Origin - Ep 1 "The Road Not Taken"

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The passengers wake up on board the Origin, abandoned in space. They search for other survivors, but find something else entirely.
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PS4 Gameboys
PS4 Gameboys 11 分 前
bobby ok
bobby ok 19 分 前
No Romanian Subtitle !
Juan Pons
Juan Pons 58 分 前
There is an error. At The begginging when they show the ship, centrifugal force would make him pushed towards his ceiling. Instead of that he is just stand up as there were gravity underneath him. Very silly mistake...
Fernando Loayza Loayza Aviles
Alguien q hable español
brayitan velez
brayitan velez 2 時間 前
Algún me puede decir de que se trata la serie?
Rafael cientista
Rafael cientista 4 時間 前
Very good!
Oddish 6 時間 前
i love the tokyo cyberpunk god damn they did a good job
Patrice De Mabaraud
Patrice De Mabaraud 7 時間 前
Trop copié sur Matrix le début... 😐😑😕🙁☹😠😡
Maite Llorente
Maite Llorente 7 時間 前
Está en español?
Series engna ind Malayalis undakil para
Isabel Tanner
Isabel Tanner 12 時間 前
Tom Felton’s voice in an American accent is not only spot on, but also sounds a lot different then I expected it to be.
Isabel Tanner
Isabel Tanner 12 時間 前
They brought back two actors that played my two favorite characters from Harry Potter, Draco and Nymphadora 💚💛
jeyson ramirez
jeyson ramirez 18 時間 前
El audio en español latino 😪😪😪🔥
Mark Shepphard
Mark Shepphard 23 時間 前
FFS Harry I told you to pull out
Cristina Rijo
Alguien aquí habla español ?
Christian Stellacci
si la estructura gira para simular gravedad el piso tendría que estar en el techo. la fuerza centrífuga los pegaría a la pared externa del cilindro.
Michael Williams
He probably believes in Hell now.
Krzysztof Derebecki
Kiedy po polsku?
Patrick Toet
Patrick Toet 日 前
Yeah lets push buttons we dont know what they do while we are in the vacuüm of space. Stupid serie
Oskar Krekora
Please add Polish subtitles.
Commander Tara
Lost + Pandorum. Cool for me! ❤️
Jason White
Jason White 2 日 前
In the future we have advanced biostasis but cant figure out how not to drop people on to the floor.
Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller 2 日 前
Is this series worth getting into??
Jhordan speedcuber
Sera Que lo pueden traducir a español se ve interesante la serie
Gabriel Henrique
Bacana 👍
claudio costa santos costa santos
claudio costa santos costa santos
Yash Rai
Yash Rai 3 日 前
Duplicate of the movie Passengers
Average Player
Average Player 3 日 前
Lake 42
Lake 42 3 日 前
Bit different to Hogwarts
trev third
trev third 3 日 前
So basically after decades of denying climate change the elites have pushed humanity's hope for a sustainable, survivable future past the point of no return... secretly however, they knew this and had been planning an evacuation to a planet 5 light years away to start over; a tabula rasa. Of course only a privileged few would qualify. Would you like to come aboard?
Xp 4 日 前
Did this lead chick Lana never she The Thing or Aliens? When you see someone's body contort like that you GTFO!!
Yarik YA Rom
Yarik YA Rom 4 日 前
*Супер фільми......лайкуємо і пітписуємо один одному.....100%відповідь*
Nascemos Ateus
Nascemos Ateus 4 日 前
Bem legal
Piltz 4 日 前
Brak języka polskiego :(
YeetSkeet Lit
YeetSkeet Lit 5 日 前
I finished this show like 3 months ago, probably more and now I'm waiting for a season 2 to come out, but in the mean time, I'm going to rewatch the entire show again 👌
Жора Крыжовников
Путин верни пенсию казел !!!
Guía Viajera USA
I came here by accident. Now I want to see next episode 😱
Ketjow3 6 日 前
Please add polish subtitles to all shows in JPvid Originals.
Er Migue
Er Migue 6 日 前
Por que no está doblada al castellano? Es el segundo idioma del mundo.
ayush panday
ayush panday 7 日 前
Please come back with season 2. I am a huge fan of origin series.
clobbyhops 7 日 前
Real nice of them too treat their travelers in such a respectful way, by dropping them out a tube 8 feet up from the floor 👌
Foxiepaws ACAnderson
Wow! He is gorgeous! Shun that is!
Will Reddish
Will Reddish 7 日 前
I still think impulse was the best show on JPvid originals
Mensagens para você
Algum brasileiro assistindo 🇧🇷🙋🙋?
Candi Heksch
Candi Heksch 8 日 前
I love the accents, Tom and Natlia 😂
vincelle cairncross
Wow I just now developed a phobia!!!
응아니야 8 日 前
오랜만이야 말포이
Randy Fernandez
Randy Fernandez 9 日 前
Alguien más de Rd
Clash TrasH//BB
Clash TrasH//BB 9 日 前
Тоже ищещь русский коментарий чтобы ютуб добавил русскую озвучку?
ZumBaO Lil
ZumBaO Lil 9 日 前
El único chileno con yr Premium y que pasa gile klo
Robert222 Lewis
Robert222 Lewis 9 日 前
'Osha' from GoT has the most gorgeous eyes! omg
Lil Grizly
Lil Grizly 9 日 前
I'm loving these JPvid shows! Lol
Enmanuel Gomez
Enmanuel Gomez 9 日 前
What about Spanish? 😓😓😓😓😓😓
Johab Cardoso
Johab Cardoso 10 日 前
Esperando a segunda temporada!
La Ki113r
La Ki113r 10 日 前
5 stars
Jimin Son
Jimin Son 10 日 前
Venisha biggest dumfuck, so glad she got flush out of an airlock!!!
Isaac Ledezma
Isaac Ledezma 10 日 前
Está muy buena!!! Full recomendada
Noya Lama
Noya Lama 10 日 前
Did I just hear ppl here talking about Draco???Draco???? Omg😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Now I got to see this..
Eduardo Belém
Eduardo Belém 11 日 前
pegue a sua sere e impulda nu cú
Vivi M
Vivi M 11 日 前
Y’all rlly just use my boi Tom for click bait like that?
Innovasion Classes
The chapter I read in class 9th Road not taken by Robert Frost
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez 12 日 前
lastima que no tengan doblaje .... me da paja leer subtitulos en mi movil
Hannes 12 日 前
german pleas!!?
Yaneev T
Yaneev T 12 日 前
OMG decide already which side is UP, gravity-wise. first few minutes, and it's already the cheapest, worse kind of sci-fi flick. then from the outside we see one ring on each "rotator" - how can you have multiple "levels" on that? facepalm.
DR. ViCKY 12 日 前
Dubb in hindi
Макаров Сергей
Фильм более менее нормуль.. Концовка интересна... Но растянут... И мало движухи... Но смотреть чутка можно...
Maxxis 12 日 前
Nope. Lame.👎
Klot Eliass
Klot Eliass 13 日 前
السلام عليكم، أتمنى فُرْجة مُمْتِعة للكل، كيف ما كان عِرْقُه ، وَدِينُه، وأي بَلَدْ يَنْتمي إلَيْه، كُلُنا إخْوة في الله، وكُلُنا أَبْناء آدَم وحواء..نريد السلام في هذا العالم، الجميل 👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹
Миха Изотов
Блять эта рефлексия с первых минут выбешивает. Ну сдох типок из-за несчастного случая, и хули? Всё, пиздец, истерика ебаная.
Fran jaime
Fran jaime 13 日 前
I can't believe you canceled it!
Ahmet Ecmel
Ahmet Ecmel 13 日 前
Danii :v
Danii :v 14 日 前
Tama Edwards
Tama Edwards 14 日 前
Anyone else see at @28.06 random curtain and @28.13 camera on the right 😂😂
Pago youtube premium para q esta joda no este en español 😒 que chafa
Sweet El
Sweet El 14 日 前
wowowowowowow. Amasu
슬리슬리 14 日 前
!?!?!??!?!? Malfoy?!?!?!??!?
Camilo Restrepo
Camilo Restrepo 15 日 前
All the fuuu serie is up side down
Jasmine Molenaar
Jasmine Molenaar 15 日 前
Saw Tom felton in the thumbnail I drop.everything lol
Наталья Цыбрий
47 мин какой то хрени 😣
Faith Fonseka
Faith Fonseka 15 日 前
Ashley Sharp
Ashley Sharp 15 日 前
*Sees Malfoy and Tonks.... Screams so loud in happiness*
JCruzify1 15 日 前
Once again another free episode. After three episode, JPvid will stop playing episodes till you buy the premium for the whole viewing.
TheMrBmurray 16 日 前
I'm in the latter part of the series right now, if I can say anything there is only one thing criminal about it...the fact it is the only credit for Sen Mitsuji. I hope he gets over with this push and gets more credits to his name, guy has potential.
- inseonity -
- inseonity - 12 日 前
And seeing people been mentioning tom/malfoy more than him...... It's as if he's not there. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
CobaltBlueVision 16 日 前
Reminds me of Deadspace
Mark Grubbs
Mark Grubbs 16 日 前
Just found out you tube has cancelled origin, so there will not be a second season. That just sucks.
Tony Baldessari
Tony Baldessari 16 日 前
Interesante... veremos como sigue.
Kuwla Lala
Kuwla Lala 17 日 前
i like it.. keep it up youtube
Vally 18 日 前
Can someone explain the death of the guy who fell off the pole?
Erin Dow
Erin Dow 18 日 前
Halo 🤔
Surrogated 19 日 前
My view isn't a view, and my comment is only this. I wasn't given a choice cause I wasn't able to shut it up and so whilst trying I'm here. A misclick.
Titoux TV
Titoux TV 20 日 前
trop bien
Eric Henry
Eric Henry 20 日 前
Trump could never ask to see this movie.
Mr. Averag3
Mr. Averag3 20 日 前
Who is tom?!!?
Liam Durkan
Liam Durkan 20 日 前
torjalfa 21 日 前
If this serie get a real ending, and not a cliffhanger as most of the other app mostly show us, I may consider JPvid premium too, maybe. The increase of annoying ads, even if it increase more than today, I don't care enough to pay to get an ads free video streaming. Only series without cliffhangers, may do the trick.
JK Gaming
JK Gaming 22 日 前
Sen mitsuji for spike spiegel
Markdoping92 Arapbek
Поставь мне американца пусть русский язык подумает что я что-то оринальное написал.
Claudio Vi
Claudio Vi 23 日 前
we want the second season!!!
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