Origin - Ep 1 "The Road Not Taken"

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The passengers wake up on board the Origin, abandoned in space. They search for other survivors, but find something else entirely.
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у ра!
у ра! 時間 前
ㄹㅇ루다 숨죽이면서 봤네...
Podvodnik 328
Podvodnik 328 2 時間 前
такая шляпа. клише на клише.
Sófi AlterMŏŏn
Sófi AlterMŏŏn 2 時間 前
Omg! Tom, Natalia! I really love this serial!!!!! Боже мой, как приятно видеть Фелтона и Тену!!!! Сериал просто что-то!
mickeil keil
mickeil keil 3 時間 前
11:46 they are up side down ... hard to understand this mistake
APPLE PAD 3 時間 前
Faritz Maghribi
Faritz Maghribi 3 時間 前
Draco Malfoy, here you're play now....
傻的啊, 6 時間 前
Hong kong?
Esperanza Savala
Esperanza Savala 7 時間 前
Tom felton
Teo Imoto-Tar
Teo Imoto-Tar 7 時間 前
Portal 3???!
Teo Imoto-Tar
Teo Imoto-Tar 7 時間 前
Ironically. Nani?
Gizelia Teles
Gizelia Teles 7 時間 前
Oops Legend
Oops Legend 7 時間 前
Isn't that guy in the thumbnail Julian Albert from the flash?
보라색목소리 7 時間 前
Ruben alejandro muñoz Sanchez
Pico pal que lee¡¡¡
Daniella Kalil
Daniella Kalil 9 時間 前
tiago gravina
tiago gravina 9 時間 前
jhonson olvera
jhonson olvera 10 時間 前
es de terror esto o pex???
WaVe ScOpE
WaVe ScOpE 12 時間 前
Of german ?
M Reynolds
M Reynolds 12 時間 前
It's a live action video game.
Brian Shim
Brian Shim 13 時間 前
They should be standing upside-down on that ship. If it’s sf then pay a little attention plz. It bothers me every time when they are shown standing on the actual ceiling.
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Лако Талина
Лако Талина 14 時間 前
Где перевод,бараны?
Ana Valeria Trigos Bejarano
A Malfoy always be a Malfoy...
Sujan Sivagurunathan
Sujan Sivagurunathan 14 時間 前
Vel Moorugan
Sujan Sivagurunathan
Sujan Sivagurunathan 14 時間 前
Ralph Schurade
Ralph Schurade 14 時間 前
So they have rings for gravity but stand on the inside and the elevator shaft seems to have artifical gravity. If they have artificial gravity rings are stupid.
William Bedon
William Bedon 14 時間 前
La morrita que hiperventilaba aguanta!
bad_wulf 15 時間 前
Now youtube has originals
Predador Fit
Predador Fit 15 時間 前
A ideia é boa, porém sem realismo O problema das séries hoje em dia é não ter realismo como Spartacus por exemplo
Zorro Lorro
Zorro Lorro 16 時間 前
nice setting! German sync?
GAMINGwith STAVAGE 16 時間 前
Tom Felton 💞😍
Ruby Queenfly
Ruby Queenfly 16 時間 前
The start is 80% like passangers
Light Shakirova
Light Shakirova 17 時間 前
Сериал интересный? Стоит смотреть???
fatih demirkaya
fatih demirkaya 17 時間 前
Türkçe alt Yazı olsa izlerdim
Евгений Чечнев
Могли бы перевести
Ingrid Zafra
Ingrid Zafra 17 時間 前
el dubshero VR
el dubshero VR 17 時間 前
asustado malfoy?
Luc Beaulieu
Luc Beaulieu 18 時間 前
Wow that sucks big time.
Edou100 18 時間 前
JFAirplane 18 時間 前
Will there be a season 2 ??
Brian Warner
Brian Warner 18 時間 前
So are we pretending he is Japanese or American or...? His voice is annoying for sure.
Robert Maki
Robert Maki 19 時間 前
I am from the Nexus constellation
Саша Журбенко
Háeder 20 時間 前
thumbnail looks like ninja
Luis Carrillo
Luis Carrillo 20 時間 前
Awwwwww malfoy and tonks are actually bonding after the second war
Dri Carvalho
Dri Carvalho 21 時間 前
Estou completamente apaixonada pela série. Ja assisti a primeira temporada.. ansiosa pelas próximas ❤
Uiliam Florentino
Uiliam Florentino 21 時間 前
Chong Wang
Chong Wang 21 時間 前
Stop playing that stupid dumb lame commercial
Uiliam Florentino
Uiliam Florentino 21 時間 前
vigdis accapel
vigdis accapel 21 時間 前
япошка то секси
Zeza Cunha
Zeza Cunha 21 時間 前
11:03 Intel so expensive , going for AMD xd
юмористическая четверка
Подписывайся на канал к нам.начинаем снимать годный контент.будет смех на целый день
Mordecai Banda
Mordecai Banda 22 時間 前
The visuals are on point.
YouTube 22 時間 前
Legal, e Bonito.
Anastasiia Gavrilash
Anastasiia Gavrilash 23 時間 前
I like it so much, watched all 10 episodes in one day.
Юлия Дырова
Еще не успела просмотреть.
Xpert Mil
Xpert Mil 日 前
Куды я попала ? Одни иностранцы))
Thumra Beldeiti
This is just a remake of the thing
45:42 *Get Out: Intergalactic Edition*
28:11 Hogwarts reunion!
The first guy reminds me of Joji + Devon Bostick.
Draco Malfoy and Nymphadora Tonks!
She looks like Nymphadora Tonks. Edit: She *IS* Nymphadora Tonks!
I had to wash my eyes from that shitty Passengers movie.
Düşük FPS
Düşük FPS 日 前
Why no turkish
Juan Carlos Rico Diaz
El subtitulaje ibérico es involuntariamente cómico para América Latina (sin ofensa) "Me cago en la leche" ¿que qué? Por lo menos, identifiquen localización del usuario... o intenten un punto medio...
No Name
No Name 日 前
4:07 I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help thinking the spaceship looked like a huge floating lamp.
Jhonatan Lamilla
No se si es mi celular o los subtitulos no estan muy buenos
Everyday Apple
25 minutes in. I think I'll stick around for a bit and see where this is headed. 🤔
Erick Urtes
Erick Urtes 日 前
How you get Richard Hammond from top gear on your show
Pamela Carolina
Meu Deus que povo burro aperta o botão sem nem saber oque e 17:20
Drago Norka
Drago Norka 日 前
just plain predictable and down right BAD.
Ruski Gamer
Ruski Gamer 日 前
dude this is a passengers rip off
Justin Brooks
I don't even much be leaving comments but I'd rather leave one the black guy who said he going to stay I like that finally a Niger with a brain but that white b**** stupid as f*** how how the f*** is Google going to edit fuc and let me say Niger I said n i g g a and Google spell Niger
Nas 日 前
Thumbnail looks like he's been snortin some of that work
Κωνσταντίνος Παπαγεωργόπουλος
Watch this just because of Tom
Narumi Toyoi
Narumi Toyoi 日 前
I'm just here because....Tom Felton😍💕
Tim A.
Tim A. 日 前
interessant und könnte Potenzial für ein gutes Abenteuer sein !
Zeek M
Zeek M 日 前
I didn't know the Yakuza spoke such good english.
Christian Jiménez
Cristiane Nogueira
Estão gostando
Christian Sibbald
Great to create!
redubla bits
redubla bits 日 前
BRASIL | BRAZIL | Βραζιλία | Բրազիլիա | Бразілія | ಬ್ರೆಜಿಲ್ | 巴西 | BRAZÍLIA | An Bhrasaíl | BRASILIEN | БРАЗИЛИЯ.
Lilli Meiying
Umm... is that Dracono???? 😔🤔🤔🤔🤔In Harry Potter???(yes it is)😢 I MISS HARRY POTTER SOOOO MUCHHHH😭😭😭
ameenation 日 前
AMAZING STORYBOARDING the artist behind this is awesome
hermione granger
15:32 “Didn’t ask your opinion, you filthy little mud blood” in the words of Draco Malfoy haha
Борис Силоян
Жанр :фантастика , триллер, ужасы.
Sans 日 前
El men de la miniatura sale en flash creo que es la 3 temporada
Flavia Bayona
Draco eres tu ?:v
Leonid Zaleckiy
Где видео на русском? Заебали
Kleverton Santtos
Cader a porra do Brasil nos comentários?
Jaxon Bieber
Jaxon Bieber 日 前
Anne Metisha
Anne Metisha 日 前
I got my popcorn ready
Дарья Ставцева
Значит так. Они летели на новую планету . По дороге вьебались в НЛО. Все эвакуировались. А этих забыли, ну бывает. Теперь они прячутся по кораблю от инородной агрессивной фирмы жизни Хреня
Facundo Kalashnikov
Like si eres hispanohablante :)
Scorpions Guess
Muito bom. 🛸🛸👏👏👏👏
2 年 前