Our Cats :3

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How many cats do you need to have before you're known as the 'crazy cat lady?'
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So all of your cats are strays hmmmf ...
-WaddlingDoggo 26 分 前
BONGO CHAT NOIR- om I’m sorry woof woof I do not say meow I am not a cow..
Leon H.
Leon H. 26 分 前
You Said one of you're cats was named pepsi i have a cat named coke 😂😂😂
oddct999 26 分 前
I fell sorry for him
Y1f2n H.D
Y1f2n H.D 26 分 前
"Man I can't believe I did a whole video on cat and didn't even say the word pu-" oml James 🤦‍♀️😂
jacks cool tv shows studios
R.I.P gorgie
TSS Zakku
TSS Zakku 26 分 前
Wut. First on trending?
ItzShadowHyper 26 分 前
I hate cat becuz cat kill my parrot I love them =
Fae ndal
Fae ndal 26 分 前
I had chiweenie and he jumped in front of a car on 4th of July and three days later my childhood dog a Pomeranian died cancer
Astro Space Industries
Noah Fortnite YT
Noah Fortnite YT 27 分 前
I used to have 11 cats and also im also am i little allergic to cats too
Mikewolfy anìmé
Lunar from it’s funneh >:O
Melita Petraityte
What the purr my cousin has a black cat named Pepsi Huh...but still good video
LunaFlareFox 27 分 前
Tabby calicoes are called caliby :I
Michael Ramos
Michael Ramos 27 分 前
R.I.P Georgie I also thought it was good
Kiara Johnson
Kiara Johnson 27 分 前
Nice!!! #1 on TRENDING!!!!💕🎉
Aussie YT
Aussie YT 27 分 前
9:13 itsAlexClark vs TheOdd1sOut in Chess Boxing. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cats,on,a,clock Studios
Now I’m sad that Georgie is gone. R I P Georgie
Vishal Mishra
Vishal Mishra 27 分 前
I just love you.. I think if you cared about it viewers .. love me.. feature the name VISHAL
ItzShadowHyper 28 分 前
Omg look at all those view..... More then pewdiepie :/
Noah Fortnite YT
Noah Fortnite YT 28 分 前
I lovw cats james
RT 66
RT 66 28 分 前
My apologies for what happened at Rewind 2018. I hope your taking things better.
Alma Carreno
Alma Carreno 28 分 前
whats your spirit cat? count how many letters your first name has then look below to discover what your cat would be 3/4:blonde cat 5/6:nyan cat 7/8:black or trained cat what was your spirit cat?
Midnight \ TPB
Midnight \ TPB 28 分 前
1:25 but then you like bee’s 🐝 XD
Krince Quiambao
Krince Quiambao 28 分 前
Who else Loves Dog?
Braylon 28 分 前
Why the hell is this #1 trending??....... Everyone go watch the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer!!!! So much better than this
Tj hagen
Tj hagen 28 分 前
Wait the odd1s out was finally any fortnite tournament
Kylan Eldredge
Kylan Eldredge 28 分 前
Rip George that's so sad
God 28 分 前
I'm sorry, I must unsub. You were in rewind :(
Lps ClayKittenz
Lps ClayKittenz 28 分 前
My cat was sitting next to me whilst I was watching this 😂 I FREAKING LOVE CATS!!! :0
L i z z i e
L i z z i e 28 分 前
Narek Bekzatyan
Narek Bekzatyan 29 分 前
Congratulations on the #1 on trending!!
Jaylyn Garrett
Jaylyn Garrett 29 分 前
Uh why is this #1? 🙅🏼‍♂️
i need one subscriber
Espi’s club Of adventure and gaming and vlogs
Georgie noooo😭😭😭😭😭😭
Cringy XD
Cringy XD 29 分 前
RIP Georgie!
Rose Medicine Crow
You should make a dog video 🐶🐶🐶
zeno 71
zeno 71 29 分 前
OMG the cat puns
Yep, I’m allergic
Rødramix 30 分 前
*Then one day!*
Alexander C08
Alexander C08 30 分 前
Nice ur 1 on trending
mitch16109 30 分 前
I’m allergic to cats
Cykon Dacot
Cykon Dacot 30 分 前
dis is cute pwp
Thunderbolt Z
Thunderbolt Z 31 分 前
R.I.P GEORGIE. She's running in the clouds now. HOW PURRRRFECT (why did i do a cat pun?)
Mario's gaming vids
Number 1 on trending :O
Oof 31 分 前
Awww Georgie I am so sad 😭😭😭😭😭
Đỗ Hữu Toàn
Jodai Ortega
Jodai Ortega 31 分 前
Ahem! TheOdds1Out seems like YOU were in JPvid rewind
Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner 31 分 前
I have a cat and after seeing this video, I’m now scared for her
Not Damon
Not Damon 31 分 前
I love cats and I’m sorry about your pets
Michael Stevanovic
"Maybe this is what love feels like"
dj_tek323 Lol
dj_tek323 Lol 32 分 前
I’m allergic to cats and it’s a pain cause your eyes do get watery and and a runny nose
Ridhai Srinivasan
You helped me trough depression thx
Willow Grace
Willow Grace 32 分 前
This is how you know when you're old you will be living with 30 cats.
Jikan Gel
Jikan Gel 33 分 前
Shady looked alot like my Cat i had Growing up only fatter. So many Memories from My dad Cutting a deal to take her to the Vet (She hated going in the cat carrier so much that any exposed skin would be a bloody mess) with his brother for Borrowing the car for a couple of weeks to her refusing to chase the rat that got in our house one day. Ironically she was the same age as me My dad let me basically own her when i was 14. Just after Christmas in 2014 she got really ill and got Pancreatitis. She pulled through at 18 years of age to keep on going until just before the Easter weekend just a month after her 19th. when she broke her leg. She was hiding when i wasn't looking and i knew it was the wise choice but to put her down. We made a little Garden for her and i put her Ashes in the garden. Got a new Cat a month after who was a rescue as a stray a 2 year old Himalayan. He crawled onto my Little brothers lap and purred away and we were sold. RIP Ally March 23, 1996-April 2nd 2015
Lego Freaks
Lego Freaks 33 分 前
Thelegend _35
Thelegend _35 33 分 前
0:04 lol we got Nyan Cat, Bongo Cat, Night Mind, and Baby Cat
115DELDE 33 分 前
JPvid rewind was "okay". The "animation" section was literallu what made me like it a lot. The Gaming spot was fine as well but there are more games than just fortnite. Speaking of Fortnite, Ninja isnt even a youtube person he is a twitch streamer. Will Smith as much as I like the man is also not a youtuber, same goes for all the damn late night shows. No Paul brothers, nor the KSI vs Logan fight reference so that's a bonus. AND ALL HAIL JAIDEN FOR THAT SICK PEWDIEPIE REFERENCE. Im glad Felix wasnt in rewind because like he stated last year, he doesnt like rewind anymore because its more political than anything (not literal politics but you know what I mean). The Mukban or whatever its correctly written was cool. Asia has to represent. Spain was also represented so Im happy with that as well. I dont hate the work that people did to make rewind, I just hate the people who are sitting at the top looking at the creators with a magnifying glass. Anyway. Dont want to start a conversation about rewind here. LOVE your videos dude, keep the amazing work and hope to see your animation/comic life prosper.
meme king
meme king 33 分 前
right now in my house i have 7 *CATS* :3
Carlos Moran
Carlos Moran 33 分 前
Who saw this before it was trending? I saw it before it was trending.
The Kawaii Potato
one of my cats screams in a window from time to time. it's so loud.
Ruby Alexopoulos
Ruby Alexopoulos 34 分 前
So happy for James. It’s number 3 on trending. That’s amazing
ZackMCPlayz 34 分 前
communist cat
Xirtual 34 分 前
Calico should be named Calicat
FunGi Mushroom
FunGi Mushroom 35 分 前
Congrats for first trend
gatcha molly
gatcha molly 35 分 前
No Georgie:( I'm sorry for your loss (´。;ω;`)
Uffeli 35 分 前
5:53 I am so disappointed in myself I actually laughed at that
Thelegend _35
Thelegend _35 35 分 前
*_This was James Mom approved_*
moshi moshi
moshi moshi 35 分 前
Am I the only that cried when he mentioned Georgie died 😭😭😭
pro dude
pro dude 35 分 前
Why does the mom sound like Benson from regular show
MiksuGenji 35 分 前
You really are a furry now
AlexStealsMemes 35 分 前
“I’m bisexual for animals”.... *FBI OPEN UP*
_Pink Wolff_
_Pink Wolff_ 35 分 前
ThePizzaKid Fields
Number 1 trending again
vinetari 36 分 前
2018 Rewind was meh
Reaper The Gamer
Reaper The Gamer 36 分 前
Press F to save a cat/dog....
David Nissen
David Nissen 36 分 前
I have 2 cats 🐈 and they are awesome 😎
General Atomics Gaming Co. Main Hub
You're JPvid Cringe-Wind.
SurvivalRoyale 37 分 前
My cat is called Luna :D
Gulay Øzturk
Gulay Øzturk 37 分 前
20 USD for A shirt is so much. My parents would never buy it
Maliki Hernandez
Maliki Hernandez 37 分 前
Btw check out my JPvid channel and help me get to 50 subs
100 Subs Without Vids?
SlippyTheTurtle 37 分 前
2018 and can't animate functioning mouth animations
Daniel Wium Skov 6D Sejs Skole
The animated parts saved the intire thing.
Park Angie
Park Angie 37 分 前
RIP Georgie 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜
Hazza Plays
Hazza Plays 38 分 前
I hate cats because I'm ellergic
:D 38 分 前
Title sounds like communist propaganda
Gamez 24
Gamez 24 38 分 前
william._. wallace101
Rip George 🙁
Maliki Hernandez
Maliki Hernandez 38 分 前
He should play fortnite. Like if you agree 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Möth Lämp
Möth Lämp 38 分 前
This deserves to be on trending number 1
AnnKNEE :3
AnnKNEE :3 39 分 前
“I’m bisexual for animals” ~James 2018 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
Pixelated 28 分 前
big round of applause.
someone 39 分 前
Dw James u were the only good part ❤
Jessika Saavedra
Jessika Saavedra 39 分 前
Vipen pøe
Vipen pøe 39 分 前
I have 7 cats
bowser power HD
bowser power HD 39 分 前
I love cats
TaylorMT 39 分 前
When my mom was a kid she got a pug and named it...pug. He was pug the pug. That poor dog. It was great. XD
Tabletop Games
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