film is very good but fuck the black soldier, asshole mother fucker
Alireza Skyfall
Alireza Skyfall 5 日 前
bullshit af
El Tigre
El Tigre 5 日 前
Wow! The first Nazi related movie not directed by a jew. Just kidding. It's directed by a jew.
Nino Brown
Nino Brown 4 日 前
A Jew satanist
I Am Will
I Am Will 6 日 前
It's over, Lord I was expecting live action anime...oh well
I Am Will
I Am Will 6 日 前
Where's Nazarick??
younes senouy
younes senouy 6 日 前
Watched today just Waw one of the best movies ever
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog 6 日 前
I hate the fkn black dude on the movie, you will understand once you watch it.
FBI Undercover Loli
Damn the sequel to Nazi Zombies seem legit
FBI Undercover Loli
Who came here for Ainz Oal Gown?
Ramos 6 日 前
0/10 Never recommended
DeutschwehR 6 日 前
All-Lies history get out of control !
Gaming Seriez
Gaming Seriez 6 日 前
i see zombified soldiers seems like doom & resident evil in some manner.. undecided if i want to watch or not another movie with an unknown virus that turns the people into overpowered zombies.
d bay
d bay 5 日 前
Just stop questioning yourself and watch the movie it's fucking awesome!
Stephen Hernandez
Is it weird the best part of the trailer is the song although the movie looks cool too
kailash limbu
kailash limbu 6 日 前
This movie is crazy
Jovan Jovanović
I found it predictable. No real thriller in there, jump scares were obvious and outcome... Effects are amazing but again within that vibe I personally did not enjoy this movie.
Caryl Magbanua
Caryl Magbanua 6 日 前
first hearing this movie i thought it is an adaptation of the anime overlord..well good thing i watch the trailer, and their definitely different..gonna try this one..it looks good and the comments says it's worth to watch.
Miguel López
Miguel López 5 日 前
You will be disappointed
1BR4H1M SH0W 6 日 前
I really loved this movie
surat pembaca
surat pembaca 7 日 前
Ford shouldn't die in the first place... That black private should
nick mcarr
nick mcarr 7 日 前
Utter trash. Seriously do not waste time watching this shite move. Are we to believe that 50% of D-Day paratroops were black, and 100% incompetent? Maybe next time we can have some black Nazis, too. Because equality. If you are after horror, you can do better, there are simply no redeeming features to this film. This is just shit on every level.
Jaymoneybagz 7 日 前
I don’t get how all the racist idiots here are worried that there is a black guy. News flash it’s a movie about zombies and 1 black guy is your issue? Smh
ijaz adel
ijaz adel 7 日 前
why is everyone talking about zombies? It wasnt even the point of the movie. They just wanted to create super soldiers that were unstable
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 7 日 前
Song name?
Christopher Barrios
What is this movie about
buryitdeep 7 日 前
Movie was missing ACDC track
mathieu langlois
WW2 movie with vietnam era music, wtf
Thomas Fostad
Thomas Fostad 7 日 前
What does this have to do with overlord
Patrick Bernal
Patrick Bernal 7 日 前
igore ar
igore ar 7 日 前
Top ten anime movie
Lucky Luciano
Lucky Luciano 7 日 前
Is this Medal Of Honor Airbone Zombies remake? lol
Doctor Potts!
Doctor Potts! 7 日 前
Bought Nazi Overlord thinking it was this movie....... It wasn't
Kabi Vasanth
Kabi Vasanth 7 日 前
The Background music is Disgusting
The Elpresador
The Elpresador 4 日 前
Kabi Vasanth to manly for you? Hahahaha
LeBron James
LeBron James 7 日 前
tsolias27 7 日 前
The kid stole the show. His reactions were priceless!!!
So,is this what Ainz did for work before becoming overlord
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