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From producer J. J. Abrams, watch the official trailer for #Overlord. In theatres 11.9.18.
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Kev Rees
Kev Rees 11 時間 前
I must have been living under a rock, how have i not discovered this movie before. Need to watch this asap, looks amazing
xx mercedes swiftie xx
all of the trailers for this movie were misleading as fuck. there was very little action until the final 30 minutes of the movie. smdh.
parotpalan 2 日 前
saving private ryan meets resident evil
King Pin
King Pin 2 日 前
this movie is underrated
Kry Kry
Kry Kry 2 日 前
Seems like an interesting movie but God awful trailer. The music ruined everything and hard to take seriously
Zambie Slaya2016
Jesus is Lord and God and Loves us all no matter what
Plazma Playz
Plazma Playz 4 日 前
What did the nazis really do...one of the worst soldiers to we have ever faced
Kev Oz
Kev Oz 4 日 前
Unwatchable because of the historical inaccuracy!!!!!
Ben Quinney
Ben Quinney 4 日 前
The Wafner SS
TheSistaWarrior 5 日 前
Racist khazar propaganda bullshit. More hollowcost lie as well as slipping in fake ass biblical references by teaming the star up with a khazar named "jacub." Note the implication the paleskin troglodyte khazar is supposed to be jacub and the socalled black "esau." Also notice the race mixing agenda as well with the socalled black protagonist becoming instantly smitten and protective over the one socalled white female in the movie, even to the point of risking his life as well as the mission altogether. Obviously this particular actor was cast for his looks and told to spend much of the movie with his mouth agape and eyes wide like some character from a 20th century race film movie...can you say steppin fetchit or mantan morland. He is not tough nor does he know how to handle a gun. Only the socalled white male characters display "alpha" male demeanor. This khazar-gomerite-gentile propaganda piece ranks down there with the rest of the trash they produce. So glad I did not spend a sheckle on this propaganda. I suggest any aboriginal or anyone with an ounce of truth in them not to waste a cent on this garbage. Ranks a -4 on a scale from 0 to 10.
Alrizal89 Alrizal89
Anybody can give me link this movie
Patrick Schneider
Why some people say Overlord is potentially in the Cloverfield universe?
warbunny13203 6 日 前
I'm surprised it's not called Wolfenstein🤔🤔🤔👍😁👍🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸
talon55130 6 日 前
I'd believe in NAZI Zombies before I believed in Black and White troops in the same unit. Or more unbelievable a black man commanding white troops. The U.S. Military was completely segregated during WW2.
Fun Helsing
Fun Helsing 6 日 前
Schonwieder ein Ami-Lappen film
Alejandro Basaldúa
Nazi Zombies are actually the most realistic thing in this movie.
Oc Boi
Oc Boi 6 日 前
*Before the movie came out:* People: "Bruh, the movie so unrealistic asf" *After the movie came out:* People: "for a low budget movie I gotta say this hella epic ww2 nazi zombies film"
John Horne
John Horne 7 日 前
Any of you assholes who like this shit need to hit the local recruiting office!...................pussies!
King R
King R 7 日 前
Wolfenstein:The Movie
Voyagers 7 日 前
Call of duty WW2 zombies be like:
ShAdOwMaN 7 日 前
Looks good!
S A 7 日 前
I’ve never even heard of this movie
josiah mccusker
josiah mccusker 8 日 前
I really liked the movie and I was so scared
S.C. 2017
S.C. 2017 8 日 前
Where's the aliens?
Satyender Kumar
Satyender Kumar 9 日 前
what is this? Absolute garbage
KLVZ 9 日 前
Momonga sama
platullama 9 日 前
Great movie. Saw it when it came to theaters
Noah Foster
Noah Foster 10 日 前
I love this movie
Defferatel 11 日 前
I dont see Ains Ooal Gown??
nazeem son
nazeem son 14 日 前
I prefer saving Private Ryan, but still good movie
koopanique 15 日 前
I can reproduce this in Arma 3 with only 2 mods
tristangm tian
tristangm tian 15 日 前
the movie is exciting I watched
Beans Lusk
Beans Lusk 15 日 前
An army of Hilary Clintons in much scarier than nazi zombies!!
علي حسن
علي حسن 16 日 前
الي جاي من قناة مساحه لايج(لايك)
angelx 1992
angelx 1992 17 日 前
I liked this movie a lot. I don't care if it has nothing to do with Cloverfield, but the tar is what Slusho is made from cus I say so. XD
منو جاي من مساحه
اللورد العراقي
ProvsNoob 64
ProvsNoob 64 17 日 前
Would’ve been funny if one of the main characters in the movie is named Ainz
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 18 日 前
Sasuga, Ainz- ...ehhh?
Pan Świniowąż
Pan Świniowąż 18 日 前
There is only one reason why Jude from Paramount made this movie - to make more black people into movies... all the movie is about blackie and RAP music at the end. Waste of time...
Cortewita40 Cortewita40
This a good ass movie
Hank Hill
Hank Hill 21 日 前
Where's the pack a punch
Light 21 日 前
"You're dead now! But you're dead before.. Ah fuck you"
Light 21 日 前
"I need to find some ammunition.. Aaaaawwwhnn Awwwwhhnnn...."
上田うえだ 22 日 前
TeddyBear 22 日 前
Yo is this not call of duty Zombies like the whole story line wtf nobody saying shit in the comments!! Wtf I'm high fr tho
Raphael Chagas
Raphael Chagas 24 日 前
Great movie. I actually downloaded it, but I liked it so much that I've just bought the blu ray and I don't even have a blu ray player haha
Totally Anonymous
This wasn't scary...but I loved it!!! Good movie..7.5 out of 10
Star Sky
Star Sky 25 日 前
1/5 stars. Bad Actors.
ludo molnar
ludo molnar 25 日 前
is this Wolfenstein : The Movie ?????????
This doesn't look like an rpg to me
ciobanu catalin
ciobanu catalin 26 日 前
heeeeelllls bells....rock on
Waleed Ahmed
Waleed Ahmed 28 日 前
stop comments active
TU nguyen
TU nguyen 29 日 前
metal slug 3
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 29 日 前
God damnit, why'd they have to name this movie Overlord, now when I wonna watch the anime this shit comes up.
VKVDM 29 日 前
I just watched this.....it was good, but silly film about the Big Bad Nazi's. The only thing that absolutely ruined it, was the sweaty, low IQ, Ugly, Negroid Mary sue running around with his mouth open through it.......and at least he never touched the Caucasoid French women....our SS brother got those goods before that nappy haired thing could get a sniff!
Craig Ebanez
Craig Ebanez 29 日 前
Even though its a fantasy horror flick, with nazi zombies or whatever the fuck you wanna call them, I find the black Sgt and black lead actor was just too much political correctness putting them in combat 101st in a parachute drop is just too much.... So to the people who say its just a movie blah blah blah... White soldiers died!!!! Enough pc shit... Black actors are very good in movies but not for this stuff....
Rick Gaming 101
Rick Gaming 101 ヶ月 前
It's like COD WWII
cmdtaor1986 ヶ月 前
Wolfenstein comes to mind
Ubaid Khan
Ubaid Khan ヶ月 前
What a film ❤
Kyle The Hybrid
Kyle The Hybrid ヶ月 前
People say this is clover field
danietkissenle ヶ月 前
as far as movies go this was a great movie but im not the horror movie type of guy wasn't expecting what i saw and i took my very christian mother to go see it i came out with claw marks on my arm
Suning Starseeker
After the first shot of the trailer i thought this was gonna be an epic war movie on a never before seen scale, then it became a zombie film... total disappointment.
just watched it, very slow movie and the zombie/monster part is a really small part. pretty disappointed
ll ll
ll ll 26 日 前
IntoxicatedGhost1 same
The Shawshank Inception
For all you anime people, D-Day was code-named: “Operation Overlord.” That’s where the title comes from. Please shut up now. Go bother another comment section. Or go watch this amazing film. Amazing NOT because it looks like a video game movie-all you video game people can also go away because this has nothing to do with Wolfenstein or call of duty-but amazing because of its sound mixing, visual effects, action, performances, tension and cinematography.
The Shawshank Inception
Who else thinks this film is criminally underrated?
veyski ヶ月 前
I can t scared bitch!
"Revive me I have a plasma ray 40 watt range"
Hah Baba
Hah Baba ヶ月 前
Lord Ainz has left the chat
Animemer ヶ月 前
Fuck wrong one (Edit: hell’s bells does not work with this trailer.)
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell ヶ月 前
Everything about this movie was amazing. Just the visuals were amazing. Even in "low light" scenes, the color saturation was amazing, made everything look like a Rembrandt painting. No shakey cam. Everything was crisp and beautiful, which highlighted the horror and terror. Can't believe this movie isn't getting more exposure.
Nils Hughes
Nils Hughes ヶ月 前
Sees title: no no no please god no 2 seconds later : wait what?
SCRIMM102 ヶ月 前
A cod movie cool
Violet Blue
Violet Blue ヶ月 前
just on 10 first minute and cringey all the time!! come on, there is different on ww2 and crusade war. a looooot different. german fought in crusade wars, america don't, lol! why they are so mean potraying german nazi?? whatever i am coming for zombie! this movie will be on my cult section 💩💩💩
Mahmoud Jimmy
Mahmoud Jimmy ヶ月 前
can't take the horror seriously with this music.
these modern trailers spoil the film for you.. way too much info
zmoothie ヶ月 前
very nice movie watched it at a plane
Bacun Puncayks
Bacun Puncayks ヶ月 前
Aw man,i thought this was cloverfield 4.
Stephen Lawson
Stephen Lawson ヶ月 前
Great fucking movie
That scene when hell fell out of the plane was crazy!
NastyKickey1979 ヶ月 前
Shit damn
NastyKickey1979 ヶ月 前
Only talking black guy in the movie
Dimitrios F
Dimitrios F ヶ月 前
If you liked this you will love TRENCH 11................. Thank me later. These two are some of the most underrated movies ever.
Dimitrios F
Dimitrios F ヶ月 前
Pretty good movie. Should call it CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN.
Central Intelligence Agency
This should be game....
2 pab 21
2 pab 21 ヶ月 前
Nice movie! Mathilde Ollivier is so pretty, 😍😍😍
vincent visconi
vincent visconi ヶ月 前
More like zombie army trilogy, ...such a sleeper hit.
ETTSWAA From the 32
Best movie ever
Glen Ryan
Glen Ryan ヶ月 前
Shite movie! 3/10 at best!
SaintsNation202 ヶ月 前
I see a lot of bad reviews... What people don’t know is this movie is connected too.... Cloverfield 10 cloverfield lane Cloverfield paradox Do your research people before calling a movie bad cuz you didn’t understand it
Руси Гогов
This is what happens when the retarded win the war they make movie after movie after movie about how bad and crazy the "other side" was. Will watch it just to see if they get even one thing accurate about ww2
Kevin Bocky
Kevin Bocky ヶ月 前
Talk about a perfect soundtrack
Eyeless Jack Solomon
this is part4 of clover field right?
I like where this is going
This is a netflixable movie and a half.
Steven Fely
Steven Fely ヶ月 前
In 1944 the US black soldiers still lives in racial segregation. There's no way they can sit in the same plane with white soldier.
Ol' Soul
Ol' Soul ヶ月 前
this is a Horror movie about WWII zombie super soilders... so i dont think they are trying to be 100% accurate. i think they are just tryna have fun with it. i think its a cool thought
Thomas Buller
Thomas Buller ヶ月 前
Cod ww2 anyone?
Futsu Chinpo
Futsu Chinpo ヶ月 前
sasuga ainz sama
Nordine Aouidad
Nordine Aouidad ヶ月 前
Great movie!! solid 9/10.
NathanWin7587 Games
Paramount, can you tell us which day Overlord starts?
Leo Lawrence
Leo Lawrence ヶ月 前
in this movie ed character is a dickhead
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