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There's nothing a real Villain loves more than facing a real Hero. Today, Dracula is in for a treat.

We thiiiink we've figure out how to use media material without summoning the wrath of JPvid's DMCA-Night-Creature armies. One trade-off is using slowed-down footage. Pro-Tip: watch this video at 1.5x speed for the show's clips to play at approximately the right speed.

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コメント数 3 397
firefool125 6 時間 前
Why is killing of all the species that blithely engages in ecological genocide so that rich abusive, exploiters can gain more wealth bad? Also, he was trying to die, not trying to kill them
rakdos lord of riots
rakdos lord of riots 10 時間 前
Dracula used too be human and the first Belmont new Dracula before he became a vampire and the first Belmont chooses to hunt monster and vampires cause the first Belmont wife was killed by a vampire and then declined to become a vampire when Dracula ask the first Belmont Also the morning star has the soul of the first Belmont wife in it when she died
Jaren Alfred
Jaren Alfred 13 時間 前
My favorite characterization of Dracula is a depressed antihero/ neutral party because he feels he is a true monster, Hellsing the anime does this really well, being a christian who went too far and took power he regrets, not being able to die he becomes bored, losing everyone he could've ever loved like this show also feels similar to that, the sad broken man who sees himself as a true monster.
Sonicelcra 日 前
Lisa: Dracula they don't know what their doing, spare them!! Dracula: Murder it is then
Allie Does Stuff
the way that dracula’s plan essentially became one big suicide mission always hit me
Fandom_Queen 005
27:55 This reminds me of Star Lord for Guardians of the Galaxy. Both Trevor and Quill are beat down guys who fundamentally agree with the antagonists ideology behind their scheme because the world has not been kind to them ("What has this galaxy ever done for you? Why would you want to save it?"). They however can't agree with the method they're executing this ideology: "Because I'm one of the idiots who lives in it!"
Soren Kazaren
And the moral of the story is humanity sucks. XD
Keith Smith
Keith Smith 2 日 前
Yup Dracula is a prime example of high functioning depression.
Not Dante
Not Dante 2 日 前
Arcane is Netflix next big show. You guys will probably enjoy it.
Mr. BDece
Mr. BDece 2 日 前
Off topic, but I love how Alucard fights with his flying sword.
The Trash Mammal King
God, I started crying hearing you guys talk about this show because I absolutely love how it was directed and shown and it was so fantastic. I think it’ll always be my favorite show
nem tudom
nem tudom 4 日 前
I find it perplexing that a show with first two seasons as good as castlevania, that the 3rd and especially the 4th season went so wrong....
nem tudom
nem tudom 4 日 前
I watched the series because of this video I hope you're happy, cause i loved it!
Go Togi
Go Togi 4 日 前
Lisa Lupu has a Romanian name, Lupu means wolf, I wonder if that is used to foreshadow werewolves.
ire 5 日 前
26:25 "he rembers"
Merab Majeed
Merab Majeed 5 日 前
WHY DID I NOT WATCH THIS ON TIME ... I LOVE CASTLEVANIA and knowing that my favorite channel likes the same show ... I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE😭❤❤
MrShark 7
MrShark 7 5 日 前
So I just realized this but in the Bible when Jesus is on the cross he begs God to forgive the people who crucified him as they didn’t know what they were doing, similar to Lisa. No according to the Bible God did forgive everyone but Dracula doesn’t. In fact, biblical no one is free of sin, and Dracula says something similar but God forgive and Dracula condemns. Anyway just thought of that as it’s an interesting parallism that I saw.
Vex jaeger
Vex jaeger 6 日 前
It’s very interesting to see how enraged Dracula was. Like, it shows just how much he loved Lisa. To wanna kill the city that watched her burn AND THEN a year later hold a celebration. Yeah fuck the city. But the ENTIRE PLANET. That level of hate and rage. He must have never felt love like he had with his wife before. And now all that intense emotion switched from positive to negative
Vex jaeger
Vex jaeger 6 日 前
And while in Hell I like to think Dracula UTTERLY savaged anything tormenting his wife. I mean in castlevana Dracula isn’t just a bad ass vampire as much as he is the AVATAR of Darkness that even SATAN is scared off
Vex jaeger
Vex jaeger 6 日 前
2 things I wonder, one. What would hace happened if those crazy priests plan to bring Dracula and his wife back HAD worked. (Well in the end it did) but that early. Honestly I don’t see dracula going on the warpath again he’s got his WIFE back. And honestly I’d imagine he’d put an end to Carmillas schemes
Marlow Morbid
Marlow Morbid 7 日 前
i love that moment in the show where dracula's face appears in the flames of Lisa's end and the religious dude takes a moment to look at the cross in his hand then then proceeds to say "you are not real" LIKE....how fucking poetic. the apt comparison to the way christians behave today when confronted with incredible facts right in front of them
Pioootr 9 日 前
I completly disagree with Dracula playing with food. I see it as a test of humanity. Here is a vampire and human vampire hunter and a mage working together, they symbolise ideas of his wife realized. Dracula is not angry, he wants to be proven wrong he wants to be defeated by and stopped he is tired but he can't stop himself and he can't just give up, so he fights as hard as he can to oppose them but I feel that he hopes that he will be proven wrong, that they will grant him his rest. If he wasn't hoping for death he wouldn't send Isaac away.
Daniel Aikman
Daniel Aikman 9 日 前
Pl ppl
"He has a heart" was that pun?
White92Guy 10 日 前
I want Team Four Star to do an Abridged series but Death remains undubbed because you can't beat his insults.
TrueYellowDart 10 日 前
Every utterance of “motherf*cking Dracula” makes me smile.
Sideways 10 日 前
I came away from season 2 sympathizing with Dracula’s mental health struggle so much that it didn’t really feel like the show was treating him fairly. It all felt very much like the throughline of season 2 went something like “it’s okay that our super sympathetic villain is going to die, because he wants to die anyway”. As somebody who’s been through a similar emotional experience it felt very much like a poorly framed commentary on suicide. In the end Dracula was alone with his son, his spirit and his rage broken, and with no hesitation everybody rushed to end a life with no discussion or closure. If Dracula had only stopped wordlessly for a moment, and Alucard staked him in his only apparent chance, only then for Dracula to cry out that this was his son’s room, the son he was trying to kill - in that case I’d feel the presence of the necessity of it all much more. As is (and admittedly without watching any more yet) it felt like the show was validating a complex character’s suicidal ideation as a deliberate narrative choice. Don’t like.
Alucard looked like he needed a hug the whole time. Emo vampire.
Lemon Le’Fleur
Lemon Le’Fleur 11 日 前
I’ll be honest, I didn’t notice the Red plushie on the chair until she made a noise.
szylaj 11 日 前
If they actualy fled, I think he would just go on melodramatic revenge hunt mission and enjoyed the fuck of killing them one by one, but the whole year of watching them not give a flying fuck probly was what send him over the edge.
Layi Shittu
Layi Shittu 11 日 前
Nah the line "I must already be dead" hit me the most like F, I'm sad then Trevor comes, cuts off his head and I laugh XD
Jay Belmont
Jay Belmont 11 日 前
That line hits when you remember that Dracula was best friends with the first Belmont hunter and the last
Wolfman HCC
Wolfman HCC 11 日 前
Dracula is just 9 PBRs in smacking his son around the house.
AFlamingIdiot 12 日 前
There's also the Blue Fang in the church scene which isn't as deep or complicated emotionally and Blue Fang dies in like the next scene. But it is just also an amazing scene and a great way to kill that world one villain.
Garrett Viewegh
Garrett Viewegh 12 日 前
What I love most about this series, is that it gave us a more sympathetic Dracula. It showed us the man behind the monster. I firmly believe it was his humanity that allowed Dracula to let Alucard kill him. That scene in Alucard’s old room still makes me cry.
Joel Domenichini
Joel Domenichini 12 日 前
You need to retitle this video. I thought you were going to be bullshitting for 30 minutes about one scene and not fully breaking down characters and motivations. This is a positive critique btw, great video!
LiLislander731 13 日 前
Dracula only died cause he allowed it.....
Sage2000 13 日 前
5:24 this is an quote from Jesus when he was being tortured and killed. One of many religious references of a show that actually shows important aspects of religious fanaticism
Jared Tolbert
Jared Tolbert 13 日 前
And then Dracula was defeated by nostalgia.
Incog Neato
Incog Neato 13 日 前
Dracula stating that all of humanity is dogwater because noone stepped up and tried to stop Lisas murder...is 1000% accurate. Period. Humanity is absolute trash. We should be fuckin removed.
brian keith evans
Just realized the trio are the ethos logos and parhos of opposition to dracula
Devan Gladle
Devan Gladle 14 日 前
Can we get a video where you dive down the rabbit hole of trevor and the big bad at the end of season 4. no idea what you would really dive into talking about but i love how you talk about the show and would love to see a video with that scene!
Blackfang08 15 日 前
So funny thing I found in Season 3 (Spoilers if you haven't seen it.) When Saint Germain jumps into the Visitor's head shouting that he can make it control the Infinite Corridor, Trevor comments, "He really is a magician..." which kind of feels like it was intended to mirror that scene.
Sea Wolf
Sea Wolf 15 日 前
Ok this one has me loving y'all, and laughing. Everytime you drop an D,S, or F-bomb; and using the Yoshi "Yum!" Sound to censor the adult language. 🦖( there seriously needs to be a Yoshi Emoji)
DemonDerpz 15 日 前
Dracula was the best written villain I have ever seen in any media
Zero Good Content #Technosupport
“It's your room... My boy... I'm- I'm killing my boy... Lisa... I'm killing our boy. We painted this room. We... made these toys. It's our boy, Lisa... your greatest gift to me... and I'm killing him. I must already be dead...” That moment us up there for the most saddening moments in all of fiction The only time I’ve cried as hard are watching Rock Lee stand up while unconscious and when he talked about how he feels he will alway be a loser and when Rin Tohsaka sees archer’s past and talks about it “in the end his life brought him constant betray”or when archer keeps on say how he killed and killed, again and again and again.
Nate M
Nate M 16 日 前
Did Red really say UH OH THEY GOT MORPH LMAO
Warren Chapoton
Warren Chapoton 16 日 前
Carmilla: I have an army Alucard: We have a Belmont
Landon Hayes
Landon Hayes 16 日 前
saidi7975 17 日 前
I loathe this show...
KixWasHere 17 日 前
1:53 what 'sasuke doing there
Meghan Henderson
Meghan Henderson 17 日 前
Most satisfying death in the series was still season 1, that rat priest.
Azazreal 17 日 前
Imagine, if Lisa hadnt been killed, the technological leap that mankind would have made. All that knowledge ready to be shared and Dracula becoming more willing to teach.
ThiffguyBA 18 日 前
I have a question for these guys. How long is a regular episode of this show? And when we see Dracula mopping, can you add the amount of Time see him moping? Add all the episode numbers and subtract Dracula’s scenes where he *stands there doing nothing!* I hate using this word but it needs to be said: padding! Every scene where Dracula is being a mopey vampire pads out the series. The mood doesn’t help either. When he’s on screen all I feel is sad. I don’t watch shows to be emotional. I wanna have fun with what I watch. That’s what’s important!
Yvaine Stelmack
Yvaine Stelmack 18 日 前
The thing about this fight that is so cool is the audiences' knowledge that Dracula could be just incomprehensibly more powerful. I mean, this was a surprise attack, he hadn't drank any blood for over a year, his entire army had been almost entirely wiped out just previous to the fight, and he still just totally mopped the floors with the heroes. The only reason he died was because he chose too, and even that wasn't until after he was staked, decapitated and incinerated.
anton allison
anton allison 18 日 前
This video got me to watch this show. After the 1st and 2nd seasons I Completely agreed with Dracula.
Ch50304 19 日 前
This is so interesting . The themes are very interesting. I think Dracula was well written and his show 9f emotional grief and despair.
Jordan Simmons
Jordan Simmons 19 日 前
What you were saying about how Dracula used to relish the details but now it's just a task...I don't think it's just because he's been robbed of his one true love. It's inherent to his goal. "I'm going to either kill the entire world, or die trying" is something that doesn't really leave room for showing off. When he's menacing a single town, an element of that is that the people who live in nearby towns will be able to say "did you see the giant face made of fire that swallowed that town? We better not piss off the guy who made the fire face". The point of showing off is having an audience. So when the plan is to either kill everybody, or die...what's the point? Just get it done, march towards the conclusion, whichever way it swings. No point hamming it up.
Space Wizard Pip
Space Wizard Pip 19 日 前
Didn’t think this could have a 39 minute explanation about it but this was a fun ride.
Jude Connor-Macintyre
I don't think the people could have just said this is wrong, because you know they might've been burned as well.
SinHurr 21 日 前
CAREER HIGHLIGHT like they're playing soccer, to the death. Love it.
C Teal
C Teal 22 日 前
Watching a father/son fight...it is uncomfortable 😫.... *Omniman enters the chat*
GraffitiTurtle 22 日 前
You guys should really do one of these videos on Violet Evergarden. On top of its beautiful animation, story, and characters, there should be a lot of content for you to talk about lol
SM Casas
SM Casas 23 日 前
And I believe he says: What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk! Have at you!
Reimei28 23 日 前
I imagine Dracula was pushing the limits to see how far his death march will go, and in so doing if he can really let go of the heart that falling in love with Lisa awakened in him. He may have felt that will numb the pain he feels from missing Lisa. But then Alucard comes on the scene and he represents Lisa and is a fruit of their love. This puts Dracula in a dilemma to choose between his heartless self or to be the man Lisa loved. Dracula clearly loves Alucard as his son. I think Dracula loses because in the end he chooses Lisa's worldview, his son and the human (husband,father,lover) side of himself. Somewhere in the show the vampire captains say Dracula is just wanting to die and using this war as an excuse. Which makes sense. Saving Issac is also a sign of Dracula'e humanity. It's brilliant because this is the best way he can pay homage to Lisa and stay true to Lisa's memory. At any rate he finds someone worth keeping humanity alive for.
Sam Rowett
Sam Rowett 24 日 前
Really loved the analysis. One thing I'd just say, sorry to be pedantic, is that Whitby is in Engand, not Scotland. Other than that, yeah, agreed with pretty much everything you said. Amazing work, always a joy to hear you both so excited about everything.
Cuileth 24 日 前
As sad as it is, I love how Alucard just breaks down sobbing at the very end of S2. It is heart wrenching, as it should, since that is Alucard‘s perspective. Damn I cried so badly for this young man who did not even get a hug after killing his own father.
terrys choccy orange
Dad loses philosophical debate with his son gets but hurt and puts him in a year long coma
Saintly Valor
Saintly Valor 24 日 前
Mathias has always had mercy, he himself didn't even attempt to fight Leon. He let Death handle it, I feel that deep down he has a soft spot for the Belmonts in a way at least.
Johna 4601
Johna 4601 24 日 前
You made me watch this damn show and for that.... Thanks, it was fucking great
Absentia 24 日 前
Dracula after Trevor punches him: Only one clan of humans would be so stupid and balsy enough to try and punch the Lord of Darkness. Belmont! How are you, how's the family?
rileyleftthechat 25 日 前
i need more of these
Aarushi Gupta
Aarushi Gupta 26 日 前
Jake Carroll
Jake Carroll 26 日 前
Reminds me of The Monarch, “My Hatred’s become a job.”
eden creator
eden creator 26 日 前
Welp I cried again, thanks for that. But also it was a very fun discussion so thank you for that too
Gender fluid Spaghetti
Wow I don’t know why I laugh at big black coat, I wonder why
Kat B
Kat B 27 日 前
When you have to skip the last 4 minutes because you're still watching season 4.
Ultrabite 27 日 前
Okay so Dracula named his son Alucard, wich is just "Dracula" backward, does that mean if he had a daughter he would've named her Asil ??
Chika Knight
Chika Knight 27 日 前
On Tumblr I saw a clip of that scene when Trevor is punching Dracula with a squeaky toy as the audio over the hits 🤣 can't unhear it now
alireza omrani
alireza omrani 28 日 前
Finally I found some intellectuals who can properly acknowledge the MASTERPIECE that is *Castlevania*
Moosehound 28 日 前
"I am Vlad Dracula Tepes... AND I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!" gives me shivers, it's such an amazing line delivery.
Wriestheart 28 日 前
"A show that, unambiguously, rules" Except for that bullshit with Alucard at the end of season 3.
Ixbran 28 日 前
One thing I want to mention regarding the fight between Dracula and Alucard is the fact that its been heavily implied Dracula hasn't eaten or drank anything since Lisa's death. Hes been running on nothing but fumes and determination, essentially starving himself this entire time. Its mentioned in passing by I think Godbrand that no one has seen Deacula drink any blood since his council arrived. So while he and Aclucard are fighting Dracula has been severely handicapped, fighting at what could arguably be only 10% or less of his true strength. Though it makes sense since he planned on killing himself in one way or another after humanity was wiped out. Imagine how horribly things could have gone if he was fighting while fully rested and had been eating properly.
sami alivand
sami alivand 29 日 前
I think in season 2 dracula doesn't want to kill humans anymore but he is in a constant conflicr between the old Dracula qho wanted to make a point and the new one which is depressed and has nothing to live for so he tries to kill all people but he also doesn't want it hence why he doesnt plan his attack carefully
jack Hhun
jack Hhun 29 日 前
Most men are killed by love just look at the suicide numbers
Marcusaralius76 29 日 前
I half expected you to use the "God isn't here" scene from the first season
ItsSupermanDoe ヶ月 前
Honestly a whole other one could be the Varney reveal and how they built him up as this joke only to reveal that he's terrifyingly powerful WITHOUT MAKING HIM CHANGE HIS ATTITUDE. Like even at the end he's still Varney but we now understand why he's like that.
mOss boy
mOss boy ヶ月 前
i ugly cried when dracula died, it was such a sad scene and so thematically beautiful i fucking adored it
Lieutenant diamond
Just finished this show, still laughing in wonderful disbelief at the absolute badassery of the ending of the second to last episode. Like what? How? WHAT!?
MLK ヶ月 前
Dracula was like "no one cared.. why should i ?"
R.a.p anime fan
R.a.p anime fan ヶ月 前
My only issues with this series is that I wish Issac was the red head nut case. And then bringing Dracula and Lisa back. That undermined everything for me
Ibrahim Ridley
Ibrahim Ridley ヶ月 前
Do Carmila next!
Nonameless ヶ月 前
So what you're telling me is Alucard is my main pokemon and the other two are my other Pokemon that I trade in when I need to heal my main
Matthew Shiers
Matthew Shiers ヶ月 前
I have to wonder why Dracula wasn't there for his wife when she needed him most as well. He blamed all humanity for not raising a hand to save her from the fire, but if he was able to manifest at the site of her funeral pyre upon her death, why couldn't he show up sooner to stop the slaughter and condemn the church's actions?
Willow Arkan
Willow Arkan ヶ月 前
He had been traveling on foot at her behest to see humanity up close, he was returning to her home when he found out she had been taken and only made it to the city in time to see her skeleton in the pyre. He was too late to save her, he can't be blamed for lacking omniscience.
Volerm ヶ月 前
Dracula really said: "You all have 1 year before the piss ddddroppllletts hit the fucking earth now get out of my fucking sight before I piss on you too." and then actually DID IT.
Amoechick ヶ月 前
So about that 50 minute rant…
Fist Of The Brown Star
Have you guys considered making this a regular segment? Listening to you guys analyze and just discuss a topic is super interesting and fun to listen to.
Andrew Penny
Andrew Penny ヶ月 前
You know what I don't get is why dracula didn't transform.
Andrew Penny
Andrew Penny ヶ月 前
So both dracula and omni man are the same. And if there is a crossover dracula come see omni man in the future.
nexiv ヶ月 前
I'd love too see then do a review of castlevania now that the final season came out
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