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From producer J. J. Abrams, watch the official trailer for #Overlord. In theatres 11.9.18.
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ampatau 2 時間 前
A movie for 14-year-old gamers, plot basically stolen from video game themes( thanks COD Zombie's) with no understanding of history or reality...looks like boring shit to an adult.
sAucyboi 82
sAucyboi 82 5 時間 前
Fitz! You’re alive!
Tante Sjaan Biebelot
Tante Sjaan Biebelot 10 時間 前
This was such a dope ass underated film..
T R B 11 時間 前
Whoever decided to use AC/DC's Hell's Bells in the trailer is a genius. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Just Getinthevan
Just Getinthevan 15 時間 前
wow, you live and learn. today I learnt that America had black paratroopers during Operation Overlord. Imagine reading so much about WWII and never hearing of this until now. We live in interesting times.
Adriean Martinez-Lucero
One of the best movies of 2018 it was crazyyy
looks like such a dumb movie. Oh and you have to include the Black paratrooper even though there weren't any in WW2
ShadowEcto 日 前
almost worst case of usinga popular name to sell ur shitty product. seriously the title doesnt even make sense. i dont feel like repeating all those words which can be very creepy but the way they are used it doesnt make it scary but rather gene ric
Geeoh Neechuh
Pretty much just adds to the long, long testament that JJ Abrams is a bad director and writer. I mean for fucks sake the man can't even remember his past films. And you people really wonder why I download your movies for free online.
Zedi gan
Zedi gan 日 前
Great film. Thrilling from the start, action packed, great story writing and acting with some truly, utterly horrific, (and I mean HORRIFIC) scenes.
Michael Campbell
Is there an Andrew Garfield cameo in this? Would be sick.
GuyanaSlim 2 日 前
I didn’t know this movie was tied to the Cloverfield franchise. How cool.
Amazing trunk fresh Production
Wait one question wheres the other soldiers? Did they went to another part of france or something? Its not like there the only ones who survived right
wburhans 2 日 前
it was common for soldiers to be scattered and off course from the chaos. sometimes miles away from their jump target.
Authentiik 2 日 前
Bruh me and my friends had no idea about this movie. We were stoned af and went to the movies and didn't know what to watch and it was 1AM so we were like fuck it and watched this movie. Crazy!
Sajgoniarz 2 日 前
> When you spent too much time at zombie mode in CoD.
jesse fernandez
jesse fernandez 2 日 前
+Faulty Blue why not both
Faulty Blue
Faulty Blue 2 日 前
Sajgoniarz this game doesn’t feel like it was inspired by Cod, I would say it gives off more of a Wolfenstein vibe
xxDeathKnightx 3 日 前
so who's the wise guy that decided to make cod zombies into a movie, but changed the name to make it a bait and switch?
Faulty Blue
Faulty Blue 2 日 前
xxDeathKnightx it doesn’t feel like cod zombies, I would say it gives a Wolfenstein vibe Hell the zombies only pose a major threat like 2 times in the entire film, the rest is sort of a stealth mission from Wolfenstein
SouL 2k
SouL 2k 3 日 前
average movie
Baynos 3 日 前
Good movie, disappointing box office
got banned
got banned 3 日 前
Is this related to cloverfield
Faulty Blue
Faulty Blue 2 日 前
got banned no
Ethan Schaeffer
Ethan Schaeffer 3 日 前
Where is The Bear Jew when you need him??🤔🤔
A.C.E冷漠 3 日 前
Johnnie Black
Johnnie Black 3 日 前
R Rated back in Australia.
Aidan Phillips
Aidan Phillips 3 日 前
This movie is bullshit as no Negro soldier would fight alongside a white soldier in the us military- they should make one about a black unit - now that, would be awesome! Not this bullshit zombie shit
Aidan Phillips
Aidan Phillips 17 時間 前
+Joshua Willis josh the retard cunt what the fuck are u talking about? I didn't know they had to endure the wrath of zombies in ww2
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 2 日 前
Aidan Phillips you need to do more research retard
twistedsith 4 日 前
Piss Off
Piss Off 4 日 前
Another movie ruined by political correctness
Faulty Blue
Faulty Blue 2 日 前
Piss Off it’s a movie about zombies, besides they do make some racist jokes surrounding 2 soldiers being black
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 2 日 前
Piss Off it’s not political correctness you idiot
Braden Watkins
Braden Watkins 4 日 前
It’s not zombies it’s what hitler use to test on people to do experiments
fifing rianto
fifing rianto 4 日 前
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The Pirate Nation
I wonder how many people are aware this is Cloverfield 4
Big 9nine
Big 9nine 4 日 前
Is this CoD WW2 mode zombie??
Faulty Blue
Faulty Blue 2 日 前
Big 9nine no, far from it
Curse GOD
Curse GOD 4 日 前
I'm watching this in Germany in a village
Maximus M
Maximus M 4 日 前
why give whole movie away in the trailer ffs
Black Algae
Black Algae 4 日 前
someone was telling me this is in the clover field cin universe, is that right?
soul elevation96
Going to see this tonight, looking forward to it.
Sam Lazarus
Sam Lazarus 5 日 前
Where’s aniz oowl gown Who cares about this remake movie
pat gamer
pat gamer 5 日 前
Uhh i was searching for papa bone daddy no this shit
IEarnXp 5 日 前
COD in a nutshell
Lincoln Whitehead
Everyone keeps saying best twist in movie but what was the twist fam
Jason Baker
Jason Baker 6 日 前
Yes please count me in
Cristian Berrios
bahaa Qadome
bahaa Qadome 6 日 前
🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸
Rodney Falberg
Rodney Falberg 6 日 前
A film about Nazi Zombies that only had TWO zombies, and one was technically a human/zombie. I gave it a D on an A to F scale. Beginning was good, but middle and end fell flat.
Faulty Blue
Faulty Blue 2 日 前
Rodney Falberg Id give it a B+, it just makes you desiring more, it’s amazing but you don’t feel satisfied enough with the action
Heezay 6 日 前
Is that you Samantha?
Alex Saucedo
Alex Saucedo 6 日 前
This movie is so badass. A solid fuckin 10. So much action. I'm GETTING this when it comes out on DVD. Fuck yeah
greenlighter 21
greenlighter 21 6 日 前
Don’t worry you’re safe in the comments
Christopher Albert
COD WWII zombies mode ??
badjazy 7 日 前
What a shame, thought it was going to be a ww2 movie
badjazy 2 日 前
+Faulty Blue wonder woman was set in world war 1, but it's not a WW1 movie, it's a superhero movie. A world war movie needs to be about the war not something else.
Faulty Blue
Faulty Blue 2 日 前
badjazy which is set in WW2...
badjazy 2 日 前
+Faulty Blue it's a zombie movie
Faulty Blue
Faulty Blue 2 日 前
badjazy I mean it is
Hans Bryne
Hans Bryne 7 日 前
JJ getting sick of people saying movie called cloverfield, but the clover monster barely shown in the movie, so he change the title to overlord lol
Stephen Croft
Stephen Croft 7 日 前
"We couldn't get Wolfensteins rights... but we made it anyway! Enjoy!" Oh I will :D
David Page
David Page 7 日 前
there was not one dull minute in this movie infact i loved every second of it gory fun intense dark great acting funny at times great special effects trust me its a must see one of the best horror movie in the last few years for sure 10 out of 10 for me
Pipito Paerata
Pipito Paerata 7 日 前
So black paratroopers but none in band of brothers? Wtf
frapattack90000 7 日 前
why dont you google it, cus i did and am now too lazy to explain
Zayne Van Bommel
Pity its a wee bit Woke Not one Black soldier served in the US Airborne in WW2 plus when he exited the DC3 his static line hadn't deployed therefore he would of had to deploy his front reserve chute which he didn't was there no military advisor on set what happened Rtd Cptn Dale Dye not available ?
Rod Langlands
Rod Langlands 8 日 前
More Acca Dacca!
Dave Davidson
Dave Davidson 8 日 前
Isn't it funny the Allied troops promoted segregation and rank limitations, During World War II, African-American enlistment was at an all-time high, with more than 1 million serving in the armed forces.[8] However, the U.S. military was still heavily segregated.The marines had no blacks enlisted in their ranks. There were blacks in the Navy Seabees and the United States Air Force (Tuskegee Airmen). The army had only five African-American officers.[8] In addition, no African-American would receive the Medal of Honor during the war, and their tasks in the war were largely reserved to noncombat units. Black soldiers had to sometimes give up their seats in trains to the Nazi prisoners of war...
Faulty Blue
Faulty Blue 2 日 前
Dave Davidson isn’t it funny how there are zombies when there were none in the war
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 2 日 前
Dave Davidson why are you stating the obvious?
BumOn TheCorner
BumOn TheCorner 8 日 前
Presentism much! Blacks and white were put in different units back then. Just because its wrong today doesnt mean we should hide the fact it was done then. That diminishes all that was fought for a gained!
Faulty Blue
Faulty Blue 2 日 前
BumOn TheCorner it’s a movie about zombies, I doubt blacks in a white unit is a major issue
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 2 日 前
BumOn TheCorner blacks and whites were in the same unit during ww2 it was just rare
Lil Kazake
Lil Kazake 2 日 前
sort of. you definitely HD your few ND when it cme to infantry I'd say your wrong I've seen photos of blacks in all water inf units or fighting with. especially on the Pacific theatre out of milo ions of men who died I don't think any of us have the right to determine the answer
Jason Marshall
Jason Marshall 8 日 前
So tired of these bullshit boring zombie movies...
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 2 日 前
Jason Marshall are you retarded?
Lord Frieza
Lord Frieza 8 日 前
I was waiting to see the supreme being, Lord Ainz...but instead i got a bunch of moaning bitches...how typical.
mehmet ilhan
mehmet ilhan 8 日 前
battlefield 5 or call of duty world war live action
Good movie!!!!!
Shady 8 日 前
Looking for the Supreme One Overlord Of Death Ainz Ooal Gown
Mizo GamerML
Mizo GamerML 8 日 前
Is this some kind of rework???? I watched a movie like this although its not completely identical... But sort of smae story... Mercenaries defend a post in the middle of nowhere. Then zombies Nazi happen... Almost kinda same shlt.. but surely would watch this..
Jacob Garcia
Jacob Garcia 8 日 前
Capismama 9 日 前
The bell chime didn't..uh...ring a bell with me (sorry. AWFUL pun) so I thought "Aw crap....a war movie" then HELLS BELLS started playing and shit got real.....I do believe I have got to watch it now.
candyapu3 9 日 前
This movie was actually way better than I thought it was gonna be
RL159_5, Roblox and more!
This isn’t overlord
rapturedpassage 9 日 前
Mathilde Olivier
Lucky me, going tomorow to see this movie 😀😀😀😀
Lord Glonk
Lord Glonk 9 日 前
Trench 11 and now overlord? Gonna be some good horror movies.
Andry Nice
Andry Nice 9 日 前
reirei 9 日 前
who's here becausee of cloverfield?
Went to advance screening This Movie is Insane!!! Dont miss it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
ricardo brito
ricardo brito 9 日 前
Jj your movie suck
oST0LENo 9 日 前
Always have to add in the black man, a female or a homo to make everyone feel safe. Even if this is WWII lmao!
Dylan Nguyen
Dylan Nguyen 10 日 前
Fun Fact: This is Cloverfield 4, but renamed Overlord, I'm serious, check it out.
I can't wait to own the movie.
Gabriel Morgan
Gabriel Morgan 10 日 前
Best trailer EVER!
Danger Noodle
Danger Noodle 10 日 前
Imagine Richtofen appearing in a portal in this movie thinking to himself, “Oops wrong zombie universe!”
Yash Agarwal
Yash Agarwal 10 日 前
A movie trailer with less than 10m views, what a flop
Jarryl Qwanchy
Jarryl Qwanchy 11 日 前
Cristian Miranda
Cristian Miranda 11 日 前
ac dc hells bella! 7w7
P Heresy
P Heresy 11 日 前
"they have (what?) in the (what?)........?????? 2:19
Just You
Just You 11 日 前
It thought it was the anime.
youareonthetube1 11 日 前
Cloverfield part 4
kalaiya m.
kalaiya m. 11 日 前
this movie was fucking INTENSE the entire way through!!! i loved this
Vilkas 11 日 前
Band of brothers V2 nazi zombie apocalypse
mima mai
mima mai 11 日 前
This movie look like the last of us game 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kingzy 12 日 前
Flash Productions
why y’all think this is cloverfield 4
MorningStar 12 日 前
Fitz lives 😂😂😂
Finn Koopman
Finn Koopman 12 日 前
Insane movie, was constantly on the edge of my seat!
Sergio Crow
Sergio Crow 12 日 前
You need Jesus
Thunder Victor
Thunder Victor 12 日 前
This movie is ridiculous and the situations the main characters get into are not believable .Thousands of soldiers were dropped and only four survived .Theirs nothing scary about the story line just the stupid decisions made by the characters in the movie.A waste of money!!
Thomas Le
Thomas Le 12 日 前
Great movie. Sucks that this movie isn’t getting any recognition. One of the most memorable movie for me in a while.
Caramel Gazelle
Caramel Gazelle 12 日 前
Black guy was so stupid
Shadowlurker the Marauder
In another Country with my M1.. not your typical Isekai.
Strider 12 日 前
Whoever picked the song for the trailer needs to be fired
Andrew Ryorai
Andrew Ryorai 12 日 前
Anyone else notice SQUARE windows on the planes?
The Rockstar
The Rockstar 12 日 前
Reminds me of COD WW2 zombies
Just came back after seeing this movie today, wow *was I impressed!!!* from characters, plot, CGs, friendships, story-build-up, everything you need in a fantastic movie, this movie has got it all. I highly recommend it, for someone that doesn't like horror/torture films, this film does have quite a bit jumpy/gory scenes, but it is what makes the movie great. Do watch!
THIS WAS A WONDERFUL MOVIE!!! everything from acting/plot/gory/war/fighting/romance/friendship is included in one movie. This movie is intense and keeps you on your toes throughout!! Will definitely see again! you will not regret it!!!
capo_l .32
capo_l .32 13 日 前
Cod zombies irl😂😂😂