No aliens, 2 arrested at 'Storm Area 51' event

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Nearly 3,000 people flooded into Nevada after a call on Facebook to storm Area 51; about 200 made it to the main gate. CNN's Christi Paul and Victor Blackwell discuss with retired NASA astronaut Leroy Chiao. #CNN #News









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Udont OweMe
Udont OweMe 18 時間 前
Area 51 is hiding secret advance tech weapons not aliens idiots! so russia and china can't know and copy
wellington braz
wellington braz 2 日 前
Área 51 Knows what desert USA landed 1969. That is the secret.
Tyler Griffith
Tyler Griffith 2 日 前
Did anyone see elixer at the gate
Tarik Allali
Tarik Allali 5 日 前
Fake news
Ana Ramos
Ana Ramos 6 日 前
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez 8 日 前
I’m a Alien 👽 My birthday is at September 21 ;) jhhhhhh Lansing sksksksksksk ojjj
Corona Virus
Corona Virus 9 日 前
There are so many people that wants to know everything
Jackson Worthman
Jackson Worthman 10 日 前
I was hoping to see 2 million idiots get killed by A-10 warthogs, Ac-130s, CIWS, Blackhawks, everything, cause some idiot would undoubtedly record it so those of us at home could satiate our Khornate or Slanneshi desires by watching this.
og derka
og derka 10 日 前
I read couple stories of CIA agents in Area 51 fucking theirs moms and sisters while other guys strap them down for black magic. Lmao. Hope the DoD nukes them.
Charlie Playz
Charlie Playz 10 日 前
There are aliens you r just hiding it by arresting the ones who found them .
Hollywood Runna
Hollywood Runna 10 日 前
Clowns. Might ez well paint there face
Hollywood Runna
Hollywood Runna 10 日 前
Let me know what's so funny?
BigMisterApple 10 日 前
Bruh I signed up and I'm on the other side of the globe.
Mohammed Zoheb
Mohammed Zoheb 13 日 前
Andy 14 日 前
Looooooooool 200 😂😔😂😂😂😂😂
No Name
No Name 14 日 前
Clap them 👾 cheeks
Umasoonav Pradeenkumar
I came here to see if they had Ricardo Milos was in area 51
James Rafael Abellanosa
Who want to raid with me and attack area 51😂😂😂
hard core
hard core 15 日 前
this astronavt is stupid idiot lie like pig or cnn
hard core
hard core 15 日 前
CNNname of the shame
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Gracie Muthalakuzhy
Are aliens real
Brandon Gleaton
Brandon Gleaton 16 日 前
They got teleporting technology and moving me back n forth. Look into Need help from government. Don't k now who to call. 704 534 3293 3040 ridge ave
SeFallz 17 日 前
no aliens FAKE !!!!
Alex el chapito
Alex el chapito 17 日 前
If it's a ufo who is driving it??
Alexandro Adriano
Who is here bc of plainrock
richard09able 19 日 前
The government won’t tell the public but Linda will. Go to earthfiles.com for the truth. The truth is out there @ earthfiles.com
shinningbrightley 101
SovietOnion ._.
SovietOnion ._. 21 日 前
“There are no reports of aliens near area 51” Me: LIES
Roscoe Doge
Roscoe Doge 21 日 前
They did a raid for nothing.
Marc Morales
Marc Morales 21 日 前
I bet you 3 billion dollars I can get in Area 51 lol
Nancy Karola
Nancy Karola 21 日 前
That woman seems like a condescending bitch and he seems like an ass.
Blurperity 22 日 前
the guy with the dark blue jacket in the thumbnail and in some of the pictures kinda looked like mrbeast....
Adam Mercado
Adam Mercado 23 日 前
No dont raid Area 51 Aliens are bad they want to destory earth
Chris Goodayle
Chris Goodayle 24 日 前
2 million pledge to show up.2 thousand actually show up. What does this prove?That the majority of people are keyboard warriors.
IryssiaOof 25 日 前
' No aliens ' no, they just didn't get the chance to cross area 51
ArjenRobben Mr.Wembley
Wow impressive I believe in Aliens, but would never have balls or the money to go in the middle of nowhere.
Chocolate Bubbles
We should’ve raided Area 51 when we had the chance....now look at us.
Arthur James Urtharia
*Aliens can't be here were not ready yet to accept.*
Oscar Hernandez
Oscar Hernandez 29 日 前
This is why school is stupid cuz we forget the info they teach us and go on with our lives confused and still learning the same stuff
So why are we still talkin bout this
Radley Pile
Radley Pile ヶ月 前
Whos here after seing that pentagon has released ufo video was real🤣
Bhatt vandan
Bhatt vandan ヶ月 前
I'm here after seeing pantagon release today official video of ufo... & Believe me.. it's same in this video 😱😱😱
Vex_Dev ヶ月 前
do thi on the fucking purge then we can go into freedom
Unhallowed Tyrant
They raided it and played Plague Inc. at the Area 51 computer and unleashed Corona virus.
Carlo Rabinovici
Carlo Rabinovici ヶ月 前
Still, a much greater percentage actually showed up in relation to how many said they would vs. the percentage of people who actually left the US who publicly and repeatedly proclaimed, "I'm going to leave the US if Trump is elected!" 😂
Jyoti mala Kumari
You lier
Gian Angelo 02
Gian Angelo 02 ヶ月 前
im so sorry i didn't join😔
el hocin
el hocin ヶ月 前
What a disappointment
Space_Soul ヶ月 前
by that ''No aliens'' you really think imma believe this government shit?
Darcy Lowe
Darcy Lowe ヶ月 前
Watch Walking with the Tall Whites on Amazon
Ninjaz Hyperz
Ninjaz Hyperz ヶ月 前
O \===== \ /\ | \ | \
Can we Start Rebelling by using Nerf Gun s
Code Red
Code Red ヶ月 前
Area 51 was not really raided Independence Day aliens: Fine....I’ll do it myself
NightBot ヶ月 前
A plane could be a UFO if you don’t know what it is since it’s an unidentified flying object
Creative 8D
Creative 8D ヶ月 前
Here’s a theory If god made billions and billions of planets and billions of them have a possibility to have life Why do all planets have no life and we are only intelligent creatures in life
Zack Smith
Zack Smith ヶ月 前
How will area 51 work with the hole covid 19 thing
Max Anthony
Max Anthony ヶ月 前
either way 2 million people wont make it due to traffic jams and theinsufficient amount of flights to transport 2 nillion people from around the world
Kayren Sawyer
Kayren Sawyer ヶ月 前
@ 2:31 Atozy was thereeee 🥺
Reaper 007
Reaper 007 ヶ月 前
I think what’s inside Area 51 wasn’t Aliens but Corona
Imran AR
Imran AR ヶ月 前
The guards were busy playing plague Inc
the the
the the ヶ月 前
How dare you to clear our memory and then make us look stupid?
Shannon Clark
Shannon Clark ヶ月 前
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith ヶ月 前
Dis dude got possessed at 2:34
Chance ヶ月 前
These guys are lying there are aliens Area 51 part two of storming September 29 2020 second part of storming area 51 wish I was try again. Everybody copy this text so then we can get it across the Internet I will do it to to help you storming area 51 let’s go!
Chance ヶ月 前
These guys are lying there are aliens Area 51 part two of storming September 29 2020 second part of storming area 51 wish I was try again. Everybody copy this text so then we can get it across the Internet I will do it to to help you storming area 51 let’s go!
Chance ヶ月 前
These guys are lying there are aliens Area 51 part two of storming September 29 2020 second part of storming area 51 wish I was try again. Everybody copy this text so then we can get it across the Internet I will do it to to help you storming area 51 let’s go!
Jcpurex Gaming
Jcpurex Gaming ヶ月 前
Well I saw a chandler there
iqbaal kusnun
iqbaal kusnun ヶ月 前
I hope spongebob is in Area 51
Alek Ganev
Alek Ganev ヶ月 前
The youtuber plainrock was there
GD Exflame
GD Exflame ヶ月 前
I see plainrock124
ObsqureEntity ヶ月 前
1:21 that looks like an animal bruhvvvv
Mclovin 2018
Mclovin 2018 ヶ月 前
Michael Amare
Michael Amare ヶ月 前
Don't try to cover their secretes! That is what they want us to believe! Why would they protect it if their is nothing down their? I wish I had the power to invade them and show the world what the US government hide!!!
Strong Men
Strong Men ヶ月 前
Alien impossible this is a faq news
Strong Men
Strong Men ヶ月 前
Haha alian
Manifestation Happiness
Area 51 was hyped up so much, endless memes, for it to not even be that big once the raid came. Disgraceful.
Andre D
Andre D ヶ月 前
And the idiots now stockpiling duric pandemic think about if aliens will attack us 😒....
BOT_TTV Toast ヶ月 前
Isnt this elixir
THE RAID - Official Area 51 Documentary
The Hidden Secrets Of Area 51
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