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Dylan Alvarez
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Aysha -
Aysha - 時間 前
Can you guys react to Jimin- Promise?? Pleaseeeee
How about bts funny videos? 😊
Carissa Tuazon
Carissa Tuazon 11 時間 前
u guys are so cute 😂
ARMY Thats What I Am
ARMY Thats What I Am 12 時間 前
Please have them react to Let Me Know & Love is Not Over and Let Go
A 22 時間 前
Since they reacted to jk’s solo you should do an episode and get them to react to the other solo’s for vocal unit Jimin - serendipity Taehyung - singularity Jin - epiphany
HowlOfTheWolves :3
Do Paradise!
Katsuya Asano
You should make them react to So Far Away + Lost live BTS Memories of 2017. It's so good. jpvid.net/video/ビデオ-9WLSLKftSYk.html
Sa Riaka
Sa Riaka 日 前
Awwww thank you for playing house of cards, it's my favorite BTS song! Though I absolutely adore their hip hip songs & prefer them in general btw, but house of cards is such a masterpiece
Penyoel76 Penyoel76
My love life,n_a
Pls really to magic shop, paradise ,love maze,and so what 😍😘
My love life,n_a
Bingo,my bias is jungkook 😘😘😍chan
Dennise Lagtapon
Found This😊 FOR THOSE WHO DIDN'T KNOW? The Truth Untold is based on La Citta Di Smeraldo. It's the story of a man who lived in a castle and kept himself bcs he thought himself to be ugly. One day,A woman came near to his castle and picked his flowers. He was angry at first but eventually became curious and waited for her. He found out that she was actually selling those flowers for a living. The man fell in love,but didn't want to show himself bcs he was "too ugly" ( you know that I can't,show you me,give you me ). So he decided to plant a flower that didn't exist on the planet. So he could sell it at an expensive price. Eventually he managed to fill his garden with them but the woman stop coming. He the learned that she died. The part where they sing "But I still want you" is about him regretting not telling her his feelings all bcs he didn't love himself first. ©:/ Hannah Jeon 💜|Seagull Nochu V. Aestaeticole💜
Bianca Flippo
No hate but jungkook is 23 in Korean age but in America he is 21 because Korean age system is different.
Tabatha Rampazzo
React more jungkook, please
Tabatha Rampazzo
I love this reaction😍♥️
lucy balladares
Lmfao I have this a thumbs up in the first 22sec all because of Jim 🤣🤣
Tyisha Allen
Tyisha Allen 日 前
"Let's watch House of Cards live" 👌👌👌
Tyisha Allen
Tyisha Allen 日 前
+alex diaz but you are right about "let's" Autocorrect fails me
alex diaz
alex diaz 日 前
+Tyisha Allen Ohh... I got right click
Tyisha Allen
Tyisha Allen 日 前
+alex diaz it's of not if
alex diaz
alex diaz 日 前
Let's? you mean Lets. It supposed to be "let is" if you write Let(')s. You said: let is watch House if card live. Correction: LeTs watch house of card live
Baek Chiminie
Hey! I love your reactions😍😍 If you want more pure and true freaking vocals can you react with them to EXO they are just vocal legends.
Iņės Mahboulä
Jungkook is 21 😐😐
katie_nuna 日 前
It ain't his bday xD Jungkook day was the day he picked in their season's greetings calendar! They all pick one special day. JK's bday is September 1st
Betty Hodge
Betty Hodge 2 日 前
This is funny thought.. they use House of Cards in FF that are 21+ which means detailed sexual content.. and it WAS sound cloud.. it's not on spotify..
BTS * ARMY 2 日 前
can you do let me know reaction ?
BTS * ARMY 2 日 前
i fucking laughed so hard when i donno his name said JIM besids JIN
Btslover MinYoongifan
Jungkook is 19-20. He’s Korean age is 22
jimin's one and only
I really liked the reaction to each song the way he was feeling the song!!! Army detected 😂😂😂😂💜💜
Teine Chaser
Teine Chaser 2 日 前
Guys reacting to BTS..makes me feel proud being ARMY.!!!Its change people percepcion to music..it touches every people in so many diff ways..
izzy jr
izzy jr 2 日 前
i know you know the songs and love it but please dont sing or react over the singing because i know at the peak it gets nice for jimin and jungkook part but the only thing it does is remove the impact for your friends.
Саша Матунова
Ору с Джэм.... Джэм? Джэм. Он Джин. Оу...
Riya Mercury
Riya Mercury 2 日 前
Listen to don't leave me
Morning dew
Morning dew 2 日 前
Is your chewing gum still tasty.
Bangstan Purple
Bangstan Purple 2 日 前
Billboard #1 twice 💜
Kim 2 日 前
They should react to With Seoul
Yazzy yazz
Yazzy yazz 2 日 前
Can you do bts RM, Suga, and Jhope rap songs together next.
Zeina Naddaf
Zeina Naddaf 2 日 前
The guy on the left.. You seem to love bts songs so much.. I like your reaction when the piano was played in "truth untold" 😻 I'm ARMY "bts fan" and you guys chose a good songs💜💜 I know all thous songs and keep singing them 😭💜
sarah now
sarah now 2 日 前
Fighting armys😍😍😍 purple u all💜💜💜💜💜
Fernanda Paola
Fernanda Paola 2 日 前
Please react to Let me know live red bullet!!! Pleaseee
Salam ARMY
Salam ARMY 2 日 前
Dimetra Fox
Dimetra Fox 2 日 前
I love your reaction videos. You discuss almost every single detail and that's amazing. These three songs are my favorite, so I'm glad that you combined them in the one video ❤️
Kyo Ju Yong
Kyo Ju Yong 2 日 前
Good to knew dat u can follow the lyrics correctly ..Please react to jimin (let me know)
ami hikarinoharu
hi, this amazing video, i like to watch reaction from non kpop fans, that make me how far bts song can accept by people in this world who not from kpop fans, o yeah, can i request for Serendipity,singularity,promise (new jimin song),awake,and lie from non kpop fans too?
ami hikarinoharu
ah yes and outro tear from rapline
ami hikarinoharu
and with the lyric too
Jayla Wow
Jayla Wow 3 日 前
Кнч не знаю, есть здесь кто-нибудь русско говорящий или нет, но меня одну бесит, что тот парень уж СЛИШКОМ громко говорит, да и уж слишком много? Уф...побешивает😧
Sade` Brooks
Sade` Brooks 3 日 前
Dylan, that’s in Korean age. Here Jungkook is 21
윤. 3 日 前
bts dance practice plz!!
Sar Je
Sar Je 3 日 前
Hi dylan please let them react to waste it on me.. 😊😊😊
Kim Lexi
Kim Lexi 3 日 前
Dylan is such a mood, He is me everytime i hear a kpop song, Like That’s my Jam Right there
ayeb houda
ayeb houda 3 日 前
please react to huta (lee minhyuk from btob ) ya
Ally Sperry
Ally Sperry 3 日 前
The person who did the eng sub lyrics messed up on Jimin’s part when he says “Don’t smile to me, Light on me” it’s supposed to be “Don’t smile to me, Lie to me” 😐.... if you gonna do the English subtitles for their songs at least get the lyrics correct. But that’s just my opinion 😂
Khi 3 日 前
Well hello hot driver!
Trixe Resplandor
“whoever he still wants” my mind: IT HAS TO BE JIMIN OR TAEHYUNG!!
정국!!! 정국!!!
*In fact that House Of Cards is actually a song about Sex--*
kerster 2 日 前
정국!!! 정국!!! It’s actually not
MusicAddict 3 日 前
You should have the V fans react to Singularity! Jungkook was fairly consistently my favorite vocalist until I heard singularity. Now I just have a HUGE weak spot for taehyung!
Melle Jimenez
Melle Jimenez 3 日 前
My fave song 0:00 🕛 and 1:23
Evelyn Caguiat
Evelyn Caguiat 3 日 前
please react V "Stigma" Jin's "awake" jhope "daydream" suga's "first love" jungkook "euphoria" jimin "serendipity" and rm"tokyo" and please react CYPHER PT.1-4 and crystal snow
angelica tzoy
angelica tzoy 3 日 前
and i love how he knew that Jimin broke the Soundcloud record 💜👏
angelica tzoy
angelica tzoy 3 日 前
I need friends like this.. Who are willing to ACTUALLY listen to BTS/Kpop without being a bitch .😊 Love your vids tho hdwodkb💜
Tyler Carlos
Tyler Carlos 3 日 前
I'm a little sad none of them are Jimin stans. We need to change that lol. I love all of BTS but Jimin is my bae.
Ya Fookin’ Losah
Yes boii we need everyone to sub to our king Pewdiepie
Nhy Nhy
Nhy Nhy 4 日 前
Jimin & JK V & Jin
I Got Yes Jams
I Got Yes Jams 4 日 前
Jasmine Elena
Jasmine Elena 4 日 前
YES YES YES!!! Please give ur friends BTS vocal line live performances video to react😭🙏!!! I feel like they’re really into BTS vocal line right now!
Jasmine Elena
Jasmine Elena 4 日 前
Finally I found s.o😤😆! Dylan🙏❤️! Every time I listen to BTS Vocal Line, I always get emotional , just like him, along with the song because of theirs’ voices THEIR SEXY VOICES❤️🔥!!!!!!!
호세야Josea 4 日 前
Run BTS ep58!!!!!!!! plsssss
Nochu wifeu *_*
Nochu wifeu *_* 4 日 前
Jk have 21 yrs in korea 22 yrs
Szed Taehyung
Szed Taehyung 4 日 前
I really love this reaction vid! 😍🥰
Chara Dreemurr
Chara Dreemurr 4 日 前
eres el peor you is dead and you love gays
Princess Rodriquez
you should've had them listen to dimple
Pedo Slayer
Pedo Slayer 4 日 前
bro your twisted seatbelt gives me anxiety
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie 4 日 前
I think he watches BTS Theories..
Isabella Gallardo
Jin, Tae and Jimin acoustic vocals live
Elisse Khairina
Elisse Khairina 4 日 前
please react to girl group 😉😉😉😉
Jenna Faire
Jenna Faire 4 日 前
I loved this reaction video! Everyone seemed really into it and had a good time! Thanks for sharing
Sarah Karimi
Sarah Karimi 4 日 前
jk's 21..
J A 4 日 前
I hope you use other youtube channel bcs the lyrics translatiom from hamtaro gasa it is bit off and sometimes they highlight the members part wrongly..Better watch the translation lyrics from 'KPop World' or 'af taehyung' channels I think this translation is better and the correct part for each member jpvid.net/video/ビデオ-tK4oNOE4V6s.html Can you react to dimple? jpvid.net/video/ビデオ-IHbwo033oR4.html
Jimin Ssi
Jimin Ssi 4 日 前
R u guys really non kpop?? Why the other on the left sit know the lyrics then?? Or maybe on the left sit is kpop fans but the others not ??
J A 4 日 前
The truth untold is my most fav among these three songs
J A 4 日 前
Baepsae n Tomorrow Killed me
Please let them react to *Run! BTS episode 24* (Zombie Run) 😂
Clarissa Cariño
Let the guys listen to jungkook's English cover songs.....👌👌👌👌😇😇😇😇😘😘😘😘
Hana Ben
Hana Ben 5 日 前
To your friend who wants to see house of cards live À suggest you watch the fancam version cause the one at the HYYH:EPILOGUE concert they weren't at their best I'm not saying that it was bad cause they kill it everytime but the fancam one is the best
Sekar Widiasih
Sekar Widiasih 5 日 前
My bias is jim💜💜💜
Kookie mochi
Kookie mochi 5 日 前
Mobile Legend BTs ArMy
You Got more view than You Subcribe ...don angry I just Joke Btw Jin my bias!
Mouna 5 日 前
That day is not Jungkook's birthday, his birthday is on the 1st of September and he is a 21-year-old. I love your reaction videos
lailaf megawati
lailaf megawati 5 日 前
I luv you guys b'coz you play BTS song hahahahaa....
Kris KetchieV
Kris KetchieV 5 日 前
Aditi Gupta
Aditi Gupta 5 日 前
Love your reactions 😍 please react to the live performance of BTS- lost
Vanessa Álvarez
Please show them Stigma and Singularity xd
Barbie Sierra
Barbie Sierra 5 日 前
Please let them react to BTS Converse High, 24/7 Heaven, We are Bulletproof part 1 and 2
faith X bangtan
faith X bangtan 5 日 前
If they can also react to bts ddaeng💜and ofc cypher pt 4🔥
junita 614
junita 614 5 日 前
Hey house of card is one of my favourite too 😁👍
Tobishe Bintae
Tobishe Bintae 5 日 前
This day called JK because he want to called jk day
Tobishe Bintae
Tobishe Bintae 5 日 前
9th January Is not his birthday his birthday on 1st September
Flufferx 5 日 前
You guys should find a place nearby playing the BTS Concert in Seoul movie on Jan 26th. See if its playing in a theater near you loveyourselfinseoul.film/ It's as close as I'll ever get to seeing BTS lol I'm going in Boston!
MrsPurple 98
MrsPurple 98 5 日 前
I hope they react to BTS Solo's next
Hira Anwar
Hira Anwar 5 日 前
“Let’s go to a BTS concert” What I’ve said to myself for the last two years OnE dAy
V. Sofia Rivera
V. Sofia Rivera 5 日 前
I think they should react to let me know :)
Our Maknae is a terror
V is the hidden gem for me. Also killer newbie is ATEEZ and Hala Hala is extending Kpop. 3d affects are no joke.
Zara Shah
Zara Shah 5 日 前
Please get them to react to let me know live performance
100,000,000 subs without any vids please? :*
I love how engaged they are. It makes me proud and happy 😂
Kathleen Feliciano
The guy in the middle with the hand blocking the sun and glare: classic kdrama move, my dude. You want a future in acting?