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Eight weeks ahead of the midterms, Obama fires up voters by slamming Trump on health care, his soft approach to Nazi sympathizers and the anonymous op-ed leaked out of the White House.
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Kimberly Bradford
And Cali is doing better than the country
yvon acloque
yvon acloque 58 分 前
Too bad he couldn't read a line from his list.
João Nunes
João Nunes 時間 前
this is rather simple...stupid people like those they can relate to...and intelligent people do the same. usually intelligent people believe they aren't that intelligent because they see there is much to learn, stupid people on the other hand because they are so short-sighted, see themselves as VERY SMART GENIOUS...so the big question would be not how many dems or reps are there but how many inteligent and stupid Americans are....
Raspie Aspie
Raspie Aspie 2 時間 前
There are approximately 7 billion people in the entire world, not 500 million. Just saying. Google is too hard for Trump because it means he has to read. I also love how he had four pages full of bulleted items concerning the things his presidency has accomplished, but he didn't bother to read even a single example from the list.
D Johnson
D Johnson 2 時間 前
Trump is a joke,it is really sad to have someone like this trying to run this country.😞boy i sure miss Obama😢
Bonnie Archie
Bonnie Archie 4 時間 前
In a real public setting.With no fucking CNN interviewer.Trump could cremate this guy.With facts and facts only.All Obam has is his nature.Like im such a nice guy..Nothing of note..His polices were all failures..The elderly are way worse off because of his medicare..
Bonnie Archie
Bonnie Archie 4 時間 前
Soon enough CNN will run out of steam.They've already run out of viewers..Then this asshole will be looking for a real job..When journalists return many like him will have nowhere to turn.They already buried every bridge with their all in policy.They have no future. We wont forget their constant torture 24-7..This we hate trump shit that's endless.Their fake ass news that a six yr old would see..You have blinders on but fortunately you're all vastly outnumbered 9-1...
Bonnie Archie
Bonnie Archie 4 時間 前
Fuck you Obama you towel head.Your healthcare systems a wreck you fucking ass..I fucking loathe this cunt..As for noah here monkey boy..You belong in a cage...
Coeli Gonzales
Coeli Gonzales 4 時間 前
You're correct Trevor, I can't sleep every night with Trump in office. BTW, anyone else notice how many Hispanic and Irish ppl stick up for Trump on these comments? They'd be the first to be deported by Trump. Annihilated actually.
Luke Murray
Luke Murray 6 時間 前
Interesting how you mock Trump and yet, in just a very short time he’s done more then Obama could have accomplished in a life time. Trump is going to keep moving forward and remain the president because he’s actually doing his job. Very disappointed in you Trevor. You’ve fallen victim to the lies and deceit of the left.
Dave Tyler
Dave Tyler 7 時間 前
Obama literally bombed 7 different nations. More then bush. He's a warmonger. You guys worship a warmonger. Liberals don't hate war. They love them when a Democrat does it
nathan chernis
nathan chernis 7 時間 前
How much does this guy make to act this out ?
Tom Tru
Tom Tru 8 時間 前
lol , I am so much in love with American politics , the tears , scream , the sound of dying democrats and leftist Americans are so entertaining . Obama couldnt acknowledge the fact that he got his ass kicked badly just like the entire American fake news media .
Rzr1000 Xp
Rzr1000 Xp 9 時間 前
Obama. Your out !! Stop separating the country more.
Rzr1000 Xp
Rzr1000 Xp 9 時間 前
Obama split the country !! You dumb ass stop trying to make money off this shit.
gmjpharmd 11 時間 前
I loved watching Obama speak. Everything he spoke about was said with professional demeanor. I also love watching Trump speak too....they're fucking hilarious.
Ava Reed
Ava Reed 11 時間 前
A lot of people actually didn't vote not exactly because they just don't vote (except some) but because they didn't see fit that any candidate was exactly adequate for the position which meant that we only had a group of opinions. ALSO many people of color did not vote because of a main fact that both candidates were caucasian and of course didn't like the candidates for that election like i said before. (which was also stated when the election was occurring)
Gimpy Nogo
Gimpy Nogo 12 時間 前
This is almost as exciting as a parent/teacher meeting at an elementary school. In fact, it sounds just like a student showing off for mommy: “see, I made a list and it has dots” - “see, I did something for myself” - come to think of it, he talks and acts like one as well. Don’t make him have a temper tantrum!
John Hodge
John Hodge 13 時間 前
Thats not fair to Trump he can not say anything bad about Nazis since he is one of them.
mellonie Walker
mellonie Walker 13 時間 前
I would pay to watch Obama roast Trump.
Jane Herman
Jane Herman 13 時間 前
OBAMA No matter how much you say that the economy started with you it will not make it true, the America people know that it started with President Trump. Remember you said jobs was gone and was not coming back .🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 (JOBS ARE BACK ) GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Cameron Sellers
Cameron Sellers 14 時間 前
Pres Obama doesn’t need to make roasts, got all we need right here.🤣
seventhsinn 15 時間 前
trump 2020
seventhsinn 15 時間 前
these some white ass black folks I can tell ya that fuck if I didn't know he was black hearing him talk 100 percent white...………………
Moosh Room
Moosh Room 15 時間 前
Obama is ummm how should I put this A tard
Hector Quintero
Hector Quintero 15 時間 前
Liberal media trying to control liberal dumbasses. 👎🏻
Delicia Stevenson
Delicia Stevenson 16 時間 前
Trump is the Dumbest white man I've ever seen in my life. Just IGNORANT and STUPID
Gr8bLackdyk 16 時間 前
It’s always nice to see a fucking monkey... point intended
Gr8bLackdyk 16 時間 前
But really tho... do they accept you? I mean being light skin they’ll pick n chosen like a Elementary school game of dodgeball
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T Man
T Man 22 時間 前
Obama vs Trump? No contest. Obama talking about “What’s Trump going to do? Does he have a magic wand”? Trump now bringing back jobs, negotiating new and improved trade deals, ending North Korean nuclear launches, further improving the economy (no question about it), supporting the US Constitution and US citizens, all-time lows in unemployment, etc.
Caryn Harrell
Caryn Harrell 23 時間 前
The Halloween part is people still following this 🤡, now that's scary!!!!!
Bob Woods
Bob Woods 日 前
Fuckin lying bastard Kenya born Muslim. Say what you want he will fuck us until they occupy Washington and he greets them and they throw him from the roof as is their religious belief. That will be a day to remember.
Sofia Tomasello
Walfrido Fraticelli
Trump is no speaker.
Karen Nobles
Karen Nobles 日 前
D.T. And so is his followers are foolish.
Santanu DasGupta
What is this? IELTS?
I wager there's about a 50% possibility that the words following those "dots" are just lorem ipsum. Also I really really really hope Trump knows there's not 500 million people in the U.S.
Chuck Kady
Chuck Kady 日 前
Oct 15, 2018 ~ Attention American's 50 yrs and younger that went to public school. You are of the dumbed down that weren't taught Civics, Real US history or world history. It wasn't your fault. Remember this plz. Learning is everyone's responsibility. You see School properly taught teaches us all how to learn and how to apply what we learn. // The Mob is the pawns of the CFR used as battering rams to overthrow the USA and then elect the George Soros Officials to erase our Constitution and our Bill of rights. // Their Goal is to establish Socialism. // Under Socialism the Government regulates the People!!!! The commoners can't have a business and not own property! // Why do you think the Unworthy are on Welfare and food stamps? It gets their votes to over throw our near 300 yr old Republic. // without a Constitution written like ours the Officials will vote in their leaders not representatives! // Wake Up America was a book written back in the 1960s. It exposes the CFR. Look um up under Illuminati!!! // If your a Christian. Read "The Late Planet Earth by Hal Lyndsey! It will expose the Mob leaders such as the Deep State! // I dare you to do the research and write back// "VOTE RED OR AMERICA"S DEAD"
Kuldeep Jagpal
Trump is winning all the times.
Cliff Keller
Cliff Keller 日 前
My freedoms are at stake!! If the Demorats win then we are all SLAVES!! Where do you think the Democratic Party came from?? Idiots!! Know YOUR HISTORY!!!!
Cliff Keller
Cliff Keller 日 前
Cliff Keller
Cliff Keller 日 前
Don’t watch TV
Jay pea loveliest
Hey, let me give you all something to think about. When a person wants to draw attention away from something what do they do? You do something of equal or greater distraction. We all better not only be afraid, but keep your eye on the man behind the curtain! Keep up on all current events and for God's sake stop letting people tell you what not to watch like trump always tells his supporters to only watch fox and they obey. Pure stupidity!
Jay pea loveliest
I love it when people show side by side a intellegent president with class, next to a circus clown who can barely read, if I were that clown I'd be saying President Obama's name every day too. It's the only intelligent thing he says in a 24hr period!
pp Claped
pp Claped 日 前
Obama taking credit for Trump’s economy, that’s rich. Obama couldn’t run a lemonade stand. Flash poll, who do you think has a bigger dick, Obama or Michael. I’m guessing Michael.
#MAGA You fucking soyboys
Dame Kennedy
Dame Kennedy 日 前
Well Obama beat Hillary and Hillary got more votes than Trump. Seems simple enough
Lai Dee
Lai Dee 日 前
What’s really sad is that I live in California currently receiving unemployment benefits made an attempt to apply for health care /medi-cal And was told I earn too much to receive free or even affordable healthcare FUCK TRUMP!!
How many of those bullet points (dots) were just his Electoral College wins?
onlyfacts 日 前
the fact that libbys cannot sleep is awesome .When you aholes are resting well we know the country is on the wrong track
onlyfacts 日 前
what I see is a guy stand there and spew garbage with a smile and the other guy saying things the way they really are now whichc is which
Akoyea Anudrea
Hair stuff
Hair stuff 日 前
So in usa it's about just focusing on some part of the country i mean it looks like he is saying lets just bash California come against them and make our party superior because California never gonna vote for us
Hair stuff
Hair stuff 日 前
In today's world..... President and prime ministers doesn't makes any sense in most of the country... Usa india i know those 2 have awful leaders
Pa Dg
Pa Dg 日 前
I bet any illegal immigrant, after a few years, can speak English better than Trump... and he is a native speaker!
Gabriel Morin
Rene Casey
Rene Casey 日 前
Shahsssjjsgagahsj dying at the last part
Alex Drury
Alex Drury 日 前
Obama won
Masochistic Suicidie
Oh look! The so called "president" that gave border children to traffickers & paid terrorist 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Watch how these morons praise him as if he's a hero. #WalkAway
Andy Perez
Andy Perez 日 前
“bitch, your getting the salad” 😂😂😭😭😭
naconaco1 日 前
He doesn't even know how many people live in the US .
Daniel Ponder
These are facts. - Obama since 1975?
Datriax Sondor
Datriax Sondor 2 日 前
You don't need to know proper English when addressing North Dakota, or, many other "pro Drumpf" states. Hardly anyone who lives there, knows proper English anyways.
Darryl Anderson
Darryl Anderson 2 日 前
trump is a BIG DUMMY
Bryan Swenson
Bryan Swenson 2 日 前
Obama draws flies.
Michael Januszewski
Someone that is terminally ill that owns a two shoot dillinger needs to do Humanity a Favor and put them in the Presidents Brain
katherine wong
katherine wong 2 日 前
I wish he was more silly than dangerous.
Erik Merrill
Erik Merrill 2 日 前
Learn to speak English or get out of this country Trump.
Ken Locke,@
Ken Locke,@ 2 日 前
Hahahaha eight years as president, and now he fixed the economy??😨😨😨😨 so for eight years this gay treasonous retard has nothing to show but huge debt!! But two years later, Obama did it??😂😂😂😂 Obama will look so good hanging in Guantanamo Bay😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ryan Swami
Ryan Swami 2 日 前
Trump is so stupid and Kanye stupid for endorsing him. Sue me
Gia Diaz
Gia Diaz 2 日 前
I wasnt going to comment but fuck it. No, no, no, hello no.. . and lmfao😂😂
Donald Kershayn
Donald Kershayn 2 日 前
I don't think there has been a worse president than Trump, with the possible exception of Andrew Johnson. Not only is he inarticulate, he doesn't know the truth from his fantasy world and lies to ensure his base stands behind him.
Tristan Möller
Tristan Möller 2 日 前
The roasts are hilarious, yeah Obama should do that 😂😂
Stanley B
Stanley B 2 日 前
But yes.that was funny (a thing)lol but so simple.
Sandi Billingsley
You do a great Obama Trevor Noah 👅
Stanley B
Stanley B 2 日 前
Bro.he only won because he talks at a 6 grade level which Majority people understand.
Bryan Gonda
Bryan Gonda 2 日 前
not funny
bnikanor 2 日 前
Come on obama, don't be like sby here in Indonesia. Former president starting attack to the current president. Work together. The former president like to attack jokowi. We need to unite to a better future
Hey libs enjoy trump until 2025.
Looking up facts for yourself which liberals don't. You will see Obama's a lying sack of black gay shit.
Carlos J. Carreras
The United States has always been against the well-being of Americans
SKennedy 2 日 前
We're glad you have your Kenyan citizenship too. USE IT.
pollin1337 2 日 前
I can not trust obama anymore. Did bush criticize obama with every interview he did? Obama is not the president anymore. You may not agree with president trump, however he is our president. Accept it. Saying repubilcans are all evil old white men is a flat out lie. They are people too. you may not agree but that doesn't make you right.
Saleem Hill
Saleem Hill 2 日 前
More black people died under Obuma, Korea was shooting missiles every where. Obuma never stood up black people Democrat's a liar obviously Obuma the swamp
Saleem Hill
Saleem Hill 2 日 前
Travor has no leadership qualities
Saleem Hill
Saleem Hill 2 日 前
Obuma can't even speak clearly awww awww awe get some thing done.
Javier Perwz
Javier Perwz 2 日 前
Did everyone forget about Snowden?
Celeste Rast
Celeste Rast 2 日 前
Trump sure slurs his words a lot for a guy who doesn't drink...Also, I LOVE Trevor's Obama voice so much
HS Gaming
HS Gaming 2 日 前
South Park was right 1/4 of Americans are retarded that 1/4 is the majority of the democratic party
Mohammed Yusuf
Mohammed Yusuf 2 日 前
No matter how much we take the piss out of Trump, he is still your president I mean what the ****???? The whole world laughing at your leader America but don't worry they are not laughing at you, right????
AnderssonArad 2 日 前
"" i remember when presidents can speak the language of the country they are from ."" I wonder if Obama can speak < Bantu Swahili > .........(language of Kenya)
D Johnson
D Johnson 2 時間 前
AnderssonArad A trump supporter,can Obama speak what?😂😂😂😂😂
Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem 日 前
I'm Kenyan, I've never heard of a language called Bantu Swahili... Please, enlighten me...
TomG Gabin
TomG Gabin 2 日 前
I love Obama, but damn he is boring...and that is why Trump is doing his thang! Yeah, I know. America is really that shallow. Really? Democracy my ass. Keep me entertained and I'm yours, baby--is the correct response.
Aaron L Schwartz
1 is brilliant and 1 is near developmentally disabled
Rinnegan Itachi
Rinnegan Itachi 3 日 前
Obama destroyed Lybia...and dont forget about all the trillions of debt he left you guys with...or those drone strikes...torture and some more stuff...Trump is a retard but still a better choice than Obomber or Hitlery
Anthony Yalon
Anthony Yalon 3 日 前
4:26 💀💀 Trevor wasn’t lying. Trump can be a little more fun, in a situation of speech wars and clapbacks. Does remind me of Eminem and MGK
Aricc25 3 日 前
California's current population: ~39.78 million -.-
민니제니김 3 日 前
I’m not even American, but I REALLY like Obama much more than Trump. He’s a racist human being, wants to defend North Korea of all the abusing from Kim Jong-Un, but HE HIMSELF is abusing Mexicans, black people, and Muslims, give no regards or rights to them. How could you ban innocent people from your country then try to help other people? Help your own people first. But he already gave up on NK. He generalizes one person with a whole culture, religion, or nationality. While Obama is to me, first impression, by far is one of the greatest American leaders to ever exist. He handled his decisions the right way. Was very extremely kind. I mean have you seen his family? One of the sweetest. I don’t hate Donald’s family tbh. I just dislike him as a president, he’s making Americans suffer of a lot of internal conflicts. And that needs to change. Americans deserve a better president, at least not a rusty, indecisive, filthy, disgusting, racist D. Trump. :) And with that ladies and gentlemen’s, I shall say NO SHADE.
Ákos Tolvaj
Ákos Tolvaj 3 日 前
Just about died at the "bitch, you're getting a salad" part.
The Humanity
The Humanity 3 日 前
So why did Obama not push Medicare for All when he had a supermajority in Congress. Right now he's advocating for Medicare for All and floating the idea for a Universal Basic Income in the future. Where the fuck was this when he could do something about it? NOW he wants to talk about a Single Payer system? Trump is a buffoon, but Obama needs to get the hell out of the way, he's proven to be absolutely useless at governing and has absolutely no room to talk on these issues even if it's good he gave more popularity to these ideas. It's still too little too late.
David Lee
David Lee 3 日 前
Obama had to clean up all the $hit Bush left took him 8 stressful years but Trump says he did it in less than 2 yrs.